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Indeed Automated Phone Interview Questions

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Top Phone Interview Tips: 5 Common Questions & Best Strategies | Indeed Career Tips

The Wall Street Journal first reported on this new interview trend in November 2018, but with a competitive job market and low unemployment rate of just 3.9 percent, were thinking it could become more popular among human resources departments over the next year.

Jobs website Indeed already facilitates automated phone screenings for companies. According to Indeeds explainer, job candidates will receive a phone number, a passcode and an expiration date in the body of an email . Candidates have two minutes to answer a series of four screening questions during the automated job interview.

While this process is a quick and efficient way to narrow down a large pool of candidates, reducing the manpower needed to conduct the interviews, it comes with the possibility of technical difficulties. What if the automated voice system isnt easy to understand? And if candidates dont have the best connection, they may miss out on moving to the next round. Plus, with just a few minutes to answer each question, theres no room for error or delays in responses.

Why Did You Apply For This Position

This question helps employers identify candidates who have a genuine interest in the position. When answering, outline details in the job description to explain why you applied. For example, this could be specific job duties, information about the company, or something about the job that aligns with your personal or professional goals.

Example answer: “I applied for this position because I’m inspired by your company’s mission to make our environment sustainable. I spent the last few years working with companies that have similar missions and used that time to expand my knowledge and build my skill set. Your company’s reputation for providing career development opportunities also appeals to me.”

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Ziprecruiter: Best Overall Indeed Alternative

While Indeed aggregates from other job boards and sources in addition to allowing you to post ads, ZipRecruiter posts to hundreds of job boards. While these are mostly niche boards, it does allow you to spread a wider net. It also has a database of more than 30 million resumes that you can search, artificial intelligence -assisted candidate matching, and job posting templates and widgets. Its recruiting software includes screening questions, candidate contactingboth applicants and those found via ZipRecruiters resume pooland basic applicant tracking.

ZipRecruiter Pricing

ZipRecruiter has usage plans that let you post as many jobs as needed, with daily pricing. You are billed monthly when your account reaches $500, or upon cancellation.

  • Standard: $16/day. One reusable job ad with unlimited candidate applications and online dashboard
  • Premium: $24/day. Standard plus premium job distribution and 25 resume views/month

ZipRecruiters monthly plans start at $299 each month. It customizes the plans and pricing for your company depending on the tier and how many job slots you have.

  • Standard: Free. Includes dashboard, distribution to 100-plus sites, and AI to reach candidates
  • Premium: Custom pricing. Free plan plus reach more candidates and access to 32 million resumes
  • Pro: Custom pricing. Premium plus TrafficBoost and integration into external applicant tracking software
User Ratings
: 4.8 out 5 Capterra: 4.2 out of 5

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What Are Your Strengths

Even though the interviewer knows youve likely prepared an answer to this question, they are trying to see if you answer in a humble and professional manner.

When selecting your strengths, pick out ones that are relevant to the role. But, make sure you pick a strength that is unique to you. Many people are good at numbers and spreadsheets, but maybe you excel at creating pivot tables. Whatever strength you choose, back it up with solid examples of your abilities.

How Does A One

Indeed Interview

In general, youll record your one-way video interview as part of your initial application. If completing one is not specifically mentioned in the job posting, its usually mentioned somewhere on the website when you apply.

Most applications let you complete the one-way video portion at a later date . However, there is usually a limited amount of time to come back and complete it .

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What Questions Should Be Asked At An In

Any in-depth questions that may require longer answers should be saved for an in-person interview. Additionally, interview questions that involve personality or personal stories, such as What is your communication style? or Can you tell me about a time you overcame a challenge at work? work best for in-person interviews.

Common Phone Interview Questions

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In this video, Holl shares advice from expert career coaches on what recruiters look for during an initial phone screen of a job interview.

While each employer has a different hiring process, many use phone interviews in the early stages. Phone interviews are often used by recruiters to perform an initial screening to ensure the candidates they advance to the hiring manager meet their minimum requirements. Some employers only require one phone interview, but others might request two or three with different members of their staff, including the hiring manager, before they ask you for an in-person interview.

When communicating with your interviewer by phone, it’s important to be thoughtful about your tone and language to provide a clear, helpful answer. Unlike in-person interviews, however, you do have the ability to refer back to notes. You might consider taking that opportunity to plan out your answers to common phone interview questions. If you do write down outlines or notes, remember to sound natural instead of like you’re reading directly from a page.

