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How To Prepare For Salesforce Developer Interview

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What Is Batch Class In Salesforce

How to prepare for Salesforce developer interview

Batch class in salesforce is used to run large jobs that would exceed normal processing limits. Using Batch Apex, you can process records asynchronously in batches to stay within platform limits. If you have a lot of records to process, for example, data cleansing or archiving, Batch Apex is probably your best solution.

Heres how Batch Apex works under the hood. Lets say you want to process 1 million records using Batch Apex. The execution logic of the batch class is called once for each batch of records you are processing. Each time you invoke a batch class, the job is placed on the Apex job queue and is executed as a discrete transaction.

For more details please refer batch Apex example in salesforce

Question : Whats The Difference Between A Profile And A Role

For a user to create a user account, he has to have an assigned profile – something that is added to the tracked record of that particular user. Roles, however, are optional, and can only be assigned once the user has an established profile.

Youve probably noticed that the basic Salesforce interview questions are mostly made up of what is..? and whats the difference between..? queries. Thats the case with most of the basic questions, so keep that in mind while moving on!

Can You Explain The Use Of Custom Settings

Custom settings are similar to custom objects and enable Developers or Admins to create custom sets of data, as well as create and associate custom data for an organization, profile, or specific user. You can use custom settings to store a variety of information that can be accessed easily by other Salesforce tools.

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Salesforce Business Analyst Interview Questions

A Salesforce Business Analyst should possess broad knowledge of all Salesforce features, old or new, to help enhance its capabilities for the users by designing optimal solutions.

Salesforce BA jobs are high paying and it is recommended to have Salesforce Administrator Certification and a couple of years experience in the industry. If you want to know exactly how much a Salesforce business analyst earns around the world, read this article.

The role of a Business Analyst is essentially about communication and documentation.

What Is The Order Of Execution Of Vf Page

Salesforce Developer interview preparation Course

We can request VF page in two ways –

  • Get Request: Whenever we click on a link or button or directly hitting the url in address bar we can open a VF page.
  • */
  • trigger ParentTrigger onParent__c{
  • /*Assume that parent__c is a field api name in child object.*/
  • delete
  • /*Note: trigger.old will be automatically converted to set of ids
  • by salesforce ).*/
  • }
  • /* Description:    * ============    * Apex Trigger to delete the related child object records upon    * deleting the parent object record in case of look up    * relationship *    * Author:    * ========    *      */ trigger ParentTrigger on Parent__c  

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    Salesforce Developer Job Requirements

    Being a Salesforce developer demands expertise in the areas listed below.

    • Proficiency in computer programming. To work with Salesforce programming languages, you should be skilled in using popular object oriented programming languages like Java, JavaScript, and HTML.
    • Knowledge of cloud-based technologies. A software developer familiar with other cloud-based platforms like Google Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, and Amazon Web services will find working with the Salesforce Cloud easier.
    • Ability to collaborate with other operations teams. To satisfy customer needs, you need to be a team player, working with fellow developers on other teams to define business objectives and implement strategies.
    • Knowledge of Business Processes. A broad understanding of critical aspects of business management will enable you to anticipate customer needs and design better user interfaces.

    What Is A Junction Object

    Junction objects help associate two objects. They are custom objects in Salesforce that allow building a Master-Detail relationship established between two different data objects. It uses a many-to-many relationship to link many to several records.

    Example: If a candidate applies for a job, then the job profile can be connected to many applicants, and the candidate can be linked to several other jobs as well. Here, the junction object will be the job profile.

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    List Various Types Of Reports Available In Salesforce

    Below are the types of reports available in Salesforce:

    • Tabular report: In this, the grand total is displayed in a table format.
    • Matrix report: This is an in-depth report wherein there are both row-based and column-based grouping.
    • Summary report: A summary report is a report in which the grouping is on a column basis.
    • Joined report: Joining two or more reports into one creates a joined report.

    C Reports And Dashboards

    Mock Interview for Salesforce Developer Role

    1. What are the different types of reports?

    Answer: Different types of reports are:

  • Tabular Reports
  • Summary Reports
  • Matrix Reports
  • Joined Reports
  • 2. What is a bucket field?

    Answer: A bucket field is a field which helps in categorizing records in a report. It can be used as any other field to sort, filter or group your report.

    3. What is the difference between Standard and Custom reports?

    Answer: Standard reports are created by Salesforce when we create objects and relationships. Custom reports fields can be specified by admin. We can also associate upto 4 objects.

    4. What is a dashboard?

    Answer: Dashboard can be simply put as a graphical representation of reports which can be tailored to a user and can also be set to a standard representation which is the same for all users. Dashboards can have upto 20 components. Dashboards show data according to the last run report.

    5. What is a dynamic Dashboard?

    Answer: Dynamic dashboards are used to display details according to the users security settings. It does not refresh on its own. It refreshes when the page is refreshed. Dynamic dashboards help to show data which is specific to that user and the data which he has access to.

