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Hr Recruiter Interview Questions And Answers For Fresher Candidates

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Can You Tell Me About Yourself

Recruiter Interview Questions and Answers – For Freshers and Experienced Candidates.


A popular interview question among hiring managers, recruiters use to this question to assess your communication skills, get your perspectives on your career trajectory, and gauge whether your skills align with the role theyre trying to fill. I look for an elevator pitch that not only tells me who the individual is at a high level but also what drives them and where they see themselves in their company or career long term, says Megan Blanco, a talent acquisition manager focused on healthcare and corporate recruiting at Loyal Source.

The Top 12 Interview Questions You Should Ask When Hiring A Recruiter

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The mantra of any recruiter worth their salt is that people matter above all else and that the key to building a lasting organization is continually hiring best-in-class talent.

It makes perfect sense then that recruiting leaders really, really care about the people they hire to fill out their talent acquisition team. And they should, because hiring a great recruiter can provide a significant boost to any business.

So, how do you know if someone will make a top recruiter? To help you make this determination, we put together a list of a dozen outstanding interview questions you should ask when hiring a recruiter.

Whats Your Timeline For Moving On


Aside from your qualifications, recruiters want to understand when you would be available to start in a new role to determine whether you could fill a role within a hiring managers desired timeline.

According to Britton, candidates who are clear about their timing allow her to put out feelers for relevant opportunities that match that timing. It can be challenging if someones wishy-washy about dates because many clients have urgent needs, and it may make me question how serious they are about the job search.

Tip: Be ready to share your ideal timing for a career move including your notice period and earliest potential start date.

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Understanding That Youre Happy In Your Current Position What Factors Would You Consider If You Were To Make A Career Change At This Time

I always like to ask a broad, open-ended question to gauge my candidates motivation for seeking a new position. Each person is motivated by different things money, work-life balance, new technology, etc.

I find its imperative to determine their motivators, so I dont waste time selling aspects of the job that my applicants dont care about.

Michael Deeb, 4+ years of recruiting experience, Twitter: @deeb_mike

Where Can I Get Hr Interview Questions And Answers

10 Most Important HR Interview Questions for freshers

IndiaBIX provides you lots of HR interview questions with answers for various interviews. All students, freshers can download HR interview questions with answers as PDF files and eBooks for free. You can participate in any question and express your answers.

General HR interview questions are discussed here.

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In What Way Do You Establish A Stable Relationship With Job Seekers

Example Answer: I make sure to maintain a formal and positive tone when speaking to candidates. I make sure also to practice active listening when speaking to candidates. I do these things to ensure a candidate is comfortable.

This question is looking at the communication skills of an HR recruiter candidate. In the end, you want an HR recruiter who can speak to a variety of job seekers.

By looking at an HR recruiter candidates communication skills, you can also see how aware they are of their impact on social interactions. To elaborate, elements of this awareness, called social intelligence , often include communication and networking skills.

Some other skills of social intelligence include active listening. Active listening involves the listeners focus being entirely on the speaker as well as making it clear that what was shared is understood in their response.

Overall, the skills that make up someones social intelligence are quite crucial to the recruiting process. For instance, if an HR recruiter exercises active listening, a job seeker is more likely to come away from a conversation feeling a connection was made.

These connections are vital when it comes to how stable a recruiters network is, for example.

Q21 Do You Have A Spouse/ Family Member/ Friend Who Works For Us

Be very careful while answering this question. You can keep the following points in mind while answering this question:

  • The organization where you are attending the interview
  • The source of your interview
  • The position where your known person acquires


When you are attending an interview at an MNC make sure to play very safe. The first thing is if you are referred, you will have to mention the name of the person who you know but in case you have come through some other source, it is better not to give the names of any employee. However, if you know someone who has a great impact on the company and has been there for quite a long period, you could still give their reference. On the other hand, when you are attending an interview at a startup, you can mention it. This is because startup companies tend to look for candidates from employee referral as it requires lesser investments. Also, they would be sure that the new candidate will have someone to guide them.

In case you are looking for the most common Technical Interview Questions, read along:

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What Are Your Current Responsibilities


I ask this because I want to get a better understanding of what the candidate is currently doing and how that might compare to the job opportunity I have in mind for them, says Rob Paone who focuses on recruitment in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries as Founder & CEO of Proof of Talent. I’m visualizing the job descriptions must-haves and performing a side-by-side comparison as the candidate speaks to mentally check the boxes.

