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How To Schedule Multiple Interviews

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What To Consider When Evaluating A Job Offer

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Salary is importantbut its not the only factor to take into account when youre . Before you make your choice, you should also consider:

  • Employee benefits and perks: These include health insurance, sick time and paid time off, and retirement plans.
  • Stock options: Note that because not every startup turns into the next tech giant, these may not be a sufficient substitute for a higher salary.
  • Work-life balance: Perks like free meals and in-house gyms may sound great, but make sure theyre not a trap to keep you at work. Ask about work schedules, as well as job duties, to figure out if youll wind up staying late every night or checking email after your family goes to bed.

The Importance Of Scheduling

Scheduling is the art of planning your activities so that you can achieve your goals and priorities in the time you have available. When it’s done effectively, it helps you:

  • Understand what you can realistically achieve with your time.
  • Make sure you have enough time for essential tasks.
  • Add contingency time for “the unexpected.”
  • Avoid taking on more than you can handle.
  • Work steadily toward your personal and career goals.
  • Have enough time for family and friends, exercise and hobbies.
  • Achieve a good work-life balance.

Time is the one resource that we can’t buy, but we often waste it or use it ineffectively. Scheduling helps you think about what you want to achieve in a day, week or month, and it keeps you on track to accomplish your goals.

Technology For Scheduling Interviews And Calendar Events

In an effort to better schedule and track your interviews, we recommend utilizing the latest cloud calendar technology. Using different calendar software tools will make it easier to provide your candidates with self-service options for selecting their interview times, as well as a means for you to manage your entire interview schedule efficiently. Although the choice of calendar tools may likely change over time, for now, here are some of the tools we recommend:

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Use Mobile Apps To Enable Quicker Access To Candidate Information

Use mobile recruiting apps to combine tasks into one system and eliminate time-sucking paper-based organization. Create custom email templates to send messages quicker and avoid getting bogged down in email communication. Manage all recruiting processes from one platform, to allow offline accessibility and giving you more time to spend with candidates during the workday.

Are you interested in apps to further help your productivity as a recruiter? Read, .

With over 30 years of experience in the talent acquisition space, Steve Tiufekchiev is a seasoned executive with a passion for using technology to solve recruiting problems. Currently the VP of Strategic Partnerships at Yello, Steve evangelizes recruitment change by prioritizing candidate experience and replacing manual hiring processes with streamlined solutions. In doing so, Steve makes it easier for recruiters to love their work.

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Put The Candidate Name In The Meeting Topic Box

Interview Schedule Template

Always double-and-triple check the meeting topic entry. By default, Zoom should put Zoom Meeting after the name, but depending on the app youre using to schedule, it might put something different. This makes it very easy to tell your interviews apart so you can launch the correct interview at the correct time.

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Why Would You Have Multiple Job Interviews

When searching for jobs, it’s common to receive job interviews from different companies, especially if you apply to a lot of positions. Often, companies will give you their decision within two weeks of your interview. If you have several interviews within a few weeks, it’s possible to receive several job offers within this time.

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Candidate Scheduling Hacks Every Recruiter Needs To Know

In between setting up phone screens, attending college recruiting events, moving candidates through the interview process and sourcing new candidates, time is a valuable commodity for recruiters. Streamline your workload by automating candidate scheduling, so you can spend more time sourcing candidates and making offers. Here are six scheduling hacks every recruiter needs to know.

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Be Cognizant Of Workflow

Whenever possible, try to arrange interview times on days you will be missed the least. Prepare for your absence by getting work done in advance, if feasible. Your absence will be tolerated more easily if your work is getting done.

Remember that at some point you will probably need a favorable reference from your current employer. Since a job search can take several months, you don’t want to be viewed as a slacker during this time. Work some evenings or weekends, if necessary, to maintain your image as a strong contributor.

Streamline Scheduling Interviews With Applicants Using Automation

How to schedule and Email interview candidate from Excel

Templates are a useful tool that can help you schedule interviews, but as your interview process scales, creating more efficiency in the process oftentimes becomes necessary to meet your company’s hiring objectives. You can further streamline the process by automating interview scheduling, saving recruiters the time it takes to schedule an interview, which can be upwards of 30 minutes. HireVue’s automated scheduling solution integrates with all major calendaring systems and will pull availability from hiring managers’ calendars, allowing candidates to self select the time that works best for them.

When a candidate’s status is updated in your ATS, they will automatically receive a text or email, similar to the templates we’ve shared with you, inviting them to schedule an interview time. Automated text reminders will be sent, and rescheduling, whether triggered by the hiring manager or candidate, is all handled automatically – helping reduce no-show rates.

