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How To Send A Thank You Note After An Interview

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Wrap It Up With More Appreciation

STOP Sending Thank You Letters After a Job Interview

Ending on a note of thanks shows that you genuinely did intend for the email to be taken as a show of gratitude in good faith following your remote interview.

Reiterate your thanks and then use a respectful sign off such as Sincerely or Warmest Regards followed by a comma and your name.


Again, I sincerely appreciate your time.

Thank you again for your time.

What Is The Thank You Letter After The Interview

Research shows that the majority of hiring managers consider the lack of a thank you email as a sign that a candidate lacks follow-through. Thanking someone for taking the time to interview you also shows good manners. And if you can show that you were listening attentively by mentioning a topic you discussed or naming people you met, the email tells the interviewer that youre genuinely interested in the position.

In short, this is another excellent opportunity to persuade the employer that you are the right person for the job.

A hand-written note telling the prospective employer, thanks for your time, can help you stand out from the crowd and set you apart from another job candidate who made a great impression. But sending a traditional letter to a digitally-focused company can suggest a lack of awareness and do more harm than good. Also, the letter might take days to reach the recipient. Such delays can help other job seekers get the position you were hoping for.

The right amount of research and mere common sense will help you decide whether you should send an email or a traditional letter.

Whatever you choose, you should never wait longer than 24 hours to send a thank you letter after a job interview. The conversation between you and the interviewer is still fresh, and the email will only reinforce the positive impression youve already made. So, it should land in your recruiters inbox the day after your interview, preferably between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

What Is A Panel Or Group Interview Thank

A panel or group interview thank-you letter is a note of appreciation you send after meeting with for an interview. Although panel and group interviews are different, it is important to follow up after each with a professional thank-you letter. Doing this demonstrates your gratitude and genuine interest in the position, can help you be more memorable, offers another opportunity to promote yourself and maintains communication with the interviewers.

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Informational Interview Thank You Email Template

Informational interviews can be an effective way for individuals to learn more about an organization or open position within a company of interest. Participating in an informational interview can help you learn information about the job duties, responsibilities and necessary qualifications for a job within a specific organization. When professionals take the time to answer your questions and provide you with insight into their business processes, it is appropriate to send a follow-up thank you email to show your appreciation to the company.

In this article, we discuss what an informational interview thank you email is and how to write one after the interview, with a template and example to guide you when you write your own.

How Soon To Send A Thank You Email After An Interview

How To Write Thank You Letter Template After Interview ...

Aim to send your post-interview thank you email the day after your job interview, between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm. If your interview was on a Friday, then send your email the same day, in the evening instead of waiting a day. .

Always make sure the email is sent within 24 hours of your interview so that your conversation is still fresh in the interviewers mind.

If you decide to send your thank you note as a letter in the mail, you should still send it within one or two business days of your job interview. They wont receive it as soon, because the thank you letter needs to get delivered, but its best to send it soon after the interview so the employer receives your note relatively quickly.

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Guide To Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are a polite way to express gratitude. Professional thank you notes are appropriate when completing a job interview, meeting a new business contact, celebrating existing working relationships or receiving a business gift. While its not mandatory to send professional thank you notes, taking this extra step can help leave a positive impression.

In this article, we review some tips on how to write a thank you note and say thank you meaningfully, which may build better relationships and boost your career.

The Importance Of Writing A Recruiter Thank You Note

As a career coach, I often advise my clients to follow up with a thank you email within the first 24 hours of the interview, and then, if they feel truly connected to the role and company, to send a handwritten mailed letter as well.

According to research, job seekers could be majorly cutting themselves short when they dont follow up with a thank-you note after their interview. A survey found that 68% of hiring managers and recruiters say the absence of a thank you note negatively affected their decision making process.

Moreover, if you were interviewed by a team or went through a panel of contacts, be sure to thank each of them individually and uniquely. Make your thank-you notes personal based on the conversation/interactions you had its key to demonstrate that you were paying attention during the interview.

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Bad Job Interview Sample Thank You Emails & Notes To Recover

This is the thank you that you send to an interviewer when you absolutely positively KNOW that you really messed up in the job interview. If you feel like you need interview help, consider scheduling a mock interview.

You were late, gave a bad answer, forgot to include something important in an answer, or made some other major error.

In this message, apologize for your poor performance, bad behavior, or missing information, and try to recover.

This thank you may save the opportunity. OR, it may remind them when you were less than impressive and end any opportunity you might have had.

Sending a standard thank you note might be a better idea. See the samples in Formal Interview Thank You Notes and Sample Interview Thank You Email Messages.

If you know for sure that they are not considering you, perhaps a thank you note after receiving a rejection is more appropriate that thank you note works much more often than you may think. But send it only when you really like the people you met and want very much to work for that employer.

Why Send A Thank You After A Job Interview

How to write a thank you note for an interview

Your mama taught you right always send a thank-you note or follow-up after someone does something for you.

And yes, an interview is doing something for you! As much as youre interviewing to see if you want to pour your time and energy into this company and role, youre also looking to, you know, get paid by the people who are filling the position. Making a good impression counts!

Besides, they took the time to arrange a call and talk with you its only polite to thank them for their interest.

Hiring managers do notice thank-you notes according to one recruitersurvey, more than 80% said that their decision was affected by receiving a thank you from a candidate, but only 24% of candidates sent a note!

So sending a thank you is a super-easy, effective way to stay on the hiring managers radar and in their good graces. Its a no brainer.

But while theres all kinds of rules and recommendations for how to follow up after a normal job interview, what happens after a Zoom job interview?

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After The Thank You Notes Are Sent

If you dont hear from them for a couple of weeks longer than you expected, dont panic. MUCH could be going on that has nothing to do with you at all. But do reach out to see what is happening. Do NOT contact them daily or even weekly for a decision.

