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How To Stay Calm During An Interview

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Stop Your Voice Shaking

How To Stay Calm During An Interview

Open your throat by sticking your tongue out as far as it will go, and try to say the whole of the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme out loud. This will open the back of the throat and you’ll sound more confident and have more authority. Of course, you should do this before the interview not in front of the panel.

How To Stay Relaxed During A Job Interview: 15 Awesome Tips

It is quite natural for people to have goose bumps before facing a job interview. The short time span before the interview often causes a lot of tension. Job seekers are unsure as to what they should do during this period.

Experts advise that candidates can look into a mirror or do some deep breathing to calm nerves before interview. The period before the interview is the time when you should let your entire focus on the interview and remember the important questions which you need to ask the interviewer during interview.

Do Anxious Owners Raise More Anxious Dogs

9.Practice self-compassion. Focus on these words: Wisdom. Strength. Warmth. Nonjudgment. Repeat them to yourself while you breathe. Try not to critique yourself as you go through the process. Don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a good friend. One of my favorite resources for reducing anxiety and increasing self-compassion is Dr. Christopher Germer’s book,The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion.

10. Get outside of yourself. Anxiety causes us to become very self-centered and self-focused. Make a point of focusing on others and being empathic. Greet the receptionist at the interview site. Ask your interviewer how their day is going. Pay attention when someone tells you their name, and make an effort to remember it. Smile. Engage with others.

You will likely always experience a certain amount of anxiety at an interview, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But if it is debilitating or keeps you from moving forward in the job search, seek professional help. There are many treatments for anxiety and it doesnt need to be an excuse for not doing well at an interviewin fact, as you now realize, there are ways to take advantage of it and use it to improve your interview performance.

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Tips To Calm Your Interview Nerves

So how can you stay calm in your interview and overcome your fears. What can you do to face an interview panel with confidence? Here is the lowdown on how to handle and ultimately overcome those interview nerves for good.

1.Remember you are not alone

First and foremost, remember that everyone experiences some nervousness prior to an interview. There are very few people who are able to stand up and speak in front of strangers and not feel some degree of tension top actors, television presenters, senior businessmen all succumb to nerves and all have their own way of coping and getting on with the job.

2.Nervousness during a job interview is good

Firstly it is important to realise that interview nerves are not necessarily a bad thing if you learn to leverage them you can even become a better interviewee. With your brain engaged and your senses heightened, you can make connections quicker and perform well when put on the spot.

In addition, interviewers will expect to see some nerves as this indicates enthusiasm and a desire to get the job. A candidate who presents at a job interview all cool and laid back will be less likely to succeed as the interviewer will assume they are not interested enough in the role.

3.Turn interview anxiety on its head

4.Make the interview familiar

How To Not Be Nervous In A Job Interview

How to Stay Calm During an Interview

It is normal to feel a certain degree of job interview nerves before and during a job interview. You may really want the job and know you have to perform under pressure, or you may be naturally shy.

You all know that interviewer will be in control of the conversation and you do not know what questions will be asked. This can lead to anxiety and make you feel nervous in a job interview.

Dont worry. There are are a number of tips for staying calm during a job interview which can help to reduce and manage your anxiety.

Try and keep positive and not put too much pressure on yourself. Youve probably read guides on how to write a resume and spent time applying for jobs. Youve made it through to the interview stage which is fantastic. At the same time, there are other jobs out there so its not the end of the world if you dont get the job.

Preparation is the key to overcoming job interview nerves. There are a number of steps you can take during the days leading up to the big day, and other job interview tips to help you calm on the day of the interview.

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Reframe Your Nervousness As Excitement

Harvard researchers suggest reframing your anxiety as excitement, rather than trying to calm down, since anxiety and excitement are both states of high arousal.

Anxious study participants who announced that they felt excited during public speaking engagements were perceived by the audience as more persuasive and competent, as previously reported by Business Insider.

Think Of It As A Conversation

Instead of thinking this is a life-changing job interview, take a deep breath and enjoy the conversation getting to know each other. It could be difficult, but when you treat the hiring manager like a colleague that youre getting to know, they will start to feel more of a positive connection and possibly be able to envision working with you.

