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How To Prepare For Aws Solution Architect Interview

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Working With Customers Simulation

AWS Solutions Architect Interview Questions and Answers | AWS Training | Edureka | AWS Rewind – 4

This section takes 15 minutes to complete and it includes scenario-based questions that come in the form of emails from your Team Lead, AWS customers, and Co-Workers. For each scenario, you’ll be asked to rate the effectiveness of several responses using the following rating scale:

  • Ineffective this response does nothing to address the scenario or could have negative consequences.
  • Slightly effective there is a positive element to the response, but it generally does not address the scenario very well.
  • Moderately effective a reasonable response to the scenario, but the solution is incomplete or may have unintended consequences.
  • Very effective a good response to the scenario, but one or more aspects of the response could have been better.
  • Highly effective an ideal response for the scenario.
  • *Note that you’re not required to have any Amazon or AWS-specific knowledge to complete this test section.

    The differences between the responses might be quite subtle to the untrained eye and it’s not always clear what response you should choose. That’s why it’s better to get an early acquaintance with this unique format and learn how to answer it correctly.

    Q52 How Do You Add A Current Instance To A New Autoscaling Group

    Ans. Follow the steps to know how you can add an existing instance to a new auto-scaling group:

    • Launch EC2 console
    • Under instances select your instance
    • Choose the action, and instance setting and attach it to the auto-scaling group
    • Select a new auto-scaling group
    • Comply with this group to the instance
    • If needed edit the instance
    • In the end, you can add the instance to a new auto-scaling group successfully.

    Questions About Solution Architect Experience And Background

    The following solutions architect interview questions will help you prepare for your next interview:

    • What’s your favorite thing about being a solutions architect?

    • How long have you been working as a solutions architect?

    • What are your strengths as a solutions architect?

    • What are your weaknesses when it comes to performing the duties of a solutions architect?

    • Tell me about a recent successful project as a solutions architect?

    • Tell me about a time a project was unsuccessful, what happened?

    • How many coding languages are you fluent in and what are they?

    • In your experience, what’s the major benefit of being a solutions architect?

    • How does your educational background prepare you to be a solutions architect?

    • Explain any solutions architect projects in your portfolio.

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    How It Works: Leadership Principles

    Most company have a mission, corporate values, or corporate posturing things that sound good in an executive meeting but mean squat to people doing actual work. At AWS the leadership principles share the same cheesy appearance as corporate values, but theyre pretty core to daily life and are most pronounced in hiring . If you havent looked at them, take a look, its a quick read.

    The more Ive worked with them and had to measure them in others, I think it’s better to think about them as a framework for how to make decisions when there isnt authority around. If were a thousand ships tied together, its a method for making good decisions personally or for your little ship. Theyre a large part of why we can have so many ships moving at the same time moving in so many directions. If you like a lot of top-down direction, have difficulty making decisions yourself, want someone else to tell you what to learn, struggle knowing what the right things to do for customers are, or need someone else to set deadlines for you to get moving, you may find the culture and leadership principles challenging. Its worth saying that we also hire people for their strengths, so fret not if some of these sound scary.

    Either way, you should expect to be asked a bunch of questions about your past behavior and know the interviewers are comparing your work to either functional requirements or leadership principles.

    Q55 What Are The Edge Locations

    Top 50 AWS Solution Architect Interview Questions and Answers

    Ans. An edge location is defined as the place where the content is used to be cached. If a user finds to access some content, then the given content will be searched in the edge location. If it is not available, then the content will be accessible from the origin location, and a copy will be stored.

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    Watch Aws Certified Solutions Architect

    They provide a great video about the review of the subject and are only 10 hours long. It also provides you with cheat notes that will help you clear the exam. Now your preparation must be at 90% and you will b able to understand the video easily. You will go to 95% after watching this video and your chances to pass the actual exam will increase to the maximum. These practice tests are unique in such a way that they cover something new every time. You might get 60% on them and its totally fine because you will be learning something new every single time.

    What Are The Tools And Techniques That You Can Use In Aws To Identify If You Are Paying More Than You Should Be And How To Correct It

    You can know that you are paying the correct amount for the resources that you are using by employing the following resources:

    • Check the Top Services Table

      It is a dashboard in the cost management console that shows you the top five most used services. This will let you know how much money you are spending on the resources in question.

    • Cost Explorer

      There are cost explorer services available that will help you to view and analyze your usage costs for the last 13 months. You can also get a cost forecast for the upcoming three months.

    • AWS Budgets

      This allows you to plan a budget for the services. Also, it will enable you to check if the current plan meets your budget and the details of how you use the services.

