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How To Send An After Interview Email

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How to Write a Thank You Email After the Interview & WOW Them!

It’s important to be disciplined when sending your follow-up email. Follow this guide for a simple, professional message that gives you the best chance of receiving a response.

Subject line

There is no need to spend hours deliberating over a snappy subject line. The most effective approach that is likely to get your message opened quickly, is to respond to the most recent email between you and the interviewer or HR manager. If this isn’t possible simply include your name, the date and time of the interview.

As a guide, follow this format:

John Smith – Re: Interview on Tuesday at 4pm


If you’re on first-name terms with the person you’re contacting – you may have exchanged multiple emails and spoken face to face by this point, then it is fine to open your follow-up email by using their first name. If not, or if you’re unsure, stick with their title and surname .

Body text

Keep it simple. Presumably, the main reason you’re emailing is for a progress update – the interviewer will know this before they’ve even opened your message. Be polite but direct:

  • Thank them for their time in the interview.
  • Explain that you’re following up on your interview – remember to be specific about the job, mentioning the job title and interview date.
  • Restate your interest in the position and say you’re keen to hear about next steps.
  • Ask for a progress update, explaining that any information they can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Signing off

Final checks

Follow Up After A Phone Or Zoom Interview

Hi ,

It was really great talking to you over the phone/Zoom. I learned a lot, and I appreciate the advice you gave me about . Id love to take this a step further and meet you in person.

All the best,

Image by Edmond Dantes from Pexels

Hi ,

Im reaching out to follow up on our recent interview on about . Its been a few days/weeks, and I havent yet heard back from you, so Im following up to see if youre still interested. Im still ready and available to get started.


Should I Send A Thank You Email Right After An Interview

Yes. The answer is yes you should always follow up after interviews. Following up on your interview with a thank-you email is a way to put you ahead of the other job candidates. Its something so small that will go a long way. The first follow-up email after an interview should always be a thank-you note. If youre wondering how to write a thank-you email after an interview, it doesnt have to be anything too fancy or long-winded. We will go into further detail about how to follow up on a job, but for now, when you send a thank-you email after an interview, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be brief and conversational
  • Reiterate your interest in the position
  • Thank the interviewer for their time
  • Add any other significant information you forgot to mention in the interview

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If Youre Writing A Pen

  • Did I format this note correctly? If its handwritten, can any average person read my handwriting?
  • Have I addressed the person Im thanking correctly? Am I spelling their name right?
  • Did I make my point in under five sentences?
  • Did I mention a specific topic, common interest, or question relevant to my discussion with this person?
  • Did I say thank you at some point in the note?
  • Did I sign the thank-you letter?
  • Did I proofread the note?
  • No really, is the writing flawless?
  • Have I addressed the envelope, purchased postage, and mailed the letter within 24-48 hours of the interview?
  • If you did all of these things, congratulations! You deserve to put your feet up and sip your favorite post-interview beverage .

    The Secret To The Most Memorable Thank You Email: Preparation

    FREE 4+ Thank

    The secret to writing a great post-interview thank you email starts with the job interview itself. During the job interview, write down a few notes.

    Keep a short list of the main topics that you discussed with the interviewer. This list will help you remember what to highlight in your thank you email. Plus, if you interviewed with multiple people, then your notes will help you personalize the thank you email.

    Consider the following items to note during the interview:

    • The most important responsibilities of the position
    • Potential opportunities for growth in the position or goals that the hiring manager has for that position
    • Qualities of the ideal candidate or what makes someone successful in that position
    • Characteristics of the company that came up in the conversation that were attractive to you
    • Topics that piqued the interviewers interest
    • Anecdotes or experiences that your interviewers shared with you
    • Main questions or comments after your presentation, if you gave one
    • Any questions that you did not know the answers to during the interview

    These might even be good talking points to keep in mind for when the interviewer asks you, Do you have any questions for me?

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    What If The Employer Says They Dont Have Any Feedback Yet

    In some cases, the hiring manager or recruiter will reply to your follow-up email and say theyre still in the middle of the hiring process and dont have information about the next steps yet.

    At times, theyll be specific about what theyre working on behind the scenes but often, they wont tell you the specifics.

    Either way, I recommend responding with a brief email to keep the conversation alive and ensure that you stay in touch. By using the following email template, you give yourself an opening to follow up again if needed, too.

