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How To Say Thank You For Interview

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Is It Best To Send A Thank You Email Or A Note/letter

How to write a thank you note for an interview

I get asked this frequently: Whats your opinion on sending a thank you email, versus mailing a thank you letter after your interview?

For most people, I recommend email. There are three reasons why:

  • You can make sure it gets delivered at the exact time you want
  • Its easier and takes less time
  • Its more modern and simpler for the company
  • However, in specific cases, you may want to send a thank you letter in the mail after an interview.

    A paper thank you note/letter might be better if youre in a very traditional industry . Or if youre interviewing for a very high-level position .

    But for most job seekers, I recommend sending a thank you email.

    One more option to consider: You can write a personalized thank you card and then send a picture of it digitally, either in a LinkedIn message or in an email. Thats a good way to stand out and give a more personalized feel to a digital message.

    You Probably Need More Friendsheres How To Make Them

    2. Reinforce your interest in the position and company.

    Next, describe how your interest in the position and company has evolved since you applied for the role. Recap anything new you learned about the prospective company, as well as the specific team, during your job interview. Feel free to tie your renewed interest back to the companys mission, vision and values.

    Example: Your description of s culture, particularly its outspoken commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, fortifies my interest in joining the team. Moreover, your teams approach to enterprise sales is very similar to my current organizations approach.

    3. Highlight your job qualifications.

    After you reinforce your renewed interest in the company, underpin how you are qualified for the role. Summarize your experience, skills and any other necessary qualifications you possess. If appropriate, you can strategically weave in any relevant language from the job posting. Further, take time to remind the interviewer of what makes you fabulous.

    Example: As we discussed, I offer a unique blend of sales, marketing and business development experience from my decade-plus career. I bring a distinct approach to enterprise sales as a result of working both in-house and as a consultant.

    4. Briefly address any areas of opportunity .

    5. End with a focus on the future.

    What To Do If You Are Invited For A Second Interview

    Depending on the company you are interviewing with, you may be asked to come in for a second interview. This often happens with larger companies with more elaborate recruiting systems. However, small companies also use multiple interviews to ensure you are the right fit for their team.

    If you receive a phone call or email asking you to come in for a second interview, you want to collect as much information as possible about who you will be speaking with and how it may be different from the first interview.

    For example, you will want to ask questions like:

    • Will I be meeting with the same team members as the other day?
    • Is there anything specific that I should be ready to discuss?
    • Should I expect to be tested on any particular skills?

    Make a note of all of this information and then prepare accordingly.

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    Send Separate Emails To Each Interviewer

    If youre interviewed by several people, ask for their business cards at the conclusion of the interview so you’ll have the contact information for each thank-you email.

    Then, send email messages to each person who interviewed you. Your messages should vary somewhat so that the recipients can’t compare notes later and feel as if they just got a chain email.

    Dos And Donts For Bad Interview Follow Up Notes

    40 Thank You Email After Interview Templates

    Be very careful with this message! You dont want to draw attention to your error.

    DO send this message very soon after the interview, as soon as you are sure it is necessary particularly if you havent already sent a standard interview thank you note.

    DO use email probably the best method to use because it is so quick. If the organization is anti-technology or feels extremely traditional, a letter that is delivered quickly might be a better response. If you do deliver it by hand, do NOT socialize. Just drop it off be as low-profile as you can be.

    DO NOT make this message long or include too many details or apologies. Be brief. Make your point, and end the message.

    DO NOT send this message so quickly that you make errors in grammar or facts. Avoid misspellings and sending it to the wrong person. If possible, have someone else proof it for you.

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    Reiterate Why You’re A Good Fit For The Role

    Another good thing to include in your thank-you email is a reminder about why you’re a good fit for the role and excited about the opportunity. Mention specific points you talked about during the Zoom interview while emphasizing your interest in the role.

    Example:I was excited to hear that you are looking for a person who has excellent interpersonal and communication skills. As I have worked in customer service for five years and love meeting new people, I excel in these areas.

    Verify The Interviewer’s Email Is Correct

    When writing your email, input the interviewer’s address right before sending it. Review your notes or the contact information the interviewer gave you before sending the email to ensure you’re sending it to the right person. You should also ensure the spelling of their name is correct before sending the email to remain professional and polite.

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    More Complex Thank You Email

    Replace the text below with whatever terms are appropriate for you and your situation.

    Subject: Thank you for the interview on

    Dear :

    Thank you very much for your time today to interview me for the position of . I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about this job, to meet you and , and to see your facility .