    • Cost Allocation Tags

      This helps in identifying the resource that has cost more in a particular month. It lets you organize your resources and cost allocation tags to keep track of your AWS costs.

    Learn how to design, plan, and scale cloud implementation and excel in the field of cloud computing with Simplilearns Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing.

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    Amazon Aws Assessment Faqs

    That depends on your performance on the assessment. All candidates with a good passing score will proceed to a round of interviews and will then take an additional role-specific technical test. If you only pass with an average score, you’ll need to pass an additional phone interview with an AWS employee. He or she will determine if you should advance to the round of interviews.

    That depends on two things your experience and your compatibility with Amazon’s core values. This is something you can work on with the right preparation and practice.

    There isn’t a time limit to this assessment. Only the first section includes a running clock of 2 hours, but it shouldn’t take longer than an hour to complete.

    For other Amazon roles, including SDE, visit our .

    Name The Method That You Will Use For Moving The Data To A Very Long Distance

    Solutions Architect Interview Questions AWS

    Amazon Transfer Acceleration is a good option. There are other options such as Snowball but the same doesnt support data transfer over a very long distance such as among continents. Amazon Transfer Acceleration is the best option because it simply throttles the data with the help of network channels that are optimized and assure very fast data transfer speed.

    Leave an Inquiry to learn AWS Course in Bangalore

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    Which Of The Following Services You Would Not Use To Deploy An App

  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • CloudFormation
  • Answer B.

    Explanation: Lambda is used for running server-less applications. It can be used to deploy functions triggered by events. When we say serverless, we mean without you worrying about the computing resources running in the background. It is not designed for creating applications which are publicly accessed.

    How Can You Use Aws Waf In Monitoring Your Aws Applications

    AWS WAF or AWS Web Application Firewall protects your web applications from web exploitations. It helps you control the traffic flow to your applications. With WAF, you can also create custom rules that block common attack patterns. It can be used for three cases: allow all requests, prevent all requests, and count all requests for a new policy.

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    Prepare To Talk About Specific Accomplishments

    The reason why many AWS job candidates fail to get well-paying jobs despite acing their AWS certification exams is because they make general statements and talk in general terms when explaining their accomplishments. To set yourself apart, make sure you prepare specific facts and speak about details. Ensure you have facts and numbers to show what you accomplished in your previous jobs.

    However, it is worth noting that interviewers are less interested in what you did in your previous role than in how you did it. Due to the scope of work of an AWS cloud practitioner, they may not be interested in how you rose to become a team leader in your other job, but they may want to know how you handled doubt, rejection, adversity, and not being supported.

    Therefore, dont spend too much time speaking about your accomplishments. Instead, spend more time talking about how you solved problems and overcame various handles to achieve success!

    When You Need To Move Data Over Long Distances Using The Internet For Instance Across Countries Or Continents To Your Amazon S3 Bucket Which Method Or Service Will You Use

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect [20 hrs Assignments + Career Path]
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Amazon Snowball
  • Answer C.

    Explanation:You would not use Snowball, because for now, the snowball service does not support cross region data transfer, and since, we are transferring across countries, Snowball cannot be used. Transfer Acceleration shall be the right choice here as it throttles your data transfer with the use of optimized network paths and Amazons content delivery network upto 300% compared to normal data transfer speed.

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    What Are Some Of The Security Best Practices For Amazon Ec2

    Security best practices for Amazon EC2 include using Identity and Access Management to control access to AWS resources restricting access by only allowing trusted hosts or networks to access ports on an instance only opening up those permissions you require, and disabling password-based logins for instances launched from your AMI.

    What Is Amazon Virtual Private Cloud And Why Is It Used

    A VPC is the best way of connecting to your cloud resources from your own data center. Once you connect your datacenter to the VPC in which your instances are present, each instance is assigned a private IP address that can be accessed from your data center. That way, you can access your public cloud resources as if they were on your own private network.

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    What Are The Different Types Of Virtualization In Aws And What Are The Differences Between Them

    The three major types of virtualization in AWS are:

    • Hardware Virtual Machine

      It is a fully virtualized hardware, where all the virtual machines act separate from each other. These virtual machines boot by executing a master boot record in the root block device of your image.

    • Paravirtualization

      Paravirtualization-GRUB is the bootloader that boots the PV AMIs. The PV-GRUB chain loads the kernel specified in the menu.

    • Paravirtualization on HVM

      PV on HVM helps operating systems take advantage of storage and network I/O available through the host.

