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How To Prepare Google Interview

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Q5 List Out The Benefits Of Cloud Services

How to: Prepare for a Google Business Interview

Below are the few benefits of Cloud Services:

  • Cloud services helps in utilizing the corporate segment investment, hence it is cost saving.
  • Cloud services helps in developing healthy and scalable applications. Current scaling process consumes very less time.
  • Maintenance and deployment time can be much saved.

Understanding The Tech Landscape

Just drilling interview questions isnt enough everyone does that. To get ahead of the competition, you need to know the tech industry: notable trends, major companies and competitors, rapidly-growing markets, etc. This industry knowledge will help you craft better answers and stand out as a subject-matter expert.

Its much easier to propose a monetization strategy for a new app, for instance, if you know how popular apps make money one example I like to cite is how the popular stock-trading app Robinhood makes money while letting users trade stocks with zero commission.

Also, if you can chat with an interviewer about the product they work on including features, competitors, trends, and business decisions you will leave an excellent impression.

To really impress at the Google APM interviews, you must be able to talk intelligently about common technologies such as machine learning, the cloud, and big data. You also have to know Googles products, strategies, and competitors. You cant learn this by just drilling interview questions.

In short, you have to think like a techie.

While preparing for PM interviews, I needed to gain a big-picture understanding of major technologies and business strategy trends but I couldnt find any resources to do this. So I decided to make one.

Practice Is The Only Way You’ll Get Better

You have to create and stick to your practice schedule. Diligently. It’s surprisingly difficult to stick to simple habits, but that’s often the difference between success and failure. For example., 2-4 hours a day to solve one or two problems is a great habit â necessary and often sufficient. But it’s imperative that you actually do so several days a week for a number of weeks, rain or shine, in order to get cumulative benefits.

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Google Interview Process + Interview Questions

Every detail about the Google interview process & 100+ interview questions.

Landing one of the most enviable jobs in tech is 26 times harder than getting into Harvard University: Googles acceptance rate is 0.2%, while Harvards is 5.2%.

The search engine giant on-boarded 20,000 new hires in 2019 — shortlisted from over two million applications. Google was poised for similar growth this year, but has cut back on hiring and other nonessential expenditures as it faces an advertising slump from the pandemic.

That said, Googles careers site currently boasts over 1,000 open positions worldwide.

In other good news, Google axed those infamous brain teaser interview questions in 2013 after internal data showed they were a weak predictor of job competency, and served primarily to make the interviewer feel smart.

Now that you know what won’t be asked, let’s talk a little more about what will. This guide will answer all your burning questions about Google’s interview process, and what you can do to prepare.

Try it out:

Onsite Interview At A Google Office

How to Prepare for Google Phone Interview?

During the onsite, you can expect to meet five people. Youll have four interviews, 3 with current product managers, and 1 with a current engineer. Youll have lunch with another PM.

PM interviews will be similar to the phone interview, but theyll go more in-depth. Youll solve more problems and likely go through all question types multiple times

Also, you will have a technical interview with a Google engineer. You must show your understanding of topics such as data structures, software design, and system architecture.

You dont need to have been an engineer or have a technical background to pass this interview, but you do need to have studied and understood the fundamentals.

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Long Term Preparation Strategy And Where To Practice

The goal of preparation should be to Improve Problem Solving skills so that any unseen problem can be solved.

Things to keep in mind while preparing and platforms best suited for them

  • Know the use case of all algorithms, analysing patterns of questions and building the intuition -> GFG, Leetcode
  • Focus on Quality, not Quanitity -> Brainstorm around the question for around 2030min before analysing editorial
  • Gradually increase the level of difficulty of questions and challenge yourself
  • Improving speed of coding and debugging -> Short Contests on LC, Codeforces
  • Learn to explain your thought process well -> Mock Interviews
  • DONT worry much about Ratings, focus on improvements. I strongly emphasis that the goal of practicing should be to improve the problem solving, fast coding and debugging skills, not just to increase ratings.
  • Seeking A Career Change

    Remember the part where I didnt get a computer science degree? It has made a difference.

    A few years ago, I thought I could get hired anywhere. I thought I was hot stuff: the elusive full-stack web developer. But during my job search in 2013, I realized my skills were lacking. I had spent so much time chasing dollars by running startups in my spare time, that I had let my skills atrophy. I hadnt kept up with technology.

    For years, I had learned just enough to get by. I had a wide skill set but wasnt an expert in anything.

    Dont get me wrong, I could still get hired, but not in the technologies or areas I wanted to work in. I could get hired for areas where the tech stack was somewhat outdated, like me. Theres big money in there, but I didnt see exciting prospects.

    The realization reached its peak last year at a career fair. I was interested in perhaps working for one of the local companies that were startup labs run by venture capital firms. However, the fact that I lacked a computer science degree, and the skills and knowledge that accompany such a degree, meant I didnt have a chance.

