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How To Score An Interview

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What Does An Interview Score Sheet Look Like


Interview score sheets can take many forms but weve put together this interview score sheet template to help you get started.

Interview score sheets set out the criteria that every candidate is evaluated against. They usually have some common criteria across the organization with each location, department, or job role usually requiring some custom skills-based criteria.

Most score sheets use a simple rating system to keep things as objective as possible and make it as easy as possible to rank candidates. An additional comments section can be included for interviewers to capture any notes.

Interview Evaluation Form Template

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List the core skills and credentials required for a position, along with other qualities that you want to rank, such as communication style, preparation for the interview, or initiative. Evaluate a candidate by assigning a score to each item based on how well they meet the requirements. The template includes a rating scale to indicate whether a competency was absent, average, or excellent. You may also want to include notes to record why you gave a certain score.

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After completing an evaluation form and assigning scores to indicate how a candidate ranks for each requirement, use this scorecard template to add up overall scores and get a quick overview of results. It can also be used to calculate average scores and see how many items received high or low scores. Add notes to support the decisions and recommendations based on the data collected.

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Once candidates have been ranked for interview performance, relevant experience, skills, and other factors, you can compare their scores to those of other applicants. This scorecard shows the candidates side by side, along with overall ratings to help you decide which candidates will move on to the next part of a hiring process. Include interviewer names and notes to keep track of each step in making hiring decisions.

Why Should We Choose You

A stressful question, but it is also one of the common interview questions. Your potential employer would like to know how you deal with stressful situations. Stay calm and take some time to answer. Then repeat some of your most important qualifications and specify their connection to the job’s range of duties. Calmly and succinctly state that you can fulfill the requirements and take on the challenges.

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Simple Interview Evaluation Form

Simple Interview Evaluation Form

Use this template if youre just looking for a one-page document to jot down notes and score the candidate on 5-10 job qualifications. This is the best and easiest interview evaluation form to use if your interviewers dont have much experience interviewing. Its simple and allows raters to assess each candidate using three choices .

Because these templates are editable, you can modify each to suit your particular needs by changing the text in the categories, modifying the rating scale, or adding your own logo.

Common Job Interview Questions

Sample Interview Score Sheet

A decision on your future career can be made in just a few short minutes the job interview is one of the most nerve-wracking moments in life. However, it is also a unique chance to show your potential employer that you are the right candidate. The interviewer would like to learn as much about you as possible during your interview and will ask some of the common interview questions to determine your motivation, qualifications, strengths, and weaknesses.

Using all of these jigsaw pieces the interviewer then tries to put together an overall picture of who you are. Remember that those who are armed for the interview can give specific answers and score points. Some questions are asked in just about every interview and are thus common interview questions:

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Simplify Your Selection Process

Your selection process after the interviews should be far easier as comparisons can quickly be made between candidates on certain questions or qualities. If a candidate has been interviewed more than once then interviewers can see if they wrote similar comments and scores. If youre using the scorecards feature of your applicant tracking system, you should be able to quickly order candidates by any criteria or drill down for more information about a particular candidates score.

Make Employers Apply To You

Something that advertisers do well is turning something completely on its head to get attention. White is black, up is down, and in is out. When it comes to hunting for a job, why not make yourself the target and have employers look for you? Create a flyer that says Employer wanted, must have clean fingernails and a 401 plan, or design a poster with the same idea. Dont think it will work? It already has for Andrew Horner, a young programmer who decided to stop looking for jobs and instead got employers to apply to him. His website, Reverse Job Application, garnered very favorable results and led to many reverse applications and a job offer. So, think how you can get the mouse to come to the cat its easier than chasing it around.

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Create Something That Goes Viral

YouTube is wonderful for many reasons, one being that you dont have to have money or power to become popular. Videos go viral, and when they do, millions of people see them. Now, if you happen to create one that also ties in with something you do for a living, or that targets a potential employer, thats when you could hit interview gold. A famous example of this is Justin Bieber. As a young boy, he posted a video of himself covering Justin Timberlakes Cry Me A River. We all know what happened to him. People in advertising have done this to score jobs at some of the worlds biggest agencies, including Crispin, Porter & Bogusky. YouTube works. You just need great content.

