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How To Interview With Google

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Overview Of Google Interviews

Prepare for Your Google Interview: Leadership

The whole interview process takes 2 to 2.5 months to complete. Google interviews for software developers consist of 5 to 7 interviews in total. This includes an initial phone screen with a Google recruiter, followed by 4 to 6 on-site interviews with different Google employees. All coding challenges are done on a whiteboard, Google Docs, or a Chromebook.

Google normally hires at level T3 with T11 being the height of levels. T3 is an entry-level, full-time software engineer with an undergraduate or Masters degree. The average salary for a T3 employee is $117,000 annually. Google prefers the following programming languages: Java, C++, C Go, and Python.

There are three types of coding problems you can expect to see in a Google interview.

  • System design questions: these questions gauge your ability to handle high-level system design with scalability in mind.

  • Coding interview challenges: these questions gauge your knowledge of data structures and algorithms to optimize a solution to common problems.

  • General analysis questions: these questions gauge your thought process through mathematical or opinion-based questions

Dont Study As Much As I Did

Yes, I took 8 months. But I could have abbreviated the process. Like any startup with a big goal, you make mistakes and do things that waste time. There are many things I wish I go back and do differently.

I studied topics I didnt need to, some because I thought I would need them for the interview, and some because I wanted to have the knowledge on hand for when I started working. I didnt want to be a burden on the team Im assigned to. It turns out I simply over-prepared.

I spent 3 weeks reading a 1,000-page book on C++. I dont remember 1,000 pages worth, but I know a good bit about C++ now. As it turns out, Im using Python for the interview, not C++. I had assumed I needed C++, C, or Java, but I was wrong. Its good to ask, not assume.

I read way more books than I needed to. There are only 3 or 4 books I should have read.

I have a code catalog of dozens of algorithms that I review, most of which I wouldnt expect in an interview. You dont need to do that.

I watched many hours of YouTube videos but could have watched far less, and spread out topics over time.

I should have stopped reading books and watching videos earlier and started on coding problems sooner. I would have been able to spend more time applying the topics I learned.

My sense of fear led me to study far more topics than I needed to.

How Do You Get Selected On Google

One can apply for jobs at Google directly through the Google website. Its simpleenter the field of your preference, add your location, and finally add the skills and experience relevant to the job youre looking for. Google will filter jobs according to your set preferences all you have to do is apply. 2.

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Take Ownership Of Your Mistakes

Messing up and having the courage to talk about it is a quality I always take note of in a good way.

We all make mistakes. Tell me about a project that didn’t go as planned. What was your thought process? How did things pivot? What did you learn? What would you do differently if it happened again?

Problems are going to come up, no matter how smart and capable you are at your job, and I want to understand how you’ll respond when they do.

The way you tell the story is just as important. Don’t trail off or go off tangent . Have a story planned and make sure the details are concise and easy to follow.

Applying To A Job At Google

16 Google interview questions so tough they stopped asking ...

The first step to landing your dream job at Google is finding the perfect position for which you should apply. Youâll find on its Glassdoor profile, complete with job descriptions and salary estimates, where theyâre available. When you find the right job, you can also apply through Glassdoor by clicking on the âApply Nowâ button on the job listing page.

Google encourages applicants to âmatch your skills and interests to jobs youâre excited about and the problems you want to solve,â according to its website. That said, if you feel your skills make you a perfect fit for multiple jobs, you can apply for more than one job at a time. âYou can apply for more than one role at once, though we recommend narrowing your choices down to a few jobs that truly match your skills, experience, and interests,â according to the site. âWeâll review your resume/CVâand transcript for interns and new graduatesâto determine the best fit.â

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Top 3 Google Interview Questions

Now, its important to note that the Google interview questions you face will vary depending on the position. They arent going to ask a software engineer the same set of questions theyll use when hiring a recruiter.

However, certain questions are more common, applying to a range of niches. Heres a look at the top three Google interview questions you may encounter:

Tips For Practicing Coding Challenges

There is no shortcut or magic wand for practicing coding challenges. Here are some basic tips to guide you through the preparation stage.

Keep time in mind. The coding interview will be timed, so its important to prepare with that in mind. If you are used to preparing under a time constraint, it will be far less stressful during the actual interview.

Know your weak spots. As you prepare, take note of your weak spots. Everyone has them. Google has stated that they care about your thought process, so if you come up against a weak spot, talk through it. This will demonstrate your eagerness to improve.

Know the common pitfalls. There are three big pitfalls when it comes to a Google interview: not knowing the Big-O complexity of an algorithm, having no knowledge of Googles expectations, and not articulating your problem-solving process. Keep these pitfalls in mind as you work.