    As we discussed, I have of experience with . With my background and experience, I believe that I could become a contributor to your team very quickly.

    I am excited about this opportunity to join . Please do not hesitate to email or call me if you have any questions or need any additional information.

    I look forward to hearing from you .

    Best regards,

    What To Do When You Are Offered A Job Position

    How to Write a Thank You Letter after a job interview

    This depends a great deal on your situation. The recruiter goes through a tough process deciding to offer you a job, but you have a lot to consider as well.

    You should realize that when you are offered a job, either by phone or by email, this initiates a process of negotiation. One of the basics of negotiation is that you never want to be taken by surprise since it can lead to an irrational decision. Therefore, when you receive the good news that a company wants to hire you, follow this process:

  • Let the recruiter do the talking Have him/her share as much information as possible regarding salary, benefits, starting date, etc.
  • Ask clarification questions If there is anything that you are unsure about, try to get some clarity.
  • Dont act too fast The emotion of getting offered a job may push you to want to accept right away. However, recruiters often dont expect an immediate decision. Therefore, ask when they need you to make a decision. Chances are you will have a day or two to think it over. But if the recruiter wants your decision sooner, try to negotiate at least a couple of hours.
  • Again, its important not to overlook the importance of all the post-interview steps discussed above. And frankly, each of these steps is far less cumbersome than the amount of effort you put into building your resume, writing your cover letter and preparing for an interview. So stay focused and see the process through to the end.

    Stephen Kent

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    Mention Why You Are The Best Candidate For The Job

    When writing a second interview thank-you note, it’s important to specifically state why you are the best candidate for the job. Since you made it to the second interview, the stakes are high, and you are definitely being compared to other highly-ranked candidates for the position.

    This second thank-you note needs to serve as a strong self-marketing statement. There may be something you forgot to mention during the interviewso this is an opportunity to bring it up.

    Show That You’re The Perfect Fit

    Along those same lines, employers want to be excited about you in the decision making process. Give them a reason to believe that you’re a perfect match for the position. Hiring managers choose candidates based on their alignment with the company. Skills, experience, values, and philosophy all come into play. Go back over the job listing and choose the two most important traits the company looks for in an applicant. Compare those traits to items in your resume and connect them. Look for the company’s mission statement and apply it to your own core beliefs. Don’t just make a claim. Show how you’ve applied these principles and values to your career and life. Here are two examples:

    Honesty, integrity, and dedication: These are the three principles I incorporate into my professional and personal life. In my previous role as , I applied these three values by

    In my previous role as , I applied my knowledge of by . Through this project, I learned the most important elements of any business are the clients we serve.

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    Keep Your Message Brief

    Since the interviewer may quickly scan your email, you should keep the content brief and simple. As you reread your email, try to delete any unnecessary information that may not be relevant to the interview or to your qualifications for the position. This will make it easier for the interviewer to quickly read your email and return to their work.

    Create Your Subject Line And Greeting

    40 Thank You Email After Interview Templates á? TemplateLab

    Once you’ve taken the necessary notes, you can build your email. Start with a subject line that briefly and clearly explains the reason for your email. This can be something like, “Thank You- Interview.” You can also include your first and last name after the words, “Thank You” for additional clarification.

    Your greeting can be something simple to start your email. You can write a friendly, but professional greeting like “Hello ” or “Dear .”

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    What Does Thank You For Your Consideration Mean

    Thank you for your consideration is a phrase often used at the closing of a job application, cover letter, letter of intent, or email to a recruiter or HR department.

    It is also the primary phrase used for thank you notes after interviews.

    Essentially, you are thanking the interviewers for taking the time to look over your application.

    Saying thank you for your consideration may seem like fluff added to the end of an email.

    And in some ways, it is.

    Obviously, you want the job, and you would be ever-grateful and happy for them to look over your materials and offer you the job.

    It is also a critical part of any thank you note after an interview.

    So why do you have to add this phrase or something with the same intent to the end of these communications?

    Because it is proper etiquette and employers expect to see a formal thank you at the end, acknowledging their efforts in the application process.

    So whats the best way of closing these types of communications with potential future employers?

    What is the best way of saying please look over my materials and I will be grateful forever or thank you so much for interviewing me, you wont regret it?

    Example Interview Thank You Email #:

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for your time yesterday. I enjoyed the interview and it was interesting to hear about how the team is expanding and the new types of customers youre trying to attract.

