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How To Write An Exit Interview Letter

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What You Liked Most About Your Job And The Company

How to Handle the Exit Interview

Include positive elements of your experience at the organization what you liked and appreciated most about the job, your team, and the organization. Just as individuals need to hear positive feedback to know what they should continue doing, so do organizations. This could include specific benefits offered, investments made in your learning and development, or an aspect of the company culture that you most valued.

Did You Feel That You Were Equipped To Do Your Job Well

If you want a direct way to better retain the employee who fills this position next, ask this question. It’s one of the best exit interview questions that will help you generate an immediate proactive response. Be prepared for tales of technology woes, inadequate training and more, but also be prepared to gain valuable knowledge of what you can do better next time.

Requesting An Exit Interview


When you leave a job, either voluntarily or not, the exit process may be a simple packing up and there may not always be an exit interview. However, requesting an exit interview invitation ensures you have a clean break from the company and allows you to provide insight into the culture of the group in which you worked.

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Exit Interview Tips: Planning Your Survey

Unlike an engagement survey where you deal with constructs built around employee attitudes, an exit survey should be much more practical and simple to design and interpret. If your exit interview questions are too general and open to various interpretations, you may want to consider redesigning your survey.

It can be useful to include a few open text field items within your exit survey questions too these often elicit richer detail and more nuances about an employees decision to leave compared to multiple-choice questions.

While historically qualitative answers have been difficult to turn into insights, text analytics software has come a long way in recent years. Natural language processing and sentiment analysis now allow you to automatically analyse tens of thousands of open-text responses and create topics, themes and trends to allow you to spot patterns and interpret the data.

Exit Interview Questionnaire: The Takeaways

Exit Interview Letter To Employee Database

Using an exit interview questionnaire can be a great way to understand how your organization is working internally. Without asking any questions or performing any offboarding practices, you can open yourself up to runaway problems that you could have fixed if you knew they existed.

The exit interview process doesn’t have to be hard. Keep a simple list of questions at the ready and adjust them if you need to on a case-by-case basis.

In the end, your interview should be easy to give and informative. Remember to not treat it like some cold, calculated legal battle. You are not in court. Try to, instead, use it as a way to leave on good terms and with a little more information than when you started.

Want to download our customizable exit interview questionnaire? Click below.

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What Could We Have Done To Keep You On Board

It is a testament to the company that so many employees stay here throughout their career. Unfortunately, that leaves very little room for growth. I am at a point where I need a new challenge. I would have been open to staying here had I been able to grow into a new position with new challenges, but these opportunities were not available at this time. If new, higher-level positions were to open up in the future I would be happy to be considered and to return.

What Are Exit Survey Questions

Definition: Exit interview survey questions is a pre-set questionnaire that is used in the exit process of an outgoing employee, either in the form of a survey or as verbal questions. It always recommended using the exit interview questionnaire as an online survey, as this enables you to run analytics on the gathered information for exponentially more insights.

Another benefit of doing that is employees can answer these even after they have left the organization. We all know how busy the last day can be.

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Did You Receive Feedback To Help You Improve

No one wants to feel like theyre stuck in a rut, especially at work. So if an employee feels stagnant, its vital that you know about it sooner rather than later.

When youve identified a floundering employee, the best way to inspire them to greatness again is by providing constructive feedback to help them improve. Maybe they need to focus on a different aspect of the job or go back to basics to perfect their skills.

Whatever the solution, managers should be ready and willing to provide guidance to help employees get better at their jobs. If an outgoing employee didnt receive that guidance, you have some changes to make.

This Isn’t A Deposition

How To Write a Resignation Letter

The last tip we have is that you shouldn’t try to treat this like it is a legal proceeding.

Exit interviews are usually performed when a person is leaving on their own accord, meaning that they will likely be willing to have an open chat. If they are leaving because they disagree with something at your company, they are also more likely to say something.

That being said, there’s no need to take this so seriously that it stresses the person out because if you do come off like they are trying to ‘get’ them with a question, they will clam up.

Instead, try to keep things light but also get the information you want. Don’t hold it against the employee that they are leaving. Try to learn from it and see if there was anything you could have done to retain them.

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How Do You Feel About Management And Do You Have Any Feedback Or Suggestions For How We Can Improve

This question gives you the opportunity to help your employer see your position from your perspective. Stay objective and fair when sharing feedback. Be specific and give your feedback in a positive way while keeping the focus on improving the company.

