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How To Prepare For A Qa Interview

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What Is Automated Testing

How To Prepare For A QA Test Automation Interview

As the name suggests, automated testing, which is also called test automation, is the programmatic execution of the tests. The tester uses an automation tool or software like Selenium to write code that performs the following tasks.

  • Automatically run the software.
  • Feed the input data to the system.
  • Examine the output with the expected outcome.
  • Fail the test if the results dont match. Otherwise, pass the test.
  • Once a test is automated, you can run it as often as you want, to check if any new code has broken it. It enables you to spend your time on other high-value tests, such as exploratory testing that help find bugs that an automated test would miss.

    Automated testing is beneficial for repetitive testing with inputs that dont change frequently. Humans get tired and bored from conducting the same tests repeatedly and seeing the same results. Its easy to make mistakes when you are testing a feature for the twentieth time. Software is much better at doing repetitive tasks without getting tired or making mistakes than a human operator would.

    Quality Assurance Interview Questions & Answers

    Quality assurance is an important department within companies across a variety of industries. Whether you are working in computers and software, customer service, or health care, there is usually an assigned team of people who ensures that customers receive quality service and products that meet their needs. There are questions that many quality assurance hiring managers might ask to potential candidates to determine their skill levels and past experiences, and how these factors will affect their performances in new positions.

    How Would You Manage A Testing Issue

    This question attempts to uncover how you might handle problems during your testing. The interviewer might like to hear about how you manage issues with the software test itself. Explain to the interviewer what your general steps would include before asking your supervisor.

    Example:”Depending on the issue, I would rerun my test to ensure the testing was being implemented correctly. If the problem persisted, I would restart the software and testing environment to make sure everything was working on the testing side. If problems persisted after a couple of minutes, I would talk to my supervisor or manager so I could manage my time wisely.”

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    What Is The Difference Between Performance Testing And Monkey Testing

    Performance testing checks the speed, scalability, and/or stability characteristics of a system. Performance is identified with achieving response time, throughput, and resource-utilization levels that meet the performance objectives for a project or a product.

    Monkey testing is a technique in software testing where the user tests the application by providing random inputs, checking the behavior of the application .

    Tell Us About The Biggest Bug You Have Ever Found

    How to prepare for an interview


    In my writing experience, I have found several defects. Some of them were small whereas some of them were huge. The biggest one I have encountered so far is in the previous project on a page where I found a button called âMore Informationâ.

    Once the person using the computer pressed that button, a new window would automatically pop up. I would then close the window by using three ways. First I would click on âXâ located on the top right corner of the page.

    I would then click on the Close button and finally the combination keys on the keyboard.

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    Question #: How Do You Establish And Check For Quality Controls

    How to answer: The interviewer wants to determine your experience as a QA tester and as a manager with this question. It also provides some information about how you can work with leaders across the company. Explain how you would use regulatory requirements to establish quality controls and your process for developing procedures to deliver consistent quality while reaching specific benchmarks.

    How To Prepare For Software Testing Interview

    The question that often arises in everyones mind is Where should I start with for preparing for an interview after a gap?

    The answer to this question is explained in detail here. This tutorial will help freshers as well as working professionals who want to switch their current job.

    Come, lets move on!

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    Amazon Qa Interviewquestions On Testing

    Testing for bugs, errors, and inconsistencies is the primary role of an Amazon QA engineer. Below are some testing questions asked at Amazonâs QA interview:

  • Explain the different types of software testing with examples.
  • Explain the difference between bug leakage and bug release.
  • Explain the automation challenges software quality testers face.
  • Devise a test strategy for a newly launched e-commerce website that sells books.
  • Write test cases for an app that uploads files from a remote machine to the cloud.
  • Write a test case to validate an API for which the input is a URL to an HTML webpage.
  • Write test cases for when customers make credit card payments for products purchased online.
  • What testing approach would you adopt for a smartphone that turns off when the alarm rings?
  • How would you test the search feature on the Amazon e-commerce platform? How would you automate the process to check if search results are displayed correctly?
  • Write smoke tests for the given situation: There are three modules with a fundamental defect in one of the modules. Module 3 gets its input from Module 1 and 2. How would you identify and report defects?
  • When Will You Choose Manual Testing Over Automated Testing

    How To Prepare For A QA Test Automation Interview

    Benefits of manual testing over automated testing:

    • When test cases need to be run for a short duration of time .
    • When one needs to perform ad-hoc testing, exploratory testing, or usability testing
    • When one wants to ensure the user-friendliness of an application
    • When flexibility is required
    • When one wants to better handle the complex scenarios

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    What Do You Mean By Test Case

    Test case is basically a document that includes a set of test data, preconditions, expected results, and postconditions. This document is specially developed for a specific test scenario to ensure whether the software product meets the specific requirement or not. In manual testing, test cases are executed manually by a tester without using any of the automated tools. One can easily identify loopholes in the specifications while developing test cases.

