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How To Sell Yourself In An Interview

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Use Your Responses To Separate Yourself From The Competition

How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview

Advanced interview preparation and practise is a key method in which you can distinguish yourself from similarly qualified individuals. You may want to try out the company’s products and services as a customer to get additional insight into what they do from the consumer perspective. If the opportunity arises, ask targeted questions that demonstrate the hard work you have put into researching the company in advance.

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Analyse The Job Posting

A job posting usually has a job description that indicates some skills and qualities the interviewer is looking for. Remember to use some of these keywords in your interview so that the hiring manager knows that you suit the open role. This may give you a higher chance of successfully outperforming the other candidates for that job position. You may also wish to consider using synonyms of adjectives in the job description to highlight your suitability for the role.

Talk About Things Other Than Work

Nobody wants to hire a person who is not culturally fit for the company, even if they are excellent at their job. So, make sure to show some personality in the interview by talking about your hobbies and interests with the interviewers.

It lightens the mood and creates a good atmosphere for a positive and likable interview.

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To Sell Or Not To Sell

Everything we do has a sales aspect to it. From convincing a toddler to eat their broccoli to asking your roommate to help you move the couch, we all face the challenge of getting someone to do something we need done. A job interview is simply a high-stakes example of the same puzzle.

If you hate the idea of self-promotion, start with the facts. Think about what your mentor or boss would say about your greatest strengths . What comes easily to you but is challenging for many others? What examples and numbers might help substantiate your case?

Preparing for the interview can help alleviate some of the nerves you might be feeling, but be careful not to over-rehearse. Spend some time developing great questions. Finally, remember that the interview is a two-way street. Use this time and space to determine whether the position is a great fit for you and let your enthusiasm and curiosity lead the way.

Not sure if you are showcasing yourself properly in the job interview? Let one of our TopInterview coaches help you out!

Be Enthusiastic But Talk Slowly

Sell yourself

No matter what is the question that recruiters ask, you need to show your enthusiasm in your responses. It shows a positive personality and eagerness to learn.

However, while being excited is a good idea, you have also to ensure that you’re not talking fast. It won’t be easy to understand what you’re saying when you speak fast. And it might turn off the recruiter’s attention.

“Show your confidence by talking slowly.”

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Get Straight To The Point

A lot of you have a habit of going on and on without realizing that youre going on a tangent. You probably love to talk, and thats perfectly alright. However, its important to understand that youre in an interview and everyones time is precious, including yours. Besides, nobody wants to talk about marketing or web development and be led to what your cat ate for dinner.

Heres what could happen if youre exhibiting verbal diarrhoea:

  • Youll sound vague.
  • Youll bore the interviewer with stories they dont want to hear.
  • The interviewer will feel like youre not interested in what theyre talking about.
  • The interviewer might think that you lack knowledge of the subject and deviate from the answer to cover that up.

Heres what you can do to keep your answers in check:

  • Be conscious of what has been asked and what youre saying.
  • If you have the urge to keep talking, try drinking a glass of water after youve answered their question in two or three statements. This can distract you to stop talking more than is required. Ive tried this and it works.
  • Time your answers in a mock interview before the actual one. Youll know if youre going overboard with your answers. Practice curbing that before the actual interview.

Practice Until It Feels Natural

Just like you would practice for an important speech or a big performance, you must practice for your interview. Most people know this is true, but my experience shows that few candidates actually put enough time into effective practice.

Practicing is especially important for those inclined to modesty

In Step 2, you outlined your main speaking points in writing .

To make sure you can deliver this crucial information in a compelling and natural way, youll need to speak those selling points out loud .

I cant emphasize the value of practice enough. The process of practicing can feel awkward , but it allows you to work out the kinks BEFORE you walk into the interview.

As you practice, youll likely make tweaks to the content and how you deliver it. Your answers should come out a little bit differently each time, but still, cover the selling points that youve identified as most important.

This practice will also make you more comfortable with saying positive things about yourself and help you own your strengths in your own voice.

Finally, practice will help you with remembering what you want to say even if your nerves act up when the pressure is on in the interview.

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Keep The Document Concise

Make the resume content well-structured, meaningful and consistent. In this case, it will be comfortable to scan through for a reader. Moreover, the way your resume is structure can tell about your personal attributes. If the text is well-structured, employers assume that the candidate knows how to work with information and can clearly outline the most important points.

