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How To Write A Post Interview Thank You Note

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Thank The Interviewer For Their Time

How to write a post-interview thank-you note and why theyre important

Start the email with the interviewers first name as seen in the samples below. Express your gratitude and be authentic in your writing. If you talked to multiple managers send them each an email if you have their contact info.

A key tip is to ask for a business card when you talk to each employee. If they dont have one ask for their company email.

Remember If you are talking to 3 or 4 people in an interview it is crucial to make a good impression with each one. A thank-you note goes a long way towards this step.

Express Eagerness To Hear Back

Wrap up your thank you email and express your eagerness to hear back.

Subject line: Thank you Client Success Manager interview
Hi Jessica,
Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the position and the company.
After interviewing with you, I am certain Im qualified for this role. My experience as a Customer Service Manager at Silver Financial Solutions closely aligns with the functions of the Client Success Manager position at Cloud Nine Technologies. As discussed, I would be excited to implement more training materials and team-building exercises with fellow employees.
In addition, I enjoyed learning about the company. I was especially intrigued by Cloud Nine Technologys commitment to giving back. As a volunteer at my local Boys and Girls Club, I know how influential mentoring can be for at-risk children.
Again, thank you for your time. It was so nice meeting someone that loves plants as much as I do! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

When And How To Follow Up After An Interview

One of the questions you should ask during a job interview is What is the next step in your hiring process? This gives you an idea of when you will hear back from the company.

Its important to respect the job hiring process that recruiters go through. If the person that interviewed you told you that a decision will be made by next Wednesday, dont contact them before this apart from your thank you note.

You may be really interested in the position, and you want to try to persuade the company that you are the right person for the job. But dont. It runs the risk of a recruiter perceiving you as a bad listener or disrespectful of other peoples time.

However, lets say that the recruiter said you could expect to hear back by Wednesday, and its now Wednesday afternoon. Well, in that case, its time to act. There is nothing wrong with sending a short interview follow-up note to see if the company has made a decision.

Example of What Should an Interview Follow-up Email Say

Dear ,

I hope all is well with you. I am just following up to see if you have come to a decision regarding the position . If not, could you please let me know when a decision might be made?

Thank you kindly, and please let me know if you require further information regarding my qualifications.


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Subject Lines For Thank You Email After Interview

Use any of the following subject lines when sending your professional thank you email, whether to a recruiter, hiring manager, or other company representative.

  • Thank you for your time
  • Thanks for your time
  • Thank you for your time on < day>
  • Following up on our conversation
  • A follow-up
  • Thank you for meeting with me!
  • I enjoyed our meeting

If you follow the advice above, youll have a great thank you email or letter to help you stand out and land the job!

And finally, if you thank the employer but dont receive feedback after a week, read this guide on how to follow up for feedback after your interview.

How Long Should The Thank You For The Interview Email Be

FREE 7+ Sample Interview Thank You Letter Templates in PDF

Now that you have some examples of a good thank you email, youve probably noticed that they vary in style and length. Still, none of these go into a lot of details and are relatively brief. On average, recruiters who help people find their next legal job recommend that a thank you letter for an interview should be between 85 and 150 words in length.

It can go up to 200 words, especially if youre applying for a high-level position or you have plenty of experience in the field. At the end of the day, the key is knowing the company where youre applying for the job. This will help you decide what type of follow-up email after the interview works best.

If youve agreed on something in your interview, make sure to follow through, even if it exceeds the aforementioned word count. These arent rules set in stone, and it is up to you to craft the appropriate email for the job youre applying for.

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An Informal Short And Sweet Follow

Hi, John,

It was great meeting you and chatting with you about the today! Our chat was very inspiring, and it was good to learn more about the role.

It sounds exciting, and I think I am the right candidate for the job, thanks to my years of experience in .

Thank you for the opportunity. Please contact me if you want to discuss it further.

As you can see, this email is relatively informal. Its probably better suited for younger companies and those that have a more casual company culture. It can also work after an unofficial and informational chat with a potential employer.

Things To Avoid In A Thank You Letter After The Interview

Apart from failing to customize your letter, there are several other things to avoid before hitting the send button.

Make sure to read through it a couple of times to ensure there arent any errors. Look for typos and double-check whether youve included a subject. Also, make sure that the name of your interviewer is spelled correctly.