While the tell me about yourself question is about the birds-eye view of your professional history, this question drills down into your current role. Rebecca Siciliano, Managing Director of Tiger Recruitment in the UK says this question also allows recruiters to probe deeper into what candidates enjoy doing most. This gives us a good idea of the tasks theyre comfortable with and the areas in which theyre likely to perform best.

Tip: Prepare a verbal summary of your exact responsibilities in your current role that highlight specific skills most relevant to your target role.

Q20 If You Win A Huge Lottery Would You Still Work For The Company

HR Interview Question and Answers for Freshers


Winning a huge lottery definitely makes one happy. But for me, it does not give satisfaction. It does not justify my qualification to stay back and while away my time just because I have won some amount of money. For me, the satisfaction that comes by achieving goals can never be attained by any lottery.

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Do You Measure Your Recruiting Performance How

An interviewer can use this question to learn more about a recruiter’s thought process and the recruiting metrics they value. By asking this question, they verify that you are committed to providing excellent service. To answer, explain the performance metric you use and explain its importance.

Example:”Yes. I usually send a survey to candidates and clients to measure their satisfaction with the recruiting process. I value feedback because it allows me to identify areas of possible improvement and get better at my hiring process.”

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Q22 Why Should We Hire You

A very common HR Interview question that relates to the job you are applying for. It can be answered by focussing on your skills and experience.


I consider myself suitable for this job because I have been capable of doing X job in the Y domain and have also emerged among the winners. I also possess XYZ skills that are required for this job. Not just that, Im a person who always keeps myself updated with the latest in this domain and try to achieve new milestones.

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Common Hr Interview Questions For Freshers

  • Do you have any questions for me?
  • As a student freshly out of college, your initial job interviews could be intimidating. A lot of questions can pop up like How to introduce yourself in an interview, what comes off as the best dress code for interviews? And most importantly what HR interview questions for freshers are asked?

    If you are a fresher who has an upcoming job interview, this blog will take you through the 11 most common HR interview questions and answers for freshers.

    Lets begin!

    What Would You Do To Attract Real Talent To Our Job Offers

    HR Interview Questions &  Answers

    Thats a million dollar question :). Job seekers are not stupid, and fancy job titles or job descriptions wont work with high quality people. They check the salary offer, options for career growth, and the package of benefits theyd get with their new employer.

    If a company cant compete with the big guns, it will always struggle to attract the best people. Or even the average one.

    Nevertheless, you should show some creativity in your answer. At least give them some ideas, some hope. For example you can say that you will bet on personal approach, and creating relationships with perspective hires .

    Or you can say that you would cooperate with HR and branding managers, to create a distinctive and unique image of the company, something people can identify with, something that will motivate them to give your company at least a chance in an interview.

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    Question #: What Did You Do When A Qualified Candidate Rejected Your Job Offer

    How to answer: Occasionally, a candidate will reject a recruiter’s job offer. Answer that you contacted the candidate to find out why they rejected the job offer. If the rejection had a valid reason say the salary was too low make it clear that you went to your hiring manager to help negotiate the salary the candidate was asking for.

    How Would You Sell Our Company To A Potential Candidate

    This recruiter interview question aims at assessing your quick thinking, creativity, persistence, and knowledge about the company.

    While chasing a popular candidate, you have to compete with other recruiters and must know how to lucratively present your company.

    Prepare a pitch and mention the strategies you would use in a situation like this.

    Some ideas you can discuss include reaching out to the candidate personally and highlighting the companys history, work environment, success statistics, and suitability for the candidate.

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    Should Candidates Prepare For Hr Interview Questions For Freshers With Answers

    Definitely Yes, the freshers need to understand the interview questions asked by the HR managers. When it comes to an interview, the ideal objective of every job-seeking candidate is to crack the interview by convincing the HR managers with the rightful answers. Without building a strategy, it can’t be possible to accomplish it. One such strategy is to understand some of the common interview questions asked for freshers by HR managers to help you stand out from the pool of candidates and grab the offer.

    So far, we have covered some of the most important interview questions asked of the freshers in an interview. I hope it helps you to ace your upcoming interviews. We will leave you from here with our best wishes to land your dream job and accomplish all your wishlist.

    Q7 What Are Your Hobbies

    HR Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced candidates – Many new generation questions!

    Arrange your hobbies in a manner that gives first priority to the hobby that is closest to the job being applied for.


    I love exploring and writing about the latest technology and have published quite a few articles. You can access my work from XYZ link. Other than that, I also love playing XYZ.