Why Should You Read On


Were working in a world where we have more options than ever before. We have full-time remote jobs, hybrid working models that offer flexible timings, and digital nomadism. Having a job isnt slavery anymore. In many organizations, you have the upper hand in choosing your preferred work model and creating your own career path. You have more choices and freedom than you had just two years ago. These tips can help you not only ace your job interviews but can also help you create an impact in any kind of public conversation where influencing someone is required.

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Dress Well For The Interview

We have always heard that “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

However, people judge a book by its cover in real life.

Else companies won’t put so much money into creating attractive covers.

Similarly, in an interview, your dressing and grooming matter as much as your skills and experiences.

Research the company and its culture and sees what type of dressing they prefer.

Although even the company has a casual dress code, still try to wear a formal dress in your initial interviews.

Always Quantify Your Achievements

Metrics sell, says Cole, which is why its important to use hard numbers when describing your accomplishments. So, instead of saying, I led a successful project, say, The project I led reduced costs by 35%, shaved four days off from start to finish, and landed us seven huge new clients in the first 10 days, Cole recommends.

Also, avoid using empty clichés, like saying that youre a team player or hard worker. Instead, back up your claims with relevant stories that show how youve applied your skills in the past.

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Start With The Job Description

As part of your interview prep, you will need to read and re-read the job interview to gain insights into what the organisation is seeking. When reading the job interview keep one question in mind: how can I add value?. Grab a notebook and jot down desirable skills and qualities mentioned in the description that you feel apply to you. For each point, think of a time when you demonstrated this skill or quality. This exercise will help you to develop talking points that are relevant to the companys needs.

What Are Your Biggest Strengths

Your Most Important Sale: How to Sell Yourself in an Interview

Interviewers ask this question because they want to know how well your skills and attributes align with the job position your applying for. Before the interview, create a list of your strengths and how they support the desired position. Think about how your traits, transferrable skills and knowledge-based skills have shaped who you are and what you have to offer.

Example: I have many strengths that help me be successful at work. First, I have a strong work ethic that drives me to meet deadlines well ahead of schedule. I enjoy feeling the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing a job well and on time. Second, I am passionate about what I do, which makes me feel happy when Im working. Third, I have extensive experience managing a team of writers over the past five years and feel that it will help me lead the creative team here.

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How To Sell Yourself In An Interview Without Feeling Ingenuine

Here’s how to sail through an interview without the gimmicky, salesy feeling.

If you had a choice between having a root canal and selling yourself in an interview, which would you choose?

If you run an informal poll at the office or at a family gathering, you will see that plenty of people would rather be in a dentist’s chair. Those of us whose primary job isn’t in sales tend to rebel against the notion that we must sell ourselves in order to get a job. The words bring up every negative interaction we’ve ever had with a pushy, fast-talking, commission-focused salesperson. We don’t want to be that. Yet, in order to get the job, you still need to highlight the qualities that you have to offer to prospective employers.

Here’s how to sell yourself in an interview without feeling ingenuine.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time Beforehand

One of the first ways you can make a positive impression on your interviewer is by simply showing up on time. When I was in DECA in high school, I learned that this doesn’t just mean being there on the dot but being seated and ready 15 minutes prior to showtime.

While many interviews are virtual these days, career coach AJ Vollmoeller, the president and owner of Future Force Staffing & Résumés, says that it’s helpful to log into the video chat program ahead of time to make sure you’re familiar with the functionality of the microphone and camera. On the other end of the spectrum, he says that for in-person interviews, it helps to drive to the place of the interview the day before to make sure you can find it.

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Choose An Outfit Suited To The Industry

Being overdressed is usually better than being underdressed. However, turning up to a casual workplace in a power suit can make it seem like you didnt do your research on the company beforehand. As a general rule, you should always err on the side of being too smart. Just because everyone in the office wears jeans and trainers to work every day, it doesnt mean you can wear it to the interview. Put simply, you should dress to impress.

Bring Authentic Energy On Camera

HOW TO Sell Yourself in an INTERVIEW!

Now that I am dressed comfortably in my casual attire, it’s time to sell the real me. I always do my best to provide a warm welcome at the beginning of the interview. Since I have a big personality, I try to convey my excitement, passion, and drive throughout the entire interview.