    Send The Email Within 24 Hours

    When it comes to sending your thank-you email, dont delay.

    Do that within 24 hours, Nelson, the career coach, recommends.

    If you interviewed in the morning, send it that afternoon. And if you interviewed in the afternoon, send it the following morning. A prompt note shows that youre responsive, a strong communicator with follow-through and that youre excited about the role.

    If you wait two or three days to send it, though, the hiring manager might get a different impression of you that youre slow to respond or not too interested in the position.

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    Before You Send Proofread Everything

    Email templates are only as good as the effort you put into filling them out and proofreading them.

    Go over every detail and make sure it actually makes sense for your situation. If not, sending that thank you email or letter will do more harm than good.

    Example: In the third sample email earlier in this article, it says, thank you for taking the time to meet with me.

    If you had a phone interview, you should say, thank you for taking the time to talk on the phone with me.


    Otherwise, its going to sound a bit odd, and they might suspect you just cut & pasted from a template. Not good!

    So be careful, take your time with these sample emails, and make sure every single word makes sense.

    When To Follow Up After An Interview

    How to Write a Thank You Email After an Interview ( a Template!)

    Following up with hiring managers the same day of the interview is an excellent way to show interest and professionalism. Job candidates should send a follow-up email within 24 hours of the interview thanking the interviewers.

    Studies show that 91% of employers like to receive follow-up thank you notes but 57% of candidates dont send them. Candidates should do this over email as opposed to a phone call, as 46% of recruiters and hiring managers prefer to be contacted via email. If you get no response after a week from the interview, you can follow up with another email.

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    When Employers Notify Applicants

    Employers dont always provide applicants with the courtesy of letting them know where they stand in the hiring process:

    • Some employers let every candidate know the status of their application.
    • Some companies notify applicants who havent been accepted for an interview, while others only contact candidates they wish to discuss the job with.
    • Some employers dont even notify applicants who interview that they werent selected for a second interview or the job.
    • Other companies may send rejection letters to applicants who are not selected for a position after the interview process is complete.

    You may not receive a letter directly after your interview, if the organization notifies applicants.

    Many employers wait until they have hired someone for the job before notifying the other candidates.

    Thats because they may want to give the applicant pool another look if their leading candidate rejects their job offer.

    Tips For Writing A Job Rejection Email

    Hiring managers can use these tips to write more empathetic rejection emails:

    • Send them right away. As soon as you make your hiring decision, send out your rejection emails. This gives candidates the opportunity to focus their attention on other job prospects sooner.

    • Proofread your writing. While this is a low-stakes email to send, you still are representing your company. Ensuring you’re using proper language and grammar shows candidates that you’re a professional organization.

    • Consider other roles. If you find you really like a candidate during the interview but they aren’t right for your particular role, think about what other job openings your company might have. You may be able to offer them an interview for a different role that better aligns with their skills and experiences.

    • Be responsive to candidates. In order to grow as professionals, some candidates might ask for additional feedback. Responding to such messages with constructive feedback can help a candidate develop their skill set and see your company favourably.

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    General Tips For A Thank You After Interview Email

    Ask for a business card or contact information from every person who interviews you and send a thank you email to each one of them.

    Customize the email for each person, as they may forward the emails to each other, and you want to make sure you dont get caught just sending boilerplate emails where the only difference is the name of the recipient.

    Here are some general tips about what to include in your thank you after interview email:

    • Thank them for their time.
    • Highlight what you like about the job opportunity.
    • Highlight what you like about the company.
    • Recap your main skills and attributes.
    • Follow up on anything that you said that youd get back to them on.

    How To Write Thank

    Thank You After Interview Email

    Most job seekers put a lot of effort into crafting a resume and preparing for an interview. Heres what many people dont spend much time on but should: thank-you emails after interviews.

    Its surprising how many job candidates dont bother to send a thank-you note, because it really does make a positive impression on employers. Its a simple step to take, and it can separate you from equally qualified candidates who dont send a email after an interview. And yes, you should send a message after a video interview just as you would an in-person meeting.

    If the challenge of crafting a great thank-you email is holding you back from sending one, youve come to the right place.

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    Be Original With Your Thank You Email

    Its easy to be overwhelmed after a long day of interviews. We share these templates so that you dont need to write each thank you email completely from scratch. Use them to personalize your note.

