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How To Prepare For Qa Automation Interview

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What Are The Common Bugs That Would Often Be Found During The Mobile Testing Process

How To Prepare For A QA Test Automation Interview

In general, some mobile testers classify the most frequently-found bugs into the four types:

  • Critical bugs: The devices operating system crashes when testing the applications particular feature.
  • Block bugs: Unresponsiveness of performance occurs even though the device status is still on.
  • Major bugs: A specific feature of the application is unable to perform its functionality.
  • Minor bugs: GUI bug is commonly the main case falling into a minor bug list.

Additionally, some other kinds of bugs are also found during the mobile application testing process, for example:

  • Slow performance of an application
  • Consumption more from the battery by an application
  • Completely unresponsive behavior of an app

What Are Training And Testing Accuracy

Software testing allows you to verify any system so that you can identify any sort of gaps, errors, and missing client requirements. It is done with the help of several methods and models that allow you to check and test the software in each and every step from its development to its execution. In simple terms, software testing is the process in which you find errors in any given software program or application such that the application functions as per the requirements of the end-user. Testing can be classified into two major categories: Functional testing and non-functional testing.

Training accuracy and testing accuracy are two ways in which the accuracy of the software can be tested. With the help of these tests, you can monitor the working, accuracy, and ability of the given software and also check if the requirements of the clients are met. In general, the training accuracy is the accuracy that you attain after applying the given model on the available training data, whereas in testing accuracy, the accuracy you receive is for the testing data. These are extremely helpful when you need to compare the results to identify overtraining.

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What Are The Different Tasks A Qa Engineer Performs

Hiring managers may ask this question to ensure you understand the job description. QA professionals may perform different tasks depending on their company and role, but mentioning a few of the most important QA duties can show you understand the position. Consider reviewing the job description to help you understand what the company’s expectations are. You can create your answer around the roles and responsibilities listed in the job description.

Example:”A QA engineer does configuration and integration of the software and also tests the programs. They also perform tasks like writing test cases, discussing issues with the developers, designing the software and planning the testing process.”

What Is Automation Testing

How To Prepare For A QA Test Automation Interview

Automation testing is the process of software testing in which a tester performs tests automatically using a tool or a framework rather than manually going through and running each test case individually.

The primary objective of Automation Testing is to minimize the number of test cases that must be performed manually, not to eliminate manual testing. This definition is quite helpful and is commonly asked in automation testing interview questions.

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What Do You Know About Data Flow Testing

It is one of the white-box testing techniques.

Data flow testing emphasizes for designing test cases that cover control flow paths around variable definitions and their uses in the modules. It expects test cases to have the following attributes:

  • The input to the module
  • The control flow path for testing
  • A pair of an appropriate variable definition and its use
  • The expected outcome of the test case
  • List Of The Best Practices For Android Testing

    • Developers must prepare the test cases when they are writing the codes simultaneously.
    • All of the test cases should be stored and well-documented for reusability.
    • Apply continuous integration and execute tests once the code is changed
    • Avoid using rooted devices and emulators to achieve the most reliable results

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    As Per Your Understanding List Down The Key Challenges Of Software Testing

    Following are some of the key challenges of software testing:

    • The lack of availability of standard documents to understand the application
    • Lack of skilled testers
    • Understanding the requirements: Testers require good listening and understanding capabilities to be able to communicate with the customers the application requirements.
    • The decision-making ability to analyze when to stop testing
    • Ability to work under time constraints
    • Ability to decide which tests to execute first
    • Testing the entire application using an optimized number of test cases

    How To Prepare For Whiteboard Exercises

    How To Prepare For A QA Test Automation Interview

    To prepare for coding interviews, I’ve built up my fluency in Java using some of the tips below. You can take similar steps for any programming language:

    1. Take refresher courses

    Check to see if your local library or your college alma mater offers subscriptions to free onlineprogramming classes. Members of the Boston Public Library can get a free subscription to, the online education company. The Thomas Crane Public Library in Quincy, Massachusetts, has free subscriptions, too. I love David Gassner’s course on Lynda, Java Essential Training, which covers a good six hours of material.

    2. Follow learning trails

    Completely new to the Java language? Has it been a while since college?

    Take a look at Oracle’s Java Tutorials: “The Java Tutorials are practical guides for programmers who want to use the Java programming language to create applications. They include hundreds of complete, working examples, and dozens of lessons. Groups of related lessons are organized into ‘Learning trails‘.”

    • Getting Started“An introduction to Java technology and lessons on installing Java development software and using it to create a simple program.”
    • Learning the Java Language“Lessons describing the essential concepts and features of the Java Programming Language.”
    • Essential Java Classes“Lessons on exceptions, basic input/output, concurrency, regular expressions, and the platform environment.”