    6. How many records can we display on a single page in a report?

    Answer: Salesforce allows us to display 2000 records on a page. If we need to show more records then the option is to export it into an excel file.

    7. Can we create formula fields in Reports?

    10. What is not supported in Joined reports?


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    How Does One Become A Salesforce Developer

    After such an exhaustive list of roles and duties, as well as the good news about fantastic compensation, the next point in the progression, should naturally be So how does one prepare for such a challenging career? Good question! Heres how to become a Salesforce developer.

    First things first. Most software developers and this includes Salesforce developers, have a BS in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or some related field, and/or good computer programming skills and appropriate experience. It also helps to have knowledge and skills in the industry where those Salesforce skills will be put to best use. Furthermore, you should have an understanding of Object-Oriented Programming Principles, Model-View-Controller design pattern, .NET Programming, or Java.

    Incidentally, if you intend to get into Salesforce development right out of college, its useful to have undergone an internship with software business. Such an arrangement gives you connections, experience, and needed skills. Once out of college, if you cant immediately get into development, start off with a programmer position, and work your way up to the level of developer.

    More on the online training course option later on, so keep reading!

    Stand Out From Your Peers this Appraisal Season

    What Is An Object In Salesforce

    An object is a database table that contains data specific to an organization . There are two types of objects in Salesforce – custom object and standard object.

    • Standard object – A standard object is created by default in Salesforce. Eg: Contact, Account, and Lead.
    • Custom object – A custom object is created by the user and can contain any information that the user wants. Eg: You can create a custom Location object to store information about the location of various branches of a company.

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    What Are Governor Limits Can You Name 3 Examples

    Salesforce runs on a multitenant environment which means resources are shared with other companies on the Salesforce platform. This means limits must be in place to ensure that all companies using the Salesforce architecture abide by certain rules and dont let their code or processes monopolize shared resources. A few examples of Governor Limits are:

    • Total number of records retrieved by a SOQL query 50,000
    • Total number of SOQL queries issued 100 200
    • Total number of DML statements issued 150
    • Total number of callouts in a transaction 100
    • Maximum CPU time on the Salesforce servers 10,000ms 60,000ms

    Does Intellipaat Offer Job Assistance

    How to prepare for Salesforce developer interview

    Intellipaat actively provides placement assistance to all learners who have successfully completed the training. For this, we are exclusively tied-up with over 80 top MNCs from around the world. This way, you can be placed in outstanding organizations such as Sony, Ericsson, TCS, Mu Sigma, Standard Chartered, Cognizant, and Cisco, among other equally great enterprises. We also help you with the job interview and résumé preparation as well.

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    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Interview Questions

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Interview Questions
  • The most important step to attain success in any exam is to prepare yourself for a job interview. The job interview is one of the crucial step that you will take in your journey. Since, its your best opportunity to present yourself to the recruiters and leave an unforgettable mark by performing in the best way. But before appearing for the interview it is very important to know about the basics of an interview. Therefore, one should keep these following points in mind before starting to prepare for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer interview round:

    • Research about the company
    • Research about the job roles and responsibilities
    • Thinking about wearing decent \ formals for the interview
    • Having good communication skills
    • Preparing for questions that will be asked in the interview
    • Following up with the recruiters.

    Moreover, we have discussed the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Interview Questions and answers in the following sections. So candidates that are appearing for this exam tend to lack with the interview round, due to some reasons like not having much information regarding the company, job role and most importantly unaware of the most probable questions asked in the interview. Therefore, follow us to boost your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer interview skills to ace the interview with flying colors.

    Foundations Of A Developer

    Specific understanding of programming languages and various other tools are a necessity for a Salesforce Developer. Some questions you can prepare for are:

    • What programming languages do you have experience with?
    • Tell me about your experience with Apex.
    • What is Visualforce?
    • What is a lightning component?
    • What approach would you take to test classes?
    • Tell me about your experience using a developer console.
    • What platform would you use to develop an app in Salesforce?
    • Tell me about any experience you have developing Salesforce for mobile apps?
    • What is Development Mode and when would you enable it?
    • Tell me about a time you were faced with data loss. What did you do to fix it?

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    What Are Governor Limits In Salesforce

    In Salesforce, it is the Governor Limits which controls how much data or how many records you can store in the shared databases. Why? Because Salesforce is based on the concept of multi-tenant architecture. In simpler words, Salesforce uses a single database to store the data of multiple clients/ customers. The below image will help you relate to this concept.

    To make sure no single client monopolizes the shared resources, Salesforce introduced the concept of Governor Limits which is strictly enforced by the Apex run-time engine.

    Governor Limits are a Salesforce developers biggest challenge. That is because if the Apex code ever exceeds the limit, the expected governor issues a run-time exception that cannot be handled. Hence as a Salesforce developer, you have to be very careful while developing your application.

