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How To Record An Interview On Your Computer

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Consider Your Salary Expectations

How to Record Interviews ONLINE (Mac & PC!)

Many employers ask about your salary expectations. Research the average salary in your industry when considering what youd like to get paid, but be reasonable. Its also wise to offer them a salary range within $5,000. For example, Im hoping to make between $60,000 and $65,000. This will let your interviewer know that you are flexible.

Landline Speakerphone + Digital Recorder

This is self-explanatory. Call your interviewee from a landline, turn on the loudspeaker, and then record the call using a digital recorder. If you already have one, thats great. But if not, you can buy one from Amazon with prices ranging between $30 and $90.

Our post on how to record audio for best sound quality goes into greater detail and recommends the best digital recorders available in 2020.

Pay Attention To The Clock

Usually these interviews have a time-limit. So, put a clock where you can easily see it, and use the time wisely.

One Way Interview Benefit to the Employer

For employers, the benefit assumed is increased efficiency. They reduce the initial manpower hours for scheduling and conducting live interviews, even over the phone, and this can greatly cut down on the time spent reviewing candidates.

If an interviewee does not have a great start, the reviewer can just move on instead of what would have happened in a live interview wasting the time to see it through, or giving the candidate false hope.

The other plus for the employer is that the reviewer or recruiter/human resource person is not identified, so he/she will also cut down on calls from job seekers checking in. Of course, this is not so good for you, the job seeker!

One Way Interview Benefit to the Job Seeker

For job seekers, the primary benefit is avoiding or postponing traveling to the employers location for the interview. This also helps them reduce exposure to the Coronavirus while making progress with their job search.

Some of the one-way platforms offer job candidates the opportunity to review their answers, before submitting their recording, and re-record any answers they think they could improve.

The disadvantages for the job seeker include losing the opportunity to ask questions which are answered immediately, limiting their ability to collect more information about the employer or the interviewer.

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Have Your Interview Answers Ready

If you receive the questions in advance, you have received a fabulous opportunity to be well-prepared. Its like being handed the keys to the kingdom. Script out your answers in advance, remembering to tell clear and concise stories that are examples of your accomplishments.

If you dont receive the questions in advance, which is unfortunately more likely, be prepared to answer the standard job interview questions.

Focus on the challenges you faced, the actions you took, and the results you attained.

During the interview, have a copy of the job description and your resume or application available to reference if necessary.

Stay Engaged While Filming

How to record a video interview on your computer (for free) in under 1 ...

Resist the urge to zone out once youve asked your question and while your interviewee is delivering their answer. Besides being rude, it signals to the audience that the content is boring.

If youre not engaged, your audience wont be either.

Treat your interview like live TVremember youre being recorded at all times and act accordingly.

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Record An Interview With High

If you are a job hunter and are asked to send a video resume to HR, then using Mac and its built-in QuickTime player to pre-record a video interview should be the top-notch choice. Check the ultimate guide to QuickTime screen recording.

Record an interview video yourself using QuickTime on Mac


  • QuickTime is 100% free to use
  • Easily manageable for everyone
  • Both audio and video can be recorded directly to your local computer with the best quality you can get
  • However, directly recording an interview video through your integrated webcam or built-in microphone should only be your last resort, since technically the video and audio quality captured by them has no compare even to the most budget-friendly external webcam or clip-on microphone.

    To get the flattering visual and audio quality of your interview, you need the following gears:

    What To Know When Filming Remote Interviews

    You can’t always be where the person you want to interview is. What then? Filming remote interviews can be made easy with these tricks and tips.

    An interview with a compelling person is nearly always an entertaining thing to watch . But what happens when its not feasible to be in the same physical space as your interviewee? Whether thats due to cost concerns, scheduling issues, time restraints, or even travel restrictions and social distancing orders, it means you need to get creative to get the footage you need to make your video. Filming remote interviews should be a breeze with the handy tips weve rounded up for you.

  • 3.13 Edit, Host, and Share
  • While most standard interview videos are filmed in-person, remote interview videos are content thats composed primarily of clips filmed over a webcam or video call.

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    Minimize Background Noise On Participants Side

    Ideally the interviewee or participants line should have no background noise either.

    Its no use sitting in a quiet room, if the participant/interviewee is panic buying in a supermarket, or is surrounded by screaming kids. Your recorder will pick up everything.

    That is especially worse because the interviewee usually does most of the talking.

    Pause & Stop The Capturing Of A Video Interview

    How to Record an Interview | Getting Great Audio on a Budget

    During the recording, you can move the cursor to the top of the screen and you will find a mini toolbar. RecMaster is a user-friendly recording tool and you can use it to add some annotation. Annotation can help you have a clearer mind when looking back at the video. You just need to click on the Pen icon and the annotation tool will pop up. You can click on the Pause icon to pause the interview recording. If you want to end the recording, you can click on the Stop icon.

