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How To Interview For A Recruiter Position

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How to Pass a 20 Minute Phone Interview with a Recruiter or Headhunter

When you encounter an opportunity with serious potential, its important you keep your response straighforward which will be a great confirmation of your interest.

A good way to respond to the recruiter will be:

Hi ,

This sounds like a really interesting opportunitythanks for thinking of me!

As you probably saw on my profile, I have of experience in the space, and am particularly interested in opportunities that allow me to . Based on the information youve shared, it sounds like the role certainly could be a great fit!

Id love to schedule a time for us to discuss how my skills and experience could benefit the team would it be possible for us to connect sometime this week? Ive included my availability below:


You can reach me directly at . Looking forward to connecting!


What Industries Or Positions Do You Have Experience Recruiting For

The aim of this question is to assess the candidate’s experience to determine if they are familiar with the industry/position you want to hire. What to look for in an answer:

  • Experience hiring candidates for the same industry or position as yours
  • Ability to adapt to new environments
  • Confidence in their recruitment abilities


“I have experience hiring for a variety of industries and positions. Most of my experience lies in the healthcare and education sectors for most positions, such as teachers, doctors, nurses, and principals. However, I am comfortable recruiting candidates for any industry or position.”

Whats Your Timeline For Moving On


Aside from your qualifications, recruiters want to understand when you would be available to start in a new role to determine whether you could fill a role within a hiring managers desired timeline.

According to Britton, candidates who are clear about their timing allow her to put out feelers for relevant opportunities that match that timing. It can be challenging if someones wishy-washy about dates because many clients have urgent needs, and it may make me question how serious they are about the job search.

Tip: Be ready to share your ideal timing for a career move including your notice period and earliest potential start date.

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How Would You Sell Our Company To A Potential Candidate

This recruiter interview question aims at assessing your quick thinking, creativity, persistence, and knowledge about the company.

While chasing a popular candidate, you have to compete with other recruiters and must know how to lucratively present your company.

Prepare a pitch and mention the strategies you would use in a situation like this.

Some ideas you can discuss include reaching out to the candidate personally and highlighting the companys history, work environment, success statistics, and suitability for the candidate.

How Have You Changed Your Recruiting Strategy Over Time

Male Employee Having Job Interview With Recruiters Stock ...

Example Answer: As job markets evolve, so does the recruiting processes. In the past, I have shifted my focus to the impact of technology on job seekers. I did this because of the growing use of technology in the recruiting industry.

What this question is looking for is how adaptable your candidate is. If a process doesnt provide ideal results, is the candidate willing to change? Specifically, how proactive are they in reflecting and implementing change?

For example, consider how flexible is your candidate is in using different interviewing methods. Studies show that 60% of hiring managers and recruiters alike now use video technology for an interview.

This change is a result of the way the job market is changing, with the benefits of remote work leading to more employers offering it.

All in all, to best take advantage of these market shifts, your HR recruiter needs to have ways to keep up with change. A proactive recruiter is likely to provide you with the best candidates through the best methods possible.

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Suppose You Have An Excellent Candidate But The Company Cannot Offer Them A Suitable Position At The Time How Would You Keep Them Interested In The Company

As a recruiter, your focus must be on both the candidates and the company.

Since you are responsible for maintaining the companys reputation among a pool of candidates, you must hold good communication and people skills.

To answer this question, draw creative and unique strategies and show that you are a good communicator, responsible recruiter to build trust between the candidate and the company.

Final Thoughts: Interview Questions For Recruiters

Recruiting a recruiter is often more difficult because theyre familiar with the tactics and questions youll use. By leveraging situational interview questions, as well as general interview questions about their processes and tools, youll be able to discover which recruiters will be the best fit for your company.

Make sure to use an applicant tracking system to manage the entire process so it creates a seamless experience. Lever Hire is a collaborative recruiting software platform to proactively engage talent, streamline your interviews, and make data-driven decisions. Click here for a free demo.

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Describe Your Relationship With Your Last Three Hiring Managers

This is a good question to verify a recruiter’s background. By asking you to describe your relationship with your last three clients, the hiring manager wants to know how you handle that relationship. How recruiters manage their partners is an essential success factor in their careers. To answer, demonstrate that you consider hiring managers as partners and that you are proactive in the relationships.

Example:“I am still in contact with the last three hiring managers I have worked with. I need to establish two-way relationships with my working partners. We both have the objective to find the perfect candidate for the job, and we collaborate.”

