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How To Prepare For Pharmacy Technician Interview

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Can’t Wait To Work At Your Favorite Pharmacy


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How Do I Prepare For A Pharmacy Technician Interview

The best way to prepare for a pharmacy technician interview is to create a good resume, dress accordingly, and to practice answering common questions discussed in many interviews. You may choose to have someone help you by reading over your resume and asking a series of questions so you can determine what to say and how to say it. Make sure you have a list of references handy to give information to your potential employer about your work ethics, past experience, and accomplishments.

Crafting and perfecting a good resume is the first, and one of the most important ways to prepare for your pharmacy technician interview. Resumes should include past work experience, educational achievements and degrees received, and a list of your skills and accomplishments. If you do not have any experience working in a pharmacy, you should include any work history you do have. In the event that you have never had a job before, you should include clubs joined while in school, volunteer activities, and other relevant details exhibiting your competency. Be sure you do not overembellish or lie on your resume, and include references to vouch for all of your accomplishments.

What Should You Do To Prepare Before The Interview

Aside from preparing your answers to possible interview questions, there are a few other things you can do to get ready for your interview:

  • Research the company.Spend some time reading about the company or organization youre applying to. Learn about their services, company values and if you know whos interviewing you, try to learn about them through platforms like LinkedIn. It will impress them if you can comment on something related to them during your interview.
  • Have at least two questions ready to go.Usually interviewers ask if you have any questions at the end of the interview and the absolutely worst answer you can give is that you dont. Prepare two questions ahead of time so youll be ready if they ask. Some strong questions include, What are the opportunities for advancement in the company? or Do you offer development plans for your employees?
  • Bring copies of your resume.Its always a good idea to have extra copies of your resume, just in case. You never know if there will be people in the interview who havent read it yet.
  • Dress professionally.

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Cvs Health Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions

  • – Lake Havasu City, AZ Area
  • – Phoenix, AZ Area
  • – South San Jose Hills, CA
  • – Valley Springs, Optional
  • – San Luis Obispo, CA Area
  • – Santa Barbara, CA Area
  • – Port St. Lucie, FL Area
  • – Punta Gorda, FL Area
  • – Kansas City Suburban Acreage, MO
  • – Weber, MO
  • – New York City, NY Area
  • – Ocean City, NJ Area
  • – Kill Devil Hills, NC Area
  • – Lumberton, NC Area
  • – Hilton Head Island, SC Area
  • – Lancaster, SC Area
  • – Salt Lake City, UT Area
  • – Vermont
  • – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Area
  • El Salvador – All Cities
  • – San Salvador, El Salvador Area
  • Ethiopia – All Cities
  • Papua New Guinea – All Cities
  • – West Sepik
  • Republic of Congo – All Cities
  • – Brazzaville
  • – Brazzaville, Republic of Congo Area
  • Russia – All Cities
  • – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • – Madrid


I applied online. The process took 1 week. I interviewed at CVS Health


Quick, concise, the regular questions. How do you deal with a tough customer? Explain a time when you had to deal with a rude customer?Can you multitask? About 20 minutes over all. Nothing to difficult

Anonymous Employee in Whiting, NJ


I applied online. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at CVS Health in Nov 2021


I met with the Pharmacy manager first, went over experience , background, availability, benefits, and salary, etc. Then was to wait for emails regarding orientation and forms for onboarding. I was informed of dress code.

Tell Me About Your Ability To Work Under Pressure

How do I Prepare for a Pharmacy Technician Interview?

Answer tips

You may say that you thrive under certain types of pressure. Give an example that relates to the type of position applied for.

Mention routine pressure you face, such as dealing with deadlines on a regular basis.

Try not to use an example where you created the pressure yourself, by waiting too long to start something, or by handling a task irresponsibly at the beginning. For example, working under pressure to meet a customers deadline could be a good example, but not if you had waited too long to start the project.

Answer samples

Pressure is actually a catalyst to my work. When there is an imperative deadline, I refocus my energy into my work which in fact, has helped me to produce some of my best works. I guess you can say I thrive under pressure.

