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How To Prepare For A Citizenship Interview

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Documents To Bring To Naturalization Interview

The Naturalization Interview and Test

USCIS will send you a list of documents to bring to your interview. Depending on what’s relevant, these might include your green card and other forms of photo identification, all passports and travel documents you’ve had or used, proof of your valid marriage , proof that any trips you took outside the U.S. are not a sign that you actually resettled elsewhere , and so on.

You’ll also need to bring documents proving any changes to the information on your N-400, for example showing a name or address change since the time you filed the form.

For your own sake, bring a copy of the Form N-400 that you submitted to USCIS, to refer to during the interview.

How Long Does It Take For Naturalization Interview To Oath Ceremony

The waiting time between the interview and oath ceremony is usually no more than 30 days. Find out how long people in your USCIS district normally wait for the oath ceremony notice. Contact USCIS if you have waited longer than normal for your district.


If youre waiting for an initial receipt, such as one for an I-130 or I-140 petition that your family member or employer filed with a USCIS service center, six weeks is normally the longest you should wait.

Preparation Before Your Citizenship Interview

Before the interview, you must have received an appointment from the USCIS giving you the date and the venue for your interview. The notice is sent only once, for that reason, you must ensure you are checking your mailbox regularly to avoid missing out on the schedule.

After receiving the notice, you can start preparing for the interview. However, if you cannot make it for the interview at the date given by the USCIS, you have the liberty to reschedule another appointment. It must, however, be noted that while the USCIS will grant your request for rescheduling, that may further prolong your naturalization process for several months, so it is always better to endeavor you make it there at the first schedule.

Having made up your mind to attend the interview, it is advisable that you start preparing yourself for the interview right from the onset. For proper preparation, you have to get yourself familiar with the likely scenarios to face at the center, documents to take along, and the kind of interview questions you are going to answer.

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Do Not Overestimate Your Ability

One of the main reasons for failing the test is assuming it is just about general knowledge and things every kid should know. Depending on the time you have lived in the US, your study level, or even your type of job, you may find some of the practice questions too easy or way too obvious. But it is better to eat your humble pie, do your homework, and give it your best to achieve citizenship.

Usa: Prepare For The Citizenship Test And Interview

How to Prepare for the Citizenship Interview

American citizenship is the dream of millions of immigrants from all over the world. Foreigners need to go through the naturalization process to obtain US citizenship. Naturalized citizens have the same rights, benefits, and privileges as citizens who were born in the United States.

The naturalization process involves passing a series of exams that will help determine whether a person is worthy to become a full-fledged

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What To Watch Out For

Among immigration officials is to ask applicants details about how theyobtained their green cards. Officers are seeking any information that may indicate that someone obtained a green card illegally, which would then disqualify them from citizenship, and it may lead to removal or deportation proceedings. It is absolutely critical that you are ready to accurately answer questions about the process of getting your green card.

Some unlawful ways to obtain a green card caninclude:

  • Forging documents or giving fraudulent information on your application
  • Faking an engagement or marriage

Be prepared to answer questions about your personal documents and the answers on your green card application. This application occurred more than five years ago, so it may be difficult to recall specific details if you are not prepared. Not knowing the answers, however, can also raise suspicions for the officer.

If you received a green card based on your marriage, you should be ready with dates and details about how you met to prove your relationship is legitimate and that your green card is valid. If you were petition by an Employer, be prepared to submit proof that you worked for that employer after you received your green card.

Discuss Your Citizenship Application with an Immigration Lawyer in Orange County

For more information:

How Do I Prepare For The Us Citizenship Interview

As a green card holder, there are two things that you should expect from the U.S citizenship interview. Firstly, prepare to be asked questions regarding your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, and the supporting documents of the application. Secondly, prepare to take the citizenship test, which comes in two parts: the English and civics tests. The first set of questions that the USCIS official will ask you during the interview derive from the information that you provide on the application. You may keep a copy of your application to help you prepare for that part of the citizenship test.

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The second set of quizzes will be based on the civics portion of the naturalization test. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, a government agency that oversees immigration issues, provides some study materials for the citizenship test to help you prepare for the second part of the naturalization interview.

This article gives you a step-by-step guide on the preparation for the U.S. citizenship interview.

