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How To Prepare For Investment Banking Interview

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Do Not Neglect Brainteasers

How to Prepare for INVESTMENT BANKING Interviews | BEST RESOURCES for ANY FINANCE Interview

If during the interview you struggle with brainteasers and mental math , no matter how strong you have been at fit and technical questions, you will be out.

Brainteasers can be role plays , market sizing questions , logical problems or mental math. Practice makes perfect.

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Tell Me About A Time Where A Customer Had A Sensitive Financial Situation And You Had To Handle It With Respect And Discretion

When working in the banking industry, there will be times when you’ll encounter customers with financial challenges. It is important for you to be effective at your job while remaining compassionate to leave customers with as positive of an experience as possible. You should show the ability to be empathetic and consider the customer’s emotions while still ensuring that whatever processes are needed, or help that is required, gets carried out to completion.

Example:”While I was working a weekend shift with a line of customers waiting for assistance, I had a customer come in who was having trouble accessing their accounts. As I looked into the problem I discovered that the customer’s accounts had been frozen. Understanding that they were already agitated and this could be a potentially embarrassing situation for them, I asked them to move with me to a computer at the end of the front desk away from the line, citing computer troubles. This allowed me to discuss the situation with them in private to spare them embarrassment, leading to a happier resolution.”

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What Not To Worry About In Investment Banking Interviews: Brain Teasers And Questions To Ask

Phew. OK, were done with that list of sample questions that ended up being surprisingly long.

Ive seen prospective investment bankers over two subjects that do not matter much for traditional IB interviews: brain teasers and the questions you ask the interviewer when he/she asks if you have any questions at the end.

Brain teasers are more likely in sales & trading interviews or consulting interviews, and less likely in banking because they have nothing to do with the job.

So, I wouldnt recommend spending much time learning how to estimate the number of golf balls that fit in a 747 or how to move water between jugs of different sizes.

If you are worried because youre interviewing at an elite boutique or a group/firm known for brain teasers, get a book to prepare.

On another note, interviewees tend to obsess over the right questions to ask interviewers at the end.

But the truth is, these questions are almost irrelevant unless you say something stupid or inappropriate.

Just ask a question about the persons background, experience at the bank so far, etc., and dont devote brain cells to this one.

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Module : Fit Questions And Deal And Market Discussions

In this module of the Interview Guide, youll learn how to answer fit questions and how to discuss deals, companies, and markets, including your own deal experience.

Instead of presenting a laundry list of questions and answers, we focus on the strategies behind answering questions and how to prepare your discussions efficiently. We provide sample answers for the key fit questions as well as many examples of transaction discussions for IPOs and equity deals, M& A deals, and debt deals.

Youll also learn how to present your work if you have non-investment-banking deal experience, such as client work at a Big 4 firm, law firm, consulting firm, or in a credit risk role.

  • 3 Written Guides: Fit Questions and Answers, Deal and Market Discussions, and How to Discuss Your Own Deal Experience.
  • 3 Templates and Executed Examples for Deal and Market Discussions: One initial public offering example, one leveraged buyout example, and one shipping/maritime market discussion example.
  • 3 Templates and Executed Examples for Discussing Your Own Deal Experience: One sell-side M& A example, one buy-side M& A example, and one capital markets example.

What Are Your Strengths Investment Banking

Benefits of the informational interview

In addition, banking analysts should be energetic, the last piece of the puzzle. You should always take the attitude that work hard/play hard.. The attitude and the way you play as a team are excellent. You should never be afraid to ask questions or make a mistake. It is always a good idea to pay attention to detail.

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Q: Give An Example Of When You Failed Or Made A Mistake

During my last internship I had to help out another intern. I taught him some concepts incorrectly because I was rushed, and I made the incorrect assumption that he would figure it out. He didnât and that friend had to quit the internship program. We were very close, and it was devastating. I felt responsible. From that experience, I learned that I had to take being a leader much more seriously, and that my example was crucial for others to succeed. I also learned that I must show better attention to detail and not assume everything is running well without my input.

NOTE: Really think this one out and give a truthful answer. Again, this is another âweakness question.â Where possible, explain what youâve learned from it and how you can improve.

Why Might There Be Multiple Valuations Of A Single Company

Sample Answer: Each method of valuation will generate a different value because it is based on different assumptions, different multiples, or different comparable companies and/or transactions. Generally, the precedent transaction methodology and discounted cash flow method lead to higher valuations than comparable companies’ analysis or market valuation does.

The precedent transaction result may be higher because the approach usually will include a “control premium” above the company’s market value to entice shareholders to sell and will account for the “synergies” that are expected from the merger. The DCF approach normally produces higher valuations because analysts’ projections and assumptions are usually somewhat optimistic.

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What You Need To Know Before Your Investment Banking Interview

Got an interview for a graduate job or internship at an investment bank coming up? Find out the five things you need to know to prepare for your big day, whether it is in person or virtual.

