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How To Prepare For An Interior Design Interview

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Question #7 How Do You Design Small Spaces

How to Crush your Interior Design Job Interview | Do’s & Don’ts | Tips | Q& A

The bad designer answer

Small spaces arent really my thing, but I can probably make it work. The sign of a bad interior designer is when they say they dont do something or admit that theyre not that interested in it. That means they arent willing to accept the challenge.

The good designer answer

By using paint, wood tones, and other ideas gleaned from our initial consultation, Im sure we can bring your signature style to even the smallest space. Interior designers are more than just decorators theyre problem solvers, too.

Are You Typically Involved In The Strategy Or Concept Phase Of A Project

Designers who have led projects, incorporated intake from stakeholders, and been part of the strategic planning phase are the ones you want to snag for your team. Their range of skills is extensive: from executing existing briefs to understanding the why behind the ask to developing concepts to presenting work. Bonus? Someone whos worked face-to-face with clientsexternal or internal.

What Is Your Salary Expectation

Choose a salary range.

Rather than offering a set number of the salary you expect, provide the employer with a range in which youd like your salary to fall. Try to keep your range tight rather than very wide. For example, if you want to make $75,000 a year, a good range to offer would be $73,000 to $80,000.

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Make Something For The Interview

Candidates are often asked to provide a presentation for an interview. You could go one step further and built a demo app, bringing your presentation to life. This not only proves that you are serious about wanting the position, it also provides another opportunity to showcase your skill set. Going the extra mile means that after a long day of interviewing, the managers have something to remember you by and that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Prepare For Your Instructional Designer Interview

How to prepare for an interior design field interview ...

I get it, you are about to have an important interview for a learning designer position. Maybe you have never identified with the title learning designer or instructional designer or eLearning developer.


You can surely identify with :

  • Trainer
  • Learning Theory Junkie
  • Education passionate

You are looking for a proven system that will make you feel prepared, and confident to answer the questions in an articulate manner that will meet the dynamics and terms of the the L& D , T& D and ID worlds.

There isnt a secret sauce to all that.

All you need to do is sit and do your research.

Not randomly but following this specific blueprint :

  • Step 1 : Rephrase your current skills to apply to the learning design world.
  • Step 2 : Research the company/institution
  • Step 3 : Clarify you WHYs
  • Step 4 : Know strategic jargon
  • Step 5 : Know the Tech-tools
  • Step 6 : Prepare your final questions to interviewer
  • Step 7 : Prepare your tell me about yourself
  • Step 8 : Rehearse sample interview questions

Lot to do right ? This is not a daunting task if you know the exact sub-steps you need to take for each part.

Thats why I prepared this free workbook will help you strategically prepare for your interview in a step-by-step process following proven strategies that I tested in my own job interviews for learning designer positions.

So, what are you waiting for ?

You have no excuse now to get that learning designer job or project.

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Can You Tell Me About Your Most Significant Achievement

According to user experience consultant Ian Fenn, whos currently writing a book about UX portfolio design, this is the crucial first question youll be asked in an interview.

It follows the performance-based hiring system developed by former recruiter Lou Adler, Ian explains. This recruitment method is particularly well-suited to the hiring of designers as it focuses on identifying candidates that are interested in both taking on challenges and opportunities for growthessential attributes of the best designers.

The key to answering this question is preparation, Ian advises. Have examples prepared of how you reduced bounce rate or increased conversions. One of the reasons he recommends designers maintain a web design portfolio of case studies is that it helps them get their stories straight for an interview.

Producing a portfolio makes questions like this a breeze, as youll already have some well-rehearsed stories to choose from.

Ian Fenn

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Case: Interior Design Students Portfolio

Are you a beginner in the design world? Do you lack experiences? Then in your portfolio, you can show off your school/university assignments that you like, select your best projects that you are most proud of, show your best work. Five to seven projects are usually enough.

Now decide who is your «target audience»? Design School, potential employer, or are you preparing your work for online resources like Behance? Lets assume that your «target audience» is an employer, here is how the layout and the flow of your portfolio may look like:

Remember, 5 to 7 projects are usually enough for your portfolio, focus on the quantity over quality.

TIP 1: If you struggle with hand rendering and want to master interior sketching and perspective drawing, check out my online courses for beginners and for pros.

TIP 2: You might also want to download the list of my favourite marker sets for interior drawing at my Resources page here.

