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How To Record Phone Interviews For Podcast

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What Remote Recording Option Gives You The Best Audio Quality

How to record a phone interview for a podcast (without using a phone)

To recap, when youre recording your podcast remotely, this is the sliding scale of audio quality

Best: Recording audio locally or via a remote recording platform

Providing everyone has a good audio setup and is recording in a good audio environment you can record a show that sounds like everyone was in the same room even if youre miles apart.

Recording audio remotely via an app e.g. Whatsapp Facetime Audio

Most peoples ears might not pick up the difference but in my experience recording via apps/data gives you marginally better audio quality than audio recorded over a phone line.

Worst: Recording audio remotely via a phone line

The quality of this audio is dependent on reception and whether people move around so in the worst circumstances it can be really bad. If this is the only option you have Id advise doing some research on how to clean up phone audio in your editing software after the call is recorded so you can make sure it sounds as good as it possibly can.

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Remote Podcast Recording Software Solutions

If you dont have a lot of audio equipment or other hardware for your podcast, or youre just starting out, you can do a lot with nothing more than a computer and podcast recording software. There are now several online services that operate within your web browser to allow a podcast host and guest to connect over the Internet and record their conversation in sometimes exceptionally high quality. Podcast software solutions dont make up for things like a good microphone or quiet recording environment, but they do make it easy to connect and record a remote interview so long that you trust the software to save the final recording for you.

While programs vary, most remote podcast recording software solutions work pretty much the same. You will send a link or otherwise connect with a guest over an Internet service, the platform records the conversation and then emails the host the final file or files. You may still need to clean up the audio or normalize your audio levels because most software solutions use an automatic gain function to make sure the audio levels for the guest and host are equal. Remote podcast recording software also generally allows you to record more than one person, so you could easily assemble a whole panel of people for an episode.

How To Record Phone Calls For Podcasts Using An Audio Interface

Unfortunately, some podcast guests arenât willing to do anything other than sending you their phone number. They want a simple phone call from you, where theyâll answer your questions but expect you to do whatever you need to do to create a podcast out of your conversation.

In that case, your best bet may be to use an audio interface to ensure that at least your end of the conversation is of high quality.

To do this, youâll need to take the following steps before making the call:

  • Plug your smartphone into the audio interface using a ââ cable
  • Plug your microphone and headphones into separate inputs on the audio interface
  • Adjust the input and gain levels before hitting record
  • Begin recordingâand remember that your guest will only hear you through the built-in microphone on your phone, so keep your phone close to your mouth when talking.

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How Do You Record A Podcast Remotely

There are a number of different ways to record your podcast remotely and the option thats right for you will depend on the technology you have access to and how experienced the people on your show are with recording audio.

If youre remote recording interviews you can get away with having your guest at a lower audio quality than you.

But if youre hosting with a co-host remotely you want to make sure youre recording similar audio quality so theres no power imbalance and so it sounds, ideally, like youre in the same room.

So, what are your options?

Option 1: Recording each person locally and matching up the audio in the edit

Option 2: Recording your show via a remote recording podcast platform

Option 3: Recording your show via video conferencing software e.g. Zoom or Skype

Option 4: Using a mixer to record guests via phone

Now lets look at what you need for each option and the benefits and disadvantages of each

Set Your Guest Up For Success

Phone Challenge! Record a Podcast! Contest with RODE Microphones ...

First and foremost, your interviewee will need a quiet room with a door that closes where they can do the interview. The best rooms are small, with low ceilings and as many plush surfaces as possiblecarpets, curtains and soft furniture.

  • Quiet, preferably small, room
  • Plush surfaces like carpets, curtains, soft furniture
  • Closed door

Next, figure out how youll be talking with them. Do they have a landline , a cell phone, and/or a computer with an internet connection in that room? Maybe even an external microphone? The option you choose moving forward depends on your interviewees situation.

Option A: Quiet Room + Computer with Internet Connection

+ External USB Mic

In the best case scenario, your interviewee has a computer withan internet connection, and an external USB mic. If they do, then those are perfect for them to use.

+ Headphones/Earbuds with Mic

It is likely your interviewee wont have an external mic, and thats fine. If they have a headset with a small microphone or a pair of earbuds, ask them to use that.