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Describe A Time You Failed In This Role And The Lessons You Learned

The interviewer intends to know if you ever failed as a pharmacy technician

Tip #1: Explain how you experienced failure in your role

Tip #2: Be honest and give the lesson you learned from the failure

Sample Answer

On one evening, I was overwhelmed with customers. I had to work extra hard to serve each one of them. Some were in so much hurry and made me stumble while working. During this time, a customer gave me an insurance card that had expired. I issued medicine without cross-checking keenly. It was until the following day that I realized it was outdated. I got very confused and my employer was annoyed. Later on, we solved the matter. I learned to always be keen on every detail while working.

How Do You Respond To Deadlines

The interviewer wants to determine that you will be able to complete assignments in a timely manner without cutting corners that could affect the customer.

“I actually work best under deadlines because my work style revolves around them. Deadlines assist with the prioritization of tasks because I can categorize them based on order of importance and end date. I think they can be beneficial and allow me to remain organized.”

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What Are Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions

A pharmacy remains busy 24×7. So you have to prepare yourself for any time. Patients and Customers can come at midnight or early morning for medicines. Not only that, but many drug addicts may also come by and look for unusual medicine tablets to you.

So before a pharmacy hires a potential candidate, they check some knowledge regarding medicines and pharmacy. A pharmacy interviewer could ask you such questions that eventually determine your job.

Here are some common pharmacy technician trainee interview questions you may face-

How Do You Handle Tasks Accurately

Pharmacy Technician Job Interview Questions! Q& A

The interviewer wants to understand how you tackle all things correctly

Tip #1: Mention the techniques you use to ensure everything is accurate

Tip #2: Explain the importance of handling things accurately

Sample Answer

I believe accuracy is a crucial part of my job since it means either life or death. I always ensure I have a sober mind while mixing the drugs since a minor mistake may cost a customerâs life. I never fill two prescriptions at the same time to avoid errors. I always ensure all drugs have the correct label on them and keenly check medicine before giving them out.

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Question #: Say You Are Working At The Pharmacy And A Customer Comes In With A Complaint How Would You Deal With It

Even if you dont know the organizations code of conduct for handling complaints, try to answer the question as best as you can. Or if you can, research how the organization does handle their complaints. You could explain how you would hear the customer out, take notes on the issue if needed and then ask for assistance from the proper authority figure, like a pharmacist or manager. Its a good idea to mention how you would handle the situation but emphasize that you would still ask for help if you needed it.

What Do You Do If A Customer Asks About An Over

This question is aimed at testing your research skills, communication skills and customer service abilities.

If a customer asks about a drug youre unfamiliar with, be honest and transparent. Inquire among the other team members if they are familiar with the medication. If not, tell the customer you will research the drug and follow-up with them when you know more.

Example:I would inform the customer that I was unfamiliar with the medication but that I would find out if my colleagues were familiar with it. If they arent, I would tell them I would find out more information about it and let them know as soon as I learned more. I would get their contact information and follow up within 24 hours.

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No Such Thing As Paperless

Its easy to think that you will never need a paper resume again. After all, you submitted it to the employer electronically, and they have that file on their computer.

However, bringing a printed copy of your resume to the interview is a very solid move. And its one that makes it much likelier for you to land one of the pharmacy technician jobs you have been wanting.

First of all, it shows your potential employer that you are prepared. Instead of assuming they will have your info, you show that youre the kind of worker who guarantees results.

Second, it helps them actually conduct the interview. Having your resume in front of them will guide their questions and let you effectively dictate the tone of the interview through your simple paper handout.

Finally, a printed resume will help them think about your interview every time they see the paper. The more time you spend on their mind, the likelier you are to get the gig.

Beyond Chain And Grocery Pharmacies: Specialization

Pharmacist Interview Questions: 5 Tips for Nailing Your ...

You need to know that many other opportunities exist. There are pharmacy technicians who practice in the field of oncology, sterile products, nuclear and others who assist clinical pharmacists or manage operations and some who do automation.

As a rule, pharmacy technicians who are specialized make much more than those who are not and pharmacy techs who work for a military installation are paid very well compared to a technician working in a community or chain pharmacy.There are as many opportunities as you can imagine. You only need to think and believe and work hard to make it happen.

Stan Illich has 41 years of pharmacy experience that includes practicing in chain-store pharmacies, owning a drugstore, and as vice president/COO of a community health center. In addition to his pharmacy education background, he also has a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. He has also served as an army pharmacy officer and Program Director of the Army’s Pharmacy Technician School. Stan currently practices in Mississippi.

