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How To Pass Interview Assessment Test

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Preparing For The Assessment

How to Pass Aptitude Test: Questions with Answers and Solutions
  • 1Review the desired qualities listed in the job description. The employer will use the Hogan Assessment to screen for the listed personality traits. Youll also need to communicate in your interview that you possess these qualities.XResearch source
  • Interviews bear more weight than the personality assessment. Study the job description and think of examples that show how youve put the desired personality traits into practice.XResearch source
  • Suppose a company is looking for salesperson whos confident, self-motivated, and outgoing. In your interview, speak with confidence, mention a project you completed independently, and describe how you honed interpersonal skills at past jobs.
  • 2Ask the employer about the tests role in the decision process. You’ll likely learn about the assessment early in the hiring process, such as at the first interview. Ask your interviewer or recruiter how important the test is, how they use it, and whether youll be able to see your results.XResearch source
  • Pose 1 to 2 questions politely and professionally so you dont seem paranoid or anxious about taking the test.
  • If the interviewer doesnt say, ask if they use the test to make hiring decisions. Some companies only administer personality tests to keep on file. For others, it plays a key role in the early stages of the hiring process.
  • Search online for “Hogan Personality Inventory practice test.” This resource is a good starting point: .
  • Next Step: Download Top 50 Iq & Aptitude Assessment Test Questions And Answers Pdf Ebook

    Top 50 Aptitude Test Questions and Answers is everything you need to get ready for Aptitude Assessment Test. An Aptitude Test is an pre-employment hiring exam, which is used by to determine an how well candidate is prepared to succeed in a given activity. It also ensures that candidate has a good grasp and can solve business problems, using the data presented to help make business decision for the organization. In addition to the practice questions and answers in this PDF EBook you will also learn about strategies to successfully pass Assessment Test, most efficient ways to get prepared, time management tips for exam preparations, tips and tricks to answer different types of questions and much more.

    Why Are Aptitude Tests So Hard

    Aptitude tests are designed to assess strengths and skills. Because they are often used to identify the most capable individuals within a group, the best way to do this is with questions that are difficult to answer.

    After all, if the questions were easy then everyone would score highly. It wouldnt really be a test.

    For example, when aptitude tests are used as part of the recruitment process it is because potential employers are looking for people who hold specific skills.

    The questions asked will highlight the individuals who have specific skills to do the job which has been applied for. For this reason, it is important for aptitude tests to only highlight those who have the necessary skills and abilities.

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    Old Mutual Assessment Centre

    The assessment centre, which takes place on site, includes groups of candidates and may take a couple of hours or days to complete. The exercises are divided into different sections, which are designed to assess how you work both in teams and individually. In the first section, the group will be assigned to a business case, in which they must work together to solve. In the second section, you will solve a business case individually. During the last stage, you will be invited to a competency-based interview.

    Getting Feedback From The Employer

    Employee Interview Evaluation form Unique Sample Interview assessment ...
  • 1Review your results with your interviewer. After the assessment, ask if the hiring team or recruiter can offer any feedback. If possible, discuss your results regardless of your applications success.XResearch source
  • If you got the job, ask which aspects of your assessment report helped them choose you for the job. Youll get a clear understanding of how they perceive you and what they expect from you.
  • If you didnt get the job, use the opportunity to assess how your personality type fits with your career.
  • 2Ask about other openings if you didnt get the job. See if your personality type might be a better fit for another department. For instance, ask about an opening in product design that youre qualified for if you didnt get the job in sales.XResearch source
  • Suppose your scores related to energy and interpersonal skills were lower than the company wants in a salesperson. However, your reliability and creativity were high. These traits could make you a great fit for the design team.
  • Even if the design job pays less, youll learn about the companys products. You might also have opportunities to demonstrate the qualities that the company seeks in a salesperson. You could end up being at the top of their sales team in the future.
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    Old Mutual Online Test Interview And Assessment Centre Preparation

    Are you concerned because of your upcoming hiring process at Old Mutual? Get ready for the assessments and interviews by using the PrepPack’s numerical and verbal tests, drills and more useful preparation materials.

    This PrepPack combines numerical, verbal and situational judgement tests, drills, guides and tutorials.

    Is Working At The Capital One Worth It

    Capital One is a global financial services organization and has a reputation for being one of the world’s most sought-after places to work.

    The recruitment process is competitive, requiring candidates to complete several assessments.

    In return, the company offers career progression, focusing on developing its employees and a range of perks.

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    Multiple Answer Excel Assessment Questions

    In this test format applicants are being presented with the question, which has multiple potential answers. Applicants are typically being asked to select all answers that are applicable. These types of questions are typically used to test Intermediate or Advanced skills on Excel Assessment test. Typically there is no time limit on how long applicant can answer the question, but there might be exceptions.