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What Design Services Do You Offer

This is an important question for a couple of reasons. First, you want to make sure youre working with a firm that specializes and excels in the services you need for your project. Second, you want to understand how the design firm thinks about themselves. For example, you may only need furnishings in your new home, but have no idea where to start. If youre interviewing an interior designer, they might mention great brand relationships, having a good eye, and a portfolio of stunning interiors. A designer with more experience in space planning and interior architecture, may talk about custom millwork and introduce you to an in-house architect. Both are excellent designers, but if youre looking for a furniture refresh, you wont need to discuss the architectural elements.

What Questions Should You Expect To Receive During Your Internship Interview

How to get a JOB in Interior Design // Portfolio Review Interview Tips (5 TIPS)

Ive invited three highly-respected interior designers to share their insights on what they look for in a quality intern. Each gave me completely different responses, and all of their advice is absolutely priceless. I thank them all — and you should, too — for their willingness to share what are, typically, heavily guarded trade secrets. So take notes!

Joe Ruggiero Sr. | TV host, spokesperson, magazine editor, consultant, author and creator home furnishings, textiles and accessories line.

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Keep It Structured And Specific

Start with a mission statement that captures who you are, and really sell yourself. Name-check clients and brands you’ve worked with in, and always list your employment in reverse order, current job first. When you’re talking through your resumé in your design interview, you want to be able to back up statements with experiences listed on your CV. Try and be specific don’t say: “I work well individually, or in a team” everyone does, it’s not a unique skill.

Whats The Role Of A Product Designer

Product designer Artiom Dashinsky, author of Solving Product Design Exercises, argues that a lot of designers think the role of design is mostly around aesthetics, and that design schools, visual-centric design communities, and businesses hiring designers are responsible. While he acknowledges that visuals play a big part in design, he likes to ask this question because it positions design as a problem-solving tool and a way to achieve business goals.

Even if this question doesnt come up, as a candidate you will want to clarify your opinion on it, because you dont want to work in a company which thinks about it significantly differently, he explains. Its the same from the interviewers perspectivethis is probably the most important aspect both sides should agree on in order to work together successfully. If theres a misalignment on this topic, the rest of the interview might be irrelevant.

This is probably the most important aspect both sides should agree on in order to work together successfully. If theres a misalignment on this topic, the rest of the interview might be irrelevant.

Artiom Dashinsky

Artiom says that the best designers in product companies know they have been hired to be part of teams that are responsible for business objectives, whether thats through marketing, operations, sales, or support. Thats why he recommends framing your answer from a business perspective.

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What Kind Of Salary Do You Need

How to answer:

This is a loaded and a tricky question. Do not try to tell specifically about the salary, instead try to ask the interviewer about the range of the salary of the job.

Just do not seem to be taken off guard or surprised. Try to be cool and composed and give a good detail about your expectations.

Also, do not try to overload your expectations.

Describe A Project That You’re Most Proud Of

cliffcookie: 2nd Artefact

This question helps you find out more about a candidate’s qualifications and determine whether they would be a good fit for your company. It offers an interior designer an opportunity to sell themselves. An excellent candidate would elaborate on their answer. What to look for in an answer:

  • What aspect a candidate likes working on
  • Understanding of the different interior design aspects
  • Passion for interior design


“Last year, I designed the workspace of an international company’s new branch. The client had high expectations and wanted the new workspace to reflect the company’s identity and culture. My design had collaborative furniture and amazing wall patterns. I also used art and integrated technology into it. The client was happy with my design and recommended me to the parent company.”

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Can You Talk Me Through Some Project Work That Best Illustrates Your Process And Your Favorite Type Of Solution They Dont Have To Be The Same Project

Jason Mesut also might ask about a favorite solution for a complex interaction or rich data challenge.

Too often job descriptions and interview questions are generic, Jason admits. In the more recent hiring roles Ive had, Ive been keen to find the specific points of difference and make sure I am expressing these in the interview. But more importantly, in a portfolio review, I want to ensure that I am hiring against those specific areas and asking to see work examples that map to those.

When Jason worked at strategic UX design and front-end technology agency RMA Consulting, for example, he was very interested in people who had experience in designing for complex applications with rich interaction.

I was keen to see any examples of that type of work to drill into, he remembers. If a candidate didnt have that, it was fine, as long as they didnt bullshit. I would just find something similar in their work to probe around.

What Do You Consider The Most Challenging Aspect Of Being An Interior Designer

This question helps you learn more about a candidate and their experience as an interior designer. It also enables you to find out what an interior designer considers a challenge. What to look out for:

  • Positivity in response
  • Ability to overcome challenges


“I think having to change designs frequently is the most challenging aspect of my job as an interior designer. I find it satisfying when an interior space meets a client’s demands, but some clients may not know what they want. That’s why I try to gather information and ask enough questions before I start working on any project. In my five-year experience, this strategy works.”