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Research The Company And Practice Common Interview Questions

“Nothing eliminates stress and provides more confidence than proper preparation for an interview,” Amanda Augustine, a career-advice expert for TopResume, tells Business Insider.

First, research the company you’re interviewing with, the interview process there, and what kind of questions the company likes to ask using sites like Glassdoor. Then, practice answering these questions and other common interview questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “Tell me about a time when …” The key is to practice but not memorize your answers, Augustine says.

Vicky Oliver, author of “301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions,” also suggests coming to the interview prepared with reasons why you would be a great addition to the company, what problems you can help the company solve, and how your past experience and the company’s current mission dovetail.

“All too often, interview preparation is an after thought,” says J.T. O’Donnell, the founder of career-advice site and author of “Careerealism: The Smart Approach to a Satisfying Career.”

“Winging it doesn’t make you look real,” O’Donnell notes. “It makes you look like you didn’t care enough to want the job.”

Phone Interview Tips To Stay Calm And Speak Confidently

Personal Interview: Tips & Tricks — Keep Calm & Interview On!

Rachel Beohm has worked for over ten years in the communications field. She trains executives, HR professionals, speakers, and job seekers to present themselves powerfully through the use of nonverbal communication skills so they can achieve their goals. She coaches clients one-on-one in downtown Portland, OR, provides blogs and other resources online, and delivers workshops and keynotes across the country.

Rachel is active on , , , and Medium. She also blogs regularly at her website:

Meeting face-to-face for an interview is currently out of the question for most industries. However, interviews over the phone can be just as daunting as meeting in person.


Theyre often short, so you feel pressured to make the most of the time. You cant see your interviewers body language or facial expressions, which makes it harder to build rapport and gauge receptivity. And that reduced nonverbal communication can lead to interruptions or awkward silences.

It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but like any part of the job seeking process, you have more control than you think. Spending a little time preparing goes a long way toward helping you feel and sound calm and confident in your upcoming phone interview.

Below, I share a few suggestions for preparing in advance, and then some phone interview tips for once the call begins.

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Wonderful Steps To Stay Calm During A Job Interview

8 Wonderful Steps to Stay Calm During a Job Interview

How to Stay Calm During a Job Interview

So you have received that much awaited, long cherished dream job interview offer?

Effective resume making, job hunting, campus recruitment training & others

Congratulations! You must be over the moon, right?


For what you are feeling right now is a sense of dread and numbness when you even think about the coming job interview. You are excited yes, but rather than feeling positive about it, you are suddenly full of apprehension and fear. Come what may, you are not able to shake off the overpowering sense of uneasiness. You wonder what has come over you. After all, this job interview was what you had been waiting for, praying for, during all those days of preparation.

Relax. You are not alone. Most of us, almost 99%, face such jitters when we are about to embark on a new chapter in our lives. It is quite natural, and the sooner you accept that this feeling as normal, the better you will be able to get down to tackling it.

Be Friendly To The People Who Greet You:

When you walk into the waiting room of the office, be courteous to the people who greet you, like the receptionist or security guard. So, it will be likely that the receptionist will report to the hiring manager that you were well behaved.

The way you speak to people around you and the way you interact creates a lot of impression in the beginning itself. Make sure you are polite and choose the right words. Be willing to apologise for any wrong body language or mistake on your side.

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Be The Person Who You Are:

If you are being yourself, then you will appear as someone who is relaxed, genuine and confident to the person who takes your interview. Try to stick to the words which you normally use. Therefore, try to enjoy the interview and take pride in your accomplishments. As you are already on the shortlist, the prospective employer may already think highly of you. Therefore, slow down, listen and be who you are. If you do that, you will come across as someone who is relaxed and confident, and clear the interview.

Looking For An Interview We Can Help

How To Stay Calm During Your Interview

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Arrive At The Interview Early

Arriving at the interview on time can be a critical factor in looking professional to a potential supervisor. Get there approximately 15 minutes before it begins so you can relax and rehearse your talking points in your mind. If you leave early enough, you will have plenty of time for unexpected occurrences to happen on your way to the interview like accidentally traveling to the wrong location or running into traffic delays. An early arrival may also impress employers and prove your dedication to the role.