In this article, we outline the phone interview process and provide example answers to commonly asked phone interview questions to help prepare you for your next call with an employer.

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Best Indeed Alternatives That Include Applicant Tracking

Indeed has a few applicant tracking tools like screening, email communications, and interview scheduling. If thats not enough, consider these services that, incidentally, will also post to Indeed.

If youre new to the hiring process or want some tips on making it more effective, check out our article on how to hire employees.

Tell Me About Yourself Example Answer

Phone Interview Simulation: How to Ace Your First Interview With a Recruiter | Indeed

Ive been in the marketing industry for over five years, primarily working in account and project management roles. I most recently worked as a senior PM for a large tech company managing large marketing campaigns and overseeing other project managers. And now Im looking to expand my experience across different industries, particularly fintech, which is why I’m so interested in joining an agency like yours.

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Tell Me About Yourself/tell Me About Your Professional Background

Recruiters and hiring managers will likely start a phone interview by asking about your professional background. This is a simple way for them to learn more about you. You should use this time to explain your relevant experience, what youre currently doing and why that makes you qualified. While you can include a few personal details that allow the employer to understand how you lead a well-balanced life, you should primarily focus on professional qualifications and accomplishments.

Example answer:As someone with an extensive background in education, I am well-equipped to provide students with guidance throughout their university career. My passion for education makes me confident in my ability to fulfill the role of Academic Advisor at The University of Sydney. Currently I work as an Academic Advisor at UNSW Sydney where I support a student body of 3,000 students and am assigned to directly counsel 1,000 of those students per year.

My responsibilities include making course schedules for each student every semester, addressing student concerns, and meeting with students to discuss change of major, program evaluations, and grade concerns. Before that, I studied education at The University of Western Australia. My degree in secondary education with a minor in psychology taught me the knowledge needed to properly advise students.

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Indeed Automated Phone Interview

I am a self-employed business consultant and I often use the phone interview feature in my email marketing. When I send out a press release or promotional email, the automated script that comes back is usually very short. It says hello, here is your news release or here is your press release. Now, these kinds of pitches are often the kind that you would read or hear from someone who is on your target market.

What I find interesting is that it may be that our automated script is actually designed to be more polite than what a human would write in the same situation. The script that comes back in the email I send out is shorter than what I would have written in the same situation. Even so, the human still has a chance to respond, and the automated script is still effective.

The most common reason that we automated phone interviews is because of the way that we use email and the way that we use the internet. Email is not a good medium for a phone interview. The best thing about email is that it is not a one-to-one relationship. A human can read your email, and if they really care about what you want to tell them, they can actually read your emails. Thats not possible on the internet.

This is why I think every business should have an automated phone interview. You can use it to make quick, informed decisions about how to run your business. It can help you solve problems that your other employees cant, and it can save you having to hire new employees in the process.

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Why Is A Phone Screening Necessary If A Candidate Meets Requirements On Paper

You want to make sure that qualified candidates are also the best fit for the job and company. A phone screening can answer questions about the candidates schedule, expectations and willingness to travel. These details are not always clear in a resume or cover letter.

A phone screening is a critical part of the candidate vetting and hiring process because it helps you identify which applicants stand out as the best fit for the role and company. By using these phone interview questions, you can gather the information you need to decide which applicants should move on to face-to-face interviews.

Why Do You Want To Work Here

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Your phone interviewer might ask why you want to work at the company to get an idea of whether you’ve researched the company, what motivates you, and whether your values align with those of the business. To answer this question, research the company by visiting their company page, their website, and recent press releases or news stories. Select a few key items from your research that align with the company. For example, you might find inspiration in their mission, be interested in their product, or be excited about their growth in the industry.

Example:âAfter building my career managing hospitality staff, it’s been my goal to work for a hotel that not only values the growth and achievement of their employees but also maintains an exquisite, affordable experience for their guests. I read your recent press release about implementing a truly innovative rewards program for guests at all levels, even those visiting for the first time. Your company continues to set a precedent for quality service and experience, and I am looking for a career working toward that kind of mission.â

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What Are Your Salary Requirements Example Answer

Taking into account my experience and Excel certifications, which you mentioned earlier would be very helpful to the team, Im looking for somewhere between $42,000 and $46,000 annually for this role. But for me, benefits definitely matter as well. Your free on-site gym, the commuter benefits, and other perks could definitely allow me to be a bit flexible with salary.

