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Human Resources Manager Interview Questions And Answers

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HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER Interview Questions and Answers! (PASS your HR Manager Interview!)

Here, the interviewer gets to know the extent of ownership you take while performing any task. It also reflects how well you care about the job and the company.

Sample answer:

When I initially joined my job right after college, there was a point where I was constantly becoming dependent on the team members to get work done. I did not like this as I wanted to carry out my responsibilities in an independent manner along with working in a team. I wasted no time and quickly learned the working dynamics of the project and received various assignments related to the project. The more assignments I worked on with minimal help, the more confident I became and the more sense of ownership is provided. I felt more independent and I was lauded multiple times for my dedication, my sense of ownership, and how quickly I was able to adapt to the project.

How Would You Describe Your Dream Company Culture

Of all HR interview questions, there are several reasons why this is an important question for an HR manager candidate. For example, it gives you a chance to identify your skills and elaborate on the specific tools and resources youll need to succeed in your work environment and manage a team as a new employee.

It is helpful when evaluating if the organization youre interviewing with is a good match with regard to your ideal company culture. It is also a fantastic place to begin when discussing how youd change the workplace and the companys culture.

How Do You Incentivize Staff Retention

First, I believe that building a professional relationship with them is the best way to ensure they are happy. Get to know your staff and then learn how you can add value to their lives. Help them improve professionally and personally by leading from a place of good faith and mutual respect. Dont treat them like children act in their best interest and trust that they will do whats right for themselves and the company.

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What Would You Do If You Were Working Under A Bad Boss

Interviewers want to know how well a candidate can cope up with people with different beliefs and ideologies and hence it can get a little tricky to answer this. While answering this, you ensure that you are avoiding emphasis on the negative aspects of the situation.

Sample answer:

Firstly, before jumping to the conclusion that my boss is bad, I will try my best to understand his personality and get to know what their problem is. If I find my boss to be aggressive, then I will make note of the things that would make him angry and will work on avoiding that. I will also try asking my colleagues how they have worked on dealing with him. If things get worse, I will contact HR to get a solution regarding this.

How Have You Handled Conflicts Within A Project Team You Are Leading

70 Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers for Human Resources ...

This is a common HR interview question where the interviewer wants to test your conflict resolution skills, which is a very important skill for an HR manager to possess.

Example:”The first thing I do is identify the cause of the issue. Secondly, I try to bring the concerned parties together for a talk. My counseling skills come into play during the talk so the team can reach a peaceful solution.”

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How Are Your Reporting And Analytical Skills

What a Resource Manager needs is not just good analytical and reporting skills, but also an understanding of how to present findings in a way that management can understand. Often, data from reports end up being misinterpreted by management when its presented in a complicated format therefore, if you want to succeed as a resource manager you need to make sure your presentation skills are strong. If management cant understand what your report means, then that defeats much of its purpose.

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Question #: Talk About An Hr Program You Implemented

This is a question to learn more about your depth of experience and how you correlate actions with goals.

  • Describe the need for the program.
  • Explain what steps you took to design or implement the program.
  • Give the results of the program using specific, measurable outcomes.

How You Could Answer

“I created and implemented an employee satisfaction program to help set HR department goals for the following year. My team researched several survey programs and chose Survey Monkey. The survey was not mandatory, yet 98% of our employees participated. We analyzed the responses and went into the next year with three projects with clear objectives.”

Why Do You Want To Work For Our Company As A Human Resources Manager

Experienced HR Manager revealed SECRETS to great job interviews: HR interview questions and answers

TIP 1: Have two key reasons why you have chosen their company. My advice is to focus on their reputation within their industry, and the fact they are a supportive organization, which will in turn enable you to perform your role as HR Manager to a high standard.

TIP 2: At the end of your answer, give a specific reason why you feel you will be able to excel in the role as their HR Manager.

Sample Response

I have chosen your company for two main reasons. The first reason is because of the reputation you have within the industry and the standards you expect of your staff. Secondly, you are clearly an organization who supports its staff in their work. I want to work in an organization that will support me within the role of HR Manager, because I too have very high standards and I feel it is important to have the support of your senior management team when working in this role. Human Resources is, in my opinion, an integral part of the successful management of any organization, and whilst some companies may pay lip service to it, you clearly take Human Resources very seriously. Those are the main reasons why I have chosen your organization to work for over others and I believe I would get immense satisfaction in this role as I will be able to move the Human Resources team forward in a positive and constructive manner.