+ Internal Computer Mic

Alternatively, they can use the internal microphone on their laptop, but this is the least desirable option as it will pick up a lot of noise in the roomtry to avoid that.

Skype and Zoom also have recording options, but those services are recording the connection itself, not the voices coming into the computers hardware, so the audio quality will not be as good as on something like the services mentioned above.

+ Smartphone as Mic

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Need More Help With Your Podcast

Finding the perfect remote call recording app for your podcast is great. But it’s still just one piece in a very large jigsaw.

There are other considerations too, like how do I actually conduct a good interview? Or how do I hone my skills as a host or presenter?

Then there’s stuff like equipment and editing. And once your podcast is sounding good you’ll want to think about promotion, audience growth, and maybe even eventually, monetisation.

Inside The Podcast Host Academy, you can get help with all of this and more. We have dedicated courses for each of these areas, and on top of that, run weekly live Q& A sessions too.

It’s the one-stop-shop place for launching and building a successful podcast!

Tips To Excel In Conducting Podcast Interviews

Want to invite a guest onto your podcast for an interview? These tips will help you excel.

More people are taking on podcasting as their main profession or side hustle. If you want to become a successful podcaster, you might consider conducting interviews since talking to guests has become a customary podcasting element.

Anything can go wrong during a podcast interview. In this article, we’re going to tell you how to avoid mishaps and host a top-notch interview.

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Using A Remote Recording Service For Remote Interviews

There are a variety of remote recording services designed specifically for podcasters to conduct remote interviews. Here are two options we recommend you use to record remote interviews.

Zoom: By now, Zoom is a fairly ubiquitous web conferencing service that has also become one of podcasters greatest remote recording tools because its able to seamlessly record audio and video on separate tracks. The $15/month subscription allows you to host up to 100 participants, host unlimited group meetings, stream to social media, and includes 1GB of cloud recording per license. If you are going to use Zoom, know that you are compromising audio quality for ease of use.

Squadcast: This is an easy to use service that prioritizes audio quality, and requires little effort for your guest. You simply send them a custom link and youll be able to record them through a web browser. It includes features such as scheduling, video conferencing with a host and up to three guests, .wav/mp3 formats, and no audio drift. 2 hours of recording is $10/month, 5 hours is $20/month, 12 hours is $45/month. This is not a good option if you need more than four people on the line at any given time.

There are several other remote recording services available such as Zencastr or Cleanfeed. Its up to you to decide what to use. Ultimately, the advantage of these services is that they record separate tracks for each speaker. This allows your editor to have more control over the final quality of the interview.

My Take On Iphone Specific Mobile Podcast Equipment

How to record phone interviews for podcast WITH audio sample

In my opinion, there is a slight drawback, as the Rhode kit is good only for 2 people. If you think youll be speaking to more than one other person, Alex Blumbergs approach still produces the best results.

For those who dont know Alex, he is a former NPR radio host and the founder of Gimlet media with smash podcast hits like Startup, and he perfected recording on the go while working on his podcasts.

His approach is to carry a digital recorder and directional long interview mic, connected with a short 3 foot XLR cable, and he then points the mic at the folks he interviews. The benefit is that he can easily move around, and interview multiple people with the least amount of fuss.

If youre interested, he has a totally awesome class on Creative Live about Powering Your Podcast With Story Telling, and you can see his approach in action there. If youd like recommendations about good equipment choices for these sort of interview mics and digital recorders, just sign up for our podcasting resources guide.

Spring 2021 Update: I just checked out his class, and at the time of this update its only $29 at Creative Live, well worth it if you ask me. Here is an example technique video from the series:

Still, if you are an iPhone user and anticipate mostly recording one-on-one interviews, the SC6 is an excellent choice.

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The Rde Reporter App Is A Great Simple Audio Recorder For Podcasting On The Go

Forgot something you want to add to your podcast? After its connected, simply make your phone call and press record! Tapeacall, as advertised is very easy to use. One of the best options out there if you want to podcast with your smartphone. Voice memos app on your smartphone can get great podcast audio results a simple, yet fairly effective method is to have your guests record themselves using the voice memo app on their phone. While this method to record a phone call is our preferred method, there are a few other ways we want to mention.