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Describe Your Current Role Example Answer:

My day-to-day work involves analyzing our client data, which has a big impact on how the marketing and sales teams approach messaging and source new clients. I also collaborate frequently with the product team to help them understand who theyre building features for.

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If Offered A Position How Soon Would You Be Able To Start

Candidates will often need to give their current employers at least two weeks notice before they can begin a new job. However, if someone is in a contract position, needs to relocate or has other conflicts, they may require additional time. Youll have to decide whether youre willing to be flexible on a start date for the right candidate or if you need someone to start immediately.

A phone screening is a critical part of the hiring process because it helps you identify which applicants stand out as the best fit for the company and the position. By using these phone interview questions, you can gather the information you need to decide which applicants you should move on to the next round and begin scheduling face-to-face interviews.

How Do You Like To Be Managed

Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers: Use the STAR Technique | Indeed Career Tips

The manager-employee relationship is crucial for success, and the interviewer wants to be sure youd get along and work well with your potential boss. And dont we all want to work for a manager we jibe with?

For example, If I know that the manager tends to be maybe a little bit more hands on and someone comes in and says that they dont like micromanagers or that they like a manager to just trust them to do their job and back off, that might not work so well, Smith says. She adds that this wont necessarily sway their decision to not bring you backrather, Its just another data point that I can share with whoevers making the final decision.

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Test Or Scenario Question

During a phone interview, you might be asked to perform a simple test or respond to a scenario of some sort. They might be looking for something in your answer like your thought process, ability to be creative or think under pressure. While it might feel awkward to be silent on the phone, it is acceptable to ask for a moment to think about your answer.

During this time, calmly consider the steps you would take to respond to their test. Try and avoid taking more than 30 seconds to respond. You can also try asking clarifying questions to better understand what theyre looking for. Write down the question to make sure you address each part.

Example answer: The employer explains that theyd like you to provide ideas for marketing a local event on a tight budget, and which companies they could partner with. For this scenario, you might explain that grassroots marketing is both affordable and effective with local events. You would invest in strategized word of mouth efforts and a bold, teaser-style social media campaign. You provide examples of several local companies with the same mission or similar industry to partner with to help get the word out.

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Why Are You Leaving Your Current Employer

This is one of the best questions to ask in a phone interview because it helps accomplish two goals.

First, if the reason the applicant is leaving their current role is something they may also encounter in the position youre hiring for, then it may not be a good fit. For example, if the candidate says theyre leaving their current role because they werent able to move up, a position that doesnt offer much opportunity for career growth and upward mobility may not be the right job for them.

Second, it can help you get a feel for the candidates personality and ability to keep their emotions in check. If the candidate is respectful of their current employer and avoids personal attacks, it shows maturity and professionalism.

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Ladders: Best For Executive

If you are targeting executive-level positions exclusively, then Ladders may be a better option than or addition to Indeed. More than 90% of the candidates on this site have a bachelors degree, and 45% have a masters degree or higher. All are looking for jobs paying more than $100,000. Like Indeed, you can post job ads or search its database of resumes. Ladders ensures resumes are limited to two pages and contain the information you need, however. It also lets you call candidates from the software.

Ladders Pricing

  • Basic: Free. 10 job posts, 10 resume views, 10 emails, and save searches
  • Lite Access: $199/month. 50 job posts, 50 resume views, 50 emails, 50 calls from the software save searches, and dedicated customer success manager
  • Full Access: $597/month. Unlimited tools, advanced search filters, and resume preview
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing. Everything in Full Access plus live job feed and company teams tools

Do You Have Any Questions

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Having questions shows employers that you have a high level of interest in the role. Prior to your interview, plan several questions to ask. Rather than asking about things like benefits or salary at this stage in the interview, ask questions that show you want to be a part of the team. Topics like daily tasks, company culture, and professional development are appropriate at this stage in the hiring process.

Example:”First, I want to thank you for giving me such an in-depth overview of this role. One thing I’m still wondering about is the training I would undergo as a new hire. While I’m quite experienced in project management, you mentioned your team created its own software to use. Because I’m unfamiliar with that, what’s the learning curve?”

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