    Different Governor Limits in Salesforce are:

    • Per-Transaction Apex Limits
    • Push Notification Limits

    Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions & Answers

    How to Prep for a Salesforce Interview!

    Q1). What is Lightning?

    Ans:- Lightning refers to a set of tools and technologies which are behind a prominent upgrade to the Salesforce platform.

    It has the following components:

    • Experience: It refers to a group of modern user interfaces which are optimized for speed. This involves Lightning Experience, Salesforce1 Mobile App, and other template-based communities.
    • Lightning Component Framework: It is a JavaScript framework and a group of standard components that let you build reusable components for customization of Lightning Experience, Salesforce1 Mobile app, and template-based communities.
    • Visual Building Tools: It refers to the drag-and-drop technologies for quick and simple app building and customization. Lightning App Builder is used for customization of Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Mobile app. Community builders are used for customization of template-based communities.
    • Lightning Exchange: This refers to a section of AppExchange where nearly more than 70 partner components are found for jump-starting the development.
    • Lightning Design System: It refers to the style guides and best practices of modern enterprise UX for building pixel-perfect apps which match the look and appeal of the Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Mobile app.

    Q2). How can Lightning Components be used with the Salesforce1 Mobile App?

    Q3). Can a Lightning Component which shows up in both the Mobile and the Desktop User Interfaces be made?

    Q4). Do you think Lightning is an Mvc Framework?

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    What Are The Different Types Of Reports Available In Salesforce

    The different types of reports in Salesforce are:

    • Tabular report that displays the grand total in table form
    • Matrix report where grouping is based upon both rows and columns
    • Summary reports are detailed reports in which the grouping is based on columns.
    • Joined report which allows two or more reports to be joined in a single report

    What Is The Difference Between 15 Digit And 18 Digit Id In Salesforce

    • In Salesforce, whenever user create any component or record then salesforce will generate an unique id with which user can identify the record or component.
    • After creating the record, in the URL user can see the id of the record which is of 15 digits length.
    • Through user interface user always see 15 digit id which is Cases-Sensitive
    • .

    • If the user query the existing records from the database through API , it will always return 18 digit id which is Case-Insensitive.
    • Last 3 digits of the 18 digit represents checksum of the capitalization of 15 digit id.
    • Based on the first 3 digits user can identify the object of the record.
    • All the records belongs to same object will contain same firt 3 digits.

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    Differentiate Between Salesforce Object Query Language And Salesforce Object Search Language

    • Salesforce Object Query Language lets us search only one object. We can query for all types of fields in SOQL. Data Manipulation Language operations can be performed on the query results.
    • Salesforce Object Search Language lets us search for multiple objects. But, in SOSL, we can query only for texts, emails, and phone numbers. Also, DML operations cannot be performed on the search results.

    Key Features Of Our Salesforce Developer Interview Questions

    Salesforce Developer interview questions: how to stand out ...
    • Test candidates coding skills and not just their academic knowledge
    • Watch the candidates undertaking of tests in real-time, anywhere in the world
    • RealLifeTestingTM methodology offers a greater user experience where candidates can use their own IDE, clone to Git, run unit tests, and access Stack Overflow/GitHub/Google for research
    • Several anti-plagiarism tools to ensure test accuracy
    • Automated results aimed at non-technical professionals
    • Salesforce developer interview questions available for all levels of seniority

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    Program#: Swapping 2 Given Numbers

    /***Steps to execute the above code ----------------------------------1. Navigate to: Developer Console >  Debug >  Open Execute Anonymous Window.2. Paste the following code snippet -SwapNumbers sn = new SwapNumbers sn.doNumSwapping 3. Check for 'Open Log' checkbox.4. Click on execute5. Click on 'Debug Only' checkbox=======================================You should be able to see the following Output ---------a value: 13b value: 6***/

    What Is Use Of Aura: Method Tag In Salesforce Lightning

    We can use < aura:method> to define a method as part of a components API. This enables you to directly call a method in a components client-side controller instead of firing and handling a component event. Using < aura:method> simplifies the code needed for a parent component to call a method on a child component that it contains.

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    What Is Salesforce Lightning

    Lightning is the collection of tools and technologies behind a significant upgrade to the Salesforce platform. Lightning includes:

    • Experience: A set of modern user interfaces optimized for speed. This includes the Lightning Experience, Salesforce1 Mobile app and template-based communities.
    • Lightning Component Framework: A JavaScript framework and set of standard components that allow you to build reusable components to customize the Lightning Experience, Salesforce1 Mobile app and template-based communities and build your own standalone apps.
    • Visual Building Tools: Drag-and-drop technologies for fast and easy app building & customizations. Use the Lightning App Builder to customize the Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Mobile app. Use the Community Builder to customize template-based communities.
    • Lightning Exchange: A section of the AppExchange where you can find 70+ partner components to jumpstart your development.
    • Lightning Design System: Style guides and modern enterprise UX best practices to build pixel perfect apps that match the look and feel of the Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Mobile app.

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