Think about what appeals to you most about the investment bank that you have applied to.

Thereâs more to investment banking interview preparation than going over sample questions with your friend the night before. Itâs crucial that you have a firm understanding of the different stages involved, what banks are looking for in graduate and intern recruits, and the knowledge and skills youâll need to demonstrate.

Weâve picked out the five things you need to know to stand you in good stead for your interview.

M& i 400 Investment Banking Questions Guide Vs Wsp’s The Investment Banking Interview Guide Vs Wso’s Investment Banking Interview Prep Course

Investment Banking âFitâ? Questions: Quick Prep

One question we receive a lot from students and professionals alike, given the many courses flooding the market, is which interview course is the best in the industry for breaking into investment banking.The following table and comparison present a comparison between the top three resource providers: the Wall Street Oasis , WallStreetPrep , and Mergers & Inquisitions . This comparison explains why we believe WSO’s IB Prep Course remains the gold standard in the industry, with features unmatched by competitors.


With that being said, WSO leads the industry for IB recruiting as the IB prep course gives you access to thousands of interview insights by actual candidates all across the world across a variety of divisions in finance. The advantages and insights gained by this are simply unmatched by our competitors, and we believe you’ll feel the same way as us once you’ve got our guide as well.

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Investment Banking Interview: How To Prepare

Landed yourself an investment banking interview? Read this article to find out how to prepare for the big day and stand out from the competition.

Think about what will help you to get noticed. Has there been a time where youve helped to lead a team? Have you gone the extra mile during a work experience placement or an internship? Its important that you can leverage these examples to make a lasting impression. Write down and revise moments like these so you are ready to use them when necessary. Think of them as your secret weapon.

  • Introductory Questions
  • Go Beyond Question Lists Using Interview Simulators

    With interview simulators, you can take realistic mock interviews on your own, from anywhere.

    My Interview Practice offers a simulator that generates unique questions each time you practice, so youll never see whats coming. There are questions for over 120 job titles, and each question is curated by actual industry professionals. You can take as many interviews as you need to, in order to build confidence.

    List of

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    How Does Hirevue Work

    Hirevue gives candidates a certain set of questions to answer during the interview process, in which their answers are recorded and then analyzed using artificial intelligence . The results provide insights into candidates which investment banks then use to make informed hiring decisions.

    The AI tracks and analyzes verbal, as well as non-verbal cues such as facial movements, body language, speech formation, as well as attire, and clothing. These data points are then processed by algorithms and generate results allowing employers to predict a candidate’s performance on the job based on their presentation during the interview.

    Q: Where Else Are You Interviewing Are You Interviewing Outside Of Banking

    Investment Banking Career Advice: Can You Answer the 4 ...

    I am currently only interviewing at investment banks I am not interested in any other field at the moment. At the moment I am only interviewing at 2 other investment banks.

    NOTE: Whether itâs true or not, we strongly recommend that you state that you are only interested in investment banking. If the interviewer finds out you are evaluating other fields, he may question how serious you are about banking. Also, if you can name the other firms you are interviewing with, feel free to do so. But make sure not to fabricate any other interviews. Wall Street is a small place and bankers have friends at almost every other bank. There is a very good chance your lie will be caught, and it will be an embarrassing end for your chances with that bank.

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    Types Of Investment Banking Interview Questions

    Life in an investment bank can be intense the stakes are high, the clients are demanding and every day brings new opportunities to make, or lose, enormous sums of money. Before they can be confident that you have the temperament for the job, recruiters will want to ensure that you understand exactly what it entails.

    Typical job-related interview questions The stakes are high in the world of investment banking and thats true even in your preliminary job interview. So to help you make a strong first impression, weve assembled a list of sample questions that you can use to prepare and practice. A job interview is often a nerve-racking experience, and this might be especially true of questionnaires at investment banks. Suited up, in an intimidating corporate environment and possibly facing by a panel of experts, its only natural that you should feel a little nervous. But the good news is that you neednt be by reviewing the following questions, you can prepare yourself to enter the interview with confidence, charisma and every chance of success.

    Video advice: Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers

    Breaking Down Core Recruiting

    Generally, the largest investment banks are the ones with the most structured interview processesthey have a thorough and rigid recruiting game plan each year. This differs from smaller Boutiques, which will usually hire more on an as-needed basis because they dont have the predictable deal flow nor the financial and human resources to implement a structured recruiting program each year. The investment banking recruiting process at larger banks is typically divided up between core and non-core college recruiting . Banks have a certain number of core schools at which they interview on-campus each year they typically allocate a certain number of job slots from each school for their incoming analyst and associate classes.

    What questions will I be asked at an international school interview? Whatever the question, always answer honestly and from your own perspective. Experienced interviewers will immediately recognise a stock answer. Its also a good idea to come up with a few questions youd like to ask during the interview. Remember to think carefully about these too, as they will create an impression about you.