Once youre finished, click the stop button. The price from a free app to $450aud recorder + $100 microphones and cables is quite a jump if youre not serious about your podcast. Use an app to record your podcast. With a few pieces of equipment you now know how to record a phone call for your podcast. All podcast participants should use standard landline phones.

Then, when your show is at an end, click the stop button. Sometimes, you want to listen to podcast or music stream but do not have a good internet connection. Voice memos app on your smartphone can get great podcast audio results a simple, yet fairly effective method is to have your guests record themselves using the voice memo app on their phone. Then, when your show is at an end, click the stop button. While this method to record a phone call is our preferred method, there are a few other ways we want to mention.

Configure Call Recorders Settings

When you launch Skype, a window will open that asks if youd like to configure Call Recorder. Click Yes. This opens Skypes Recording preference pane. Its within this window that you can configure Call Recorders audio and video settings. Choose Uncompressed in the Audio Encoding pop-up menu and your Skype calls will be recorded in AIFF format, which result in quite large files. If youd like good sounding files that dont take up as much space, choose AAC Compression from the Audio Encoding pop-up menu and High from the Audio Quality pop-up menu. As were not recording video, leave the video recording options as they are and close Skypes Preferences window. A small Call Recorder window will appear.

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Option : Recording Audio Locally

This is the most complex option and one you should use only if each person speaking has a good audio setup and is very comfortable with recording audio. If thats not you or your guest, Id advise moving to the next option.

What you need to record audio locally


  • If youre both recording using good quality podcast microphones and youre both in a good recording space, this will yield excellent audio quality
  • It allows each person to use an audio setup theyre comfortable with


  • It requires technical knowledge and equipment so its not something youre likely to be able to do with guests unless they have a mic and a good understanding of recording audio
  • You need to match up the tracks manually at the end, which can be a bit fiddly
  • You need to run additional software to see and hear each other e.g. Skype
  • There are plenty of remote recording websites out there now that make this process a lot easier

Pro tip

Inconsistent Ways Of Recording Guest Audio

Can You Use A Phone To Record Video For Podcast Interviews?

Several ways of recording audio are available, but some fallbacks that are attached to those methods can cause issues and make them unreliable.

Some people phone guests in and put the phone on speaker, then using an external recording device to record the audio. This leads to a poor quality of audio, as well as a final product that often is too quiet.

You can record and save audio over Skype with programs that can be downloaded to your computer, but this requires your guests to have access to Skype, and the audio recording programs often cost a lot of money.

Another method is using Google Hangouts broadcasted over a private YouTube channel, but this is dependent on a solid Internet connection. Everyone on the call must have a good connection in order for the podcast to be successful. If one personâs connection happens to fall through for even a second, the whole podcast could be a failure.

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How To Record A Cell Phone Interview To The Podcast

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Podcasting delivers media files to the user using Rss feed. Therefore to create a podcast one must record a media file and set it in the enclosure field of the RSS 2.0 feed. Although there may be some expenses a part of using recording equipment once recorded several softwares are for sale for free assist in editing the recorded files. Numerous tools will also present that aid us in creating RSS the second.0 feed.

You will have to add a review of your podcast. This are often prerecorded intro but there needs to be some information specific for this podcast. You might also consider using music.

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Though affiliates are awesome, you recycle for cash your own product as much as possible. Promote the heck out than it and let your customers know what theyre getting. Dont just sell your podcasts. Offer your customers something somewhat more. Provide bonuses, discounts, free content, along with incentives for trusting within your product.

Brief Your Guest Beforehand

You may want to jump on the phone with your guest prior to the interview to nut out a few details, for example, if youd like them to record a backup copy of the conversation. I highly recommend having a tech-focused preparation call prior to the interview to ensure the remote guest has a high-quality microphone, a free DAW of some kind installed on their computer , and a basic knowledge of how to record their own audio, says Salamon. We’ve created a small preparation PDF to send out to new guests, which provides instructions on downloading and installing the right software, which settings and preferences we suggest, proper microphone technique, and so on. This helps ensure a level of consistency with our guests.

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