    What Did You Do In Your Last Project

    For these last four questions, there are no clear answers, only guidelines. The biggest piece of advice I can give is to answer as honestly as possible. Dont exaggerate or undervalue your contribution in previous teams. Tell them what your day-to-day role was, what tools you used and how the QA testing went.

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    What Are Functional Test Cases And Non

    • Functional testing: It is testing the functionality of a software or an application under test. It tests the behavior of the software under test. Based on the requirement of the client, a document called a software specification or requirement specification is used as a guide to test the application.
    • Non-functional testing: In software terms, when an application works as per the users expectation, smoothly and efficiently under any condition, then it is stated as a reliable application. Based on quality, it is very critical to test these parameters. This type of testing is called non-functional testing.

    Is A Second Interview A Good Sign Will I Get The Job

    How to prepare for your first design interview

    First of all, getting a second interview is always a good sign. Obviously not all candidates get a second interview so clearly the company is showing interest in you. Having said that, it depends on what exact stage of the interview process youre in and what kind of position youre interviewing for. For example, getting a second in person interview is more impactful than getting an in person interview after a phone interview Whether youll get the job after the second interview really depends on the position and company youre interviewing with. For important roles in large companies you could have a series of interviews.

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    Explain The Difference Between Validation And Verification

    The interviewer may ask this question to understand if you know the difference between these two critical processes QA engineers use while testing a software’s quality and performance. You can briefly explain the two processes. Try to include technical details to highlight your knowledge and experience.

    Example:”Verification and validation are two independent processes. Verification is the evaluation process that happens during the development phase to determine if that phase meets the specified requirements. Validation is the evaluation process that is conducted when the team completes development. It helps to determine if the product meets the specified requirements.”

    How To Prepare For Such Tasks

    If you want to be a tester and youre going to an interview soon, youve got to prepare well. Logical riddles worth your special attention here.

    How to do this correctly?

    • Constant practice. The more similar tasks you solve, the easier you will do these in an interview. Dont take any chances. Remember that you can simply get very excited just when you least need it.
    • Analyze every task. On the Internet, there are a lot of tasks with detailed analysis of their solution. Theres no need to learn them by heart. Just try to analyze every task item by item and remember the progress of execution.

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    Qa Engineer: Who They Are And What They Do

    A Quality Assurance Engineer is a specialist who performs functional testing of software at all stages of development. To better understand what kind of specialist your company needs, you need to understand the terminology. A lot of people mistakenly think that the terms Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Testing are synonymous, but this is a wrong opinion. Let’s see what is the difference among them.

    ⢠Quality Assurance: QA specialists prepare and set standards, analyze quality, select tools, prevent mistakes, and improve the program.

    Today, everyone prefers developers who use HTML elements for their intended purpose in order to fix bugs in the future .

    Not only the developer’s ability to write without using tables is appreciated, but also the real adherence to this concept. Habit is a dangerous thing that can still lead to obsolete use of tables.

    ⢠Quality Control: product quality control specialists are responsible for analyzing test results, finding and eliminating bugs. QC specialists review code, conduct technical reviews, and validate the program.

    ⢠Software Testing: testers check the finished product for compliance with the established requirements.

    What should a QA engineer be able to do? In a perfect world, a highly qualified QA engineer should have the following theoretical knowledge and practical skills:

    In An Automated World How Relevant Is Manual Testing

    QUALITY ASSURANCE Interview Questions And Answers! (QA Interview Questions)

    This Quality Assurance interview question helps you pick off the candidates that tend to exaggerate the importance or use of Automated Testing.

    There is no right answer to this question, and sometimes it can come down to your own personal bias towards either technique. Now that is something to watch out for.

    The inexperienced or over eager candidate tries to provide a response they think will please you. Whereas the right candidate will provide a dispassionate analysis of the pros and cons of each technique, and how they can coexist without any conflicts.

    There is no right answer to this question, and sometimes it can come down to your own personal bias towards either technique. Now that is something to watch out for.

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    What Are The Categories Of Defects

    There are three main categories of defects as shown in the below figure:

    • Wrong: It implies that requirements have been implemented incorrectly. It is a variance from the given specification.
    • Missing: This is a variance from the specifications, an indication that a specification was not implemented, or a requirement of the customer was not noted properly.
    • Extra: It is a requirement incorporated into the product that was not given by the end customer. It is always a variance from the specification but may be an attribute desired by the user of the product.

