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How To Nail A Zoom Interview

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Interviewing In A Messy Space

Match 2021 – how to *NAIL* your Zoom interview

Zoom allows you to choose a default background image or upload your own photo, so its totally possible to interview amid a pile of dirty laundry and unfiled papers while appearing as if Marie Kondo has just optimized your entire life.

However, even if you decide to go with a digital background, its still a good idea to tidy up before your job interview. Why? Research shows that your work environment affects your mental health and decision-making ability. In short, a serene workspace promotes peace of mind.

Coming To The Interview Late

When it comes to job interviews, if youre not early, youre late. This is doubly true for Zoom interviews. Jump on the call a few minutes early, and you wont have to worry about last-minute technical difficulties derailing your effort. Theres nothing worse than starting a job interview stressed out and distracted.

Always confirm your interview details before the day of your meeting to make sure youre on time and prepared.

How To Nail Your Next Virtual Interview

Remember the days when you started with a phone interview and advanced to at least one in-person interview with the hiring manager before landing the job? Those days are over. Just as remote work and hybrid arrangements are here to stay, we predict Zoom interviews will remain a standard in the hiring process.

Not only is a virtual interview more cost-efficient and convenient for all parties, widening the pool of candidates, but it reflects the everyday work environment for many marketing professionals now.

Even executive positions at large organizations are being filled without face-to-face interviews in 2022.

If you are on the job market or plan to be soon, its important that you learn what it takes to nail your Zoom interview.

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Not Carrying On A Real Conversation

Even when theyre conducted in person, job interviews can feel like interrogations. The interviewer asks questions you answer them. You ask questions the interviewer answers them. Rinse, repeat. Video technology can exacerbate this problem by shrinking your visual field down to two screens and ratcheting up the tension with the threat of technical difficulties.

To overcome these issues, remind yourself that a good job interview is a conversationno more and no less. You and the interviewer are not on opposing sides, but on the same team, working together toward a common goal.

Focus on listening instead of waiting for your chance to speak. Youll demonstrate a valuable soft skill as well as communicating better and learning more about the job. Best of all, youll make a more positive impression on the hiring manager, which is essential to helping you land the job.

Dress Like Youre Going To An In

How to nail your Zoom job interview

As a general rule, if you wouldnt wear it to an in-person interview, dont wear it to your virtual interview. Like all interviews, this is your opportunity to make a great first impression so you should look put together and professional, even from the comfort of your home. And again, like an in-person interview, choose something that you feel confident in. Your confidence will come across the screen much like it would if you were meeting your interviewers in person.

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Use A Laptop Or Computer

Although Zoom has a mobile app, it’s better to use it on a desktop computer or laptop. Having your computer on a table creates a more stationary view of yourself while holding your phone in your hand could cause camera shake. Your computer camera also gives the interviewer a better view of yourself and tends to come in clearer.

What Is A Zoom Interview

Zoom is a video conferencing software that lets you connect remotely for video or voice-call meetings with one or more people. You can turn video on or off, similar to Skype, but if an employer is setting up a Zoom interview for a job, then they likely want to see you on video.

You should treat your Zoom interview like any other video job interview, but you should also get familiar with the platform and technology so that youre comfortable. And you should download the app ahead of time so that youre ready.

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Let The Other Person Finish Speaking

This is good life advice in general, but over video chat, jumping in with your response too soon can mute the other persons mic and cut them off entirelymaking you seem rude even if you didnt intend to be. Plus with internet lag, its not always immediately apparent whether someone is done speaking or just pausing. So once you think your interviewer is done, take a beat before you answer. If you have trouble with this, get in the habit of muting yourself while the other person is speakingthat way the action of turning the mic back on forces you to give them a little extra time to keep talking.

Show Up A Few Minutes Early

How to ace your online interview| Zoom interview tips and tricks| Nail your online interview

You wouldnt walk into the building where a 3 PM interview was being held at exactly 3 PM or even at 2:59 PM, so you shouldnt cut it so close for a video interview either. Prepare your computer by closing all extra windows and tabs. And if you have a portfolio or anything similar youd like to be able to show via screen share during your interview, make sure that its ready in an easy-to-access, but minimized, window.

Open up the program where your video interview will take place a few minutes early. Before you fully enter the meeting, a lot of the common video interview software will give you a chance to check your shot. Then, relax, says Turner. Be completely in place a few minutes early and do a few breathing exercises. That way, when you click to join the call and the interview starts, youre already ready to go.

