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How To Thank You For Interview

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What To Include In A Thank You Email After A Phone Interview

How to write a thank you note for an interview

There are many elements you should include when constructing your thank you email after your phone interview. These can help you stand out and capture the attention of your interviewer. Some common sections to include in your thank you email are:

  • Subject line

  • Opening sentence thanking them for the opportunity to interview

  • A statement explaining why you’re the best fit for the position

  • Any additional comments regarding what you previously discussed in the interview

  • Extra information you were unable to discuss in the interview

  • A message stating you look forward to hearing from them

  • Your signature and any additional contact information

Decide Between Email Or Paper

Most businesses will accept an emailed thank you, but be aware of the company and its values. For example, more traditional organizations may prefer a handwritten thank you note. Though usually unnecessary, most of the time a paper note will seem more personal, and it will likely set you apart from other candidates. The mail service could delay your note, so consider dropping it off in person to ensure it gets there promptly.

If you’re unsure, you can always send both an email and a paper thank you note. In this case, send the email as soon as you get home from the interview, then mail the formal letter as soon as you can after that.

How To Reply An Interview Email Confirming Time Schedule

You have been given the opportunity to express your worthiness of the vacant post you applied for. You are thrilled! This is fine.

And while you are thinking of all that you need for the interview, you realized you need to confirm the time for the interview. This is as well normal, but you need to be careful because whether you know it or not, your assessment has started. Plus, the last thing you want is to get to the venue of the interview late, or worse, at the end of the interview.

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Use An Appropriate Email Greeting

Start your thank-you email with an appropriate greeting. As this is a follow-up email, and you’ve already met the hiring manager virtually, you can address them in your email the same way you did in the interview. For example, if you called them by their first name in the interview, continue to do so in the thank-you email. If you don’t remember how you addressed them or aren’t sure what the appropriate greeting is, choose a formal address by using their title and last name.

Example 1:Good morning, Cathy,

Example 2:Greetings Mr. Jones,

Tips For Writing An Interview Thank

Job Interview Thank You Example: Via Email

Here are additional tips for writing a strong thank-you email after a job interview and what to include:

  • Express Why You Want the Job: In addition to thanking the person you interviewed with, your thank-you note should reinforce the fact that you want the job, so view this thank-you as a follow-up “sales” letter. Restate why you want the job, what your qualifications are, and how you might make significant contributions.
  • Bring Up Anything You Wish You Had Said: Your message is also the perfect opportunity to discuss anything of importance that your interviewer neglected to ask. For example, if you didnt have a chance to explain why you thought that you would fit in well with the company culture, you might briefly state this in the email.
  • Revisit Any Issues Brought Up During the Interview: Finally, use your letter to address any issues and concerns that came up during the interview, including topics you neglected to answer as thoroughly as you might have wished. For instance, if you feel that you botched an interview question, you could explain your answer in more detail here.

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Printed Thank You Notes

A word-processed note printed by a computer printer is usually acceptable in most organizations today. Its also usually much more legible.

Choose the format that seems most appropriate for the organization unless your handwriting is illegible. If no one can read your writing, use your computer to send the printed version.

See the sample printed and handwritten thank you notes below on this page or the Sample Job Interview Thank You Email for comparison.

How To Send A Job

Interview thank-you letters aren’t complicated, but can mean the difference between getting the job or not.

You’ve spent hours editing your resume, preparing for interviews, and networking. All that hard work finally paid off. The company of your dreams sent you the golden ticket an interview. Don’t celebrate just yet, however. There are still a few more loose ends to tie up before you reach the finish line.

The interview thank-you letter is still the most important closer for any position after your interview it’s a critical opportunity to seal the deal. You need to get it right, but you might ask How hard is it to say thank you? You may be surprised at just how tedious saying thanks really is.

Post-interview thank you notes need to include certain points, confirmations, and the crucial thank-you sentence. Dust off your pen and paper and get ready to write. These quick seven interview thank-you letter tips will help polish your note and prove to the boss you have what it takes to advance their company.

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Can I Send A Thank

There are no official rules when it comes to thank-you emails. We recommend sending them within 24 hours of the interview to increase your chances of getting the position. However, there are circumstances where this is not possible. Or sometimes we simply forget. If you find yourself in this situation, dont be put off from sending an email, even if its a week late.