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How To Prepare For The Citizenship Test History/civics

You will also take a civics test to evaluate your knowledge and understanding of U.S. history and government. Unless you qualify for a language accommodation, USCIS will administer the test in English. Even if you’re exempt from the English test, you will need to take the civics test in the language of your choice or qualify for an N-648 waiver.

You may have heard that USCIS updated the civics test in 2020. This is true, but the Biden administration reversed this decision. There will be a brief period that applicants can choose from either test, however anyone can take the older 2008 version of the test.

The permanent version of the civics test has 100 possible questions. During your test, you will be asked up to 10 questions from the list of 100 questions in English. You must answer correctly six of the 10 questions to pass the civics test in English. All questions on the test are asked orally.

Several FREE study tools are available from USCIS to help you prepare for the history/civics portion of the test. Are you anxious to learn about U.S. history? Start with Learn About the United States, a comprehensive booklet full of quick civics lessons.

128 Civics Questions and Answers
USCIS Civics Practice Test
Civics Flashcards

Other Useful Tips To Help You Succeed

Advice on how to prepare and pass the US Citizenship Interview

Keep track of changes. Make sure to note any changes that occur between the time you file Form N-400 and attend your interview . USCIS routinely ask such questions to determine whether you are still eligible for naturalization.

Be completely honest. Honesty is always the best policy when interacting with a USCIS officer about your background. If a USCIS officer discovers that you intentionally lied during your interview, they may deny your application or, worse, place you in removal proceedings .

Dig up old files. USCIS officers may also ask questions based on the contents of your A-File essentially, your immigration history . If youve kept track of your communication with USCIS since before you became a green card holder, make sure to review those communications thoroughly.

Most people likely dont keep track of such records, in which case there are two helpful ways to prepare:

  • Review your supporting documents, especially court and police records if youve ever had an encounter with law enforcement.
  • Request a copy of your A-File by submitting a FOIA request, particularly if youve had a long and complicated history with USCIS or if another government agency has run a background check on you before. Bear in mind that a FOIA request can take one to four months, or longer, to process, depending on the complexity of your request.

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Discussion Of Changes In Your Life Circumstances Since Filing Form N

The officer might ask, near the beginning of your interview, “Are there any changes to your application?” Be prepared to provide corrections. Most changes are not a problem.

If, for example, you have had another child, be ready with the child’s exact name and a copy of the birth certificate. Or, if you have taken a trip outside the United States, bring a list of the exact dates and other information that the N-400 asks for regarding trips .

If you have changed jobs, bring a business card or employer letter showing your new employer’s name and address.

Two particular changes to your Form N-400 could, however, have a serious impact on your chances of receiving U.S. citizenship:

If either of the above are true, it might not only affect your eligibility for citizenship, but your right to remain in the United States. See an immigration attorney before going to the interview.

Hearings For Renunciation And Resumption Applicants

Citizenship officers in the field are the decision makers for resumption applications.

Resumption applications will be forwarded from the Case Processing Centre in Sydney to the local office if a hearing is required. Refer to the instructions on resumption. Resumption applications are no longer referred to a citizenship judge for a hearing unless the officer is not satisfied that the applicant has met the relevant residence/physical presence requirements. These applications are referred to a citizenship judge for decision on that single criterion .

Program support officers at the CPC-S are the decision makers for renunciation applications. Refer to the instructions on renunciation. In some cases, the CPC-S will request assistance from the local office or mission to host hearings via video link to conclude a case. Refer to the instructions on hearings via video link.

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What Happens During A Naturalization Interview At Uscis

By Ilona Bray, J.D.

The naturalization interview is an important step in completing the process of becoming a U.S. citizen. Some weeks or months after submitting your application on Form N-400, and after having attended your fingerprint appointment, you will receive a letter from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services giving you a date, time, and place for your personal interview.

What if you can’t make that date? Do your best to rearrange your schedule. Postponing this date and rescheduling can take months. Nevertheless, you can ask USCIS to reschedule.

Below, we discuss how to prepare yourself for this interview.

What Next After I Receive My Citizenship Certificate

How to Prepare for Your Citizenship Interview

Congratulations on the completion the process and your new status, but while you bask in the euphoria of your newly acquired U.S. citizenship, there are a few steps you have to take further to formalize your new status fully.

It is strongly recommended by the USCIS that you update your social security record soon after your oath taking ceremony. You should proceed to the social security Administration nearest to you to update your record. You need to update your social security record because, without that, your eligibility forbenefits due to you as a citizen will not be established.

