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How To Learn Coding For Interview

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How To Prepare For Your On

FASTEST Way to Learn Coding and ACTUALLY Get a Job

Here are a few tips that worked for me.

Before your on-site interview, dont try to practice new coding problems.

Because if you come across a new problem that you cant solve, this will negatively impact your self-confidence.

And you ABSOLUTELY need your self-confidence.

At this stage, there are only two things you should focus on.

Sleep very well and arrive at your interview location early.

Having a good nights sleep will help you maintain your sharpness and your focus.

I also like to arrive a little bit earlier just to familiarize myself with the location. It helps calm me down a little and put me at ease.

When your interview starts, again be prepared to talk out loud and discuss your solution and assumptions with your interviewer before you start coding away.

Even though it is generally easier to talk to a person face to face rather than on the phone, I have had experiences where the interviewers deliberately choose to show a poker face.

And it is not cool when your enthusiasm is faced with a poker face. It can be demoralizing.

If this happens to you, dont panic and remember to maintain your focus and your confidence.

How To Find Out If The Given Two Strings Are Anagrams Or Not

Two strings are anagrams if they contain a similar group of characters in a varied sequence.

  • First, check if the length of both strings is the same, if not, they cannot be anagrams.
  • Convert both the strings to character arrays and then sort them.
  • Check if the sorted arrays are equal. If they are equal, print anagrams, otherwise not anagrams.

boolean anagrmstat = false


} else {

Is All Of The Content Available Straight Away Or Is It Time

No drip-feeding here! You get access to everything inside AlgoCademy right away. Jump in and start making use of the training without having to wait for something to be released to you. We also regularly update and add new material, so your content library will continue to grow alongside your knowledge.

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Use List Comprehensions Instead Of Map And Filter

I think dropping filter and map is pretty uncontroversial

Guido van Rossum, Pythons creator

He may have been wrong about it being uncontroversial, but Guido had good reasons for wanting to remove map and filter from Python. One reason is that Python supports list comprehensions, which are often easier to read and support the same functionality as map and filter.

Lets first take a look at how wed structure a call to map and the equivalent list comprehension:

> > > numbers=> > > defsquare:... returnx*x...> > > list)> > > 

Both approaches, using map and the list comprehension, return the same values, but the list comprehension is easier to read and understand.

Now we can do the same thing for the filter and its equivalent list comprehension:

> > > defis_odd:... returnbool...> > > list)> > > 

Like we saw with map, the filter and list comprehension approaches return the same value, but the list comprehension is easier to follow.

Developers who come from other languages may disagree that list comprehensions are easier to read than map and filter, but in my experience beginners are able to pick up list comprehensions much more intuitively.

Either way, youll rarely go wrong using list comprehensions in a coding interview, as it will communicate that you know whats most common in Python.

How To Prepare For Your Phone Interviews

Learn to code with free online courses, programming projects, and ...

These types of questions arent going to be different from what we have already discussed previously.

But because the purpose of these interviews is to weed out the sub-par candidates in a limited amount of time, expect your interviewer to jump straight into coding questions.

There is no time for lengthy resumes or behavioral questions.

Steve Yegge wrote an excellent article about what he expects from potential candidates during their phone interviews.

There are a few tips that will help you make the best out of this experience

After your phone interviews, take a deep breath and relax!

It is a waiting game now.

Your recruiter will get back to you in a few days or weeks with general feedback on your performance and the decision they have come to.

If everything went well, then your recruiter will congratulate you and schedule some time for your next big milestone.

Your on-site interviews!

On-site interviews are fundamentally different from phone interviews.

I personally like on-site interviews more.

I mean I like to be interviewed face to face rather than be interviewed on the phone.

It is just easier to communicate with your interviewer face to face and it makes the whole process much simpler.

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What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using A Star Topology In A Computer Network

The spoke hub distribution concept is used in the star topology in a computer network. Each host in a star network is linked to a central hub. In its most basic form, a single hub serves as a message route. One of the most frequent computer network topologies is the star network.

Some of the benefits of star topology are as follows:

  • It is simple to examine, set up, and change the star topology.
  • The only nodes that have failed are those that have been affected. Other nodes are still operational.
  • With a small number of nodes and little network traffic, high performance can be achieved.
  • Adding, uninstalling, and transferring devices is simple in a Star topology.

Some of the drawbacks of star topology are as follows:

  • The linked nodes are disabled if the Hub or concentrator fails.
  • The expense of setting up a star topology is significant.
  • Buses may experience significant delays due to heavy network load.
  • The Hub’s capacity determines performance.
  • A damaged cable or a lack of adequate termination could bring the network offline.

