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How To Write A Cover Letter For A Job Interview

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Include A Call To Action

How to Write a Resume and Cover Letter That Gets You a Job Interview

The last note your cover letter must finish on is a strong call to action, inciting the potential employer to look through your resume and to contact you to arrange an interview date/time.

E.g.. “Please see as attached my resume. As you can see by my skills and experience, I believe I would be a perfect fit for your organisation and I would welcome the chance to meet with you and discuss this opportunity further. Please call me on 0123 123 123 or email me at so that we can arrange a suitable date/time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Showcase Your Most Relevant Strengths And Skills

Youve probably been told to show, not tell in writing assignments before. Your cover letter is no different. Instead of listing your strengths and skills , tell stories that show these assets in action.

Use the same techniques you used to grab your readers attention in your opening lines. For example, you may highlight a major career accomplishment by first describing the circumstances that led to you taking action and achieving a specific result.

Anecdotes like these demonstrate why youre the perfect person for the job.

Heres A Good Format Template

Your Name

Your Personal Branding Website

*You want to always try to address your cover letter to someone specific. Unfortunately that information is not always available. If you find yourself writing a letter and unsure of who to address it to, use Dear Hiring Manager, or Dear Recruiter.

*Dont use To Whom it May Concern or Dear Sir/Madam as those are considered outdated and you run the risk of offending someone. You can also call the company directly to ask to whom you should address your letter.

*In some instances you can completely forgo the opening salutation and just start with a subject line, but we suggest at least making an effort to find out who to address it to. It makes the letter much more personal and shows your dedication to the position.

NOTE: For more information please read our how to address a cover letter article.

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Its All About Me Me Me

We get it. Its your future on the line and your job application but, as harsh as it seems, the hiring company doesnt care! What the hiring manager really wants to know is how hiring you is beneficial for the company.

As a result, it is better if you write your cover letter from the perspective of the hiring manager and outline how you can help the organisation, NOT how the organisation can help you.

Why Do I Need One

Cover Letter For Job Interview Sample

Okay, so I get what a cover letter is, but why do I have to write one? Shouldnt my resume be strong enough on its own?

Ideally, yes, you want to make sure the resume you are submitting is as strong as possible and perfectly tailored to the job youre applying for but simply sending it in without including a cover letter can work against you.

As we outlined in our article How to Make a Resume 101, a resume is a document that summarizes your skills, abilities and accomplishments. A well made one should clearly spell out what you can dobut does little to explain who you are.

Thats where a cover letter comes in.

A good cover letter serves a multitude of purposes beyond simply letting the hiring manager know the proper way to spell your name.

It gives potential employers information about you that they wouldnt get just from looking at your resume alone.

To bring it back to our dating analogy from earliera well written cover letter is a little bit like a friend meeting with your date and telling them all the best things about you before you even get there.

Its an opportunity for you to reach out as an individual, not just as an applicant.

It should highlight your qualifications as well as demonstrate how you stand out from the rest of the hundreds of other qualified job seekers.

It should also showcase why youre the right choice for the positionwhat makes you the Perfect Candidateand all this is accomplished before youre invited to the date, erI mean interview

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Demonstrate That Youre A Cultural Fit

If you seem like a good culture fit to a hiring manager, youre immediately much closer to getting a job offer.

To learn about a companys culture , check the companys website and social media profiles.

  • On the companys website: look for About or Hiring pages. These pages usually have a mission statement, communicate core values, and explain exactly the types of people its hoping to hire.
  • On the companys blog and social media: gauge its public-facing voice, image, and culture. Is it fun and quirky? Or is it serious and business-like or a mix of both?

Tailor your cover letters tone and language to reflect the values, principles, beliefs, and attitudes that the company conveys in its materials. Think about reflecting visual cues, too if its website is minimally designed, consider using a simple cover letter template.

Expand On Your Resume But Dont Repeat It

Your resume neatly lays out your career in organized sections and bullet points. Your cover letter then expands on your resume by explaining how your experience is relevant to the target company, and why hiring you is a good idea.

In other words, if your cover letter only rehashes the content of your resume, youre missing the purpose of a cover letter. Your cover letter will lack the compelling pitch necessary to make a strong impression, and your application will likely be overlooked.