    What Are The Policies That You Can Set For Your Users Passwords

    AWS Interview Questions | AWS Interview Questions and answers For Solution Architect In 2020

    Here are some of the policies that you can set:

    • You can set a minimum length of the password, or you can ask the users to add at least one number or special characters in it.
    • You can assign requirements of particular character types, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and non-alphanumeric characters.
    • You can enforce automatic password expiration, prevent reuse of old passwords, and request for a password reset upon their next AWS sign in.
    • You can have the AWS users contact an account administrator when the user has allowed the password to expire.

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    How Can You Automate Ec2 Backup Using Ebs

    Use the following steps in order to automate EC2 backup using EBS:

  • Get the list of instances and connect to AWS through API to list the Amazon EBS volumes that are attached locally to the instance.
  • List the snapshots of each volume, and assign a retention period of the snapshot. Later on, create a snapshot of each volume.
  • Make sure to remove the snapshot if it is older than the retention period.
  • Is It Possible To Attach Multiple Subnets To A Routing Table

    Yes, its possible. They are generally considered when it comes to routing the network packets. Actually, when a subnet has several route tables, it can create confusion about the destination of these packets. It is because of no other reason than this there should be only one route table in a subnet. The route table can have unlimited records and therefore it is possible to attach multiple subnets to a routing table.

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    Can A Fresh Graduate Seek Employment After Completing This Artificial Intelligence Course

    Simplilearns Cloud Computing course comes with a JobAssist program offering you 6-month assistance with the job hunt, resume development, interview preparation, and getting in the notice of the top recruiters. Therefore any fresh graduate opting for this cloud architect certification can easily seek employment upon its completion.

    What Is The Difference Between Saa C01 And Saa

    AWS Interview Questions and Answers

    The latest exam feature, SAA-C02 is in line with the SAA-C01 with respect to the exam format and the level of difficulty. As the SAA-C01 exam was due for expiration on March 22nd, 2020 several candidates started attending the SAA-C02 exam. The exam has a passing score of 720/1000.

    The new exam version SAA-C02 has two parts of questions:

    • Multiple choice and

    • Multiple responses .

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    How To Become An Aws Solutions Architect

  • Enroll in the AWS Certification Training
  • The training will be effective to clear the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam SAA-C02.
  • Apply for jobs to take up industrial works
  • Upon getting 2 years of working experience as an AWS Solution Architect, you can next opt for the AWS Solution Architect Professional Exam.
  • What Happens When One Of The Resources In A Stack Cannot Be Created Successfully In Aws Opsworks

    When an event like this occurs, the automatic rollback on error feature is enabled, which causes all the AWS resources which were created successfully till the point where the error occurred to be deleted. This is helpful since it does not leave behind any erroneous data, it ensures the fact that stacks are either created fully or not created at all. It is useful in events where you may accidentally exceed your limit of the no. of Elastic IP addresses or maybe you may not have access to an EC2 AMI that you are trying to run etc.

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    Which Of The Following Is True

  • You can attach multiple route tables to a subnet
  • You can attach multiple subnets to a route table
  • Both A and B
  • None of these.
  • Answer B.

    Explanation: Route Tables are used to route network packets, therefore in a subnet having multiple route tables will lead to confusion as to where the packet has to go. Therefore, there is only one route table in a subnet, and since a route table can have any no. of records or information, hence attaching multiple subnets to a route table is possible.

    How Can I Load My Data To Amazon Redshift From Different Data Sources Like Amazon Rds Amazon Dynamodb And Amazon Ec2

    AWS Solutions Architect Interview Questions and Answers 2021 | AWS Certification Training | Edureka

    You can load the data in the following two ways:

    • You can use the COPY command to load data in parallel directly to Amazon Redshift from Amazon EMR, Amazon DynamoDB, or any SSH-enabled host.
    • AWS Data Pipeline provides a high performance, reliable, fault tolerant solution to load data from a variety of AWS data sources. You can use AWS Data Pipeline to specify the data source, desired data transformations, and then execute a pre-written import script to load your data into Amazon Redshift.

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    Q70 Can I Vertically Scale An Amazon Instance How Do You Do It

    Ans. Yes. Spinup a new larger instance than the one you are running, then pause that instance to detach the root EBS volume from this server and discard. After that, stop the live instance and detach its root volume. Note the unique device ID and attach that root volume to the new server, and start again. This way you will have scaled vertically.

    Name The Practices Available When It Comes To Securing The Amazon Ec2

    This can be done through several practices. A review of the protocols in the security group is to be monitored regularly and it is to be ensured that the principle of least is applicable over there. The next practice is using access management and AWS identity for controlling and securing access. Access is to be restricted to hosts and networks that are trusted. In addition to this, only those permissions are opened which are required and not any other. It would also be good to disable password-based logins for the instances.

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