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How Might Your Current And Previous Managers Describe You

This question helps determine your work ethic and provides more information about your personality. Interviewers may also ask this type of question to ensure that you give an honest answer. Consider recent reviews of your work or praise others have given you so you can give a positive answer.

Example:”During my last performance appraisal, my manager gave me an exceptional rating. If I were to think of one area my manager might say I could improve on, it has to be that I need to relate more closely and effectively with colleagues, especially members of a project team. I am a naturally shy person, but I have improved significantly on this aspect of my work over the years.â

Responsibilities Of An Hr Manager

The HR profession requires exceptional interpersonal abilities, including a high level of tact, diplomacy, and objectivity.

Your HR Manager must be able to develop effective working connections with management, employees, vendors, and other external resources. They are occasionally required to resolve conflicts, employ and train their team.

HR interview questions are designed to assist you in evaluating your HR Managers expertise. Expertise in the field of human resources, regulatory issues, technological tools, and overall strategy should form part of the assessment.

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Why Did You Choose Hr As A Career

If you planned to pursue a career in human resources, thats fantastic, and you can explain why and what you appreciate about the field.

If you arrived by a different route, thats acceptable as well. You do not need to pretend that working in human resources was your childhood dream.

Employment in various sectors and occupations can broaden your experience, and you can explain how youve used it to benefit the human resources department.

From Your Point Of View How Does A Typical Day Of Human Resources Worker Look Like

Fun Interview Questions Employers Ask

Try to mention many duties, and show us that you like to be busy in work. Tell us that you always look for something to do, for something to improve, for someone you can help. The job description should help you to identify your main duties and responsibilities, and you can include them in your answer.

But the key is to show us that you wont just sit in your comfy chair, waiting for a phone call, or for a problem to handle. Demonstrate your proactive approach to work, and show us that you plan to talk to people, to collect their feedback, to analyze data, and to come up with new ideas, based on your observations. Show us that you want to bring some value to our team, to do more than expected from you

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Tell Me About A Time When You Were Overwhelmed By Your Workload And How You Overcame It

This question is about using your time effectively. In a human resources role, there will be times when youre extremely busy in meetings, demanded by many people, and still have daily work to accomplish.

Explain how you prioritize these things:

In my first year of college, I was still learning the ropes, the campus, and making friends. I had mandatory lectures and many voluntary ones that I chose not to attend as I didnt have time. By the end of the first month, I was behind on my work because I couldnt manage all the newness and was not working well alone. I started going to the voluntary lectures to ensure that I used that time to learn and focus on what was important. I saved my social life for weekends only. This helped me get my priorities straight.

How Does Your Education Qualify You For A Human Resources Manager Position

A position in human resources management typically requires a bachelor’s degree and accredited designation, such as a Chartered Professional in Human Resources designation. The goal of this question is to determine the candidate’s academic background and ability to apply their knowledge to the position. What to look for in an answer:

  • Completion of company-specific educational requirements, as needed
  • Human resources designation from a recognized governing body, as required
  • Ability to adapt their knowledge to the benefit of the position


“I have over six years of post-secondary education, with a CPHR designation. My body of knowledge and theory allows me to create and implement solid human resources programs and initiatives effectively for the benefit of both the company and employees.”

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How Would You Describe Your Management Style

The interviewer wants to know the style you use to manage your business productivity.

Tip #1: Mention the most significant qualities.

Tip #2: Be brief and precise.

Sample Answer

I would describe my management style as professional, integral, and inspirational. Based on consistency, I always treat all employees equally and fairly. My professionalism lies in my ability to uphold every significant principle and positive values of the company. I am inspired because I believe that with learning and encouragement, employees can always do better.

How Much Do You Think You Should Be Paid By Looking At Your Qualifications

Human Resource Interview Questions with Answer Examples

Some tips to answer this question:

  • Research about what is the current market trend for the skills and capabilities that you possess.
  • Let the interviewer know that you have great skills by really selling yourself.
  • Do not undermine or downplay your skills just to please the recruiter.
  • Do not say a specific amount right away. Back it up with why you think you are worthy of that money.