    I was working full-time on my businesses at the time, and still am today.

    At the beginning of 2016, I decided it was time to make a career change from web developer to software engineer. I would need to study hard and practice in order to compress a computer science degree into a few months, but once I did, I could start a new career.

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    How Can Interview Kickstart Help You Land A Job At Google

    Preparing for Google coding interviews is a coordinated and calibrated process. You canât expect to crack these interviews by just being smart. Youâll have to be prepared for the grind and trust the process without getting too caught up or absorbed in the outcome. Putting in the hard work is important. But whatâs equally important is executing the right strategy.

    The Interview Kickstart method is a proven way of helping engineers get really intimate with the basic core fundamentals of their profession â the same core fundamentals that are used to evaluate their technical chops in tough interviews.

    We are the only platform with a breadth of instructors from FAANG companies who can guide you on what it takes to make the âcut.â We pioneered the concept of a structured interview prep program and are the most experienced platform.

    We have already worked with over 5200 candidates, the bulk of whom are experienced working engineers. During that period we have generated over 4000 offers. The total quantum of the offers we have generated is in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

    How To Prepare For A Google Internship Interview

    How to: Prepare for a Google Business Interview

    Google Interview Experience-

    Its been almost three months since I have completed my Google internship. The entire journey right from the preparation for the interviews as an intern, landing an internship offer, and finally, a Pre-placement offer at Google has been an entirely different and amazing experience and I would like to share it with those who aim at working for big gigs.

    This article is written with the hope tohelp students receive SDE/SWE internship offers from top tech companies in the future. It is structured into separate sections talking about the screening process, the interview rounds, and the final conversion from an intern to a full-time employee. There were a lot of articles on the Internet that helped me during my preparation and this is one way of me giving back to the community.

    I will write in parts as there is a lot to cover and I do not want the readers to feel overwhelming.

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    Get Some Questions Ready

    At the end of every interview, you typically have a chance to ask the hiring manager a few questions. Make sure you have a few ready to go. That way, you wont be at a loss when that moment arrives.

    If you dont know where to begin, ask them to describe a typical day in the position. You can also ask if theres anything preventing them from considering you the top candidate, giving you a chance to address any concerns head-on.

    Check out our article for more questions you can ask the hiring manager!

    What To Expect From A Google Behavioral Interview

    Behavioral interviews at Google test how you act in employment-related situations or conflicts, both positive and negative. Behavioral interviews help an employer decide if youre someone they want to work with. These interviews will ask you to reflect on your past performance and behaviors to gain a sense of how you act under pressure and how you understand professionalism. You can expect three types of questions:

    • Past experiences
    • Values-based

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    Swipe To Unlock: A Primer On Technology And Business Strategy

    I authored this book along with Parth Detroja and Adi Agashe to give anyone, even non-experts, a big-picture understanding of tech topics and business trends .

    Swipe to Unlockuses short case studies to give you the industry knowledge youll need to craft great interview answers and talk intelligently with your interviewers.

    The things I learned while researching for Swipe to Unlock were tremendously helpful in my PM interviews, and the book has gotten strong reviews from people who landed offers from Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and more thanks to the knowledge contained in the book.

    Review The Job Description

    Google Product Manager Interview_ What to Expect and How ...

    The first step you need to take when preparing for an interview is to review the job description. The job description is chocked full of critical details, including the must-have skills and traits the hiring manager needs to find.

    Once you bring up the original vacancy announcement, go over it word-by-word. When you spot skills and qualities, consider highlighting them or writing them down in a list. Anything the hiring manager felt was worthy of inclusion will likely come up during your interview.

    Essentially, the job description is a cheat sheet. If the hiring manager listed a skill or quality in the job description you should be prepared to show the hiring manager you possess them!

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    Follow These Steps To Get Properly Prepared For Your Interview

    Alright, now that you know a bit about why preparing for an interview is important, as well as some mistakes to avoid, lets get down to brass tacks: how to prepare for an interview. After all, knowing you need to do it is only half the battle you have to follow through, using the right approach, too.

    Luckily, we have your back. If you want to blow away the hiring manager, you need to take your interview prep to the next level. Heres how to do just that:

    Keep Practicing Your Preferred Language

    Mastery of your chosen language is essential to succeeding in Googles interview questions. Educatives Paths provide dozens of hands-on, in-browser practice problems to help finetune your coding skills.

    C++, Java, JS, or Python

    Practicing for coding questions takes a lot of time, effort, and focus. Lets break down the top Google coding questions as well as actionable advice to prepare.

    We will outline the top 15 coding questions to get you familiar with the kinds of questions expected of you. To see detailed answers, check out part 2 of this series,

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    How I Got Here

    I started programming in middle school, but when it came time for college I pursued a degree in Economics. My rationale was that there would be too many programmers looking for jobs by the time I graduated. Boy, I was wrong.