NEVER suspend your job search while you wait for a decision from an employer, even if the job is your dream job.

Restarting your job search can be challenging and, if youve been turned down, you may be more discouraged because you need to re-start your momentum.

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When To Send After Your Job Interview

Um, now. If sending via snail mail, write and post the letter immediately after the interview. If youre emailing, by the end of that day is preferred, but within 24 hours is a must. You want the note to get there while theyre still talking about you. They could be making the decision in the next few days, and if they get your thank you earlier than the other candidates, it could put you one step ahead.

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How To Write A Perfect Thank You Email After An Interview: Tips & Templates

I know all of this sounds great in theory, but slamming pen to paper to write a thank you letter after a job interview is a very different matter. Never fear, templates and suggestions are here!

Before I share a general format, I want you to repeat after me: I solemnly swear not to copy-paste this template into my email. Weve already covered why a generic thank you is almost worse than no thank you, but in case youre not convinced, heres an infographic to change your mind. That said, a few ideas never hurt, so feel free to steal any of the phrases or sentences below and make them your own! Heres a great sample thank you email after an interview.

Dear ,

Subject Lines

  • Thanks for Chatting Today Use something like this if you had a phone screen or video interview.
  • Nice to Meet You Today This works well for interviews that take place on site.
  • Thanks, and a Question Have a nagging, relevant question that shows youre passionate about the role? Use this email to follow up after your interview!
  • Thank You for Your Time Especially good if it was a long interview.
  • Many Thanks Short, sweet, and classic.

Opening Lines

  • It was really nice to meet you today.
  • Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.
  • Thanks for taking the time to introduce me to the team today.
  • Thank you so much for your time today.
  • Thanks for chatting with me today.

Closing Sentences


  • Thank You,
  • How To Write A Thank You Email After An Interview

    FREE 13+ Thank You Letters After Interview Templates in ...

    When you write your resume or CV, your goal is to stand out in a good way. You want your resume to be noticed amid the crowd of applicants. Your cover letter has the same goal. And at your interview, you also wish to make a good first impression.

    Youve worked hard to write a good resume and cover letter. You prepared for your interview, and you feel like you nailed it. Is there anything you can do post-interview to further increase your chances or getting the job you want?

    In a word, yes! You can do one simple thing that shows initiative, interest, and good manners. You can write a thank-you note after your interview.

    Why should you write a thank you email following your interview? How can it benefit you? How should you write it, and when should you send it? Check out our favorite tips and sample thank you notes below to learn how to write a thank you email after an interview.

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    Take Notes Of The Interviewer’s Name And Any Other Important Information

    As you interview, you should have a pen and paper available to take notes of important information as it’s discussed. You can note any company information mentioned by the interviewer, talking points you want to elaborate on later or an overview of regular tasks they may expect you to complete for the job. You should also write down the name of your interviewer or interviewers if there is more than one. Clarify their names and request spelling instructions to ensure you address them properly in the email.

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    Take Notes During The Interview

    It’s wise to take notes during any job interview, especially when you meet with a senior-level executive. You can use your notes to help you craft an individualized thank you letter for the recipient. In your notes, mark any specific topics or points that stood out to you as especially favorable during the interview.

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    Subject: Appreciated Your Time Today

    Hi ,

    Thanks for meeting with me today. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me about the position.

    I especially enjoyed hearing about how your team has been tackling X and Y problems, and how its planning to do more Z in the future.

    Let me know if you have any further questions. And no matter the outcome, I hope we can stay in touch.


    How To Write A Thank You Letter After A Remote Interview

    How to Write a Thank You Letter after a job interview

    In todays changing job search landscape, knowing how to handle a virtual interview from start to finish can truly set you apart from competitors including how to follow up with a thank you note after a remote interview.

    Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote interviews are now part of the new normal for many potential employees. From the research you do to prepare for your interview to the conversations you have with a potential employer, many aspects of the interview process remain the same despite the new virtual dynamics. Sending a thank you note after an interview is still on the list of must-dos, but youll need to tailor the note to fit todays unique circumstances.

    While handwritten thank you notes used to be standard procedure, sending a thank you note via email after a remote interview is perfectly appropriate. In fact, with most jobs switching to more telecommute roles during the coronavirus pandemic, this shows a willingness to communicate effectively in a virtual way.

    One Accountemps survey found that approximately 80% of hiring managers said that receiving a thank you note after an interview is helpful in selecting who gets the job, but the same survey found that only 24% of these hiring managers reported receiving such a note from applicants. With this data in mind, it isnt hard to see how sending a thank you note can help you stand out from the crowd.

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    Get The Interviewer’s Contact Information

    Prepare in advance for following up after an interview by asking for business cards or contact information for the people you meet with. You can ask them as you meet them or ask the person who arranged the interview if they can provide this information. For phone and video interviews, ask your contact person for the email addresses of your interviewers so you can send an email thank-you message.

    Make sure you get the proper titles and email addresses for each of your interviewers prior to the end of your interview so you can expedite your follow-up letter.

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    When Should I Send A Thank You Note

    Its best to send a thank you note as soon as possible. For example, if youre writing to thank someone for their time during a meeting, you should send the note the same day, if possible. This shows the recipient youre enthusiastic about the topics discussed and youre ready to move on to next steps. It also keeps you on the recipients mind as they follow up on tasks or make decisions, which is especially important if youre sending a thank you note after a job interview.

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    Explain What Makes You The Best Fit For The Role

    Thank You Letter For Job Interview Check more at https ...

    You can use this next section to reiterate any skills or qualities you may possess that make you well-suited for the position. View the job posting as you type this email and mention any preferred skills they have listed that you may have as well. You can also reference your notes if you took any during the interview and use those to connect yourself to the position or company.

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