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    Example Finance Questions In Investment Banking Interviews

    Finance means concepts such as the Time Value of Money, the Discount Rate, Present Value, and the Internal Rate of Return .

    QUESTION: How much would you pay for a company that generates $100 of cash flow every single year into eternity?

    ANSWER: It depends on your Discount Rate, or targeted yield.

    If your Discount Rate is 10%, meaning you could earn 10% per year in companies with similar risk/potential return profiles, you would pay $100 / 10% = $1,000.

    But if your Discount Rate is 20%, you would pay $100 / 20% = $500.

    QUESTION: A company generates $200 of cash flow next year, and its cash flow is expected to grow at 4% per year for the long term.

    You could earn 10% per year by investing in other, similar companies. How much would you pay for this company?

    ANSWER: Company Value = Cash Flow / , where Cash Flow Growth Rate < Discount Rate.

    So, this one becomes: $200 / = $3,333.

    QUESTION: What might cause a companys Present Value to increase or decrease?

    ANSWER: A companys PV might increase if its expected future cash flows increase, its expected future cash flows start to grow at a faster rate, or the Discount Rate decreases .

    The PV might decrease if the opposite happens.

    QUESTION: What does the internal rate of return mean?

    ANSWER: The IRR is the Discount Rate at which the Net Present Value of an investment, i.e., Present Value of Cash Flows Upfront Price, equals 0.

    Q: Why Did You Major In

    Investment Banking Technical Interview Questions

    NOTE: If you are a business major try to discuss your interests in that field. If you are a non-business major, express that you are always interested in a challenge and that you chose your major because you have a real interest in the field at the time you picked it. If there is a logical connection between your major and banking, this is the perfect opportunity to illustrate it eloquently.

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    Investment Banker Interview Questions With Sample Answers

    Having a general idea of what questions the interviewer may ask gives you the chance to prepare a response beforehand. The ability to speak confidently about a subject looks great to potential employers, especially when your responses incorporate specific experiences from your own career. Even if the questions that you prepared for don’t come up, you can often repurpose the answers you practised to respond quickly. Here is a variety of investment banker interview questions with sample answers:

    Q: Why Do You Want To Work For A Middle Market Bank

    My #1 priority is to be in New York. My view is, âif Iâm going to be working 90-100 hours a week, I want to be near my family and friends in NYC.â In addition, offers a unique experience, an opportunity to gain exposure to higher-level executives, and also more opportunities, if I work in the M& A group, to work on both buy-side and sell-side deals. Thatâs definitely something that is a key consideration for me. I want to work on deals that are really important to the people involved because it will give me the pressure to perform to the best of my abilityâthis is an important factor in the role I am seeking. Finally, I feel that with the long hours I am going to be working, I want to be working for a firm that I enjoy. The fact that is rated as one of the âBest Companies to Work Forâ is definitely a plus.

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    Tips To Acing Your Investment Banking Interview

    Interviewing for a job in investment banking is a truly unique and nerve-racking experience. While some of the general tips and advice on interviewing do applybe on time, dress the part, etc. the investment banking job interview is often more about preparation, presentation, and stamina.

    Here are seven tips to help you not only survive the I-banker interview but also stand out in the process.

  • Show That Youll Be Easy To Work WithOn Wall Street, the hours are very long and youre going to be around your peers all the time. Its important to show that you have the right attitude and a positive personality. You need to show thatd youd be a good fit with a team.
  • Know Your StuffSecond, show you have a positive attitude and technical skills. You need to know your answers and their rationales backward and forward. Be honest in your answers and say what you think. In addition to the technical questions, be prepared for left-field brainteasers. The more you practice with these kinds of questions beforehand, the better.
  • Be Respectful & ReservedEven if you do know your answers backward and forward, you still need to show humility throughout the interview. Not appearing overconfident or self-important will help to communicate that you would be a good fit for the broader team. Do this by waiting for the interviewer to finish his/her question and keep your answers clear and concise.
  • What Are Investment Banking Case Studies

    Finance Assistant Interview Questions

    I am sure you must have solved case studies, particularly if you have been to a business school. The case studies at investment banks are similar wherein you would be given a business situation to analyze and provide detailed recommendations.

    As it is in general case studies you would be given all the required information and also enough time to study. It would typically be a business problem which asks for your opinion. Your job is to

    • Make necessary assumptions
    • Analyze the given situation which could usually be a clients business
    • Advise solution on the present problem with supportive reasons

    While the majority of the time the case study round would happen on the day of your interview some recruiters also provide the material beforehand, for the candidates to prepare well at home. You are then expected to then discuss the case study at the time of your interview.

    A typical case study would have the following features

    • It would be a hypothetical situation, although could resemble an existing situation of a corporate
    • It attempts to recreate the strategic decisions that the company and its advisors had to face
    • Financial information may or may not be provided depending upon the relevance of the analysis that needs to be done
    • The suggestions you provide need to be your or your allotted teams original work

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