    Later, I joined the Army to become a programmer, but the recruiter talked me into a military intelligence position, and I spent the next two years studying the Korean language. I served in South Korea for 2 years afterward.

    Before I left the Army, I attempted to get back into programming and was surprised at the difficulty. I had learned BASIC in middle school and kept programming it through high school. But I restarted my programming studies with C++, and the leap was too large. I just couldnt grasp it.

    I did enjoy making websites, however, but I used software with a Word-like interface that I used to publish my websites. I didnt know how to make websites from scratch.

    After the Army, I decided to stay in Korea for a year and teach English. I used my nights and weekends to study web programming, using Perl, HTML, CSS , JavaScript, and SQL.

    After a year of intense study, I landed a job in the Seattle area, and Ive been here ever since.

    Ive been a web developer now for 15 years. Ive started 3 companies, 2 of which are still running and generating revenue. Ive worked at large and small companies, helped startups launch and grow, and recruited and managed teams. Ive been a product manager, a CEO, a designer, and a marketer.

    What Is Unique About Google Interviews

    Prepare for Your Google Interview: Coding

    Though coding interviews at Google are similar to other big tech companies, there are some unique aspects of their process. So, whats different?

    Clear expectations:Google is not shy about their interview process, so there is little guesswork when it comes to preparation or expectations. Google provides all the details of what to expect on their careers page.

    Coding in Google Docs:During the initial phone screen, you will be expected to code in Google Docs. Its important to study how to code well on this platform, as it can take some practice.

    Hiring committee:Google aims to review applicants without bias, so they utilize a hiring committee for all candidates.

    Grading scale: Each interviewer is graded on a scale of 1-4 based on the four hiring criteria where 3 is the threshold for hire vs. no hire.

    Four hiring criteria: Google focuses on cognitive ability, Googleyness, leadership skills, and technical skills in their candidate review process. Lets break that down in the next section.

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    Go Deep With Interview Prep Courses

    If you want to dial up your preparation even further, try taking a dedicated PM interview course. There are a variety of courses that offer resume preparation guides, strategies for various types of interview questions, and deep dives on specific companies .

    Personally, I recommend the Product Alliances excellent trio of interview prep courses. Some of their greatest hits:

    • Techniques for snagging referrals and getting recruiters to reach out to you on LinkedIn
    • Video strategy guides for many popular interview types including the design, estimation, and analysis questions that companies like Google love.
    • Five videos on Google products and corporate culture, along with a whitepaper breaking down Googles corporate strategy. The Google whitepaper isnt available for free, but check out this Uber paper I thought the financial details and product roadmap were very well done.

    This content is really the best in the business. Check it out at they often have discounts during recruiting season.

    Check out one of my mock interviews with the Product Alliance!

    Getting Noticed By Google

    Google receives more than two million resumes but hires only around 4000 employees every year so its not easy to get noticed by recruiters for interview calls. Take the referrals through some connections working in these companies or you can take the help of LinkedIn and online coding platforms to increase your chances for interview calls. Below are some points that will help you in getting the call for interviews

  • Try to make a single-page resume and include only relevant things. Make it short, precise because none of the recruiters has more than 15 seconds to scan a CV. Write down only those things you are comfortable with, do not fake anything because the interviewer can spot that easily during the interview. If you are mentioning your project then mention the complexity of your project as well. Check the link Resume Building Resources and Tips for the guidelines to prepare your CV.
  • You can participate in or which is a coding competition hosted by Google. If you reach Round 2 in Google Code Jam, you might be contacted by Google.
  • Keep your Linkedin, Github and other profiles updated, hiring managers uses these tools like LinkedIn, alumni databases, and professional associations to find out suitable candidate.
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    Dont Study As Much As I Did

    Yes, I took 8 months. But I could have abbreviated the process. Like any startup with a big goal, you make mistakes and do things that waste time. There are many things I wish I go back and do differently.

    I studied topics I didnt need to, some because I thought I would need them for the interview, and some because I wanted to have the knowledge on hand for when I started working. I didnt want to be a burden on the team Im assigned to. It turns out I simply over-prepared.

    I spent 3 weeks reading a 1,000-page book on C++. I dont remember 1,000 pages worth, but I know a good bit about C++ now. As it turns out, Im using Python for the interview, not C++. I had assumed I needed C++, C, or Java, but I was wrong. Its good to ask, not assume.

    I read way more books than I needed to. There are only 3 or 4 books I should have read.

    I have a code catalog of dozens of algorithms that I review, most of which I wouldnt expect in an interview. You dont need to do that.

    I watched many hours of YouTube videos but could have watched far less, and spread out topics over time.

    I should have stopped reading books and watching videos earlier and started on coding problems sooner. I would have been able to spend more time applying the topics I learned.

    My sense of fear led me to study far more topics than I needed to.

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