    Im confident that I can take what Ive learned at < Current Employers Name> and step into your role and be successful, so Im eager to hear your feedback when you have a chance.

    Dont hesitate to contact me in the meantime if you have any questions or concerns.

    Best regards, Biron Clark

    However, if youre in a more traditional or formal industry, or if you want to send a thank you note in the mail rather than email, one of the next two thank you note examples will be better.

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    Dont Bring Up Interview Mistakes

    What about if you flubbed an answer in your interview? Is the thank-you email a place to explain yourself, clarify a mistake you made, or provide a better answer than the one you gave in the heat of the moment?

    In most cases, you shouldnt bring it up at all, experts say.

    Dont remind an interviewer of negative aspects of an interview, Jensen said. Finish on a positive note.

    Manoske thinks it depends on the severity of the flub. He gave an example of a recent client of his who gave the interviewer an incorrect number . In her follow-up email, she briefly mentioned, I meant to say its X, not Y.

    That was one word, and it was so obvious, you didnt want to leave it out there, Manoske said. In general, Im 80 percent in agreement with the idea of, if I flubbed one, I dont want to bring it back.

    More Information About Interview Thank You Notes

    How to Write a Thank You Email After the Interview & WOW Them!

    About the author

    Online job search expert Susan P. Joyce has been observing the online job search world and teaching online job search skills since 1995. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a recent Visiting Scholar at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Susan is a two-time layoff graduate who has worked in human resources at Harvard University and in a compensation consulting firm. Since 1998, Susan has been editor and publisher of Follow Susan on Twitter at and on , .

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    Things To Avoid When Following Up

    At the same time, there are also a few things you should avoid:

    • Don’t Hound Your Interviewers: Initiatives such as a thank-you email and a follow-up a week or so later are more than enough. Beyond that, you won’t be promoting yourself you’ll be stressing them out. Remember that your goal is not only to show the hiring managers that youre qualified but also to convince them that they want to work with you.
    • Don’t Send Anything That Makes You Look Bad: This includes personal social media profiles that contain unprofessional pictures or behavior. Err on the side of caution when determining this. You might see nothing wrong with a photo of you enjoying a margarita on a tropical vacation, but the hiring manager might feel differently. Likewise, don’t send memes or be too casual in the tone of your email by using internet acronyms, etc.
    • Don’t Overwrite: Keep your message short and focused. The interviewer will not want to read a very long thank-you email. Focus on saying thank you and briefly reiterating your interest in the position.
    • Don’t Send Misspelled or Grammatically Incorrect Emails: Even professional editors make mistakes when they try to work on their own. Get another set of eyeballs to look over your work before you hit “send.”

    Bad Job Interview Sample Thank You Emails & Notes To Recover

    This is the thank you that you send to an interviewer when you absolutely positively KNOW that you really messed up in the job interview. If you feel like you need interview help, consider scheduling a mock interview.

    You were late, gave a bad answer, forgot to include something important in an answer, or made some other major error.

    In this message, apologize for your poor performance, bad behavior, or missing information, and try to recover.

    This thank you may save the opportunity. OR, it may remind them when you were less than impressive and end any opportunity you might have had.

    Sending a standard thank you note might be a better idea. See the samples in Formal Interview Thank You Notes and Sample Interview Thank You Email Messages.

    If you know for sure that they are not considering you, perhaps a thank you note after receiving a rejection is more appropriate that thank you note works much more often than you may think. But send it only when you really like the people you met and want very much to work for that employer.

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    How To Write The Perfect Thank You Email After Your Interview

    “Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to interview for this job.” Are you writing a thank you note or a thank you email after your interview? Use our free template to make that thank you easier than ever.

    Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash really

    How To Write A Job Interview Thank You Email

    40 Thank You Email After Interview Templates á? TemplateLab

    Leave the TO: field empty until you have completed, spell checked, and proofread the message .

    Adapt the text in this sample to your circumstances, and customize it to each individual who interviewed you.

    If you know the person who is receiving this thank you note, you can be less formal, as in Dear Mary vs. Dear Ms. Jones but err on the side of being more formal rather than less formal when in doubt.

    Send the thank you email from your personal email address, not your work account. If you dont have a personal email account, follow these tips to choose a professional email address that represents you well.

    Dont make the mistake of sending exactly the same message to everyone who interviewed you at an employer! Emails are easy to share. Vary the details a bit, or use the second, more customizable sample below.

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