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    How Might You Past Coworkers Describe You

    What you want to hear: This question will challenge the candidates self-awareness. Look for answers that focus on qualities such as competence, professionalism, integrity, dependability, and interpersonal skills.

    Red flag: A candidate who cannot cite specific ways coworkers might describe them are often either not team players, or simply do not pay attention to the opinions of others.

    Preparing For Your Pharmacy Tech Job Interview

    Proper preparation for a Pharmacy Technician job interview is essential in order to have the best chance for the best job possible. Knowledge of and rehearsing for potential interview questions can help you to put your best foot forward and help give you an advantage over other well qualified competing candidates. Read on to learn about common questions asked in many Pharmacy Technician job interviews and sample answers and for tips on how best to prepare for your Pharmacy Tech job interview.

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    How Do You Keep Yourself Up To Date With New Medications Practices And Other Developments In The Pharmacy Industry

    What you want to hear: The pharmacy industry is evolving rapidly. The ideal Pharmacy Technician is someone who can respond quickly when new products or procedures are implemented. Of even greater value is a candidate who will bring the initiative to suggest changes based on new industry developments.

    Red flag: A candidate who doesnt stay abreast of new developments in the field is a risk for using outdated methodologies or procedures.

    Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years


    The potential employer wants to know that youve considered your futureand how they fit into it. Use the research youve done into them to explain how your future goals align with those of the organization. Explain how you would use your skills and experience to handle your responsibilities. Talk about how this position can help you attain your career aspirationswhether that is to continue to work as a pharmacy technician, move into management, or someday become a pharmacist.

    The key is to reassure the potential employer that you are planning to be with them long-term.

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    Question #: Having A Strong Attention To Detail Is Very Important In This Position Tell Us About A Time When You Demonstrated Attention To Detail At Work

    If you dont have previous work experience, talk about something you did during your schooling. Maybe it was when you compounded an ointment perfectly on your practical lab exam, or maybe you filed a third-party insurance claim during your practicum. Explain what you did and the result of your work.

    Describe Briefly About Your Pharmacy Technician Experience

    The interviewer needs to know your experience in the pharmacy technician field

    Tip #1: Highlight your skills and experience

    Tip #2: Only give significant exercises that will add value to this organization

    Sample Answer

    I have worked as a pharmacy technician for over six years. Throughout this period, I have learned all the skills needed to perform my duty effectively. I am detail-oriented and have good communication skills. I can handle any customer and offer them excellent services. I know about drugs, the means of mixing them, how to give a prescription, and practice all safety measures while storing drugs.

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    What Is Your Biggest Weakness

    It is one of the most tricky pharmacy technician questions. The employer asks this to know your secrets or make you uneasy in the hot seat. Do you know what your Biggest weakness is? I know that!

    Knowledge is a never-ending gain. No matter how much knowledge you acquire, there will be something that you do not know. Thirst of experience and enthusiasm to learn is what makes you wise.

    The pharmaceutical branch is so huge that you can not be on top of everything. Convince your questioner that you know but not enough to become extraordinary. But you are always keen to learn new things and seek knowledge from experienced persons. That is your way of developing. This is a weakness everyone has, but none wants to reveal.

    Telling your failures to employers is not going to get you a technician job. Also, your nightmares about needles or stitches will undoubtedly add a negative value.

    A tricky answer to a tricky question. Do you have a better one? Share in comments.

    Why Do You Want To Work For Our Company/this Hospital

    Rite Aid Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions ...

    With this question, the interviewer is looking to see if youve done your research on the position, whether you are familiar with them and their mission and values, and whether you are willing to be part of their future growth. Explain what you like about them, be complimentary, and detail how your strengths and interests align with theirs. In your research, did you discover anything about this potential employer that sets them apart from their competitors? Mention that!

    The key is to show that youre familiar with the hospital or pharmacy, and their culture, values, and vision.

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    Tell Us About A Time When You Were Working With A Team And Had To Overcome A Challenge

    As a pharmacist, youre likely to face challenges on a regular basis. These could include confrontational customers, confusion over particular prescriptions, or miscommunication resulting in a mistake. It can take team work to overcome these difficulties, which means good communication and the ability to delegate and be delegated to. Think about a scenario from your past in which you overcame a challenge and paint the picture for your interviewer.

    When interviewing, its always better to be over prepared than under prepared, so taking some time to practice how you will answer potential questions is a good idea. Hopefully this guide can help you make a good first impression and land the position youve always wanted.

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