Its better to send an email late than never to send one at all. Dont forget, the goal of the email is to express your sincere gratitude for the opportunity of the interview. Even if you dont get this job, you never know when your path with the interviewer might cross again in the future.

When To Send A Thank

How to Write a Thank You Letter after a job interview

If youâre writing a thank-you letter to the interviewer, itâs essential to consider the email timing. For the email to be relevant, you should try to send it while the interview is still fresh in your mind and in the mind of your interviewer. Try to send the email as soon as possible, within 24 hours ideally.

Pro Tip: To make it faster, you can prepare a thank-you email template in advance. Leave blanks in the template that you can personalize after the interview.

Note: If you are communicating with a hiring manager for a job through the Upwork platform, please note that all communication should be through Upwork. Instead of sending an email, users are required to use the Upwork Messages feature, where you can send a thank-you message. Learn more about Upwork Messages.

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Ask About The Next Steps

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Thank You Email Length: How Long Should Your Message Be

Some samples above are more formal while others are more casual. Youll notice that theyre all relatively brief, though. In my experience as a recruiter, a short thank you email after the interview is best. On average, I recommend 85 to 150 words.

And thats true whether youre writing a thank you email after a phone interview, Zoom/video interview, or a second/third in-person interview.

Its also true whether youre writing to thank a recruiter, HR person, hiring manager, or anyone else who spent time interviewing you!

Your message could go up to 200 words if youre very far along in the hiring process and have spent multiple hours interviewing with people from the company, but Id still aim to be brief and concise, rather than sending a full page.

Use your best judgement, though. You know your industry and prospective employer, so think about what type of message theyll appreciate. The advice above is simply what works best for the greatest amount of people, on average.

Contents Of A Typical Job Interview Invitation

Sample Thank You Letter After Interview Download Printable ...

The emailed invitation you receive should provide the details about the interview:

  • Employer name, job title, and location of the job.
  • Location of the job interview .
  • Type of interview, which may include any of these different options:
  • Telephone.
  • Video like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WebEx, GoToMeeting , Google Meet, or other video platform.
  • In person.
  • Name and job title of the person who will be interviewing you.
  • Other information like video URL and password or driving directions and parking details may be provided.
  • A few date and time options, offering you the ability to choose the one which best fits your schedule.
  • If their message does not contain all the information you need, request the missing information in the message you send in response.

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    Mention Something Specific You Discussed In The Interview

    Thank-you emails are written for many reasons. Most of all, though, they are written to stand out from other applicants. So, how can you make sure your email does just that?

    Well, one way is by personalizing your thank-you email. This can, and ideally should, extend beyond the greeting. To make your email as individualized as possible, we encourage you to mention something specific that was discussed in the interview. This may be something that was particularly interesting to you about the position or the company itself, but be sure to explain why it stood out to you. And, if possible, elaborate on how your skills and experiences can help the employer reach company goals .

    Importance Of An Email Thanking Your Interviewer

    It is important that you send thank-you emails after interviews to show enthusiasm for the job and to leave an impression on the interviewer’s mind. Doing this can give you an edge over other applicants and may increase your chances of getting to the next stage of the interview process. In addition, you show attention to detail by thanking the interviewer for the time and highlighting key takeaways. It also shows effective listening and communication skills which are soft skills that hiring managers often require in the workplace.

    Another reason for sending a thank-you email after your interview is to mention something important you may have not stated during the interview. The email gives you a chance to provide any additional detail about your skills and experiences related to the job. It is also an avenue to clarify some points that may have been unclear during the interview. Generally, the goal is to re-emphasize your interest in the role while indicating that you’re the best candidate for the job.

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    Create Your Subject Line And Greeting

    Once you’ve taken the necessary notes, you can build your email. Start with a subject line that briefly and clearly explains the reason for your email. This can be something like, “Thank You- Interview.” You can also include your first and last name after the words, “Thank You” for additional clarification.

    Your greeting can be something simple to start your email. You can write a friendly, but professional greeting like “Hello ” or “Dear .”

    Mistakes To Avoid When Sending Post Interview Thank You Emails

    How to Write a Thank You Email After the Interview & WOW Them!

    Now you know the basics of how to send a great thank you email after the interview. Lets cover a few mistakes to avoid now, though.