Articulate your process. Google wants to hear about your thought process. As you practice, get used to explaining why and what you are doing. Those with a clear sense of how they work stand out.

Behavioral interviews are often overlooked by software development candidates. In reality, this is the interview that sometimes will make or break you as a candidate. Google cares deeply about their values, so if you come unprepared for these questions, theyll notice it.

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Three Tips To Ace Google Interviews

The beginning of every interview at Google will involve 15-20 minutes of behavioural questions. Hence, its crucial that you present yourself in a consistent, thorough manner. Most importantly, however, you must demonstrate the traits that Google looks for in every answer. Below, Ive summarised three tips to help you ace every fit interview question, keep reading!

Google Behavioral Questions: Leadership/people Management

How to: Work at Google Example Coding/Engineering Interview

In addition to a collaborative nature, Google is looking for employees who demonstrate emergent leadership. This is because most roles will involve not only working in teams, but also leading them when appropriate.

As a result, you should expect questions about your approach to developing and retaining team members, your ability to lead teams through difficult situations, how you resolve conflict, etc. Of course, expect these questions to come up more frequently when interviewing for a managerial or leadership position.

Example behavioral questions asked at Google: Leadership/people management

  • Tell me about a time you demonstrated leadership even though you weren’t the formal manager
  • Tell me about a time you lead a team through a difficult situation
  • Tell me about a time you developed and retained team members
  • Tell me about a time you had to handle trade offs and ambiguity
  • Which traits differentiate a manager from a leader, and how do you rank yourself as a leader on those traits?
  • How would you deal with a team challenge in a balanced way?
  • How would you address a skill gap or personality conflict?
  • How would you ensure your team is diverse and inclusive?

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Speak Slowly And Concisely

Video calling can sometimes lag or slow down your speech slightly. To prepare for lag, speak slowly so your interviewer can understand you. Wait a few seconds before responding to any questions to make sure they are done speaking. Another way to avoid confusion is by keeping your responses concise. Many hiring managers also appreciate straightforward responses that directly answer their questions.

What Is One Of Your Favorite Google Products And How Would You Improve It

Of course Google wants to know that you know and appreciate their products, but they want more than a shower of affection here. Did you know that Google wants each employee to dedicate 20 percent of their time innovating? That’s how serious Google is about keeping their company on the cutting edge of technology.

Answer this question by doing a deep dive into one of their products, showing that you truly understand how it works and the value it brings to both the company and the world at large. Then, talk about what could make it even better and how that could be achieved.

Example: I love the Google Nest Learning Thermostat. It seems so simple, but the way that it learns our preferences throughout the day to adjust the temperature in our house as needed is truly innovative. Not only does it lower the temperature when we’re gone and bring it back up by the time we walk in the door after work, it will pay for itself in no time with what we save on the power bill.

How could it be better? Make it compatible with more products, like the Apple Home Kit. You’re losing potential buyers there.

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Tips For Interviewing At Google

Google takes pride in its interesting and diverse workforce. It encourages you to share what makes you unique, and offers excellent advice on what it likes and doesn’t like to see in a resume. Your interview is a key part of the hiring process with Google.

Google follows a behavioral interviewing approach. This means you will need to be ready to provide examples and anecdotes to back up your resume. Your interviewers will want to know what you have accomplished, not what your job was.

Be ready to share stories and specific examples of what youve done. Google used to be famous for asking interviewees to solve tricky brain teasers during interviews, but it has phased out that tactic.

How To Get Noticed By Google Recruiter

What is the Google Interview?

Get an internal referral. One of the best ways to get Google recruiters attention is to get an internal reference.

Internal referrals get more attention. Do you have any Google connections in your extended network?

E.g. friends of friends? Professors who have had students that went to Google? If so ask them to submit your resume.

On-campus events. Google often has on-campus recruiting events. Having a face-to-face with a real recruiter may help them remember you.

You may even be given the opportunity to interview on campus.

Contact a Recruiter via Linkedin . One of the easiest ways is to search for Google recruiters on Linkedin.

Try to follow them for some time and send them a private message with details about you along with your CV.

Recruiters at Googles does not mind being contacted by good candidates.

Show off your work. This is one of the most important tactic to get immediate attention from Google recruiters. But unfortunately it is not for everyone.

Have you contributed to some well known open source project? Or are you a creator of some fancy framework, library or even an extension etc. Then this is the best strategy for you.

All you have to do is to contact a Google recruiter by using one of the above methods and show them your work. If it is important enough, you will get interview invitation.

