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How To Prepare For Manual Testing Interview

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Describe The Difference Between Alpha Testing And Beta Testing

Top 50 Manual Testing Interview Questions | Software Testing Interview Preparation | Edureka

Again, this question aims to gauge your knowledge and understanding of the nuances of your role as of a manual tester. You should be able to speak about the work youâve done in alpha testing, which is typically done by end-user representatives at the developerâs site.

You may also have done beta testing as a potential customer, but thatâs not what theyâll be hiring you to do in a manual software testing role.

Q25 Explain The Defect Life Cycle

A defect life cycle is a process in which a defect goes through various phases during its whole lifetime. The cycle starts when a defect is found and ends when a defect is closed, after ensuring its not reproduced. Bug or defect life cycle includes the steps as shown in the below figure.

If you wish to learn in-depth about Bug Life Cycle then you can refer this article on Software Testing Tutorial.

What Do You Expect Your Role To Be As A Manual Tester

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of manual testing. Youâll want to talk about the role of manual testingâs role in software development. Discuss your experience or, if youâre new to the field, interest in confirming that systems work and meet business requirements. Mention the value of testing various aspects such as usability, accuracy, completeness, and efficiency.

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How Would You Handle A Software Testing Conflict Among Other Team Members

Many conflicts could arise while testing software, and an interviewer may ask you this question to determine how much of a team player you are. Your communication skills are crucial when it comes to resolving conflicts within a team, and this question allows you to demonstrate how you would manage possible issues as a software tester or team leader.

Example:”Every conflict would need to be managed differently, but generally, I would listen to everyone involved to hear all sides of the issue and possible resolutions. If I were the moderator, I would decide on the best scenario or hold a team meeting if necessary. If I were another software tester, I would offer my resolution to the team or moderator and follow the guidelines of the moderator or lead tester.”

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What Is The Role Of Documentation In Manual Testing

Fun Practice and Test: Qa Manual Testing Interview Questions And Answers

Documentation plays a crucial role in achieving effective software testing. All the Details like requirement specifications, designs, configurations, code changes, test plans, business rules, inspection reports, test cases, user manuals, bug reports, etc. should be documented.

Documenting the test cases will make it easier for developers to assess the testing effort developer will need along with test coverage, tracking and tracing requirement. Some commonly applied to investigate procedures of the documentation associated with software testing are:

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List Down The Severity Types

Ans: The criticality or the severity of a bug can be high, medium, or low, depending on its context, such as:

  • User interface defects come under low severity
  • Boundary-related defects and error handling defects come under medium severity
  • Error handling defects, calculation defects, misinterpreted data, hardware failures, compatibility issues, control flow defects, and load conditions come under high severity

Define The Important Steps Covered In Functional Testing

Ans: Some of the important steps covered in functional testing include:

  • Understanding the requirement documents and resolving doubts as well as queries in the review comments
  • Writing the test cases in regards to the requirement specifications by keeping every scenario in mind
  • Discovering the test inputs along with requesting the test data needed to execute the test cases and check the applications functionality
  • Comprehending the real outcomes according to the tested input values
  • Executing the test cases that understand whether the behavior of the application is as per the expectation or if any defects are there

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How Would You Test A Broken Toaster

This is a bonus question because some organizations like these sort of questions and others dont. On one hand it puts the interviewer in a difficult position, and one they almost certainly didnt expect to be in. But the benefit is that it requires quick, out of the box thinking and presents an opportunity for the interviewee to demonstrate their creativity.

Due to the spirit of the question, Im not going to tell you how to test a broken toaster. Thats up to you.

What Is Regression Testing In Software Testing

Manual Testing Interview Questions for 3-5 YOE | Interviewing my Subscriber from USA

The dictionary definition of regression is the act of going back to a previous place or state. In software, regression implies that a feature that used to work suddenly stopped working after a developer added a new code or functionality to the software.

Regression problems are pervasive in the software industry, as new features are getting added all the time. Developers don’t build these features in isolation, separate from the existing code. Instead, the new code interacts with the legacy code and modifies it in various ways, introducing side effects, whether intended or not.

As a result, there is always a chance that introducing new changes may negatively impact a working feature. It’s important to keep in mind that even a small change has the potential to cause regression.

Regression testing helps ensure that the new code or modifications to the existing code don’t break the present behaviour. It allows the tester to verify that the new code plays well with the legacy code.

