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How To Prepare For Uber Interview

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Tell Me About A Time You Had To Work Hard To Please A Client

UBER Interview Questions and Answers! (How to PASS an UBER Job Interview!)

Uber wants to win the entire market, to defeat all competitors, and to simply be the best. This is possible only when they manage to offer the best prices, best application, and an excellent serviceeven to difficult customers.

As you can imagine, youll deal with all kind of clients while working for Uber, especially if you will be driving and delivering.

Some will praise you and thank you, while others will say bad things to you. The key is to show the hiring managers that you will try hard, that you are ready to go above and beyond for the customer, that you wont be easily discouraged.

You should also try to talk with enthusiasm when narrating this situation. They should get an impression it is natural for you to try hard for the customers, and that you have a good feeling from the extra effort.At the end of the day you may hate difficult customers, but while interviewing for a job, you should tell the managers what they want to hear

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Uber Behavioral Interview Sample Questions

Behavioral interview questions are used to check if you would be a good cultural fit for the company. You can expect behavioral questions like:

  • How will your friends describe you?
  • Tell me about a time when you tried something new but failed.
  • What interests you to join Uber?
  • If you were asked to start working today, what would you work on?
  • Tell me about a time when youâve got the opportunity to showcase your leadership skills.
  • Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your senior management.
  • If you could be an expert at any skill, what skill would you choose?
  • Tell me about a difficult situation youâve faced and how youâve overcome it.
  • Tell me about a time when you had to prioritize your tasks.
  • Tell me about a time you had to stand up for your beliefs.
  • For more behavioral interview questions.

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    One More Round Of Revisions And Fine

    I did this about ten days before my interview at Uber. At this point, I was pretty comfortable with the frameworks, so I turned my focus to case studies I was able to find. On average, I worked on each case study for 20 hours. The process included:

  • Preparing final notes for all the frameworks
  • Working on detailed case studies to apply all the concepts and frameworks I learned.
  • Conduct more mock interviews with alumni.
  • If You Had A Chance To Meet Our Ceo What Are Some Of The Improvements You Would Suggest He/she Makes

    " How Would You Improve Uber

    You should view this question from the perspective of a customer. Mention some of the areas you feel Uber can better. It can either touch in their services, applications, or operations. Just show that you have been a reliable user.

    Sample Answer

    Uber is one of the most reliable service provision companies I have ever used. However, I would advise the CEO to widen your reach to certain areas, which will increase your profit margin and give more people a chance to enjoy your services.

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    We’ve Helped Several Engineers Get The Job At Uber

    Interview Cake teaches a framework for approaching programming interviews at Uber and other top tech companies. It can be easy to think that interviewing at Uber is all about memorizing all these crazy algorithm questions, but that’s actually not the case. We can teach an approach to the software engineer interview that will prepare you for any interview at Uber.

    Uber interviews are known to be among the toughest in the industry. Uber’s engineering team supports the growth of one of the industry’s biggest unicorn companies, with some of the craziest hypergrowth that anybody has ever seen. To support their pace of growth, Uber screens their engineering candidates very thoroughly.

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    We Value Privacy And Confidentiality As A Company Will You Sign A Non

    Most software and technology companies require their employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement since they may have access to trade secrets and other information that should not be in the limelight. You should therefore be ready to sign one if offered.

    Sample Answer

    Having signed non-disclosure agreements in the past, I understand how important they are. I am therefore more than willing to cooperate and sign one if I get the job.

    What To Expect In The Interviews

    How to Land a Job With UBER – Uber Job Interview Questions and Answers

    Now lets cover the above steps in more detail.

    Step one is getting the interviews. For that, youll need a quality resume and cover letter that are tailored to PM positions, and Uber more specifically. If you have yet to apply, you can optimize your documents using our PM resume and PM cover letter guides. As with most companies, it can also be helpful to get an employee or contact at Uber to refer you to the recruiting team.

    Once youve been invited to interview with Uber, youll first speak with a recruiter for a 30-min phone screen. During this initial conversation, you should expect the recruiter to cover typical resume and behavioral questions. For example, theyll likely ask you about your past experiences and how youve handled specific situations . If you pass this phone screen, then the recruiter will advance you to the next round of interviews.