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    The Next Stage In Video Interviewing

    The interviewer of the future might be a robot, at least for part of the recruitment process. The technology behind video interviews is evolving and companies are looking at approaches that use artificial intelligence , or virtual reality whether its in the form of a robot, a chatbot, a voice call with an automated caller, interacting with an interview avatar on screen or taking part in a virtual reality escape room. One of the arguments in favour of this type of assessment is that it is free from bias and personal prejudice.

    Although the early stages of the recruitment process are increasingly likely to be handled by technology, human judgement is still a deciding factor in the later stages, when recruiters typically invite applicants to assessment centres or face-to-face interviews.

    The ISE reported that in the 2020â2021 recruitment round, 5% of the employers that comprise its membership had used virtual reality assessments.

    Video Interview Vendors And Software

    To participate in the interview process, the job applicant usually needs only a webcam and video software, both of which have become standard equipment on most notebook computers, smartphones and desktop PCs.

    The hiring manager has the following two options:

  • Some organizations conduct online interviews using popular, consumer-grade video platforms, like Zoom. This is the least expensive approach and is generally easy to set up. However, one drawback is that general applications like this can only establish a connection, record, store and categorize the videos.
  • The interviewer can use specialized video interviewing software from vendors such as Outmatch, Talview and Spark Hire. These platforms offer data capture and analytics capabilities that consumer video software lacks and have more controls for scheduling video interviews and sharing the videos with hiring managers and HR.
  • Video interview platforms also are often integrated with talent management software, which enables the online interview and associated candidate data to be incorporated into the software’s recruiting module and used elsewhere in the human capital management system. The following are examples of some of these platforms:

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    How To: Record Phone Interviews

    A step-by-step guide to recording radio and podcast-quality telephone interviews using mobile, landline or computer



    1. How to: record a phone interview from an iPhone, Android or landline with the option of a three-way call using ipadio

    • Sign up for a free ipadio account.
    • Use the + button and dial into ipadio
    • ipadio then records the whole conversation and saves it as an MP3, which you can then download.

    2. How to: record a phone interview from any phone, including an iPhone, Android or landline using

    • Using Call Trunkâs website enter the phone number you are calling from and the one you are calling
    • The interviewer will receive an automated call from Call Trunk and, seconds later, the interviewee will receive a call
    • Your call will be automatically recorded
    • Your recording will be saved as an mp3, which can be download from your Call Trunk account.

    3. How to: record a phone interview using your iPhoneâs voicemail

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    What To Expect During A Phone Interview

    How to record a video interview on your computer (for free) in under 1 ...

    There are a few occasions when an interview happens over the phone. Many companies use a phone screen with a recruiter as the initial step in the hiring process. This is a critically important part of your job search. The recruiter will ask you about your background, skills and experience to see if its well-aligned with the open position. They may also be screening to see if you would be a good culture fit for the company. If all goes well, the recruiter will move you onto the next stage. But if they come away with a poor or incomplete impression of you, things are unlikely to progress.

    The next stage of the interview process is also typically conducted over the phone. In this phase, you will likely speak with the hiring manager or another individual on the team thats hiring. This interview is usually more in-depth than the phone screen as the interviewer has a deeper knowledge of the open role and what qualifications would make someone successful in it.

    Both of these interviews usually last around 30 minutes. Consider phone interviews your opportunity to sum up whats most attractive to you about the job and the company, as well as the skills and qualifications you bring to the table.

    Image description

    • Why are you applying for this position?

    • Why do you want this job?

    • Tell me what you know about the role

    • Why do you want to work here?

    • Why are you looking for jobs?

    • What are you passionate about?

    • What are your salary expectations?

    • Are you interviewing with other companies?

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    How To Shoot An Interview Online

    Its becoming more important than ever to be able to shoot a remote interview. It opens up so many possibilities for who you can interview!

    Plus, you dont need to go through the hassle, expenses and jet lag involved with interviewing someone long distances away. You can just jump online.

    Important: When available, we use affiliate links and may earn a commission!

    But it can be hard to know exactly how to shoot an online interview Shooting interviews online is a bit different to shooting an in-person interview. To make sure your online video interview runs smoothly, you need the right tools.

    In this comprehensive guide well cover:

    • How to record a great interview online with a range of different tools
    • Best livestream software to record interviews
    • Our top remote interview tips
    • Plus lots more!

    Well make sure you have all the information you need to create the best online video interview possible!

    So if you want to learn exactly how to record interviews online, youll love this guide.