Essential Coding Interview Questions + Coding Exercises On Udemy

In this two-hour video course with plenty of interactive exercises, youll learn three handy problem-solving techniques to figure them out. You should be familiar with basic data structures, Big O notation, and ideally Python and/or Java, which youll be using to solve problems.

  • 11 of the most essential coding interview questions
  • Arrays, strings, linked lists, etc.
  • Price: Full price $69.99
  • His way of explaining the problem is excellent! It really speaks to me and how I think. It must have been so time consuming for him to go through such detail per problem. But its so helpful and appreciated!! Thank you for sharing your gift of technical understanding. So few can do this so well. J

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    Data Structures And Algorithms

    Impact: very highFrequency: very high

    Most of the technical questions you will face in your coding interviews are related to data structures and algorithms.

    If you dont know what data structures are, then you need to build a strong foundation in computer science first before you are ready for the next steps.

    In other words, if you are not familiar with terms like linked lists, trees, graphs, binary search, and dynamic programming , then you have some work to do!

    A solid understanding of data structures and algorithms help you write efficient programs that can run faster and utilize resources more efficiently.

    It is one thing to write code that is functionally correct, it is a completely different thing to write efficient code that is functionally correct.

    Interviewers value candidates who can analyze code, spot performance bottlenecks, and possibly come up with better solutions.

    What Are The Concepts Introduced In Oops

    FASTEST Way to Learn Coding and ACTUALLY Get a Job

    Following are the concepts introduced in OOPs:

    • Object – A real-world entity having a particular state and behavior. We can define it as an instance of a class.
    • Class – A logical entity that defines the blueprint from which an object can be created or instantiated.
    • Inheritance – A concept that refers to an object gaining all the properties and behaviors of a parent object. It provides code reusability.
    • Polymorphism – A concept that allows a task to be performed in different ways. In Java, we use method overloading and method overriding to achieve polymorphism.
    • Abstraction – A concept that hides the internal details of an application and only shows the functionality. In Java, we use abstract class and interface to achieve abstraction.
    • Encapsulation – A concept that refers to the wrapping of code and data together into a single unit.

    This is one of the very common coding interview questions, that often allows the interviewer to branch out into related topics based on the candidates answers

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    How To Start Your Interview Prep

    I think that for most people starting out in this interview prep process, LeetCode is pretty hard. Here are two possible starting problems, though the best point of entry is admittedly Cracking the Coding Interview.

    • FizzBuzz on LeetCode. I recommend it because it should not require any additional interview preparation, and will help you familiarize yourself with the LeetCode platform.
    • Here’s an article about FizzBuzz on InterviewNoodle so you can learn more what that’s about.
    • Jewels and Stones on LeetCode. If you are not able to solve this on your first try, then you will have to learn a technique that is useful in many coding interview problems.

    What Is A Linked List

    • Like an array, a linked list refers to a linear data structure in which the elements are not necessarily stored in a contiguous manner.
    • It is basically a sequence of nodes, each node points towards the next node forming a chain-like structure.

    Fig: Linked List

    • LIFO is an abbreviation for Last In First Out
    • It is a way of accessing, storing and retrieving data.
    • It extracts the data that was stored last first.

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    What’s The Interview Process Like In A Nutshell

    If I were asked to summarize all the resources above to you, here’s what I would share:

    • I would say that you typically get between 30 minutes to an hour to solve a coding question.
    • You typically get a choice of programming language like C++, Python, Java, or JavaScript, but not always…in some instances you do not have a choice.
    • Outside of the coding portion, they are free to ask you pretty much anything, from language-specific questions to favorite projects, but any interview with a coding portion tends to be dominated by it.

    And here’s some general advice to consider: you are going to be dealing with people who may be pretty tired of interviews. Smile if you can. Try to show enthusiasm. Have a conversation, and try to talk to the interviewer the way you might communicate if the two of you were pair programming, but they were more senior.

    Land Your First Tech Job On Break Into Tech

    All Courses

    This course goes beyond the tech interview to include the rest of the job application process. In 20 hours of videos and exercises, youll learn about optimizing your resume and , how to get referred to a company, how to answer the dreaded tell me about yourself questions, and templates to help you answer any tech interview question.