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Q42what If An Organization Is Growing So Fast That Fixed Testing Processes Are Impossible What To Do In Such Situations

This is a very common problem in the software industry, especially considering the new technologies that are being incorporated when developing the product. There is no easy solution in this situation, you could: Hire good and skilled people Management should ruthlessly prioritize quality issues and maintain focus on the customer Everyone in the organization should be clear on what quality means to the end-user

What Is A Stub

Many times, when top-down integration testing is performed, lower-level modules are not produced until top-level modules are tested and integrated. Stubs or dummy modules are used in these circumstances to emulate module behaviour by delivering a hard-coded or predicted result based on the input variables.

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Questions On Which You Have Never Worked On

Be honest if you have never worked on a certain concept or tool.

Do not try to bluff your way through an answer. The interviewer will likely figure it out and it will reflect poorly on you.

That being said, if you are able to discuss the concepts in general terms, it will show that you are willing to learn new things.

For example, if you are asked about a test automation tool that you have never used before, you can discuss the general concept of the tool and how it is used.

This will show that you are familiar with the basics and are willing to learn more about the tool if given the opportunity.

State Difference Between Verification And Validation In Software Testing

Manual testing interview questions for experienced

Validation: It is defined as a process that involves dynamic testing of software products by running it. This process validates whether we are building the right software that meets that customer requirement or not. It involves various activities like system testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, and unit testing.Verification:It is defined as a process that involves analyzing the documents. This process verifies whether the software conforms to specifications or not. Its ultimate goal is to ensure the quality of software products, design, architecture, etc.

Verification Vs Validation:

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What Is The Difference Between Setspeed And Sleep Methods

Both setSpeed and Sleep in Selenium are used to delay the speed of execution.

  • setSpeed: Sets the execution speed with a delay of milliseconds, followed by the Selenium operation. By default, the delay is 0 milliseconds.
  • sleep: Causes the suspension of execution of the current thread for a specified period.

That is all in the section of intermediate Selenium framework interview questions. Lets move on to the next section of Selenium advanced interview questions.

What Does Defect Removal Efficiency Mean In Software Testing

Defect removal efficiency is one of the testing metrics. It is an indicator of the efficiency of the development team to fix issues before the release.

It gets measured as the ratio of defects fixed to total the number of issues discovered.

For example, lets say, there were 75 defects discovered during the test cycle while 62 of them got fixed by the development team at the time of measurement. The DRE would be 62/75 = 82.6%

Go through the Manual Testing Training to get a clear understanding of Weak AI and Strong AI.

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Write The Two Main Categories Of Software Testing

Software testing is a huge domain. It can be broadly categorized into two main categories of software testing such as:

  • Manual Testing This is a software testing process. The test cases are tested manually without any automated tool. It is the oldest type of software testing that can find both hidden and visible defects of the software. In this testing, the software application is tested manually by QA testers.
  • Automation Testing In this software testing process the test cases are tested using a special automated testing software tool. In this automation testing assistance of tools, scripts and software are used to perform test cases by repeating pre-defined actions. Automation testing focuses on replacing manual testing which includes human activities with the systems or devices that enhance efficiency.

What Is The Difference Between Severity And Priority

Manual Testing Interview For Freshers| Testing Interview Questions

These are important distinctions that must be known for proper time management. Severity is how difficult the issue is to fix. Priority is how important the issue is to fix.

Just because an issue is high severity doesnt necessarily mean its high priority and vice versa.

Heres an example of a high severity, low priority issue:

  • The application crashes when a rarely used function is run on legacy software that most users cant access.

Heres an example of a low severity, high priority issue:

  • The wrong company logo is displayed on startup.

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What Are The Responsibilities Of A Manual Software Tester

The interviewer asks this question to gauge the candidate’s understanding of a manual tester’s general responsibilities. The job description provided to you before the interview might include the details about the tasks you would be performing in this role. You could talk about these to highlight that you read and understood the job description. You could also list the responsibilities that a manual software tester generally performs. These could be the ones you have performed in your previous jobs.

Example:”I am sure I would be trained on the specific testing guidelines to be followed, but generally, a manual tester studies the software utilisation and creates test cases on the basis of scenarios and feedback from the users. A manual tester executes the test cases, finds defects and bugs and then writes a report on the possible fixes. On completion of the test, this test report needs to be sent to the test lead or moderator.”