    3. Study the API documentation




    4. Ditch the IDE: Practice on paper

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    General Qa Interview Questions

    Interviewers may ask general questions to learn about your personality and interests. Here are some general QA interview questions they might ask for a QA role:

    • Tell something about yourself.

    • Explain what software QA means to you.

    • What made you apply for this QA position?

    • Why should we hire you?

    • Tell us about your favourite software.

    • Where do you see yourself five years from now?

    • What value can you bring to this company as a QA engineer?

    • Tell us about your weaknesses and strengths.

    • Do you have questions for us?

    • What is a weakness you have with software QA?

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    How To Pass A Coding Interview As An Automation Developer

    Are you an automation developer looking for a new position? Let’s simulate the experience of a coding interview:

  • Open up a browser and Google the keyword “stopwatch.”
  • Take out a blank piece of paper and a pen.
  • Press the “Start Button” on the stopwatch web app, then attempt to answer the following question:
  • “Using your favorite programming language: Write a method that checks to see if a given word is a palindrome. Example palindromes: ‘noon’ and ‘racecar’.”

    Ready? … GO!

    Yes. Seriously. Attempt to answer the question. I’ll wait.

    Try this exercise for at least a good 60 seconds, even if you think you can’t do it. Don’t give up!

    … Time’s up! How well did you do?

    If you had trouble with this question, if your paper is mostly or completely blank, if your forehead is covered in flop sweat, or if your first thought was, “Why are you forcing me to do this? I’m an automation developer, not a coder!” this article is for you.

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    What Is An Associate Level Engineer Interview Like

    As an interviewer, I often see associate level engineers who havent quite found their footing yet. They understand the concept of QA and that it entails testing, but there are so many different types of testing available.

    If an associate level engineer candidate doesnt enrich their knowledge with different methodologies in testing , this makes them a less appealing candidate. To me, this is just part of being prepared for an interview and understanding the field that is software QA.

    Top 50 Qa Interview Questions

    How to Prepare for Software Testing Interview

    Software quality assurance engineers monitor and assure the quality of software engineering methods and processes. While a QA position covers a lot of information, there are common questions that interviewers might ask to find out how much you understand about the field Knowing the questions you could be asked about a QA position can help you prepare your answers.

    In this article, we list 50 common QA interview questions about software quality assurance and provide examples of how to respond.

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    What Are The Primary Features Of A Good Automation Testing Solution

    The primary features of automation testing solution includes

    • Support for test environments and ease of usage.

    • Excellent debugging capability.

    • Database testing.

    • Compatibility with a variety of frameworks.

    One of the most frequently used tools that cover all of the above capabilities is UIlicious, a simple-to-use tool that can be used on any web project. Mentioning this tool during an interview can convey to the interviewer that you are familiar with strategies to boost your workplace efficiency or the team’s performance.

    What Do You Include In A Qa Document

    An interviewer may ask this question to evaluate your technical experience and to check if you know the mandatory fields that are part of the general QA document. You can explain what you included in your testing document in the past or what you would include based on your training.

    Example:”Every QA I have performed requires different inclusions in the QA document. I include the information management needs. For example, I have included test plans, bug reports, inspection reports, test cases and customer requirements.”

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    What Should I Know About Qa Engineer Jobs And The Interview Process

    You might ask yourself something like Is there a QA job interview tutorial or walkthrough? The short answer is yes, but every interview will be different. Each company will have their own interview processes, requirements, and approaches. Though you cannot predict what they will do, you can prepare for many scenarios on your end.

    But the bottom line is that you should be confident and, regardless of what your intentions are for your future career, let your possible employer think this is where you want to beespecially during the interview process.

    What Are Some Of The Best Practices In Test Automation

    How to Crack Automation Testing Interview | How to prepare QA Testing Interview | #byluckysir

    Here are some of the best practices a software development and the testing team should use to ensure quality software.

    • Its not possible or practical to automate certain tests, such as usability, accessibility, exploratory testing, or non-repetitive test cases that frequently change.
  • Assign test cases based on skill and experience
  • When dividing test cases, take into account the skills and experience of the tester and the complexity and severity of the feature under test.
  • Removing Uncertainty
  • The whole goal of test automation is to have reliable, accurate, consistent tests that provide helpful feedback to the tester. If the tests fail due to bugs in the test itself, or its giving false positives, then the ROI on test automation starts decreasing.
  • Choosing the right frameworks and tools
  • There are a lot of tools to perform automation testing. Picking the wrong tool for the test at hand will waste time and provide false confidence to release software that may fail in production.
  • Keeping test records in a bug database
  • Using a bug database is a best practice whether a team uses test automation or not.
  • Whenever new bugs are found by the automation tool or by the testers, they should be recorded in a bug tracking tool with the exact steps to reproduce the bugs and other details.
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    What Is The Selenium Course

    This Selenium Certification course strives to build the fundamentals of this automation testing tool and its various components such as WebDriver, Grid, and IDE. In this Selenium training, you will learn to work with multiple web element locating strategies, perform actions on web elements, group and sequence tests, and generate reports for your test cases using TestNG. Additionally, this Selenium course will introduce you to the Page Object Model design pattern, which will further help you optimize the execution of your automation scripts by implementing Page Class and Page Factory. Hands-on experience with Automation Frameworks such as Data-Driven Framework, Keyword-Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework, and BDD Framework will make you ready for any testing environment.