    Some of this will be review if you read everything above, but I want to make sure you dont do anything that could cost you the job!

    First mistake: waiting too long to send it. You really want to send this within 24 hours after your interview.

    Next, dont ever copy and paste the same exact email to send to multiple people. They will compare and it looks sloppy/lazy. It takes a lot away from the impact your thank you email will have.

    Dont ever put multiple people in the To field of the email either. You should be sending one email to one recipient at a time.

    Otherwise, it looks lazy/rushed.

    And another big mistake: Thinking you dont need to send an interview thank you email because the person you met wasnt the official hiring manager.

    Id recommend sending one any time you had a face-to-face interview with someone.

    Everyones opinion can count and the hiring manager can ask everyone what they thought of you. Dont pick and choose who deserves a thank you email. Send it to everyone youve met face to face and play it safe!

    One more minor mistake: Not asking for business cards after you meet each person during a day of interviewing.

    Getting business cards from each person you met with during the interview is the easiest way to keep track of names and email addresses so you can thank them later via email.

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    Template Vi To Reply An Interview Email Confirming Time Schedule

    Dear Mrs. Florence Elli,

    Your reply to my application for the post of a marketer with Instafoods was well received. Your email stated you will contact me shortly to inform of the time and venue for my interview. I wait earnestly for your email.

    Also, your email included some concerns as regards relocating. I am fully aware of the challenges of marketing and want you to know I love traveling and going to new places. So, moving to another state poses no inconvenience in any way.

    I look forward to discussing some marketing strategies and plans with your team.

    Thank you for the consideration.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dont Bring Up Interview Mistakes

    What about if you flubbed an answer in your interview? Is the thank-you email a place to explain yourself, clarify a mistake you made, or provide a better answer than the one you gave in the heat of the moment?

    In most cases, you shouldnt bring it up at all, experts say.

    Dont remind an interviewer of negative aspects of an interview, Jensen said. Finish on a positive note.

    Manoske thinks it depends on the severity of the flub. He gave an example of a recent client of his who gave the interviewer an incorrect number . In her follow-up email, she briefly mentioned, I meant to say its X, not Y.

    That was one word, and it was so obvious, you didnt want to leave it out there, Manoske said. In general, Im 80 percent in agreement with the idea of, if I flubbed one, I dont want to bring it back.

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    Is A Week Far Too Late To Send Out A Thanks Keep In Mind After A Meeting

    Week Late

    Thanks notes are one of the most efficient when you send out them immediately or a minimum of within two days of your meeting If you wish to leave the perception that youre just gently thinking about the setting, after that proceed as well as take your time. Otherwise, after that send out it quickly.

    Then Prepare For The Job Interview

    Sample Thank You Letter After Interview

    Now that you have an interview scheduled, focus on being well-prepared for the interview.

    If the interview will be conducted remotely using technology like Zoom, be sure the appropriate software is installed on your computer. Then, test it to be sure you can be seen and heard.

    View this interview as a demonstration of your knowledge and comfort with the technology being used now for remote work. Show you are a pro!

    Read The Winning Difference: Pre-Interview Preparation for Your Job Interview for more details on being well prepared for your interview.

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    Send Separate Emails To Each Interviewer

    If youre interviewed by several people, ask for their business cards at the conclusion of the interview so you’ll have the contact information for each thank-you email.

    Then, send email messages to each person who interviewed you. Your messages should vary somewhat so that the recipients can’t compare notes later and feel as if they just got a chain email.

    Template Vii To Reply An Interview Email Confirming Time Schedule

    Dear Sir,

    I write to acknowledge your invitation for an interview with me. I applied for the post of the radiologist in your diagnostic institute. I am exceedingly grateful for this opportunity. Nonetheless, the time and date for the interview states tomorrow by 9:00 am in your facility, but I happen to be outside the state at the moment to visit my mother who just got hospitalised.

    I have booked the only available flight back, but expected time of arrival is 9:15 am and another 20-minute drive to your institute. If it pleases you, I will appreciate if the interview holds by 10:00 a.m.I do understand that time is of the essence and there are other applicants available to be interviewed, but I hope you consider my plight.

    I await your decision.

    Thank you in anticipation for a positive response.

    Yours faithfully,Mr. Ryan Petrelli

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