To Increase Objectivity In Your Hiring Process

How to Score a Job Interview

Hiring is, by nature, subjective. Considerations like cultural fit and leadership style are hard to quantitatively define. However, by quantifying as much of the process as you can, you remove the potential for unrelated variables to affect who you hire. An interview scorecard with objective metrics means:

  • Hiring decisions arent affected by which candidates you interviewed when you were having a bad day
  • Candidates wont blend together, and youll be able to recall whose answer to question five was better
  • Better-looking but less-qualified applicants will lose out to the less put-together but more experienced ones

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How To Create An Interview Rating Sheet

Set measurements and requirements as a team:

  • Make sure the criteria that you will be assessing candidates on is agreed upon by a diverse group of people. Make sure everyone on the team has had a chance to input here. This will help make sure that all the scoring criteria is relevant and that nothing important has been left out. This will also allow you to make sure you have interviewed the candidate on all technical aspects required for the job.

Make sure the scoring system is clear:

  • This one almost goes without saying. Make sure you have a clear scoring system and be explicit in it. For example if you are using a 1 to 5 system, make sure you have clearly stated on the form that 1 is poor and 5 is excellent. This will help clear up any costly confusion.

Allow room for comments:

  • Encourage and focus on a clear rating system, but still leave room for comments. Candidates are always full of surprises and unique value propositions. Make sure your sheet has a place for interviewers to write down comments under each section on the sheet.

What Is A Behavioral Interview Scoring Matrix

A behavioral interview scoring matrix, otherwise known as a hiring matrix, interview scorecard or interview rubric is what recruiters use when scoring candidates in interviews to help them make the most efficient hiring decision.

The hiring matrix is used to rank and score all candidates for a role based on their skills, qualifications, experience and personality.

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Decide On A Format For Your Scoring Sheet

The actual design of your scoring sheet is the last step, and also the most forgiving. So long as a scoring sheet allows the interviewer to clearly score each individual question and add all the scores, it should be fine. In general, though, visual simplicity is preferable, and theres no need to have more than one column for each candidate youre scoring.

Scorecard To Compare Candidates Side By Side

FREE 9+ Interview Score Sheet Samples in PDF

Once all your interviews are complete for all your candidates for a given position, youll need a way to capture the summary data for each candidate and compile it into a comparative scorecard. This lets you compare how candidates performed in the interview on an apples-to-apples basis.

Heres an example of how the data might look for three candidates who interviewed for the same retail job.

Interview Evaluation Candidate Comparison Scorecard

This tool allows you to document and rate candidates fairly and can come in handy if you ever have a claim of interviewer bias or unfair hiring practices filed against your company. You would be able to show how each candidate compared to one another and will have documentation as to why you choose to hire one person, and not to hire another individual.

Youll notice that Sues average ratings score was higher than Billys, and so is her average overall score . Sue is the top candidate per HR in terms of candidate rank and whether or not to proceed.

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Pros Of Using Interview Scoring Sheets

There are several benefits that using scorecards during an interview can provide. These benefits include:

  • Helping the interview to stay on track: By following preselected questions and interviewing each candidate in a similar manner using an objective rating system, interviews are much more likely to go according to plan.
  • Keeping interviews consistent: Scorecards can help ensure interviews remain consistent from candidate to candidate and that interviewers follow an objective outline of questions when interviewing people for a position.
  • Helping candidate evaluations remain objective: Interviews can easily become subjective depending on the interviewers biases, personal preferences and initial impression of candidates. Using scorecards to move through the interview is a good way to maintain objectivity and consistency and rate interviewees using the same scale.
  • Helping interviewers remember each candidate: When performing multiple interviews, its easy to forget the specifics of each interview and keep the opinions about candidates separate. By using scorecards to track thoughts and impressions, interviewers can easily review each candidate and recall how the interview went.

Tips For Great Job Interviews

From researching the company to handling certain key interview questions, make sure you make a great impression and ace your next job interview by following these 20 tips.

Want to ace your next interview and land thatopen job youve been seeking? Here are 20 tips to help you prepare.1. Research the industry and company.An interviewer may ask how you perceive his company’s position in its industry, who the firm’s competitors are, what its competitive advantages are, and how it should best go forward. For this reason, avoid trying to thoroughly research a dozen different industries. Focus your job search on just a few industries instead.