Plus, with on-demand video interviewing, the need for scheduling is eliminated, as candidates can take the interview on their own time, and hiring managers and recruiters can look back at answers and assessments when it’s convenient for them. Beyond ease, you also are evaluating candidates consistently and based on core competencies necessary to perform well in a certain role, backed by IO psychology.

Want to learn more about taking scheduling off your to-do list?

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Have A Pool Of Trained Interviewers Available

Provide interviewer training well before you need to, so multiple people are available to interview at a moments notice. This can provide each candidate with more scheduling options, and can prevent you from needing to reschedule if something comes up for an interviewer. Prepare interview kits with interview questions, skill assessments, interviewer instructions, and an interview feedback form. This ensures that all candidates receive the same experienceregardless of who interviews them. In addition to providing a consistent and positive candidate experience, you can keep your interview process moving along so you can get an offer out faster.

What Is An Mmi

A multiple mini interview consists of a series of short, structured interview stations used to assess non-cognitive qualities including cultural sensitivity, maturity, teamwork, empathy, reliability and communication skills.

Prior to the start of each mini interview rotation, candidates receive a question/scenario and have a short period of time to prepare an answer. Upon entering the interview room, the candidate has a short exchange with an interviewer/assessor. An MMI circuit varies in the number of stations and timing of each station.

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Brief Interview Schedule Template

Use this brief interview schedule form as-is or expand it to suit your needs. The template is divided into sections for the interview opening, body, and closing, with checkboxes that provide a visual reference of completed parts. Use the space at the top for information about the applicant and the position applied for. Add your interview questions to complete the template.

Tips For Handling Multiple Job Interviews

Interview Schedule Sample Template Download Printable PDF ...

Here are some tips for managing multiple job interviews and employment offers:

  • Schedule interviews close together. This helps you remember details from your interviews. Also, if you receive offers, they should be around the same time, meaning you shouldn’t have to request much time to make your decision.

  • You don’t need to mention other interviews or job offers during your first interview with a company, especially if you know the interview process includes several progressive stages. If the hiring manager or recruiter asks you directly if you’re interviewing at other places, you can say yes but leave out the specifics.

  • Make sure you have an official job offer before making any requests.

  • Only accept an offer you intend to take. Backing out of an acceptance can reflect poorly on you and may affect your career.

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How To Schedule Job Interviews When You Have A Job

What’s the best way to schedule job interviews when you’re employed? It can be hard to juggle job interviews when youre working. Some employers may bring a candidate in for multiple rounds of interviews or conduct a series of lengthy interviews in a single day. There are a wide variety of formats for the interview process before reaching the final interview.

If you are going for many interviews, that can add up to a lot of time that youll need to take off from workwithout the guarantee of getting a new job. In some cases, the first round or two are phone or video interviews, which can make it easier to manage. In other cases, its more complicated.

Its important to carefully manage the time you take to interview, so you dont jeopardize the job you have. Here are tips for scheduling job interviews when youre employed.

Recruiting Remotely Without A Hitch

Its never an easy shift moving from in-person operations to remote recruiting. You can eliminate much of the confusion and errors that come from this transition by using reliable tools. They can streamline your remote interviewing process, eliminating time spent trying to navigate the complexities of time zones, scheduling between multiple interviewers, and worrying if your calling platform will work without fail.

Thats why recruiters who use Interview Schedule are anywhere from 40-70% more efficient than their counterparts who schedule manually. A reliable, automated tool like Interview Schedule will be game changing for your team book a free demo below and see for yourself!

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Find Times And Create Interview Schedule

To begin, navigate to a candidate profile where scheduling is required and click Schedule Interview .

From the Scheduling for candidate page, click the Settings icon at the top right to change the calendar type or calendar name.

The Scheduling for candidate page shows the interview you selected to schedule in the scheduling panel on the left, and a calendar view on the right. The calendar view displays one date at a time, with a column for each of the selected interviews to be scheduled.

The candidate’s submitted availability is reflected in the calendar view in white. Times shown in grey are outside the candidate’s submitted availability.

Begin filling in details for the interview by entering one or more interviewers. When you select a user to conduct a specific interview, the corresponding interview column on the calendar displays that interviewer’s availability. Depending on your organization’s settings, you can add a location or resource to the left-hand panel to see the resource’s availability reflected on the calendar as well.

Select a date and time for the first interview. You can enter the date and time manually using the scheduling panel on the left, or you can double-click the calendar view on the right to create a new event.