    • Link:Get it from Break Into Tech
    • What youll learn: Keywords to include on your resume, communication tips, strategies to navigate tech interviews, how to think like an interviewer, etc.
    • Price: $99 for the course or $199 for a resume review too

    My completion percentage of Jeremys course had an almost direct correlation with me getting a job. After following the advice in the course, I received a verbal offer and a final interview with an EVP before even watching all the video content. Strongly recommend for structuring your tech job search process. Adil

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    Up Your Coding Interview Skills

    There are plenty of engineers who can solve most coding problems on their own but end up failing their FAANG interview. Why? This is usually because their interview skills are not up to scratch.

    With the help of two interview coaches , we put together a list of 21 tips for coding interviews. Weve included 5 of them here to give you a snapshot of the sorts of things you can do to up your coding game:

    Which Programming Language Do You Prefer

    In your response, you may discuss a language youd prefer for responding to technical questions. Pick one you can explain to someone who may not know it as well as you. If youre familiar with multiple languages, choose a more dynamic language than an older one like HTML.

    Example:Although different languages work best with certain projects, I like Python for solving algorithmic problems. I find that its simple to use and offers attractive features. After my experience with it at Global Company, I wanted to develop my Python understanding further, so I designed and developed a software application for a mobile game to practice speaking elements while learning a new language. I feel that I have a strong understanding of Python based on my professional and personal experience.

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    Question #: How Can I Label Data Based On Condition

    Answer: There are three ways to set a condition and label data based on it. The first one is the CASE statement. It is a conditional statement with the following syntax:

    CASE     WHEN condition THEN value    WHEN condition THEN value    ELSE valueEND CASE 

    The second option is the IF statement. It has a similar syntax to the CASE statement:

    IF condition THEN value    ELSEIF condition THEN value    ELSE valueEND IF 

    The third option is to use the IF function. Even though it can be used in the same way, donât confuse it with the IF statement. Its syntax is:


    Refresh On Data Structures And Algorithms

    Coding Interview Questions And Answers | Programming Interview Questions And Answers | Simplilearn

    Below we’ve provided a short overview of the most important data structures that are used in coding interviews. For each one, we’ve also included a link to a separate resource that provides a deep dive into that topic. You might want to skim this list, skipping the topics on which you’re already clear and selecting the ones you want to refresh on.

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    Plan Your Time And Tackle Topics And Questions In Order Of Importance

    How long does it take to prepare for a coding interview? It actually depends on how well prepared you want to be. On average, it takes about 30 hours to cover the bare minimum and ~100 hours to be well prepared.

    To start preparing for your coding interviews, always begin with a plan. Calculate the amount of time you have left to realistically prepare for your interview from now till the day of the coding test, and carefully make a plan of the topics and questions you will cover per day, prioritizing the most important ones first.

    But how do you know which are the most important topics and questions to practice based on the time you have left? You may use the free Grind 75 tool which produces coding interview study plans for varying lengths of preparation time. The algorithm behind it includes a ranking of questions by priority and also a balance between breadth and depth of topics covered.

    If you have the luxury of time to prepare, it is recommended to spend around 3 months to prepare more holistically. I came up with a personal 3-month study plan, which takes you from start to finish on which topics and questions to complete.

    Question #: What Is Datetime In Mysql When Do You Use It

    Answer: DATETIME is a date and time data type in MySQL. It contains both date and time values in the format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss. It is used when the exact time of an event has to be recorded e.g. the date and time an order was placed or shipped, user logins and logouts, or employees work hours.

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    Ready To Start Your Journey

    For those just entering the tech industry, coding interviews can be daunting. But studying up on what to expect can go a long way toward making the process less stressful.

    In this guide, we’ll cover what you’ll need to know to prepare for a technical interview. You’ll explore what concepts often come up in this kind of interview and what resources you can use to practice.

    What Resources Should I Use To Prepare For A Coding Interview

    C++ And Java Workbook For Exams And Interviews: Fast And Easy Way To ...

    Cracking the Coding Interview,” a book by software engineer Gayle Laakmann McDowell, breaks down 189 common technical interview questions and walks the reader through each solution. It also gives tips on how to complete on-the-spot algorithms and how to handle behavioral questions.

    You practice your coding skills on LeetCode, a website dedicated to helping tech professionals get jobs. It offers hundreds of test questions and even has a premier membership in which members can filter sample interview questions by specific companies.

    Job and recruitment website Glassdoor is a repository for hundreds of sample interview questions that Glassdoor users were asked in their technical interviews.

    Applicants can hone their soft skills and get ready for behavioral questions with Educative’s Grokking the Behavioural Interview course.

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    Work On Software Design Skills

    Coding interviews are not just about coding questions but also about solving problems with software and system designs. These questions throw candidates off their feet due to their complexity. It is very important as a fresher to understand software design and the development process as it would definitely make you stand out from the array of competitors.

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