    What Is A Test Strategy

    Answer: The test strategy outlines the plan for the testing stage of software development. Unlike the test plan, which describes one specific test, the test strategy covers the entire testing phase of development and includes a description of the testing tools, test groups, test priorities, test record maintenance, and the test summary.

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    What Is The Difference Between Verification And Validation

    Verification and validation are two critical processes that quality assurance engineers use when testing software quality and performance. Consider providing a brief explanation of the two processes and how they relate to your tasks as a QA engineer.

    Example: “Verification is the assurance process that occurs during the software development stage, whereas validation is the evaluation process that happens once the software is fully developed. I would use verification as my continuous testing throughout development and validation as my final tests to make sure the software runs as it should.”

    Can We Do Automation Testing Without A Framework

    Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers Part 1 ...

    Yes, we can automate testing without the need for a framework. We just need to comprehend the automation tool we are using and implement the steps in the programming language that the tool supports.

    If we automate test cases without a framework, the programming scripts for test cases will be inconsistent.

    A framework is necessary to establish a set of principles that everyone must follow to ensure the clarity, reusability, and consistency of test scripts. Additionally, a framework provides a centralized location for reporting and logging features.

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    Q25 What Is Pdca Cycle

    Ans. This is one of the frequently asked test lead interview questions. PDCA stands for Plan Do Check Act. The PDCA Cycle is a 4-stage problem-solving technique for conducting a quality check. It focuses on the continuous improvement of processes and products. In simple terms, it is a continuous loop of planning, doing, checking, and acting that is useful for testing improvement measures.

    Also explore:

    Retesting focuses on testing a specific feature of the software. Regression Testing focuses on testing a general area of the software.
    Retesting is done to confirm the test cases that failed in the final execution. It is carried out to check that the defects are fixed. Regression Testing is done for testing software that was working but might not be working now due to updates.
    It is done based on the Defect fixes. It ensures that new code changes should not adversely impact the existing functionalities.
    Test cases cannot be automated for Retesting. Automation can be done for regression testing.
    It is carried out only for failed test cases. It is carried out for passed test cases.
    The Priority of re-testing is higher than regression testing, thus it is done before regression testing. It can be done parallel with Re-testing.

    Nail Automation Testing Team Structure

    Junior QA specialists cant just self-learn themselves into automation gurus and some companies learn it the hard way. We suggest that you avoid that by revisiting how you view test team structure in software testing.Heres how the team composition could look based on our experience of test automation on a SaaS platform:

    • Team Leader: QA Lead specialist that owns the automation process
    • Testers: a mix of Junior/Middle and Senior specialists carrying the workload
    • Infrastructure engineers: proven integration specialists maintaining automation framework

    There will, of course, be plenty of others that will be involved or directly affected by the work done by the QA team:

    • Product Owner might need to increase their availability for QA team to help create exhausting automated tests
    • Project Manager has to temper their deadline expectations before QA gets even faster than usual
    • Developers should allocate the time to fix issues discover automatically as they prepare the new build, not after receiving bug reports from QA

    Long story short, test automation is about both the team and how others interact with it.

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    Intermediate Level Test Automation Interview Questions

    This section of Test Automation Interview Questions will cover the topics like why automate, how to automate and automation testing tool selection.

    Q17. When should you prefer Manual Testing over Automation Testing?

    There are certain cases where manual testing is preferred over automation testing, like:

    • Short-time projects: Though automated tests are aimed at saving time and resources, it takes time and resources to design and maintain them. For example, if you are building a small promotional website, it can be much more efficient to rely on manual testing.
    • Ad-hoc Testing: In ad-hoc testing, there is no specific approach. It is a totally unplanned method of testing where the understanding and insight of the tester is the only important factor.

    • Exploratory Test: This type of testing requires the testers knowledge, experience, analytical, logical skills, creativity, and intuition. So human involvement is important in exploratory testing.

    • Usability Testing: Here the tester needs to measure how user-friendly, efficient, or convenient the software or product is for the end users. Human observation is the most important factor, so a manual approach is preferable.

    Q18. When is Automation testing useful? Which test cases to Automate?

    It is impossible to automate all test cases, so it is important to determine which ones to be automated first. There are some top candidates like:

    Q19. How to implement automation, what would be the steps?

  • Identify your budget for the automation tool
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