    Pwc Aptitude Tests And Game

    How to Pass Amazon Online Assessment Test: Questions and Answers

    If you pass the PwC Situational Judgement Test, youll be most probably invited to take the PwC Game-Based Assessment. This consists of 11 games, which can be taken on iOS, Android, Windows or Mac. Sometimes you may also receive an invitation to take a PwC online logical reasoning and numerical reasoning tests, which will be again given to you on your assessment day .

    For specific positions, PwC conducts technical tests. For example, if you have applied for an accountants position, you can expect an accounts test. So, brush up your basic knowledge.

    Youre probably wondering: what on earth is a game-based assessment?

    Dont panic. Weve got a super detailed guide to ALL 11 game tests used by PwC, so you can find out exactly what kind of thing to expect.

    Firstly, lets focus on the 2 key PwC psychometric tests included in the games:

  • The PwC Numerical Reasoning Test
  • The PwC Logical Reasoning Test
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    What Is An Interview Assessment

    This assessment is typically a pre-interview screening session that can help a company learn more information about a job candidate’s skills, characteristics and long-term goals. These screenings can be especially beneficial to larger organizations, as they can help a hiring manager determine which candidates may best align with a workplace’s value system. There are also different interview questions that target varied areas of expertise and competency.


    How Do You Know If You Passed The Capital One Assessment**

    The Capital One assessment is an online assessment that takes place after application submission.

    Those successful in the Capital One assessment will usually be notified by email and invited to the next stage of their recruitment process: the interview.

    All applications for positions at Capital One are taken online.

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    Pitfalls To Avoid On The Bain Online Test

    You will not be able to repeat the test once you have started it, so make sure you are ready with the following:

    DO set aside enough time to complete the test in one sitting.

    DO make sure you have pen and paper next to your computer to take notes or do math.

    DONTskim through the instructions. The time you spend reading the instructions doesnt count toward your time taking the test. Read the instructions carefully and completely to ensure you dont make avoidable mistakes. This is probably one of the easiest mistakes you can make but one of the easiest to avoid.DONT lose track of time or allow yourself to get stuck on one question. Work methodically through the problems, not rushing, but not taking too much time. You can always go back to difficult questions at the end of the test if you have extra time.

    How To Pass A Personality Test

    Employee Interview Evaluation form

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

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    Learn how to identify your probable Myers-Briggs personality type and how each element may influence your preferences, strengths and weaknesses in the workplace.

    Employers gather information about job candidates through face-to-face interviews, references from prior positions and other types of tools. In some cases, organizations may ask applicants to take a personality test before extending a job offer. If you’re asked to take a personality test, it helps to know what information an employer is looking for and how to approach the test.

    In this article, well explain how to prepare for and pass a personality test and why companies use them in their hiring process.

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    Outcome : You Dont Get The Job

    It may not be what you want to hear, but if you took an assessment and you didnt get the job in part because of your test results the job probably wasnt a good fit for you. You might have been a mismatch for the environment or your talents may have been misaligned.

    Regardless, the test shouldnt be the only measuring stick to which youre compared. No assessment tool should be the definitive answer to whether a candidate is hired, remarks Picarde. There are many other factors that come into play like talents and experience level.

    The results may even show that you have the potential to learn to do the job but that youre not ready to be hired yet, Picarde continues. Its possible to apply learned behaviors to overcome tasks we dont naturally do well. You may need to try again for this type of job a little later on down the line.

    One last silver lining when not being offered a position is that some companies choose to send their applicants home with a leave-behind report. Applicants who get to review their test results have the opportunity to learn more about their own abilities and for what type of job they may be best suited.

    What Are The Benefits Of A Personality Test

    About 40% of companies adopt some form of personality test in their pre-employment assessment. There are numerous benefits to a personality test.

    • It helps companies choose the right candidate

    Companies want to predict the likelihood of you excelling in your role as well as to eliminate candidates with the tendency to be addicted to bad habits or portrait harmful traits that will impact work performance negatively. These traits include but are not limited to alcohol addiction, substance abuse, being prone to violence, anger management issues, etc.

    Every company strives to create a harmonious work environment and works to avoid unpleasant experiences for workers. Any potential candidates with red-flag traits will be eliminated in this process.

    • It saves costs and shortens the length of the hiring process

    Before the digitalization of pre-employment assessments, candidates had to take the tests at a physical location. All paperwork was processed manually. This took up a huge portion of time and stretched the hiring process.

    Interviewers had to ask questions to each candidate and draw up a profile for each. A large volume of manpower was needed. Not only was it inefficient, but it also caused errors and mistakes as everything was not standardized.

    Now, online personality tests save companies a ton of money. They only need to invest in one set of personality tests with minimal maintenance expenses required.