How Will You Conquer The Challenges That Occurred Because Of The Unavailability Of Documents During The Testing

Ans: In case the standard documents, such as Feature Description Document or System Requirement Specification are missing, then quality assurance will be based upon the following references, such as:

  • A previous version of the application

Another method could be having discussions with developers and business analysts. It will help resolve doubts and open a channel for bringing transparency to the requirements.

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What Do You Mean By Confirmation Testing In Software Testing

A confirmation test involves retesting a software product to see if the previously reported bugs have been fixed. A bug is usually reported by testers when a test fails. A new version of the software is released after the development team fixes the defect. Now that the new software build has been released, the testing team will retest it in order to ensure that the reported bug was actually fixed. It is also referred to as retesting.

What Is Exploratory Testing

200+ Frequently Asked Interview Questions &  Answers in Manual Testing ...

Exploratory testing is a hands-on approach in which testers are involved in minimum planning and maximum test execution. The planning involves the creation of a test charter, a short declaration of the scope of a short time-boxed test effort, the objectives and possible approaches to be used. The test design and test execution activities are performed in parallel typically without formally documenting the test conditions, test cases or test scripts. This does not mean that other, more formal testing techniques will not be used. For example, the tester may decide to use boundary value analysis but will think through and test the most important boundary values without necessarily writing them down. Some notes will be written during the exploratory-testing session so that a report can be produced afterward.

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Describe The Difference Between Selenium And Qtp

It supports multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Perl, etc. It supports only VBScript
Vendor support As Selenium is a free tool, users would not get the vendors support in troubleshooting issues Users can easily get the vendors support if they face any issues

Learn more about Selenium in this Selenium Training in New York to get ahead in your career!

Explain Non Functional Testing

Non-functional testing examines the system’s non-functional requirements, which are characteristics or qualities of the system that the client has specifically requested. Performance, security, scalability, and usability are among them.

Functional testing is followed by non-functional testing. It examines aspects that are unrelated to the software’s functional requirements. Non-functional testing assures that the programme is safe, scalable, and fast, and that it will not crash under excessive pressure.

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When Can You Say For Sure That The Code Has Met Its Specifications

Most businesses have coding “standards” that all developers are expected to follow, but everyone has their own opinion on what is best, as well as how many regulations are too many or too few. There are many methods available, such as a traceability matrix, to guarantee that requirements are linked to test cases. And when all of the test cases pass, that means the code satisfies the requirement.

Master the latest automation testing platforms such as Selenium Web Driver, Appium, AutoIT, TestNG, etc. by opting for our Automation Testing Masters Program. Become an automation testing expert in just 12 months!

In Selenium What Are Breakpoints And Start Points

How to Prepare Manual Testing Interview Questions for 2 Years Experience

Breakpoints: Breakpoints are used to stall the execution of the test. The execution will stop whenever a breakpoint is implemented, and this will help us check whether the code is working properly or not.

Start points: Start points are the points from where the execution should begin. Start points can be used when we want to run the test script from the middle of the code or after a breakpoint.

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What Are The Most Important Technical Skill Sets To Know And What Are The Critical Non

Prior knowledge with testing tools and any coding languages will definitely help, but the specific skills required will vary with every hiring company, so candidates should always refer to the job description as a good starting point, Tzur explained.

Manual testers must also have the ability to look at a system, app, or service from a customers point of view, understanding how theyd use it to solve their day-to-day problems. That can help identify potential areas of vulnerability to test.

Be able to think outside the box and come up with new ways to break functionality, he said. Look for ways to improve processes. Teamwork is definitely also crucial for being successful in this position.

Q29 Define What Is A Critical Bug

A critical bug is a bug that has got the tendency to affect a majority of the functionality of the given application. It means a large piece of functionality or major system component is completely broken and there is no workaround to move further. Application cannot be distributed to the end client unless the critical bug is addressed.

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Why Is Software Testing Required

Software testing is a very important and mandatory process. Software testing makes sure that the software product is safe and have all that which it should have, basically it checks does the product fulfils the needs and requirements of the users and make sure that the product is good enough to be released to the market. Following are some reason which proves that software testing is important:

  • It checks whether if there any defects and errors that were made during the development phases.
  • It reduces the time for coding cycles by identifying issues at the initial stage of the development.
  • Software testing makes sure that software application requires low maintenance and results in a more accurate, consistent and reliable manner.
  • Testing ensures that the customer finds the organization reliable and satisfactory in the application performance and maintenance.
  • Makes sure that software is bug-free and fulfils all the requirements and makes sure quality matches the market standards.
  • Ensures that the application doesnt stop working or face any failures in working.

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