Look For The Best Sitting Position:

Never lean on the back of the chair as it can tighten your throat. Rather, lean a bit forward. You will look more dynamic as a result. How you sit can create a positive or negative impression on the interviewer. A negative body language lasts long in the minds of the interviewer.

Many people are not aware of their negative body language. It is best to consult your friends and family members. Try to find out from them whether you have any negative body language. Get those postures and traits corrected.

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Pause Before Answering Questions

Dont be afraid of silence. You will sound better if you take a second to breathe and think. Come up with a few phrases you can use to acknowledge the question before you pause and breathe. The examples below will buy you valuable time:

  • Great question let me think about that
  • Hmmm that sparks several thoughts
  • Im going to consider that for a second

We worry about filling every second with words, but it takes confidence to be silent and it makes you sound smarter. Communicate confidence by giving yourself a moments pause before answering.

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Visualize And Channel The Most Confident Person You Know

5 Tips for Staying Calm during a Job Interview | Aasaanjobs

One of my clients was an extremely meek fellow who would almost disappear in his interviews. Despite his impressive credentials, he never managed to cross the finish line. To prepare for his next interview, I planned a role-play for him. I asked him to take a moment to visualize the most confident and assertive person he knewto enter my office boldly as this person would and to engage in a practice interview with the same image in mind. The man who entered was transformed. He shook my hand with confidence, and he performed in the interview with power and authority.

Roy Cohen, career coach and author of The Wall Street Professionals Survival Guide

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How To Calm Your Interview Nerves During The Interview

Once the interview starts, anxieties can flare up and it is easy to get flustered even if you have begun on solid footing. Reining in your nerves before they get out of control is possible even in the direst of scenarios.

10.Watch your posture

Sitting comfortably but attentively is necessary to make sure you can complete the interview without having to fidget and shuffle around, and to project an air of confidence and dynamism. Slouching is not an option, nor is sitting on the edge of your seat, so try to find a balance between the two upright and engaged without appearing flighty.

11.Calm shaky hands

If you feel your hands shaking, do not clamp them in your lap or fold your arms. By clenching your thigh muscles instead you will calm the shakes and still be able to use them to make open, honest gestures as you speak.

12.Focus on the questions

Nerves can crank your inner critic up to 11 and might mean that you miss an important aspect of a question you are asked, so try to focus on what the interviewer is saying.


Making a conscious effort to breath evenly and listen will naturally combat other issues caused by anxiety, such as a rising pulse rate, so there are a range of benefits to gain.

14.Keep in mind they are on your side

How To Keep Cool And Stay Calm In An Interview

Staying cool and keeping calm in an interview can be really tough. Thankfully, here at Spark News we care and we want to help you anytime we can. Take a look at these tips on how to stay cool in an interview and ace that interview!

Be preparedResearch the company that youre interviewing with. Understand what they do, what their goals are, and how you will help them achieve those goals. Make a list of things that you want to highlight about yourself during the interview. Make a list of stock interview questionsthings like Tell me about a conflict you had at work and how you resolved itand think about how you will want to answer them. If you are lucky enough to know someone who works at the company to which you are applying, feel free to politely ask them about their interview experience. Also be sure to check with local colleges or career centers about the possibility of scheduling a mock interview. They will often help you practice for a small fee. Or ask a friend or family member!

The above is related to the best advice Ive ever personally received, which is pretty self-explanatory and ergo deserving of its own bold headline.

Remember that you are interviewing them, too.Although job hunting can make you feel like a dancing monkey, dont forget that the right job needs to be the right job for you, too. Understand that you are valuable, and that your talents shouldnt be wasted on an employer that isnt going to treat you decently.

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Prepare As Much As Possible

Once you know the interview is happening, the work begins. To prepare for the interview, start by researching the company by visiting its website, social channels, and reading articles or press releases the company has published. Part of the prep is also practicing answers to common interview questions such as identifying your strengths, weakness, and why youre interested in the position. You will feel more confident prepping your answers ahead of time.

Plan Something For Afterwards

How To Stay Calm During An Interview

So maybe youre not looking forward to nervous-sweating for two hours in front of a complete stranger, but whats something youd be excited to power through this for? A nice meal? A massage? A date with your dog and your favorite Netflix show? Whatever it is, prepare for it to be ready for you when youre donethis way, you have something awesome to look forward to and focus on, instead of your jitters.

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