    What Is The Difference Between Severity And Priority

    Answer: These are important distinctions that must be known for proper time management. Severity is how difficult the issue is to fix. Priority is how important the issue is to fix.

    Just because an issue is high severity doesnt necessarily mean its high priority and vise versa.

    Heres an example of a high severity, low priority issue:

    • The application crashes when a rarely used function is run on legacy software that most users cant access.

    Heres an example of a low severity, high priority issue:

    • The wrong company logo is displayed on startup.

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    Questions About Experience And Background

    These background questions can help the interviewer understand more about your experience in the software industry and quality assurance field:

    • “Have you ever done software quality assurance before?”

    • “How much experience do you have with quality assurance?”

    • “Have you ever been a software tester?”

    • “What’s the difference between quality assurance and software testing?”

    • “How does your educational background relate to working in QA?”

    • “What kind of software have you assured the quality of in the past?”

    • “Have you ever written test cases without documents?”

    • “Have you ever programmed software before?”

    • “Have you ever resolved software production issues before?”

    • “How do you ensure complete testing?”

    • “What kinds of testing automation tools have you used?”

    • “What kinds of verification techniques have you used?”

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    What Are Training And Testing Accuracy

    Preparing for the QA Interview

    Software testing allows you to verify any system so that you can identify any sort of gaps, errors, and missing client requirements. It is done with the help of several methods and models that allow you to check and test the software in each and every step from its development to its execution. In simple terms, software testing is the process in which you find errors in any given software program or application such that the application functions as per the requirements of the end-user. Testing can be classified into two major categories: Functional testing and non-functional testing.

    Training accuracy and testing accuracy are two ways in which the accuracy of the software can be tested. With the help of these tests, you can monitor the working, accuracy, and ability of the given software and also check if the requirements of the clients are met. In general, the training accuracy is the accuracy that you attain after applying the given model on the available training data, whereas in testing accuracy, the accuracy you receive is for the testing data. These are extremely helpful when you need to compare the results to identify overtraining.

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    Does Tdd Guarantee A Bug

    With the advent of the more Agile concepts like Extreme Programming , Paired Programming and Test-Driven Development , we found ways to build software better, faster and cheaper.

    All these methodologies have simple goals to speed up development, to discover major bugs earlier, and build a lot more product and faster than is possible with other methodologies. Extreme Programming, Paired Programming, Test-Driven Development and the likes do not give you a release-ready product. Release-worthy, yes, but Release-ready, No.

    You need a level of testing to make a product release-ready. By their very nature of focusing on the critical bugs, extreme Agile methodologies wont give you this assurance.

    What Is The Difference Between Load Testing Volume Testing And Stress Testing

    There are many types of software testing, and these three types of testing are the most common among software testers and quality assurance engineers. Your answer will show the interviewer that you have legitimate experience in multiple types of software testing and understand the difference between them all.

    Example:”Load testing is when you test the software under a heavier load that is still in the expected range, whereas stress testing is when you test the software under a much heavier load that goes outside the expected range. Volume testing is just a system check to find out if the software can manage the expected data or requests.”

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    What Are The Different Verification Techniques You Know

    Especially when interviewing for a QA lead job, youll need to display your variety of knowledge. Verification and validation both fall into the quality control category, but there are four widely regarded methods in use today.

  • Inspection. A noninvasive look into a system or item that may include measurements and/or physical manipulation.
  • Demonstration. This method involves using an item or system in an intended manner to produce the expected results.
  • Test. Similar to demonstration, test verification narrows the focus and what results should return using specific requirements, inputs, or data.
  • Analysis. System models, testing equipment like static analysis tools, and calculations all factor into this verification method. This option can be used to identify weak points that could cause issues in the future.
  • Best Practices for Using Static Analysis Tools

    Things To Keep In Mind

    How To Prepare For QA Engineer Interview

    1- For every problem, come up with a simple solution first. And then think of an optimal solution.

    2- Program with clear and proper syntax. The interviewer should understand the code without your intervention.

    3- You should be able to tell the complexity of your code.

    4- Try to support your answers with useful examples.

    5- Dont confuse instead ask for clarification. It wont hurt but help.

    All the best and wish this blog post would help you succeed in Amazon quality assurance engineer interview.


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    Amazon Qa Interview Questions On Coding And Analytical Skills

    Knowing how to code and approach problem-solving analytically is an essential requirement for QA engineers.

    Below are some coding questions asked at the Amazon QA interview. These questions are generally based on coding topics such as arrays, strings, linked lists, graphs, trees, hashing, and other coding concepts on algorithms and data structures.

    Go through more coding questions and their answers to improve your QA coding interview prep.

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