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Make Sure You’re Ready To Respond And Ask Inquiries

The ability to effectively answer questions is the most crucial aspect of interviewing. You’ll need to be able to explain your background and how it relates to the position you’re interviewing for.

Employers frequently ask behavioral interview questions in order to learn more about your previous experiences. Your prior experiences and how you dealt with problems might help foretell how you would act in the future. This is how an employer assesses whether or not you are qualified for the position.

It takes a lot of practice to be able to properly respond to behavioral inquiries. Take some time to review typical behavioral interview questions before your interview.

Examine your CV for examples to back up your responses to each question. The STAR technique is a wonderful way to structure your responses to these questions.

After you’ve written down your responses to the frequent questions, practice them aloud in front of the mirror or with a partner.

Write Down Questions To Ask Them

Employers want to hire people who ask good questions in the job interview. This shows them that youre excited to work for them and that youre curious about their job.

This is true in every industry, for every type of job. If youre not asking good questions in each interview, its a possible reason why you cant find a job.

Here are two resources to help you prepare questions to ask them:

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Conducting An Interview In A Messy Environment

Even if you choose a digital background, it is always a good idea to clean up before your job interview. Why? According to studies, your work environment has an impact on your mental health and decision-making abilities. 2 In summary, a calm work environment improves mental well-being.

Make sure you’re in a professional interview space in advance of interviewing.

Do Prepare Like You Would For A Normal Interview

How To Nail A Zoom Interview, According To A Recruiting Expert

Your Zoom video interview will likely unfold just like any other interview. That means you gotta go through all the standard interview prep steps such as:

Speaking of the latter: yes, all of us now work from home and dont wear a suit. But you shouldnt roll into a Zoom interview wearing a stained hoodie or with some sauce smudged on your face after lunch. Be in top shape!

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Distracting The Interviewer With These Habits

Perhaps the worst Zoom interview mistake you can make is to indicate through your behavior and mannerisms that youre not interested in what the interviewer is saying. Unfortunately, this is easier to do than you might think.

Little gestures can make a big impact. Fidgeting with your hair or your clothes, checking your phone , or staring at yourself instead of connecting with the interviewerall of these can make it seem like youre disconnected or distracted.

Zoom Interview: 8 Dos And Donts To Nail It

Pandemic reshuffled our lives. Recruiting being no exception. In 2020, 86% of companies conducted virtual interviews when screening new candidates. Loads of job offers were extended fully remotely too. This trend is here to stay as employers have finally come to terms with the idea that remote recruiting work like a charm. But this means you need to perform as well in Zoom interviews as you do in person.

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Create Impressive Job Hunting Materials With Envato Elements

If youre not getting all the job interviews you want, it could be because your job hunting materials arent as polished as they need to be. You dont have to be a designeror to hire oneto create your own impressive materials.

Go to Envato Elements to find professionally-designed cover letter and resume templates for your job hunt. For one small subscription fee, you get unlimited downloads of templates, fonts, photos, and more.

If you prefer to pay for each resume template you use, then search in GraphicRiver. Either way, premium resume templates usually come packaged with a cover letter template for a coherent look. And the standout designs make your application unique and distinctive.

With resumes like these, dont be surprised if you get more job interviews!

Prepare Your Personal Talking Points

10 tips for online (Zoom) interview | by Dr. Sandeep Patil.

All too often, candidates arrive to an interview unprepared to speak on who they are, what they stand for, and what makes them different. Being prepared with personal talking points will boost your confidence and help you stand out from your competition. Why struggle to come up with strong stories on the spot when you have the material to identify stories in advance?

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What To Wear For A Zoom Interview And How To Prepare

Technological advancements have changed the hiring process across many companies and industries. More hiring managers are relying on technology to pre-screen applicants and conduct video interviews. If you are being interviewed via Zoom or another video-based platform, it is important to dress appropriately and prepare as if you were being interviewed in person. In this article, we discuss what to wear for a Zoom interview and how to set up your backdrop and prepare for the interview.

Resist Adding A Virtual Background

Although you might be tempted, it’s best to not use this feature during a video interviews. You’ll want to stay as professional as possible, and the focus should be on you and the interviewer not whatever’s in the background. If your background is incredibly cluttered and you have no other option, look for a simple Zoom background, like a classic bookcase or a tidy office.

If you plan to use this feature, make sure you create a Zoom account and enable the virtual background set-up on your profile. Practice with it so you know it’ll look good.

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Look At The Actual Camera

When it comes to Zoom quizzes with the fam or catching up with friends while watching Bachelor in Paradise, its definitely a good chance to check yourself out in the feedback camera. Not for an interview, though.