    • It lowers employee turnover rate

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    Can You Refuse To Take A Personality Test For A Job

    You can decline to take a personality test, but you may be ending your candidacy for the job. Remember that employers are looking at multiple candidates. If you refuse, the employer may decide to hire someone else. In general, employers are allowed to administer personality tests as long as they do not evaluate them for discriminatory reasons.

    How To Pass Job Assessment Tests

    How to Pass Pre-Employment Cognitive Abilities Assessment Test: Questions and Answers

    During the job interview process, some employers require you to take a job assessment test before they make a formal job offer. This could mean a general job assessment test to better understand your professional preferences and personality type, or a skill-specific evaluation in a particular area . As if performing well in a job interview wasnt stressful enough.

    But job assessment tests are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, when approached with the right attitude, an assessment is actually a great opportunity for you to stand out from the competition.

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    What Is Excel Assessment Test For Employment

    An Interview Excel Test is a screening process employers use as part of the candidate employment interview to test a potential candidates Microsoft Excel skills. Depending on the position candidate is applying for you are likely to face a pre-employment Excel test with varying level of difficulty. Microsoft Excel Employment Assessment tests can be categorized into at least three levels of difficulty:

    How To Prepare Using The Sova Assessment

    You should prepare for this test by understanding the various types of assessments based on the Sova assessment.

    Situational Judgement Test

    This part of the Bain online test will evaluate how you react in various scenarios that you may encounter as a consultant.

    You will be prompted with text, video, imagery, or animation and asked to select the Most Effective and Least Effective response list provided. The list will typically include three to four options.

    Make sure to base your answer on only the information provided in the prompt. Do not allow your biases from previous experiences or assumptions about the situation to guide your answer.

    Its a good idea to review Bains values before you take the test. If you are unsure about which multiple-choice answer to choose, consider their values and what someone who shares those values would do.

    For example, one of the Bain values you hear about most is: A Bainee never lets another Bainee fail. So if there is a question about whether you should help a teammate, the answer should always be yes unless there are mitigating circumstances


    Ability assessments will include information that may be presented as text, a graph, or a pattern and will gauge how quickly and accurately you can answer the ability questions. We describe the ability assessments below.

    Numerical Reasoning
    Verbal Reasoning
    Logical Reasoning

    The logical test can be difficult, as the answers are not always intuitive.

    This is completely normal!

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    How Employers Test For Excel Skills

    There are multiple providers that conduct the tests and each one of the tests is a little different. Most of the time employers use below providers to conduct the tests

    Because Microsoft Excel is so popular and useful, companies are trying to evaluate candidates by conducting pre-employment assessment test. An Excel Interview Test is a screening process employers use as part of the candidate employment interview to test a potential candidate on their knowledge and proficiency of Microsoft Excel.

    Each employer might use a slightly different variation of the Excel test. The Excel Assessment Test typically broken down into a multiple-choice section and an interactive portion. Some tests are timed but some of them do not have a limit on how long applicant can take to answer the questions, but there might be exceptions.

    Are Some Personality Tests Harder To Game Than Others

    Interview Assessment Test Sample

    Yes. Youll find that, for the most part, personality tests or behavioral assessments used for candidate selection and hiring are either forced-choice which force you to select an answeror free-choice. Forced-choice personality assessments are usually long, sometimes over one-hundred questions, and can seem redundant as multiple questions are usually asked to increase the assessments ability to accurately predict your personality and decrease your ability to game them.

    Free-choice assessments, like the PI Behavioral Assessment, give you the freedom to select as many or as little behavioral descriptor items as you wish based on your own perception and preference. Since you are presented with multiple options when responding to a free-choice assessment question, what you select, what you dont select, and how many total options you select all play into the results.

    The stimulus-response experience provided by free-choice assessments, including the PI Behavioral Assessment, means that free-choice assessments are arguably more difficult to cheat than many forced-choice assessments. Even if you try to game them by selecting options that portray what you think the employer is looking for, your selections are still based on your own perceptions which likely vary from the employers.

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    Hands On Abilities Evaluated

    • Ability to edit Excel worksheets and workbook by identifying common functions, applying basic keyboard shortcuts, and manipulating columns and rows
    • Ability to apply sorting and filtering options as well as statistical functions to explore and summarize values
    • Ability to customize the look and feel of a Excel workbook using cell formatting tools

    Be Alert And Stay Focused

    Concentration and stamina are as important in timed psychometric aptitude tests as natural intelligence. If your concentration wanes during your test, you will waste valuable time. Ensure you slept well and are ready to focus and your mind stimulated for a sustained period of time. You must treat the psychometric test like a sprint you should be mentally exhausted at the end of it from concentration. This sprint mentality is good for online tests you can complete at home, but if you have to take several tests over the course of the day at an assessment centre, it will not be as effective. Try to rest between tests and treat the day more as a marathon comprising of several short sprints. Psychometric tests are a competition and you should treat them as such.

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