Example:Overall, I am satisfied with the way management has guided me in my job, but there is room for improvement. Management sometimes overlooked the ways they could utilize my role, so I occasionally felt somewhat stagnant. However, if they empower new employees to feel independent from the beginning, we can get more innovative and new ideas from them to add value to the companys success. This seems like a more effective solution than waiting for directives.

What To Say In The Exit Interview So You Leave On A Good Note

The exit interview is an integral component of your employment ending process because the information you obtain can make major improvements in your organization. In some organizations, the exit interview is conducted as a part of the employment termination meeting in addition to the rest of the steps on the employment termination checklist.

In a study involving 88 executives and 32 senior leaders from organizations in 33 industries that were headquartered in more than 35 countries, Harvard Business Review researchers found that nearly three-quarters of the organizations conducted employee exit interviews.

According to the study, “Of those, Further, they decided that the result of an exit interview should be actionable data. But, of the study participants reporting. To avoid this sad result from the exit interviews you conduct, the following five recommendations will help you make your employee exit interview data collection matter.

You will want to listen carefully to what you are told in an exit interview and make sure that you ask a lot of questions.

This will help ensure that you are hearing what the employee is saying and what he or she is not saying, which are both important. It is easy to make a leap of faith and assume that you understand what the employee is describing, but the employee’s words may not accurately convey the employee’s true feelings.

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Dont Make It Personal

We all have small office issues. Mike stole your stapler and Karen left her gross anchovies in the fridge all week. Marty constantly squeaks his chair and Claudia doesnt wear deodorant. Dont even get me started on Fred. This is neither the time nor the place to take about Fred.

Theses are not the kinds of issues that interest Human Resources. Complaining about personal problems during an exit interview will make you appear petty and unprofessional.

Be Sure Of What You Want To Speak Of

Exiting Letter From Employment

There can be various reasons for which an employee decides to leave an organization.

So, the best thing to do is to pinpoint the factors you want to speak of instead of scrambling all over while answering exit interview questions.

Think about why you are switching your job, is it because of a bad job/ boss? Is it because you are not feeling challenged enough? Or, Is it because you can’t fit into the company culture?

Think through the points you would want to cover and practice it well. Doing so will help you to stay on track while answering exit interview questions.

Also, practicing your answers beforehand will prevent you from an emotional meltdown at the time of the interview.

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Leave Space For Employee Details

Take note that youll be keeping exit interview forms for recording purposes. So, they should have information about their respondents . Thats why you must leave space at the top of the forms for employee details. Put blank spaces where the employee will write their name, job title or position, department, and date of resignation or termination.

Write Your Resignation Letter

Next, you need to write a professional resignation letter. You can keep your resignation letter brief, but be sure to include a statement of your intention to quit, the last expected date of employment, and acknowledge any next steps you will take. You should try to avoid negativity and offer a genuine statement of gratitude in your resignation letter. While it is not necessary to provide an explanation for your resignation, you should consider providing this information to your employer if you can do so in a positive way.

To upload the template to Google Docs, go to File> Open> and select the correct uploaded file.

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Exit Interview Form Template

An exit interview form template is a questionnaire that the employee fills out. Answers are provided on a rating scale and/or multiple choice basis. It can also include some open-ended questions.

The data from this method is more easily measurable and quantifiable than what an exit interview questions template provides. Get your Exit Interview Form Template here.

Rating scale/multiple-choice questions

Rating scale and multiple-choice surveys have closed-ended questions that ask for feedback based on pre-determined criteria. Responses are given by selecting a numerical rating or specified opinion. There may also be a section where respondents have the opportunity to expand on their answers in their own words.

Closed-ended/open-ended hybrid template

You can also use an exit interview form template that uses a combination of closed-ended and open-ended questions. It allows you to use the optimal format for gathering each kind of commentary youre looking for.

What Was The Worst Part Of Your Job

Exit Interview Tips (DO NOT Do This)

Everyone will have a different answereven if theyre performing the same job. But as you gather more and more responses, trends will start to emerge in the data.

Dont dismiss any answersalways look for ways to minimize the difficultiesbut when an answer becomes more common, focus your energy on solving that problem.