What Did You Like Most About What Did You Like Least About This Job

Interview: Amazon Recruiter (Things you should know before applying)

Answers to these questions are very telling about candidates motivation, personality and potential cultural fit. If the job they least liked has similar qualities as the job theyre being interviewed for, then theyre probably not going to be a good fit and likely wont stick around for long.

Lila Holst Gaylor, 10+ years of recruiting experience, Twitter: Kingwood, Texas

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Would You Be Available For A Second Interview Soon

The first interview might not connect everything for you. Hence, you might need another interview round for you to get up there. When a recruiter asks for your availability regarding a second interview, you must respond appropriately.

A perfect response:

I greatly appreciate speaking with you last and would love to discuss this opportunity further with you soon. I am available . Let me know what time works best for you.


How Do You Measure Your Efficacy And Improve Your Strategies

When you answer this question, think carefully. You shouldnt boast about perfection but instead be willing to be a bit self-critical about how you could have done certain things better in the past, and then quickly transition to talking about how you plan to improve. By showing that you reflect on and learn from past experiences, youre demonstrating your ability to adapt through change.

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Make Everything About Them

Heres a little secret: The interview isnt really about you.

If you want to start getting a TON of job offers from your interviews, you need to start thinking about what the company wants. Make yourself seem like a solution to their problems.

How can you help them make money, save money, save time, etc.?

How will you make the hiring managers life easier if he or she hires you?

Figure out how to show this, start thinking about their needs and answering their questions with this mindset and you will be in the top 10% of job seekers.

Same goes for writing your resume. If you want to stand out, start thinking of your resume as being about THEM. Its a document that should be tailored to the employers needs, showing them how your qualifications and past work will help you step into *their* job and be successful in their organization.

Thats the general idea, and its true for resumes, cover letters, and interviews.

Every Interview And Every Hire Is Important

Recruiters Having Job Interview With Employee Stock Photo ...

Asking the right questions can help you better evaluate your candidates and make the best hiring decision for your business.

Looking for more information on building a team of productive and engaged employees? Download our free e-book, How to develop a top-notch workforce that will accelerate your business.

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How Do You Know If A Candidate Is The Right Fit For A Specific Position

As a recruiter, your primary role is to find new, qualified applicants. The interviewer wants to see if you do this successfully.

“Finding the right fit stems from knowing exactly what the position entails, the applicants strengths and what characteristics the ideal candidate would possess. Once you have a concrete understanding of those things, finding the right person for the job comes naturally.”

Situational Interview Questions For Culture

  • Tell me about a time where you worked somewhere where the culture was not the best fit for you. Why was it a bad fit and what would you have changed to make it better?
  • Tell me about a time where you worked in an unmotivating environment. How did you motivate yourself to continue your responsibilities?
  • Tell me about a time where you worked in a fast-paced culture. What did you do to ensure you met project/task deadlines? Any specific tricks or tools that you used?
  • Tell me about a time where you knew something at your company needed to change. Did you do anything to drive the change? How did your team/company react?

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More Recruiter Interview Questions

Tips To Ace Your Recruiting Interview in 2021 (for current recruiters)

Here are 15 more recruiter interview questions you might encounter when you meet with a hiring manager:

  • What trait is most important for recruiters? Why do you think that one matters most?
  • Have you ever recommended a candidate who didnt have all of the skills or experience listed in the job ad? If so, what motivated you to recommend them for the position?
  • What part of recruiting do you find to be the most rewarding? What about the most challenging part?
  • Can you share an example of a time where a candidate rejected a job offer? How did you react, and what did you learn from that experience?
  • What steps do you take to help a company achieve its diversity goals?
  • Tell me how you use data to help recruit top-tier professionals.
  • What is your average time-to-fill rate? What about your new hire retention rate?
  • How would you make our company stand out as an employer of choice when discussing our opportunities with candidates?
  • What steps do you take to build and maintain your professional brand?
  • Whats the most difficult position youve ever had to fill? How did you go about finding a candidate for it?
  • Tell me about a time where you struggled to fill a job.
  • What steps do you take to create a robust, reliable talent pipeline?
  • Can you tell me about a time where you worked with a hiring manager that was particularly hard to please? How did you approach the situation, and what was the outcome?
  • Which applicant tracking systems are you familiar with? Do you have a favorite ATS?
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    How Do You Stay Informed About The Recruiting Industry

    This question allows the hiring manager to see if you are current on industry trends. The recruiting industry changes often, and it is essential to stay updated and adapt. To answer, remember that your objective is to convince the hiring manager you stay on top of the latest trends.