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The Four Key Attributes Google Is Looking For

To best prepare, you need to understand the structured interviewing process that Google uses and the 4 attributes that they are looking for. Framing your preparation around these 4 attributes is a good strategy.

I. General cognitive ability

Google wants smart people who can learn and quickly adapt to new situations. This doesnât mean they give you an IQ test, but rather they are seeing your approach to problem solving. Google explains how they test this on their career site. The key is having a framework, or multiple frameworks, to answer questions . For example, a GCA question could be âHow would you convince a Google Cloud Platform customer to expand their cloud services?â To answer this skillfully, Google wants to see that you have a structured and logical approach. This could mean you need to consider and expand on all of the following: Historical Data, Budget, Timeline, Resources , Risk â Mitigation, Scoring, Dependencies, Scope/Scale, and Stakeholders and Shared Vision.

II. Leadership

Google looks for a particular type of leadership called âemergent leadership.â Emergent leadership occurs when a group member is not appointed or elected as leader, but rather that person steps up as the leader over time within group interactions. Check out Laszlo Bockâs video on emergent leadership here.

III. Googleyness

IV. Role-related knowledge

What Is A Behavioral Interview At Google

Google uses behavioral interviews to assess job candidates based on their past experiences. These questions typically start with Tell me about a time you and focus on soft skills such as: leadership, communication, teamwork, problem solving, etc.

To round out your preparation, we’ve also included some resume, HR, and hypothetical questions such as “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” or “how would you…?” in this article. As these are real questions that have been reported by past candidates, we want to make sure you’re ready for anything.

These questions will appear at every step of the interview process at Google and Google Cloud Platform, from the initial recruiter screen all the way through to the onsite interviews. They may even appear as icebreaker or transition questions during technical screens. The frequency and type of behavioral questions will vary per role, but be prepared for many.

For more information on the process for a specific role, consult one of our comprehensive interview guides below:

Now, what will your interviewers be looking out for?

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Why Do You Want To Work For Google

Zeroing in on the free food and ability to bring your pet to the Googleplex isn’t what you want to do here even if it’s the real answer. What makes Google a great fit for your skills, and talk about both the company and the specific job you’re applying for. This is your chance to show that you understand the company and that you’re the right fit.

Example: I love that Google is always creating new devices and apps. I’ve worked on a lot of apps in the past, and I think I would learn a lot in this position. I also think I could bring some new ideas to the team.

Ux Engineer Interview Questions

Google Interview – The Process and Basics From a Former Google Recruiter
  • What is A/B testing?
  • How do you avoid a flash of unstyled content while still keeping your site accessible to all users?
  • What UX news have you read lately?
  • What experience have you had working alongside developers as a designer?
  • Tell me about your design process.
  • How would you describe interaction design to someone whos never heard of it?
  • Whats the difference between information architecture and user experience?
  • How would you redesign Craigslist?
  • How would you design a system for controlling a toy car using a smartphone?
  • Walk me through a project youve worked on.
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    Google Jobs The Different Roles Available At Google

    There are many different job roles available at Google, and depending on your skillset, your qualities, and your educational background, theres certain to be a role that suits your careers goals and aspirations.

    For some roles at Google a degree is required, and they are categorized in the following manner: Associate, Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D. and Pursuing Degree. There are also a variety of different positions you can apply for including full-time, part-time, temporary and intern. As you already are aware, there are different businesses that fall under the Google Alphabet network and you will need to apply for a role with your chosen company:

    • Google
    • Wing
    • X

    Once you have chosen your preferred company from the list above, it is now time to select your role. As you can imagine, there are literally hundreds of great jobs available at Google and the list below is just a small sample of the more common ones available:

    Program Manager Software Engineer Account Executive Marketing Executive and Marketing Manager Design Engineering Lead, Devices and Services Mechanical Engineer/Technician CAD/PCB Design Engineer Marketing Vice President, Google Play and Developer Relations Cloud Engineer Data Center Technician Business Intern Legal Trainee and Information Technology Intern.

    Have You Ever Taken A Big Risk Professionally And Failed What Made You Take The Risk And What Did You Learn From It

    As mentioned earlier, Google loves innovation and that doesn’t come without risks. The ability to see an opportunity, evaluate that risk, and the willingness to go for it are all qualities that Google loves. And if you fail, there needs to be some sort of takeaway that makes the next effort more likely to succeed.

    Example: Three years ago I convinced my company to switch to a new virus protection software in November. Our current subscription was up at the end of the year, and I didn’t realize how much work was involved in switching over the whole company. We ended up paying for both softwares for a short time. The new software is better, but I need to do a better job of assessing the hours and manpower needed to make such a big switch before green lighting it.

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