    Just be sure that you dont simply copy and paste the same generic thank you to each person. In the rare case that your interviewers compare notes, you dont want the embarrassing discovery that you sent them all the same email.

    Senior Early Learning Program Manager Metropolitan Family Service

    The Early Learning Senior Program Manager is responsible for the Leadership and overall management of the Early Learning programs of Metropolitan Family Service including Ready, Set Go! Early Ready, Set, Go! , and the P3 and Parent Child Development Services of the Multnomah County SUN Service System.

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    What To Do If You Didnt Send A Thank You Email

    If you didn’t send a thank you email, dont worry! Simply follow these steps to send a thank you email retroactively:

    • Open with a kind greeting.
    • Thank the interviewer for their time at the interview.
    • Make a note of something that happened, such as a joke or a notable moment.
    • Make it clear that youre still excited about the opportunity.
    • Offer references or your availability for additional questions.
    • Close with gratitude.

    You can also consider this example thank you email as a resource or template:

    Hi ,I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time yesterday. I enjoyed our conversation about and the position I interviewed for sounds like an exciting opportunity. Im looking forward to hearing from you once the decision is made, and please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever!Thanks again for taking the time,Your Name

    If the interviewer replies to your thank you email or follow-up email and says they don’t have an update for you, you can also use these two example emails as a template for your own email to reply to the interviewer:

    Hi ,Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and thank you for the update! Ill be available until you make the final decision. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help or need more information.Take care and thanks again,Your Name

    Rejection Letter After A Job Interview Email Example

    How To Write A Thank You Email After An Interview & IMPRESS THE INTERVIEWER

    Subject: Marketing Associate Position

    Dear Ms. Hagardon,

    I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me to discuss the Marketing Associate position at ABC Company. Your time and interest in the position are much appreciated.

    I would like to inform you that we have filled the position. However, we will keep your application on file for consideration if there is a future opening that may be a fit for you.

    Again, thank you for meeting with me.

    Best regards,

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    Find Your Dream Job Podcast

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    If you want to create a strong professional brand and leave a lasting impression with employers, you need to master the post- interview thank you email.

    As soon as you leave a job interview, its best to follow up with a sincere, professional, and engaged thank you email. Make sure they know you appreciate their time and attention in meeting with you!

    Before we dig into the mechanics of a great interview thank you email, though, know this: sending an email is not a replacement for sending a handwritten thank you note to your interviewer. I always advise folks to do both after an in-person interview. But it will take a day or two for your beautiful thank you card to arrive on your interviewers doorstep. Email has the advantage of delivering an instant dose of gratitude to the people who have the power to give you the job of your dreams.

    When writing your post-interview thank you email, keep these three things in mind:

  • Keep it short: You dont need to compose a long letter. Busy professionals already have too much email to read. So keep it short and sweet.
  • Keep it professional: Focus on the topics you previously discussed with the interviewer. This isnt a time to go into personal details.
  • To help you out, I built three email templates for you to follow. Use these templates as a guide to build your own personal rockstar thank you email to send after job interviews!

    How To Write A Thank

    You have the subject line written but now you need the after interview email substance.

    Want to know how to write a thank you email after an interview? Follow our steps below for the perfect ingredients to write the best thank you email after an interview.

  • Open with a greeting. Make sure to address the hiring manager by their name.
  • Thank them for spending their time with you.
  • Reiterate your interest in the position and express your appreciation.
  • Personalize the thank you email. Refer to specific things they mentioned in the interview and suggest how you can be an asset to their company.
  • End it off explaining that youre willing to provide them with any additional information if they need and then confirm when you will hear back from them.
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    Sound Appreciative And Excited

    The tone of every post-interview thank-you email should be appreciative and excited, Jensen, the hiring manager at KeepTruckin, said.

    Makes sense. A thank-you note that fails to properly convey the senders appreciation of the recipient is a pretty lousy one. So dont play it cool or hard to get: Thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you, and say you appreciated the conversation.

    When Manoske coaches job seekers, he recommends they use the word appreciate throughout their email to express their thankfulness for the hiring managers time.

    Youll want some excitement to be evident in your tone of voice, too. After all, youre interested in the role, and you had a great conversation with the interviewer. Make sure they can sense your enthusiasm. Your note shouldnt read like an overly formal robot wrote it or like this is the third follow-up email you wrote that day.

    Be careful not to let your excitement veer into desperation though. Hiring managers dont want to see candidates begging for a job.

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