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Unique Ways To Score A Job Interview

This series is brought to you by TurboTax Federal Free Edition.

These days, scoring a job interview is tough enough, let alone getting the position. With dozens of applicants for every job, standing out in the crowd is more important than ever. And youll also need a little help from lady luck, too.

But, saying that, Im a firm believer in creating your own luck. There are always ways you can put the odds in your favor, and in some cases, have potential employers coming to you. Believe it or not, even in the toughest economy, truly valuable employees are still hard to find. Sadly, they often stay invisible by not doing what it takes to put a spotlight on themselves. And its pointless being a rock star if you only sing in your basement.

Here then are 12 unique ways you can score a job interview, based on my experiences in advertising and marketing. Try one or try them all, but do not use all 12 on the same employer. Remember, theres a fine line between being eager and annoying, and you dont want to be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

How To Make An Interview Scorecard And Why Scorecards Help Education Organizations Make Better Hiring Decisions

How to Score 100% on a Job Interview | Ask Kimberly

Conducting interviews can be the most inspiring part of the hiring process. As education organizations, our aim is to collaborate with coworkers who push us towards our impact-driven missions while getting the job done. Sometimes, identifying those coworkers seems impossible. But it doesnt have to be. Thats where the power of interview scorecards comes into play.

For years, the private sector has used interview scorecards to successfully vet candidates. This popular tool not only helps thousands of companies decrease their employee turnover. It also increases their bottom line.

For the education field, our bottom line is our kids. Every day, we strive to make sure our children have the access, resources and support they need to learn and prosper. The only way were able to do that is by having the right people in place to achieve that goal.

So why havent more education organizations adopted this hiring method? A few trailblazing organizations have effectively woven interview scorecards into their success stories. After reading this, we hope youll be able to do the same.

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Should You Tell Candidates About The Scorecards

Inform the candidates you are interviewing that you will be using a scoring sheet throughout the interview, and give them an overview of how you will be assessing them. This allows them to have a better understanding of what youre looking for and how their candidacy will be rated. Transparency is a two-way street, and you should always empower candidates to put their best foot forward.

Improve Interviewing With Smartsheet For Human Resources

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When teams have clarity into the work getting done, theres no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time. Try Smartsheet for free, today.

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Do A Public Relations Stunt

These stunts are often a great way for ad agencies to stretch the budgets of their clients. Buying media space in a newspaper, in a magazine, or on TV costs a lot of money. But if you can do a stunt that gets coverage, you can get massive exposure on a minimal budget. Think of a way to get yourself noticed that is relevant to your career path. For instance, take your design skills to the street and draw a giant, illustrated chalk resume outside of the building of a future employer. Who wouldnt notice that? It could even get news coverage. Remember, with the advent of 24-hour news, channels are always looking for stories. Do the easy part for them. Let them know where youll be and why youre doing it. You could even spend some money buying your very own billboard. Of course, that takes a lot of money, but it may just pay off.

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years

Sample job interview score sheet in Word and Pdf formats ...

Your answer to this common interview question should be goal-oriented and realistic. Avoid mentioning that the vacant position is perhaps only a springboard. An answer such as “I would like to develop myself further and take on more responsibility in the future” will be positively received by the interviewer.

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How Structured Interviews Relate To Scoring Sheets

Scoring sheets are an attempt to make hiring more consistent and objective. However, they cant achieve this goal effectively unless your interviews themselves are consistent. To this end, you need to design a structured interview that lends itself a consistent rating system with consistent scoring.

Training Interviewers To Use This Form

Weve tried to keep it simple, with 10 questions, room to jot a reminder note about each rating, and a simple 3-point rating scale for interviewers to choose from. All interviewers should use the same form and rating system for consistency. In addition to training on how to conduct an interview, as well as what not to ask, your interviewer training can be as simple as showing the interviewer how to use and score the form:

  • Complete form info, such as interviewer name, candidate name, job title, and date
  • Rate candidate on each of the questions by using a checkmark
  • Once they complete the interviewer evaluation ratings, count the number of each poor, ok and great ratings and write that number at the bottom of the interview evaluation form
  • Interviewers then circle their overall rating
  • Last, they should indicate yes or no on whether they recommend the candidate
  • If they have comments as to why they made a recommendation, they can write those in

Scoring the Simple Interview Evaluation Form Example

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