The lack of in-person contact makes it hard for interviewers to read body language or gauge your true reactions. When theres little to no eye contact either, its even tougher to sense what a person is really like. By speaking slowly, clearly and directly looking at the little camera hole on your computer, you instantly convey a more personal insight into who you are. Go schmooze, you charmer.

Your Pc Should Be Updated

How to nail your Zoom interview

Before your meeting, download the most recent version of Zoom. Similarly, perform a thorough system upgrade on your computer well ahead of time. If you mistakenly click on the install update notice during your interview, your computer may restart in the middle of the conversation. You may guarantee that your gadget is at its optimum by performing these upgrades a few hours before the interview.

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Tips For Succeeding During Your Zoom Interview

More employers may choose to conduct an interview using video conferencing software. This is because it tends to be more convenient for remote positions or initial screening interviews. Since this type of interview is a bit different than a traditional in-person interview, it’s important that you consider a few factors of this format. In this article, we share 18 tips on how to prepare for your interview Zoom call.

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Tips On Zoom Interview Etiquette

Succeeding in a video interview will sound and feel a lot like succeeding in an in-person interview: in both cases, success looks like being offered the position. But how do you ensure video interview success? To put your best virtual foot forward during your next video interview, follow these 5 key tips.

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Check Your Computer And Internet Speeds

As simple as this may seem, make sure your computer and internet are in good working order. Your computer should be running on the most recent updates and youll need a reliable internet connection. Consider running a test using a video chat app, like Zoom, on your computer with a friend before your interview day to confirm that everything is working properly. Do this a couple of days in advance so you arent struggling the morning of and adding to your stress before the actual interview! Additionally, have your computer plugged in or be sure the battery holds enough charge for the entirety of the interview.

Wear Your Background Like An Accessory

How to Dress for a Video Interview on Zoom

You dress up for an interview, right? And in all likelihood youve dressed appropriately for your video interview. Dont spoil your appearance with a messy background.

You can take one of two approaches to backgrounds. One is to keep it simple. A blank wall, for instance. Its boring, but its neutral. The otherbetter option is to create a background that says something about who you are as a candidate. I find its especially important to at least appear to be in a home office if youre applying for a remote position. This communicates that youve spent time and resources creating a space that allows you to work effectively.

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Prepare Answers To The Most Common Questions

Dont get so sidetracked by setting up the technology that you forget to prepare for the interview itself mainly, how you plan to answer the top interview questions employers ask.

Also, think about any potential concerns they may have about your background in particular and how youll address those.

For example, they may want to know why you left your last job so soon, or why youre looking for a different type of job than youve done in the past, etc.

Anticipate the questions theyre likely to ask, practice your answers, and youll feel more relaxed in the interview.

You can also record yourself delivering your answers in the environment that youve set up. Look at the video recording, see how you look and sound, and then make adjustments before going live on Zoom with the employer.

Let Your Household Know

If they know, they can actively make the effort to stay away. If you tell them that between 12 and 12.30 on this date, I need quiet and I need this room to be off limits, then your partner can keep the kids away, or your housemates can avoid that part of the house. Another thing is wi-fi. If the wi-fi can be a little dodgy in your house when multiple people are on it, then marking out a block of time when you need it to work flawlessly might be a good idea. Other Zoom calls could possibly be scheduled around this time, rather than having you freezing and glitching on the screen due to poor connectivity.

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Tips On How To Nail A Zoom Interview

For extra video interview preparation, here are some additional tips and tricks on how to nail a Zoom interview:

  • Practice for your interview by recording yourself on video and playing it back to check your audio and video quality and speaking pace.
  • Treat your Zoom interview like an in-person interview in terms of preparation and state of mind.
  • Be yourself! Dont let technology get in the way of showing your interviewer what makes you a unique asset to their team.
  • Wear pants. While pajama pants on the bottom, business attire on top might work for remote meetings at your current company, if you have to stand up for any reason during your interview you want to be appropriately dressed all the way to your feet.
  • Zoom interviews may be recorded and shown to other members of the hiring committee, dont say anything during your video meeting that you wouldnt want other members of the organization to hear.
  • Familiarize yourself with the mute button in case a loud noise like your dog barking or a garbage truck beeping occurs when your interviewer is speaking.
  • Set your Zoom name to your formal name and add your pronouns.
  • Set your camera at eye level so you dont need to slouch to make eye contact with your interviewer.
  • Wear earbuds during your interview to ensure your voice can be heard clearly by the interviewer and likewise, you dont miss a word they say.

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