Try expanding on your past experience in your cover letter with these strategies:

  • Go into more detail about one of your accomplishments
  • Explain how your experience is relevant to solving the companys problems
  • Discuss current issues in your industry to demonstrate expertise

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What Is A Cv Cover Letter

A covering letter is a one-page document addressed to the interviewer or potential employer that includes your contact details, the role you are applying for and further detail surrounding the information in your CV. Cover letters should highlight your interest in the role and expand on your skills and experiences that make you best suited for the position.

Within the letter, you should align your qualifications, relevant skills and previous experience clearly to the job description to emphasise that you have done your research into the role and are keen to join the team.

A good covering letter will increase your chances of being invited for an interview. To ensure your cover letter is up to scratch, read our article on How to write a cover letter: 10 things to remember.

Put Together A Clear Targeted Opening Paragraph

How to write a Cover Letter to secure a job interview

Start your cover letter with an informative, direct introduction by including the following details in the first one or two sentences:

  • Job position: The title of the advertised position
  • Company name: The name of the company looking to hire
  • How you discovered the opening: Whether you saw the job on LinkedIn, a job board, or were recommended to apply by a friend
  • Intention to apply: An enthusiastic announcement that youre applying for the open role
  • Including these four pieces of information makes it clear youre a serious applicant one who isnt simply sending out a generic cover letter and hoping for a response.

    Heres an example of a cover letter opening paragraph that effectively introduces the applicant:

    You can also make your introduction even more attention-grabbing by adding a bit of personality, passion, or including a major career highlight. Dont be afraid to let some of your unique personality shine through in your cover letter.

    Just be sure to strike the right tone for your industry or field. For instance, if youre applying for a job in law, keep your writing formal.

    Here are some examples of unique cover letter openings you can try:

    Express your love for the company

    Its been a lifelong dream of mine to become a character designer for Disney, which is why Im so excited to apply for this open position.

    Highlight a past achievement

    Express passion for your work

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    Concise Conclusion: Lets Get Together

    You want to start this section by thanking the reader for their time and consideration.

    Indicate your anticipation of the next steps of the process. For example, I look forward to further discussing how my skills can contribute to the needs of your team. Then, state the best ways to contact you by noting your email address and phone number.

    Dont forget to use your own voice in your cover letter. It doesnt have to be a dry, unfriendly essay. In fact, it should be the opposite.

    Showing a bit of your personality in your cover letter will allow a hiring manager to better assess who you are as a personand what you can potentially do for their company.

    Putting It All Together

    So there you have 12 good cover letter examples for 2021 that will help you get started on crafting a winning cover letter.

    Remember that the most important thing for you to accomplish with your cover letter is to demonstrate how you add value to the company you are applying to, and you want to make sure this never gets lost when you get caught up in trying to sell yourself.

    And remember, youre not on your own! Once youve chosen your cover letter example you can head over to How to Write a Cover Letter 101 and get great tips on how to right all parts of your cover letter.

    Best of luck to you!

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    Cover Letter For Resumes Types

    1. General cover letterThis type of cover letter is the one where you apply for a general job and send in, or mail in your resume. This cover letter is generally for nearly all the positions that are available in the market. Make sure that you make a careful decision before you send this cover letter. Unless you are sending the resume to a recruiting company or uploading it on any of the networking groups, do not send a general cover letter.

    2. Job opening responseThe other type of cover letter is where the application is a response for a particular job opening in a specific company. This type of cover letter is more specific and detailed about the job that is being applied for and how the person is perfectly fit for the position.

    Ask For The Interview

    Personal Portfolio

    Youve also got to ask for an interview. Do this in your last paragraph before signing off. Asking for an interview directly can be awkward, but its a crucial part of your application letter. Here are a few ways to phrase the interview request:

    • I would like to meet in person to discuss this position further. Please contact me at or .
    • Im looking forward to meeting with you to discuss my fit for this role further.
    • I hope youll consider me for this position. Please contact me at or to schedule an interview.

    Although you need to be direct, avoid presenting yourself as presumptuous or entitled in this section of your cover letter.

    When its time for your sign-off, keep it simple. Stick with one of the basics, like sincerely or best.

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    A Good Cover Letter Is Your Key To Landing An Interview

    The cover letter is often the first element of your job application that your prospective employer will read, often ahead of your CV. For that reason, its vital that you get it right and that means knowing how to write a cover letter thatwill grab the recruiters attention for all the right reasons.

    A poorly crafted letter that fails to clearly articulate why you are the ideal candidate for the role, or one containing bad grammar and spelling mistakes, will result in your application getting dispatched to the reject pile. But a good cover lettercan work wonders in convincing an employer of your credentials and your professionalism, as well as providing insights into your personality and character.