Next, focus on the tone and length of your email after the interview. Are you being formal enough? Is your email too long to be appropriate? Check your attachment section and make sure the attached document is the one you want to send to your employer? Your potential employer will be happy to receive a thank you note after an interview, but it has to be done right.

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Reiterate Interest In The Job And Recap Your Qualifications

With a thank you email you want to reinforce your interest in the role you are applying for. So now it is time to express your excitement for learning about the role and company in the interview.

Also reiterate why you think that you would be a good fit for the job and the company.

Of course weve got an example ready for you:

  • I enjoyed learning more about the role and . The information you shared about sounded particularly interesting. As I mentioned, I believe my experience in will make me a great asset to your company.

Tip: Also read our blog post on 20 professional strengths to learn more about how you can show your potential employer what makes you uniquely qualified for the job.

Thank You After Interview Email Best Practices

How to Write a Post-Interview Thank You Note (Template Included)

Here are some general best practices for writing your interview thank you message:

  • Send the email within a few hours of the interview.
  • Be polite and professional in your language.
  • Highlight things you liked about the job, company, culture, and mission statementMission StatementA mission statement defines what line of business a company is in, and why it exists or what purpose it serves.. (You can use this opportunity to elicit a reply to your email by turning things around by writing, Id be interested to hear what you think are the companys core values.
  • Mention your skills and strengths that best match the job opportunity and what you learned from the interview about what the company is most looking for from the person who is ultimately chosen to fill the position.
  • Dont appear overconfident by sounding as if you just assume that you got the job.
  • Be sure to actually say the words, thank you.
  • Offer to answer any additional or follow-up questions the interviewer may have.

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What Is The Preferred Method Of Sending A Thank

Amanda Augustine, career advice expert for TopInterview and TopResume, said that email is the most common method for sending a post-interview thank-you note “because of its immediacy and ability to attach materials or hyperlink to additional information that can help advance their candidacy to the next interview round.”

On the flip side, if the company seems more old-fashioned and stays to the more traditional side of things, a handwritten note mailed to the office might get you further.

“I prefer handwritten notes,” said Rachel Sutherland, founder of Rachel Sutherland Communications. “Everyone loves getting mail, especially something you’re not expecting. It’s kind of funny to think of snail mail as being special, but in this case, it works.”

If you’re doing a handwritten note, your method of delivering it depends on the timing of the hiring process. Smith said that if you know they’ll be making their decision the next day, write the note as quickly as possible. In that instance, Smith suggests writing the thank-you note in the lobby and asking the receptionist to deliver it as soon as possible.

“The content of the message is more important than the method of delivery, be it email or a handwritten note,” said Beverly Friedmann, content manager at MyFoodSubscriptions. “That said, a handwritten card is certainly a nice gesture that you don’t typically see these days.”

Thank You Email After Interview Faq

Do you send a thank you note after the second interview?

Yes, you should still send a thank you email after the second interview. It doesnt need to be as elaborate as the thank you email after the first interview, but you should still show appreciation for the interviewers time and stay in the interviewers mind with a positive impression.

How do you send a thank you email if you dont have the interviewers email address?

If you dont have the interviewers contact information, you can still find a way to send a thank you email. Check if the person was copied on previous emails or included on the calendar invite. Or you could check the companys website for bios and contact information. Call the companys office and kindly ask their receptionist or someone else from their team if they can give you the email address.

What should you do if you forgot the interviewers name?

Dont let this deter you from writing a personalized greeting. There are ways you can get the right name and still make a good impression: Check if they gave you a business card or if you can find the interviewer on the companys website, social media or via LinkedIn.

What should you do if you had your interview with multiple interviewers?

Send a thank you email to everyone that was in the room with you. Each of those thank you notes has to be at least slightly different and personalized in case they share them with one another.

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Sample Interview Thank You Email/note #:

Hello < Interviewers Name> ,

Thank you for taking the time to interview me < yesterday/Friday/etc> . I enjoyed our conversation about < specific topic you discussed> and it was great learning about the < Job Title> position overall.

It sounds like an exciting opportunity and a role I could succeed and excel in. Im looking forward to hearing any updates you can share, and dont hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns in the meantime.