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    Why Did You Leave Your Last Job

    Be very cautious in answering this query. Avoid blaming employers for their mistakes and stating that “Salary was less or poor work management.” Instead of this, you can say that:

    Sample Answer:

    It’s a professional shift. I’ve gained much from my last job, but now I’m seeking new challenges to expand my perspectives and gain an entirely new set of skills.

    What Do You Want My Hiring Manager To Know About You Specifically

    This question is a variation of Why should I consider you for this role? However, it is usually so unexpected that the responses are pretty telling. You quickly see what candidates value in their own experiences and gain a little more insight.

    Jill Chapman, 30+ years of recruiting experience, Twitter: @jsilmanKingwood, Texas

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    Why Should I Hire You

    This interview question is a perfect opportunity for you to tell the interviewer how you are better and more suitable for the job than any other candidate.

    Considering that there is always a dearth of good jobs, there will be a lot of people applying for the same job as you. And of those, there will be many with similar qualifications and educational background. As such, you need to tell the interviewer how you stand out.

    Talk about your professional persona. Build on how your achievements and personal traits stand in perfect sync to what the job profile asks for. Improvise according to the companys requirement but dont indulge in wild lies.

    Stay true and faithful and always read the job description and companys requirements thoroughly to formulate the best answer.

    Hr Generalist Interview Questions

    Top most HR interview questions for experienced candidates

    As an HR generalist, you may work in many areas of human resources, from recruitment to benefits. You may also be called an HR coordinator. In this job role, you’ll typically report to an HR manager. The interviewer may be looking at your ability to demonstrate commitment, understand different business areas, take a detail-focused approach to work, and your experience in a team setting.

    Questions you might encounter in an interview for this role include:

    • Why did you decide to pursue a career in human resources?

    • Describe your ideal company, location, and job.

    • What interests you about this opportunity?

    • What do you think it takes to be successful in an HR career?

    • Tell me about your most significant HR accomplishment.

    • Tell me about the least successful or challenging HR initiative you’ve worked on. What did you learn from it?

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    What Steps Do You Take When Checking A Candidate’s References

    This question helps to evaluate how recruiters organize their work. To answer, you can list the steps methodically and demonstrate your attention to detail.

    Example:”I ask the candidate to provide me the name and current contact information of each supervisor for the last five years. I explain to candidates that verifying these references will help me make an informed decision on whether or not they are the right candidate for the job. I send a copy of the candidate’s resume to each contact referenced and call them to verify the employment history and gather some more information about the candidate. I also look at their online profile to read what other colleagues say about the candidate.”

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    Q3 What Are Your Key Strengths

    This is a very important hr interview question for every fresher. Every interviewer wants to hear qualities from you that suit the role you are being hired for. Make sure you emphasize all your qualities and skills that give you an edge over the others to being hired for that particular role. Remember not to mention anything that you dont actually possess as it will become disastrous in case you are unable to prove your claim. It better not to actually list out your qualities, but put it more in a connected manner which will also justify your claims with reasons.


    One of the qualities that describe me is my positive attitude. It actually helps me to keep myself motivated even in the most challenging situations. I also get along quite well with people and pick up new ideas quickly leading to hassle-free teamwork. In our project team, I had tasks of XYZ which I was able to complete quite well due to proficiency in XYZ.

    If you can notice, in the above few lines, I have merged qualities such as positivity, self-motivation, quick learner, social and a team player in just a few lines. I have given a general example, but the answer to this question also should include your strengths based on the job role you are being hired for. For instance, if it is a technical role, mention your technical skills and the achievements that you have gained because of that particular skill.

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    Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years

    Now, this question is the trickiest and deadliest one among all. This can prove to be a trap and you might not even be aware of it. While the question might seem casual, the main purpose of this question is to find out how long you are planning to stay in the company if hired and how your vision fits the vision of the company.

    • You might be tempted to answer honestly by saying things about your plans for higher studies, your plans to start a startup, your plans of becoming a hiring manager in the company or if you dont have a plan then you are simply tempted to say you dont have a plan at all. These are the things the interviewer doesnt want to hear and hence avoid giving such answers.
    • The recruiter is only interested in knowing how long you are planning to stay in the company and how satisfied you are with the current position you are going to be hired.

    Sample answer:

    Over 5 years, I would love to utilize all the opportunities that this company provides me to learn by utilizing the internal and external training programs. My ultimate career goal is to become a Technology Architect and hence I would look forward to developing various products that represent the vision of this company and be a part of making a difference along with quickening my journey of becoming a Tech Architect.

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