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The Workplace And Culture

  • How safe or unsafe was your working environment?Employee safety and how it is perceived within a company culture can have strong positive or negative effects on employee engagement which in turn is a driver of retention.
  • How would you describe the organisations culture?Your view of the company culture at a senior level can vary from the staff working on the ground. See if the culture values are clear, or if more needs to be done to establish them within the business.
  • Who would you speak to in the organisation about your concerns?Explore how connected the employee was and who was in their networks. It will also show well your staff are communicating with each other at a peer-to-peer level, and where this is not happening.
  • Have you ever experience any discrimination or harassment within the workplace?Harassment and discrimination are serious offences that must be handled correctly to protect the organisation and employees. If the employee experienced issues, find out why this went unreported.
  • What Is An Exit Interview

    An exit interview is an exchange of ideas between an employer and employee at the end of their contract. Beyond this, the specifics of the interview can vary quite significantly.

    Some employers dont have them at all, though this is less common.

    An exit interview can be formal or informal. It can be a , entirely verbally conducted, or contain components of both.

    Though most often a conversation with Human Resources, your exit interview can be conducted with any variety of people. The content and purpose, however, remain relatively consistent across employers.

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    Prepare For An Exit Interview

    When you resign from an employer, you should always be prepared to answer questions about your decision to leave and the time you spent with the employer. Employers often use exit interviews to gather feedback and make improvements where possible. Exit interviews can take the form of a written questionnaire or a discussion with your supervisor or a human resources professional.

    Sample Exit Interview Questionnaire Questions

    9+ Exit Interview Form Examples

    Okay, so you’re probably wondering what you should actually ask.

    Well, here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Why did you search for a new job?
    • If you didn’t conduct a job search, how did you land a new role?
    • What did you like most about your job here?
    • What can the organization improve on?
    • What could have been done to keep you working here?
    • Do you feel like management gave proper recognition for your work?
    • Do you feel like you were given the proper resources to perform your tasks?
    • Would you consider working here again?
    • Are there any other concerns you’d like to share about the company?

    That final question is where you will hopefully get your employee to share their feelings. But, as you can see, all of these questions are primed to dig into the reasons why the person is leaving and what could have been done to save that from happening.

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    What Did You Like / Dislike The Most About Your Job Here

    As straightforward as these exit interview questions might be, you still need to be practiced and prepared while answering.

    Being one of the most asked interview questions, HRs want to understand your everyday routine at work that you used to look forward to or what you were dreading.

    Was it some task which you felt was unnecessary?Did you feel you were not being guided properly? Or, was it those unnecessary meetings that ate into your work time? Answer it honestly and based on facts.

    Also, remember to back up your answers with proper justifications so that HR does not consider you as a lazy employee who refuses to take anything seriously.

    You can take inspiration from this sample answer.

    The two things I liked most about my job was the weekly catch-ups.

    Also, the fact that I could approach my manager with any problem or seek for his / her expert opinion on a project to help improve without going through a long process of fixing a meeting et al.

    The one thing that I disliked about this job was I was assigned tasks in which I had no expertise and I also had no supervisor who could guide me in it.

    More so, after working on it for a month or two the entire project was scrapped off resulting in a waste of work hours and nullifying all the effort.

    Types Of Exit Interview Templates

    You can use templates for exit interviews in two different ways. One technique involves asking the questions verbally the other is a written form that the employee completes.

    You can also combine these two methods let employees fill out a form and then discuss their responses in an interview.

    Any exit interview template should include questions that cover these five categories:

    • Reasons for leaving
    • Work environment
    • Technology

    You should tailor the exit interview template to your organizations unique needs, but here are explanations of both methods with sample questions to consider:

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    Why Is The Way You Deliver A Resignation Letter To Yourself Important

    How you deliver a resignation letter is important because it has an impact on whether or not you leave the company in good standing. It is always important to leave an employer in a positive way, as you may need your employer to provide you with a professional reference or you may decide to return to the employer in the future. You may also find yourself later working with your employer in another capacity, such as your former employer becoming a customer or supplier for your new position.

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    How Would You Improve Employee Morale

    Exit Interview: What To Expect

    Just hours ago, this employee was in the thick of things. He was dealing with company culture and being influenced by others morale first-hand. Living through that on a day-to-day basis gives him unique insight into how that morale and culture can be improved. This is the time to find out what he thinks.

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