    Example:“I subscribed to the “Recruiters’ Magazine,” and I follow a couple of specialists on social media. I find it essential to stay on top of the latest trends. It allows me to adapt and propose new options to my clients.”

    Situational Interview Questions For Recruiting

    • Think about the last job you filled. Describe the exact process you went through to identify and attract high-performing candidates.
    • Think of the last senior member of your company you hired . What was their job title. What actions did you take to bring them to your company?
    • Tell me about a time where you had to sell a candidate on a job at your company. What did you say to make them consider it. What was the outcome?
    • Describe a situation where you failed to fill an open position. What went wrong? What would you do differently?
    • Take me through the steps you take to build a talent pipeline.
    • Tell me about the most challenging role youve ever worked. What was it and what made it difficult?
    • Tell me about the last interviews youve conducted. What was key in determining if candidates were a good fit?
    • During your interview process, how do you typically structure your interview?

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    Can You Tell Us How You Make Use Of Data As Part Of Your Recruiting Strategy

    Data and other metrics can provide key insights when it comes to discovering eligible candidates for a job.

    Before you interview for a recruiter’s position, you should have a fair knowledge of how to access and collect data, its analysis.

    Demonstrable experience in using data while recruiting can make you come across as more efficient and up to date.

    What Is The Most Rewarding Part Of Being A Recruiter For You

    Recruiters having job interview with employee , #sponsored ...

    Interviewers ask this question to gauge your passion for the profession.

    You can talk about how being a recruiter corresponds to your values, aptitude and professional skills.

    Give specific examples from your past experiences to support your answer and express why you truly enjoy being a recruiter beyond just collecting paychecks.

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    What Interview Attire Should I Wear

    You dont want to show up in a suit and tie if the manager is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. The general rule is to dress up one level higher than the companys standard dress code for the office.

    For example, if the person interviewing you is wearing a polo and slacks you would want to wear a suit or dress.

    If the recruiter does not have an answer for this then ask them to reach out to someone at the company who does. First impressions are important in the interview process especially when youre talking to the hiring manager.

    Display The Fundamental Skills Which Make You Suitable:

    Many times the HR people or recruiters do not examine the educational qualifications other essential details like technical expertise they will simply review whether you are suitable for the job and fulfil the basic requirements.

    After the basic interview they will refer the suitable candidates to authorities of the company and the hiring managers the recruiters only checks the baseline requirements.

    The recruiters will always advise you meticulous research of the job description and listing of the skills necessary. Always remember to emphasize on your expertise and successes and try to be punctual if you are hired as an intern.

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    Read Our Ten Top Interview Questions That Will Truly Determine Whether A Candidate Is The Right Fit For Your Role And Organisation

    When recruiting, every job interview you host is different. But theres one situation nearly everyone will have encountered at some stage in their career those dreaded cliché questions.

    These questions could even not be worth asking as candidates may have prepared a scripted, generic answer already. So, if you were planning to pose those questions in your next interview, its time to freshen up your script.

    Here are ten interview questions to truly determine whether a candidate is right for your role and whether theyll be a good fit in your organisation.

    Why Did You Pursue A Career As A Recruiter

    Video Interview Tips for Job Seekers – Tips From A Recruiter

    The aim of this question is to assess the candidate’s motivation for pursuing a career as a Recruiter to determine if they would be a good fit for your team. What to look for in an answer:

    • Experience in a similar role
    • Passion for recruitment
    • Understanding of the role and its career path


    “I used to work with a job agency when I was younger and still in school. I worked with a Recruiter who always found me really good job opportunities. As we worked so closely together, I learned more about his job in recruitment and thought it sounded like something I would enjoy. He found me a recruitment internship, and I loved it. The company later hired me as a full-time employee and now I can’t see myself in any other career.”

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    How To Conclude Your Interview Follow

    In the sample emails above, youll notice a mix of different ways of signing off and concluding the email. You can choose whichever option sounds natural for you, as some are more formal than others.

    Heres a complete list of good, reliable options for how to end your interview follow-up email :

    • Thank you for your time and consideration
    • Sincerely
    • Thanks so much
    • Thanks

    You can also decide whether to write your first and last name or just your first name. Choose based on your previous interactions with the hiring manager or employer, and what you feel fits with the industry and company culture.

    If youve been exchanging emails with the hiring manager on a first-name basis, you can just sign your email with your first name.

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