    With that in mind, heres our step-by-step guide to writing the perfect cover letter to help get you over the line for that all-important face-to-face interview.

    Cover Letter Example : Returning To Work After A Job Gap/relocation

    Dear Principal Townson:

    With five years of experience in teaching high school and a masters degree in Chemistry, I believe I am an ideal candidate to fill the science teaching position you have open with the retirement of Stacy Jones. My teaching experience was at John Smith High School in Smallville, NJ before my husband and I moved here seven years ago. While there, I taught all levels of Chemistry and helped host the science fair each year.

    When we moved here, I was pregnant with my oldest. Now that my youngest has started kindergarten, I am eager to return to the workforce. Although I focused on my family these last seven years and have not worked for pay, I kept up with developments in teaching and chemistry by reading literature and attending conferences hosted by the American Association of High School Science Instructors. I have also volunteered my time at the community center, tutoring all level of students in general sciences.

    I look forward to raising my children in this community and someday teaching them at Rosewood High School. Please review my attached resume. I will be contacting you next week to schedule an interview. Thank you for your consideration.

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    How To Reapply For A Job When You Have Been Rejected

    Should you reapply for a job if you were rejected the first time around and you see that the position is still posted or has been relisted? It depends, but in general, the worst that can happen is that you get rejected again.

    Best-case scenario, you may have a better chance of getting accepted the second time around.

    How To Structure A Cover Letter

    How to write an interview winning cover letter that will make employers stand up and take notice!

    Although there are no set rules on how your cover letter should be structured, making sure it flows well is vital if you want to impress recruiters.

    Heres a rough guideline on what to include when writing a cover letter:

    Opening the letter Why are you getting in touch?

    The opening paragraph should be short and to the point, explaining why youre getting in touch. Its also useful to include where you found the ad i.e. as advertised on If someone referred you, mention their name in this section.

    Example: I wish to apply for the role of IT Manager, currently being advertised on Please find enclosed my CV for your consideration.

    Second paragraph Why are you suitable for the job?

    Briefly describe your professional and academic qualifications that are relevant to the role and ensure you refer to each of the skills listed in the job description.

    Example:As you can see from my attached CV, I have over three years experience in the IT Industry, and I believe the knowledge and skills built up during this time make me the perfect candidate for the role.

    Third paragraph What can you do for the company?

    Nows your opportunity to emphasise what you can do for the company. Outline your career goals and expand on pertinent points in your CV including examples to back up your skills.

    Fourth paragraph Reiterate

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my application further.

    Closing the letter

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    Cover Letter Writing Examples

    Here are a few examples of the various ways you can ask for the job interview:

    Im excited about the Marketing Director position with ABC Inc. and would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you in person regarding my experience, skills, accomplishments, and the specific value I can add to your team. Please call me at 555.555.5555 to schedule a personal interview at your convenience.

    The Marketing Director position is a perfect fit for my background. I would love the opportunity to meet in person to discuss how my experience and qualifications can add value to ABCs team. Please call me at 555.555.5555 to schedule an interview at your earliest convenience.

    My ability to rapidly deliver bottom-line results of 25%+ only adds to the value I can offer ABC, Inc. I would like to discuss these specific results and the many others I can offer you in a personal interview. I will follow up with a call on Tuesday to discuss a time and date we can meet to further explain the value I can bring to ABC, Inc.

    Double your chances for the job interview by ASKING for it and then be sure to follow up with the employer if youve stated you will do so in your cover letter. It couldnt hurt to follow up anyway one or two weeks after submitting it to ensure receipt of your resume and cover letter.

    Writing A Cover Letter That Will Stand Out

    In the age of the digital recruiting, is it still important to know how to write a cover letter?

    The short answer: Yes!

    Yet, far too often, job seekers treat the cover letter as an afterthought to writing a resume. Or they don’t bother to write one at all.

    Your cover letter is your introduction to a company and an opportunity to make a great first impression on a prospective employer. So don’t squander it.

    Today, a cover letter, like your resume, is not typically hard copy mailed to an employer. In fact, it may not be a letter at all. The savviest job seekers still manage to include its modern equivalent somewhere in the body of an email message or an online job application. Someone who takes the time and effort to do this will have a leg up.

    Here are tips for writing a cover letter that will convince hiring managers and HR professionals to interview you.

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