Once you have completed the necessary fields for the selected interviews, click Schedule and Continue at the bottom right of the page.

How To Schedule Candidate Interviews With Event Scheduler

How long does it take to prepare for the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)? | BeMo Academic Consulting

Interview scheduling has always been one of the most frustrating and time consuming chores of recruiting. Event scheduler lets you schedule interviews with more than one person. It works with your synced calendar to automatically check the availability of all interviewers. When sharing an event scheduler link with a candidate, they will be able to choose a time slot that suits them and every interviewer involved.

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Coordinate With Hiring Teams Early On

To reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks during your hiring process, coordinate well beforehand. Arrange a quick meeting with your hiring team to discuss how to schedule interviews before you start receiving applications. For example, you could ask your hiring team to:

  • Let you know if theyre busy during particular days or times. This will help you prioritize other days for scheduling interviews, increasing the chance that your hiring team will accept times you propose.
  • Provide you with a few convenient time slots in advance. For example, hiring managers may know that they can make some time for interviews on Thursday afternoons or on particular dates.
  • That way, you can check their scheduled meetings to avoid overlaps with your interview invites.

If you are tracking your recruiting yield ratios and time-to-hire, you can estimate how many interviews you need to conduct and when. Ask hiring teams to keep this information in mind, so they can plan ahead.

Move the right people forward faster

Easily collaborate with hiring teams to evaluate applicants, gather fair and consistent feedback, check for unconscious bias, and decide whos the best fit, all in one system.

Tip #: Automate Scheduling

Finding a block of time that works for interview panelists and the candidate has always been a challenge. Its even more difficult when accounting for things like time zones, interviewer preferences, and balancing the interview load between various colleagues. 60% of recruiters say that they have lost candidates just while trying to get them scheduled– so miscommunication and time wasted can be fatal to the candidate experience.

To avoid these issues, input your interviewer preferences and sequence into software, and let it handle the scheduling. Building a panel interview can take 60-90 minutes if done manually, which is time that could be spent on the candidate. You can reduce this number to minutes with tools like Interview Schedule it will automatically factor interviewer availability and time zones into your request, and give you the best options. To make things even easier, our Loops feature flags conflicts immediately, so you can solve them while booking instead of sending a string of individual messages after the fact.

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Ask For An Official Offer

If you receive a verbal offer, ask for a formal, printed version. This can ensure that the offer is valid and provide more details about what the company is including. It may also provide you an extra day or two to interview elsewhere or think about your options as the company prepares the printed offer.

What Is Interview Scheduling

Interview Schedule Template

Interview scheduling is not a single task, but a long process wherein the recruiter runs around to get the list of the interviewers and panel members from the hiring managers, discuss the interview slots with the interviewers, fix the venue, and schedule the interview, and finally notify the busy candidates of the various rounds of interviews.

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Do Not Schedule Interviews Before Or After Long Breaks And Holidays

You want companies to make a decision on your candidacy as soon as possible. If there is a long break or an upcoming holiday, try not to schedule an interview during that time as the hiring committee wont be able to make an immediate decision. They can only make that decision once they are back from the break. This can hurt your chances of making it through the interview as they lose small signals from the conversation that can work in your favor and only have interview notes to look at while making the decision. It is hard to capture all the subjective information in the interview notes and the interviewer loses all the context when they are actually making a decision.

During interviews, interviewers recency bias works in your favor.

Scheduling interviews after long breaks is tricky as well as people are still recovering from the holiday hangover and have not reached their peak productivity/focus/attention yet. Interviews scheduled mid-week away from the holiday season work the best.

Are there other interview scheduling tips that have worked in your favor? Feel free to share them in the comments with the broader community 🙂

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Interview Appointment Schedule Template

This blank interview schedule template is a simple Excel spreadsheet for listing applicant names, interview dates and times, and key details. Customize the template by adding or removing columns to suit your needs. An appointment schedule makes it easy to keep track of interviews, get a quick overview of who is scheduled at a specific time period, or search for particular details.

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How To Schedule Your Time

Set a regular time to do your scheduling at the start of every week or month, for example.

There are a number of different tools to choose from. A simple and easy way to keep a schedule is to use a pen and paper, organizing your time using a weekly planner.

You can also use apps and software such as Google Calendar®, MS Outlook® and Canva. Choose a scheduling tool that suits your situation, the current structure of your job, your personal taste, and your budget.

The most important thing when choosing your planner is that it lets you enter data easily, and allows you to view an appropriate span of time in the level of detail that you need.

Once you have decided which tool you want to use, prepare your schedule in the following way:

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