Apart from the social security update, another thing you need to get done soon after your oath ceremony is the application for a U.S. passport. Without the passport, you will not be able to travel abroad. So, it is always advised that you apply for and possess your U.S. passport before you plan your next travel abroad after your new status.

Having acquired your citizenship, update your social security records, and in possession of your U.S. passport, you can exercise all the rights as a U.S. citizen.

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How Visanation Law Group Immigration Attorneys Can Help

The USCIS understands the significance of citizenship certificate, and how costly a mistake in the process can be for an applicant. To this end, they made a provision for legal representation during the interview process. It is imperative that you maximize this advantage and get yourself an immigration expert who can guide you in filing the application and all through the entire process.

VisaNation Law Group lawyers are well-grounded in handling citizenship interview cases. Engaging with a VisaNation Law Group attorney will guarantee you a successful interview at the USCIS office. Why notfill out this our contact form to book an appointment with us?

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What Happens After The Interview

Once the interview is over, the immigration officers will give you a comprehensive feedback based on the information you gave out and how you performed during the interview. This time you will be given a Form N-652 that shows you the results. They may grant full citizenship, continue or deny your application based on the information you gave and how you performed during the interview. USCIS processing times are quick and you may get your feedback within days.

If your case is continued, the immigration officers may request you to provide additional documents or come back for a second interview. You will also be notified through an official letter if the officers decide to decline your application. You are always free to ask for a hearing with the immigration officers if you feel that they were wrong to deny you citizenship. You should file an appeal within 30 days after you get the denial letter.

You need to take US immigration process seriously before you even think about a naturalization ceremony. It is not always a guarantee your citizenship application will go through. You need to observe the protocols and pass the citizenship test first. The tips discussed above will help you to prepare adequately for anything that might come.

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The Naturalization Interview And Test

New Resources released in connection with Constitution Day and Citizenship Day!

USCIS is pleased to announce the following new resources are now available:

Two-Generational Family Approaches to Citizenship – This tip sheet highlights ways K-12 schools and adult citizenship education programs can engage the entire family through civics education.

N-400 Topic Exercises: Oath of Allegiance – This educational handout describes the key principles found in the Oath of Allegiance that applicants take at their naturalization ceremonies.

A More Perfect Union: The USCIS Civics Test Guide to the Monuments and Memorials on the National Mall is a series of 13 interactive resources that allows applicants to learn about the individuals and events represented by the monuments and memorials in Washington, DC, while studying for the naturalization civics test. The Civics Test Guide to Constitution Gardens is the first in the series to be released, and it highlights the naturalization civics test questions relating to the principles and structures of government and the rights and responsibilities of citizens that are identified in the U.S. Constitution.

National Park Service Expedition Series – Developed for students by the National Parks Service, this fun and informative five-part video series explores the history and significance of Ellis Island.

See below to learn more about the naturalization test and the free study materials and resources available to help you prepare.


Keep All Records Of The Uscis Interactions You Have Had In The Past

Most Common Questions In A Citizenship Interview

The immigration officers are always keen on tracking the records of all immigrants and their interactions with the law and the USCIS. It would be wise to always remember such encounters, whether they were interviews or emails. Such records will help you be well-prepared for the interview so that you do not have any inconsistencies in your application.

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How To Prepare For The Civics Test

The civics test examines the applicants knowledge of U.S. history and government. The USCIS also has sufficient study materials for practicing on its website. There are 128 civics questions and answers available on the USCIS website for practice.

If you are not exempted from the civics test, you will be required to study all the 128 civics test questions and answers and take the test in English. Non-exempted applicants will be asked 10 questions out of the list of 100 provided for practice. To pass, an applicant is expected to get at least 6 of the questions correctly.

If you are above age 50 and you have been exempted from the English test, you may be allowed to take the test in your native language. You need to bring an interpreter to help you translate the test questions to you and your answers to the USCIS officer. The interpreter must be fluent in both English and the native language.

If you are above age 65, you do not need to study all the 128 civics questions. You will only need to study 20 of them. The USCIS officer will ask you 10 questions from the list of 20 that you were required to study. To pass, you must answer at least 6 of the asked questions correctly. The 20 questions that applicants 65 years of age and above are required to study are simplified and marked with an asterisk to make them easy to differentiate from the other 100 questions.

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