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Interview Questions For Interior Designers:

Interview designers are the people who are responsible to make the interiors beautiful. Being an interior designer, you need to be very creative and be updated all the time. So when you are conducting an interview of interior designer, you need to ask few questions which help in understanding the candidate better on their skills and abilities.

Here are a few questions which help us to assess the candidates well,

  • Where do you wish to see yourself 5 years from now?
  • Ever had any disagreements with design ideas among your team
  • Explain some of your previous design projects
  • What is the best part about being an interior designer
  • Working alone or working in an interior design team, which one do you find better?
  • Explain any situation when the client was unhappy with your work and how did you dealt with the situation?
  • What is your ideal job
  • When was the moment that you decided to become an interior designer?
  • How is your style unique from others
  • Did you ever face any disagreements with someone in your team, how did you deal with it?
  • What made you step in a leadership role?
  • Can you face pressure at work?
  • Explain how you deal with a difficult client
  • How good are you when communicating with your team on strategies
  • How did you get the idea to become an interior designer?
  • How do you deal with your client while getting a project from them?
  • Tell me about your career goals
  • Do you dislike any kind of interior design style?
  • How many years of sales experience do you have
  • What Would You Do If Your Vision/idea Clashes With A Client Or A Team Member

    Create the BEST interior design portfolio / HOW TO GET INTO DESIGN SCHOOL

    How to answer: It is very important to listen in any conversation and sometimes it becomes more important to agree to disagree. It is important to note that at the end of the day whatever is approved by the client, goes to the final design. You may try and convince the client why your design is better but at the same time cannot put your decisions on him.

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    Case: Interior Designers Portfolio

    Please remember that interior design is not the same as interior decorating, that is the one big mistake people make all the time. Some customers really think that we just select pillow cushions, and blankets, and picking wall colours all day long. To be true, that is about 10% of what we actually do. Interior design is essentially like architecture, in some countries, its even called «interior architecture». You can get your diploma in interior decorating in 2-3 years, whereas interior design typically is a four to six-year degree program.

    In interior design, you learn about constructions, floor plans, history of interior design, styles, functionality, ergonomics, lighting, colour theory, client communication, building codes, mechanical systems. Its a lot more than just designing a room. In this article, I will cover the decorators portfolio as well, so keep reading.

    Well, here, in an interior designers portfolio, your «target audience» can be both a potential employer or a client.

    First, lets talk if it is an employer:

    Looking for a position in interior design or architecture firm? Your resume, in that case, should cover your educational background, experience, and qualifications. My recommendation is to focus on your professional skills in this type of portfolio.

    For example, you can list your skills, such as:

    • AutoCAD/ArchiCAD/Revit/Google SketchUp drafting and rendering

    • 3DS MAX rendering + Vray

    • Sketching and hand rendering

    • Construction management, etc

    Use The Tools You’re Given

    If there is a whiteboard in the room and you prefer to explain things visually, then draw the answer on their whiteboard. If you’re asked to complete a live coding test and the interviewer is giving you hints and tips, listen to them. If you’re given internet access, use it you’ve been given it for a reason and the interviewer wants to see how you work. It’s okay to research an error message or check for a good piece of code on Stack Overflow, for example.

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    Best Interior Designer Interview Questions And Answers

    Interior designers are professionals who work to create internal spaces that are appealing and practical both visually and financially.

    Such individuals require an innate sense of artistic creativity.

    Usually, interviewers ask to bring the candidates samples or portfolios of their work prior to coming to the interview.

    This provides the interviewer to ask about the various aspects of the projects that the candidate has done. This includes the various difficulties that they have encountered during the project and how they tackled the issue.

    Interviewers can also give assignments to the candidates on a site so as to see how they handle difficult situations. This can help them as a good method to find the right individual who is fit for the position.

    The skill set of interior designers includes a wide range of capabilities.

    This includes good rapport and communication skills, teamwork and willingness to constantly upgrade yourself with the coming trends. These type of interviews also include behavioral or situational questions.

    Question #6 How Do You Like To Manage A Project Like This

    After the Jump: Interview with Interior Designer Jon Call ...

    The bad designer answer

    I like to create a plan and stick with it. Inflexibility is a no-no. A good designer will be flexible in their plan and interior design service. There are always challenges and changes that pop-up, from lighting to paint to the art on the walls and more. Being able to adjust to these changes is the sign of a good designer.

    The good designer answer

    My goal is to work closely with the client throughout the process, and trust my design team to make any and all adjustments, if and when that time comes. The surest sign of a good manager and interior designer is their ability to adjust and find creative solutions.

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