    Next, youll have a 45-min phone call that focuses more on PM questions. Your interviewer for this call will usually be the Hiring Manager for the team youre applying for, or itll be another Uber PM. When you get to this interview, you should be prepared to answer common PM interview questions, but more on those later.

    The final round is the onsite, which has two parts. First, youll encounter Ubers famous jam session, which well cover in more detail in the next section. If you do well in the jam session, youll then encounter the loop interviews.

    For extra help, take a look at our list of 15 top PM interview tips.

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    If You Dont Have The Analytic Skills Might Weed You Out If Working At Uber Is Important To You Prepare Your Analytical Skills So You Dont Fail This Part Of The Interview Says Kelly

    Analytics Question Samples:

    • Weâre experiencing a spike in cancellation rates Monday mornings globally. Whatâs one thing you can actually do or feel comfortable doing that might make a difference? Demonstrate experimentation.
    • What analysis would you use to understand if we should increase the price of an UberEats delivery?
    • What metrics would you use to determine the success of a new app feature?

    You can find more examples of analytics questions, here.

    Hereâs a real-world example of a situation they had at Uber that requires data analysis:

    âOne day, we noticed that there was a higher cancellation rate on Friday and Saturday nights. We called customers and found out that people were cancelling because they were in large groups and wanted to ride in a car together, but they couldnât fit into a sedan. So, in one weekend, we created UberXL with a view for all vans with 6 occupancy and changed pricing. This led to a benefit for drivers and riders were able to all ride in the same car while saving money. It was a win win win.â shares Kelly.

    What Is Ubers Interview Process

    Ubers hiring managers leverage a multi-stage interview process to assess applicants on critical fronts, including problem-solving skills, knowledge of computer science fundamentals, and more. The interview process starts with a phone call and concludes with skill assessments and a final on-site interview.

    Heres a breakdown of how the tech company vets candidates at each stage.

    Phone screening

    Approximate duration: 1 hour

    Unlike your typical 30-minute phone screening, Ubers phone interviews typically span a whole hour. During the phone call, an Uber hiring manager evaluates the applicants:

    • Work experience
    • Career ambitions
    • Technical skills

    Ubers Engineering Blog encourages applicants to discuss their meaningful contributions in previous roles. Additionally, it advises candidates to be upfront about their career goals, because this helps Uber match applicants with the right role and position.

    Technical phone interview

    Approximate duration: 1 hour

    The technical phone interview is broken down as follows:

    Breakdown : 30-40 minute coding challenge, 5-10 minute discussion of work experience, 5-10 minutes for questions.

    Additionally, non-engineers are either quizzed on their expertise or fast-tracked to Ubers assessments. Now, lets take a closer look at the coding assessment.

    Coding assessment test

    Questions and other assessments

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    What Is Ubers Work Culture

    As a megacorp operating on a global scale, Ubers work culture is product-focused and forward. The company faces many novel challenges that require innovative solutions. So, software engineers at Uber must tackle problems that have never been solved before.

    Gina Stefanovic, a senior program manager for compliance at Uber, on the challenges that Uber engineers face:

    Thus, to guarantee operational efficiency, software engineers at Uber excel at problem-solving, possess robust creative thinking skills, and respond to new challenges with high velocity. Of course, building such a productive, reliable, and progressive tech team isnt easy. But Uber has successfully optimized their technical hiring process, helping the tech giant secure the best of the talent market.

    So lets take a closer look at how Uber does it.

    Key Takeaways Whats Unique About Ubers Interview Process

    23 Uber Interview Questions &  Answers

    Most established, tech-driven organizations like Uber leverage comprehensive, multi-stage recruitment processes for evaluating applicants. This is because, as industry leaders, these tech companies have to identify the top performers.

    However, Ubers interview process has its own unique touch, and we can learn a lot from it. Here are some important takeaways:

    • Ubers hiring managers prioritize candidates career goals, right from the initial phone screen. While recruiters also have their organizations best interests in mind, they realize the importance of finding the right fit for applicants too. Sorting applicants into positions that align with their career goals establishes a mutually beneficial arrangement.
    • Uber values practical problem-solving skills, which is reflected in their skill assessments.
    • The interview process is very comprehensive. Applicants may go through multiple rounds of interviews, conducted by different Uber recruiters and hiring managers.