Most companies are looking for a culture fit so it’s important to let the interview panel know who you are on camera without being fake. Please be the real you so you can easily describe your expertise and past work experience.

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Channel The Perspective Of The Reader

Another technique to building the content for your cover letter is to know your audience. It might be helpful to use a writing style and include details that relate to the interests of the reader. For example, if you address your cover letter to a representative in the human resources department, then you can use straightforward language and focus on the qualifications that the job description outlined. However, if the reader is the direct supervisor of your desired position, then you can incorporate your industry knowledge and cite specific examples of your professional experience.

Before you apply for the role, investigate the party who may read your cover letter. You can consult the company’s website and search for an employee with the title of “hiring manager” or “recruiter.” Some job searching platforms enable employers to include profiles of the professional who posted the opening, which can offer insight into who’s spearheading the hiring process. Once you identify your audience, anticipate what they may want to know about you and write your cover letter to capture their attention.

Tailor Yourself To Meet Company Needs

One of the most important sales tactics is to know your customer. In the case of selling yourself for an interview, it is vital that you understand the potential employers needs and desires to the best of your ability. Read the job description, investigate the companys history and learn about its corporate culture. Ask yourself, What does the company need from someone in this role? After developing your answer, be sure to craft your answers to common interview questions in a way that showcases your understanding of their position and your unique ability to fulfill their needs.

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How To Sell Yourself During A Job Interview: 7 Tips You Must Follow

Sales is an art, and if youre the artist, are you hall of fame worthy? Dont worry were not here to judge if you can sell media space or a pen to a customer. Were not preparing you for a sales position in a company. This article is all about how to sell yourself in a job interview.. Easy? Relieved?

Lets bust that illusion because selling yourself for an interview is tougher than you think. In a world of 7.7 billion people, half of which are competing for a job, can you ace that interview and grab your dream job even if you have no experience? With some simple tips, you can.

Get ready to be surprised because you probably never paid attention to the tips Im going to talk about.

Get Familiar With Your Own Resume

How To Sell Yourself In A Job Interview

The interviewer is going to be looking at your resume and asking about it during the conversation, with questions like: This role that you held two years ago looks interesting, what did your day to day work involve here?

And if youre not familiar with what you put on your resume, its going to be tough to answer this with confidence.

So if some time has passed between when you wrote the resume and when you got the interview, make sure to review your resume so you know what theyre looking at when they ask you questions.

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Sell Yourself In Your Sales Interview 8 Helpful Tips

The recruiting process and sales share many commonalities. When you break them down, they are both about selling. The objective of a sales interview is to find the right solution.

The recruiting process and sales share many commonalities. When you break them down, they are both about selling. The objective of a sales interview is to find the right solution. Candidates need to sell themselves as the right fit for the organization and companies need to sell themselves as a great place to work.

But there is a fine line between selling yourself well and appearing arrogant or smug.

The reality is that you have to sell yourself. Whether you want to do it or not, its part of the process. You need to sell why you are the best candidate for the job, why you are different, and how you can help a prospective employer. And you need to be good at it.

How To To Sell Yourself During A Job Interview

Everything is a rat race but why be a rat when you can be a tiger? The whole idea of selling oneself during a job interview is to stand out and not blend in. You can do so by showcasing your unique personality, being original and solving problems for the interviewing company. Apart from your skills and qualifications, there are a few more factors that can help you land that job. Here are 7 tips that will help you with all that you can do to sell yourself for a job.

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What To Say To Sell Yourself In An Interview Be A Star

Keeping your cool during an interview is tough. Sometimes a hairy question throws off your rhythm, and you miss out on specific details and may start to ramble. You can avoid this by using the STAR method to talk about what youve done:

  • Situation Give your story context.
  • Task Describe the task you were doing.
  • Activity Detail how you went about completing your task.
  • Result How was the situation resolved.

Remember to speak in specifics. The interviewers want to hear about what you have to offer, not generic stories you think they want to hear.

Review The Job Description

How to sell yourself in an interview (The new unique interview process to nail it)

Before you begin your interview, review the job description for the position to which you’re applying. This step helps you uncover the qualities that the organization is looking for in the right candidate. During your review, you might notice relevant keywords from the job description that you can mention during the interview. For example, the description might state that the organization is seeking a strong communicator with a minimum of five years of work experience. You can mention your work experience and ensure that you show your strong communication skills throughout the interview.

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