Best regards,

< Your First and Last Name>

This is a short, casual email thats best for modern industries like tech, e-commerce, digital marketing, etc.

This type of short message also makes an ideal thank you email to a recruiter or HR person after a phone interview or other first-round interview. At that stage, you dont need to be sending a lot of detail in your thank you letter you simply want to give thanks and reaffirm your interest.

And modern companies dont want to see a ten-paragraph, formal thank you letter that takes ten minutes to read. In fact, it might make them want to hire you less because theyll doubt whether youre a fit for their company culture. Thats why I recommend keeping your message short and genuine, like the sample above.

Even if its a second- or third-round interview, this type of very short, concise thank-you email can still be effective. Heres an example of the type of message Id personally send if I were job hunting right now:

Writing The Perfect Thank You Email Doesnt Have To Be Stressful

Post Interview Thank You Note  8+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format ...

Prepped is here to help you ace every step of the job search process, from deciding what to wear to an interview, to practicing answers to common interview questions with our AI Interviewer Tool, and sending a professional follow-up email to help seal the deal. Thank you emails are an essential part of the interview process and their potential influence shouldnât be underestimated.

Ultimately, the most important thing about them is that you actually send one. Still need some help? and get access to free resume templates created by HR pros.

To help further improve your chances of landing a job, learn more about our premium career resources.

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A Thank You Note For Everyone

Chances are that you worked with a number of different people through the interview process, so you will need to send more than one note. If you worked with a recruiter or someone who facilitated the interview, be sure to send them a thank you note as well as the hiring manager.

Send thank you to each person you were interviewed by not a group thank you. Contact the receptionist or administrative assistant to get names if you dont already have them, says Cachet B. Prescott, résumé writer, career strategist and workplace trainer.

How To Write A Memorable Post

Imagine youve just walked out of a job interview. You made a great impression and really like your chances. Now, take it to the next level by writing a thank you note that reinforces why you are the right candidate. Here are some tips for creating the perfect follow-up note:

Methods matter

Email – In general, email is probably the best choice. Most hiring managers check their email at least once a day and probably expect to receive thank you notes this way.

Handwritten notes These are still prevalent, but you are up against the timing of snail mail. Hiring managers are finalizing their choice in the time it takes to compose, send, and receive a handwritten card. In addition, you dont know how often they are checking their mailbox since its used so rarely anymore, some offices only deliver mail once a week. However, handwritten notes can be great if you can ensure quick delivery such as applying for a role at your current company or in an office next door to yours. To avoid awkwardness, just drop the note under their door or in their mail slot.

LinkedIn direct messages This isnt a bad method, but again, timing may not be on your side. Remember that hiring managers may be on less than their business email, especially if theyve wrapped up interviewing and are done looking for candidates. If you do choose this method, make sure to keep the tone professional and construct the note the way you would any business communication.

Quality is key

Make it memorable

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Send To The Correct Name And Addresses

Hopefully, you collected business cards from the people who interviewed you, so you have the correct spelling for the persons name plus their snail mail address. If you are not sure, Google the business name, and look for business directories or contact the recruiter or HR staff members .

Note that some people may have traveled from another location to interview you, so worst case , call the recruiter and ask for the correct addresses for each person.

Ask For The Next Steps To Take The Hiring Process Forward

How to Write a Post-Interview Thank You Note ( TEMPLATE For Thank You Note After A Job Interview)

Close your thank you note by reminding the hiring manager that you can provide additional information if necessary. Tell them to feel free to contact you if they need anything or have follow-up questions. You may need to provide references or complete a second in-person or phone interview to get the job.

Also, encourage the hiring manager to take the next step in the interview process.

Heres how you can write it down:

  • If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you.
  • I look forward to hearing from you soon and am happy to answer any additional questions you might have.
  • Im looking forward to hearing any updates you can share, and dont hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns in the meantime.

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Take Your Thank You Email To The Next Level

While the template above is all you need, if you really want to blow a hiring manager out of the water, add in another few lines before I look forward to… with some ideas you have on how you could add value. Think: a quick mock-up of something you discussed in the interview if youre in a creative role, taglines if youre in branding, or some slides or possible partners if youre in business development or sales.

It could look something like this:

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