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    How Did You Prepare For Your Interview At Uber

    I started by writing down all the topics I need to study. Then I dedicated 2-3 full days to study each topic. For example, with metrics, I would first study the framework from different resources such as books, blog posts, etc., and then watch mock interviews to understand the interview process at Uber.

    After that, I would practice the interview questions from Uber that I found here on PM Exercises. Every day I would choose 2-3 different questions to practice answering and write down the mistakes I was making and conduct more research around those topics. For example, I struggled a lot with customer segmentation in design questions. So I searched customer segmentation and learned more and more about it until I got the hang of it.

    I repeated this process again and again until I was comfortable with the given framework: the process of preparing for all the questions Uber asks in interviews took about 15-20 days. After I was satisfied with the frameworks and questions, I took on 2-3 case studies per topic and conducted mock interviews with my friends and people working at Uber. My university has a vast alumni base, so its easy to find people.

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    The Flagship Uber Pm Interview Course

    The step by step playbook for consistently getting âStrong Hireâ ratings and converting your Uber interviews into a lucrative PM offer letter.

    14 hours of video lessons

    50+ Uber PM interview questions asked in the last month, word-for-word

    Lifetime access

    Tax-deductible expense under the US’s continuing education category

    Mention A Time That You Failed In This Role What Did You Learn

    Uber SDE-1 Interview Experience | Interview Preparation and Tips

    Failure is inevitable. Instead of focusing on the incident itself, you should always be more concerned with the lesson you learned. Mention an experience where things did not go your way, and you ended up disappointed. You should mainly highlight the lesson you learned. Remember, your answer will be based on the position you are interviewing for.

    Sample Answer

    While working as a software engineer in an IT company, I tried to modify an existing application. Instead of becoming better, the user interface ended up being more complicated, forcing me to undo whatever I had done. This experience taught me to always have the majority of the end consumers in mind before effecting a change or performing a modification.

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    How To Stand Out In Uber Interviews

    Understand Uberâs Business Model: Itâs important for you to understand how Uberâs apps like Uber Eats, Uber Freight, and Uber Elevate work to ask better and intelligent questions to the interviewer.

    Donât Hesitate to Grill Your Interviewer: Hiring Managers at Uber look for candidates who ask challenging questions and provide better solutions for their models. Theyâre interested in working with people who have good analytical skills.

    Talk With A Hiring Manager

    If the opportunity seems like a good fit, youll next speak with the hiring manager for the role. During this conversation, they will ask more about your experience and skills, and youll have an opportunity to ask detailed role-specific questions.

    Use the STAR method when answering the questions, and as much as possible, be data-centric in your answers. We back up most of our decisions with data, so prepare to talk about how you use data within your role.

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    Calculating The Total Addressable Market

    Uber Interview Questions and Process: How to Pass Easily

    Definition. TAM is also referred to as total available market, in other words, it is the total revenue opportunity that is available to a business if they capture 100% market share.

    Top-Down TAM approach

    This approach starts by taking a large population of a known size that comprises the target market and using it to narrow down to a specific market segment. This approach normally relies on existing market reports or published financial information.

    Example: You are interviewing for a PMM role at Uber Eats. You are asked to calculate the TAM for corporate meals in the United States for 2019. The interviewer gives you the following data points : 1) A 2015 Nielsen report estimated the food delivery market in the US to be $3B.2) A 2018 Gartner report estimated the food delivery market in the US to be $5B. 3) Certify US SpendSmart reports that 1 out every 4 meals are expensed.

    The first step you need to take is calculate the Compound Annual Growth Rate between 2015 and 2018. In this case the CAGR is 19%.

    The second step you need to take is calculate the estimated 2019 total food delivery market: ) = ~$6B.

    The third step you need to take is calculate the US corporate meal TAM which is ¼ of $6B = $1.5B.

    Bottom-Up TAM approach

    This approach is a more reliable method because it relies on internal data points and primary market research to calculate the TAM. It uses more reliable data based on the current market share, revenues, pricing or usage of a product.

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