    Starting with the simplest option, well work our way up to what we think is the best option right now.

    These are the three best options we recommend for shooting interviews online:

    Lets get started.

    How Long Are Meeting Recordings Stored

    JobScore doesnt store your interview recordings, Zoom does. Control over which interviews are kept is 100% controlled by Zoom. If something has disappeared its likely because one of your users deleted it or changed a setting in Zoom. JobScore doesnt delete recorded meetings in your Zoom account.

    If you are losing recordings, try our recommended settings above to avoid having recordings be accidentally deleted in the future.

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    How To Tackle Live Issues

    No matter how much you prepare, there is always a chance that something will go wrong, technically or otherwise, when you’re in the middle of the interview. Handling audio quality, recording or communication issues during an interview can be challenging. The best way to deal with them is to be honest about the problems and often to even use humor to lighten the atmosphere.

    Though audio quality issues might be frustrating, keeping that frustration hidden will keep the interview on track, as you can keep the conversational flow going while troubleshooting to get the best sound quality. In case of issues that interrupt the interview altogether, itâs critical to remain calm and let your interviewee know that youâre pausing to troubleshoot. Acknowledging an issue and working on it is always going to be better than being distracted during the recorded interview. It avoids being impolite to your interviewee and hard to decipher transcriptions.

    The first method you should try to troubleshoot audio issues in both in-person and remote interviews is to test another recording program. If the audio quality is better on the new program, continue the interview using the new program. If the issues persist, switch out your hardware to anything else you have.

    Medium-quality audio that is consistent is better than high-quality audio with constant issues. Inconsistent audio is often even more of a problem than bad sound quality.

    Best Podcast Interview Software To Record Remotely

    Record Interviews in Zoom – Best Audio and Video Settings Tutorial

    Disclosure: Links to other sites may be affiliate links that generate us a small commission at no extra cost to you.

    There are a number of different services that will let you record remote conversations.

    Skype is a popular way to conduct online interviews and there are several ways to record Skype calls.

    The issue with Skype is that sound quality is poor, even if all parties have great internet connections.

    The good news is that there are excellent alternatives to Skype that let you record remote podcast interviews.

    Bonus: Free 10-Day How To Start A Podcast Email CourseJust click the link and enter your email to get the first lesson:

    • How to promote your podcast

    Get started today!

    These also work well if your co-host is in another location and you cant physically record in the same space.

    One of the main benefits of most of these services is that they record the audio locally for each person. That means that even if there are issues with your internet connection during the call, the audio quality stays high.

    2022 Featured Choice: Iris

    Lets take a look at the options:

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    Can I Upload Interview Audio Directly To Archivestorycorpsorg Without The App

    Yes. If you’ve recorded an interview in a digital format , you can manually upload it from your mobile device or computer to your account on the website. Supported audio file formats are AIFF, WAVE , FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA.

    To add your interview, go to , log into your StoryCorps account, click on your username, click on “Add a New Interview” in the drop-down menu, and follow the prompts. Please note that a photo is required to finalize the upload process.

    Need more help? Try the step-by-step guide below:

    19 STEPS

    1The first step is to log in to and then click your profile image in the top right corner

    2Click Add a new interview

    3To add your audio, click Select Files and select the audio file from your computer

    4The audio file you selected should appear below.

    5If you have an image for this interview, click select files again and select the image from your computer

    6The image file that you selected should also appear below.

    7Now that your audio and image are selected, click Upload

    8Scroll down and complete the required fields. The first is the title of your interview.

    9Next enter a Summary or Description of your Interview

    10Next, we’ll add participants. Scroll down and enter a First Name

    11Then enter their Last Name

    12Email Address is optional. Once you’ve entered their information, click Add Participant

    15Now, you must select your privacy settings for this interview.

    How To Record An Interview Video On Zoom

    • How to Record an Interview Video on Zoom

    Nowadays, in-person interviews are often impossible for hiring managers and video journalists because of the epidemic. Therefore, recording a remote interview is certainly something that has become more popular with the change in times following COVID-19.

    As one the the popular video conference services, Zoom allows you to record your computer webcam and voice to create a video, and you can also use its recording feature to film your video interview with great ease.

    In this article, we will illustrate how to use the ZOOM Recording option to record a live interview. Follow us an get more.


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    How To Record An Interview With Minimal Background Noise

    Restaurants and background ambient noise is not a big issue right now, because theyre all closed due to lockdowns imposed in many countries .

    And if youre self isolating with a family, then kids, pets and loud family members could contribute to background noise.

    If you dont want to spend more time, effort and money on getting the most out of your recordings later, make things easier for yourself and just pick a quiet spot in your house.

    Or sneak in an interview when everybody else is asleep!

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