Sample answer:

I have been in the software development industry for around 6 years. I have worked on developing and launching so many projects and have come a long way from being a fresher. I have also demonstrated leadership capabilities which I think will also be an added asset for you along with my technical prowess. Considering all this and also based on my research, I think if my compensation falls in the range of 15,00,000- 20,00,000 then it wont be a bad idea.

We have seen what are the most commonly asked HR interview questions, why they are being asked, some tips to answer each question, and also possible sample answers to them. The list is quite comprehensive. Sometimes, an HR might also ask role-specific questions to know how well you have understood the job role. The questions asked during this round might seem to be a general casual discussion, but you have to be well prepared to answer this as the HR round is the most important round and the only step away from your dream job. The below image is the summary of all the tips that you can utilize to ace this interview.

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What Do You Know About Our Company

This is a fantastic opportunity to impress the interviewer. Ultimately, this question aims to gauge your level of interest in the company. The more you’ve researched prior accomplishments, company values, and basic information regarding the product or service, the more you can demonstrate a genuine desire to work there.

Sample Answer

“I know your company is ranked the number one web design firm in Massachusetts. Your mission statement in particular appeals to me. I also know your company emphasizes continual learning and growth, two aspects I find incredibly exciting. I’ve spoken to Jen and Mark, two marketers at your company, and they’ve described the work environment as one full of passion and innovation which is something I hope to find in my next role.”

  • Mention the companys culture and your prior experience with its product.
  • Be positive in your answer.
  • Connect your answer with your desire to work for the firm and assume the role.
Things to Avoid
  • Dont unearth potentially controversial information, such as a company scandal.

What Do You Believe Makes A Successful Team

As an HR professional, employers will want to know about your experience working with teams and helping them work together effectively. Think about the importance of skills like communication, collaboration, trust, respect, and responsibility and how they factor into a teamâs success. Prepare a response highlighting specific qualities and share an example from your work experience that demonstrates how such qualities led to team success, such as closing a sale or launching a campaign.

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Tell Me How You Will Handle It If Suddenly The Priorities Of A Project Were Changed

Here, the interviewers want to know how the candidate will act in the situation when priorities are changed. This will also reflect the candidates ability to handle stress and solve problems.

Some tips to answer this question:

  • Make sure that you convey the right things to the interviewer.
  • Give instances of how well you are capable of handling pressure and stress.
  • Avoid boasting and no matter how frustrated you were during these situations, do not tell the interviewer.

Sample answer:

I certainly understand that there might be valid reasons for a company to change the priority of a project. The vision of a project at one particular point of time would change at another time due to various conditions. If the priority of the task that I work on gets changed, I will put efforts into understanding why this happened and I will consider that it is in the best interest of the company and start to work on the new task of higher priority rather than crib about it. The ultimate goal is to achieve big things by putting in my best efforts.

Have Some Examples Ready

Sample Interview Questions And Answers For Human Resources Position ...

While many candidates tell their interviewer that they posses certain desirable qualities, the proof as they say, is in the pudding. Spend some time in advance of your interview coming up with concrete examples of prior work achievements and how they demonstrate a desired ability. Be prepared for the recruiters questions and to anticipate them based on job position requirements. Instead of simply saying I am well organized, trying attaching an example or strategy. I am a well organized person – here is an example of a project I spear-headed where organization was clutch. Looking for the slam dunk? Finish your response with Did that help answer your question?.

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Do You Have Experience Using An Ats Which Applicant Tracking Systems Do You Know Best

    How to Answer

    Most companies use an ATS, or applicant tracking system, to aid in their recruitment efforts. Most modern systems collect and store job applicants’ resumes, personal information, interview notes, documentation, and candidate history. When a job seeker applies online to one of your job postings, their application, documents, and records will automatically populate into your company’s ATS. This system allows you to quickly see how well they match the role to which they have applied. Some of the most popular ATS programs will enable you to email a job seeker directly from the system and even book interviews or push out bulk SMS messages. Popular ATS’ include Taleo, Bullhorn, Kenexa, WorkDay, and JazzHR. Discuss what you know about ATS features and which systems you have used the most.

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