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Interview For Supervisor Position Tips

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SUPERVISOR Interview Questions and ANSWERS! (How to PASS your Supervisor Interview!)

One of the biggest challenges as a supervisor is dealing with employee challenges. Questions for supervisors focus on how you manage complaints, negative attitudes and disciplinary issues. Emphasize that the best way to deal with personnel problems is to be proactive. If employees love their job and understand expectations, they are more likely to be part of the solution, rather than the problem. Discuss how communication, clear direction and creating a paper trail are paramount in situations involving difficult employees.


I provide clear expectations for my employees. After all performance related conversations with employees, I follow up with an email or letter to ensure we are on the same page.Example:

I always work to find a way that employees can be part of the solution, rather than the problem. I find that creating a path for improvement usually leads to a âwin-winâ for the organization and the employee.

Restaurant Supervisor Interview Questions

Restaurant supervisors are responsible for the efficient running of all restaurant operations. They supervise employees, ensure that proper food handling procedures are followed, and identify ways to improve customer service.

When interviewing restaurant supervisors, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate drive, efficiency, and excellent management skills. Be wary of candidates who are unenthusiastic and lack effective customer service skills.

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Dealing With Poor Employee Performance

Supervisors need to understand that not every employee is an ideal fit. Further, sometimes employees who were once a good fit fail to evolve with the company. A strong supervisor wont give up easily. They will encourage the employee and offer to mentor them.

  • When an employee’s work is questionable, I assume we saw something in him when we hired them that isnt manifesting now. I begin by arranging a meeting with them to ask how work is going and if there are any problems they wish to discuss. I’ve always found it more useful to go in with no assumptions and just listen. I then share with them specific areas where they can improve. It helps to present hard data, which could be their sales revenue this month compared to previous months.
  • If its a personal issue, I let them know that I sympathize with them and that Im on their side. We then move on to a plan of action that we both agree will help them separate their personal and work life. If the issue is work-related, I ask them what they think is causing the problem and how we can work together to overcome their struggles. Depending on their potential and desire to grow, I may invest in training them or temporarily lighten their workload. In some instances, Ive had to suggest the job is no longer a fit for their skills.

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Tips For Job Interview For Supervisor Positionfr

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How To Interview For A First Time Supervisor Position

Supervisor interview tips


Interviewing for a supervisor position for the first time can be intimidating, simply because you’re trying to sell yourself as an effective manager despite having no previous experience in the role. Be confident and outgoing during the interview.

Your goal is to establish yourself as a responsible, reliable and dedicated individual who is capable of managing and motivating others to high levels of performance. Reviewing the steps for interviewing for a supervisor position without experience will help you make a stronger impressions.

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How Do You Go About Solving Conflict Between Team Members

Not everyone on your team will get along, and how you solve conflicts will reflect the type of manager you will be. The interviewer is looking to see if you can handle your employees bickering.

While Ive never had a very serious issue with employees not getting along, I have seen what happens when people on your team do not seem to work well together. If its something small, like a work miscommunication, I will call them both into my office and we will hash it out. Ive see that type of resolution work well. But, if its something bigger, like personal drama, I usually approach them separately and ask that they leave any personal issues at the door. Then, I make note to not schedule them in the same shift. I keep my time and my employees time at work as professional as possible.

As A Supervisor What Is One Of The Most Critical Choices You’ve Made

Hiring managers can use this question to ascertain your level of comfort in making decisions for your team in the absence of express directions from owners or anyone higher up in the management structure. How you respond can demonstrate that you’ve previously had decision-making responsibilities and are confident in your decision-making process. Consider a specific circumstance in which you had to make the final call on a project or endeavor while answering this question. Share the variables that influenced your choice and the end result.

Example: “As a marketing manager in my previous work, my team spent a significant amount of time researching and generating content for a new vegan restaurant promotion. Following the launch, the customer informed us that they discovered that several of their offers were not vegan at all. I had to determine how to handle modifying previously published text and dealing with the retraction. I eventually addressed the issue immediately on the client’s social media platforms and website, and along with the client, we developed updated content with source lists and links to maintain consumer trust.”

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What Not To Say

Don’t be negative. Do not focus on the inadequate behavior of past bosses or vent about one specific horrible boss. While it can seem natural to share your past experiences, it can give the hiring manager a bad impression of you and cause them to associate the attributes of your former boss with you! This is not the time to share lingering resentments. Doing so can lead the interviewer to assume you’re a problematic employee or someone who will cause drama in the workplace.

Don’t be too vague. Of course, you don’t want to say anything in your response that could disqualify you as a candidate. But at the same time, everyone should have at least some expectations of a supervisor. Otherwise, the role wouldn’t exist! So don’t shy away from sharing reasonable expectations of this relationship. If you’re very vague, you risk seeming wishy-washy or as if you’re dodging the question.

What Do You Like About Your Current Role

MANAGER Interview Questions and Answers! (How to PASS a Management Job Interview!)

Interviewers ask this question in a promotion interview to understand what makes you want to continue working with the company.

You can use this opportunity to,

  • Showcase your loyalty towards the company
  • Highlight any emotional attachment you may have with your team
  • Toot your own horn about what you do in your job
  • Talk about company objectives, culture and your idea of its potential growth map

Sample answer

I have been associated with this organization for 4 years, since its early days.

My team is like a family, and I would be thrilled at an opportunity that could provide growth here.

As a marketing executive, I have created an optimal brand recognition for our products, making a unique place for ourselves in the market.

I believe in our projects, and it would make me extremely happy to continue working here.

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Questions About Your Ambitions

Example:Where do you expect to be in five years time?

What the interviewer is really asking: Supervisory roles are often a path to middle management positions. Interviewers want to see that you have the hunger to progress.

Example response:I hope to eventually gain more experience and move into a regional supervisor role.

How Do I Prepare For A Management Interview

As you move through the interview process for a Management position, remember that the companies are evaluating your overall fitness for a management position within their organization. A Management interview will focus primarily on your leadership skills and experience, but an interviewer will also ask questions about your background, qualifications and communication skills. You will also be asked to describe how you have dealt with conflict in the past.

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What Is Your Biggest Management Strength

The answer to this manager interview question should describe the candidates biggest management strength and explain how it helps get the job done and benefits their team and your business.

Job candidates should understand how their strength integrates with the strengths of your team to form a cohesive unit.

What Makes A Good Supervisor Do You Consider Yourself One

Top 11 Interview Tips for Managers New to the Hiring Process ...

The question seeks to reveal the candidate’s management styles. In their response, they should clearly state prior experiences that have allowed them to develop their leadership skills. What to look for in an answer:

  • Understanding the traits of a good supervisor
  • Experience related to the current role
  • Leadership skills


In my previous supervisory role, I learned the importance of respecting the employees I supervise. I saw that when you show your employees respect, you highly boost their sense of ownership and their motivation to produce the desired results.

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How Would You Handle A Problem Employee

As a supervisor, you have to take charge of disciplinary action and keep employees in line. However, this is not the place to become power-hungry. You can start by saying that you would study company policy to be prepared and refer back to it if need be.

Your actions in enforcing discipline will always reflect the standard as set forth by the company. If a situation is complex, you will consult your own superior or HR for guidance. If it is a small, first, or second-time offense, it could easily be remedied to not be repeated. Try offering a counseling session to the employee to address any issues that they may have that may have resulted in the offense.

Why Should We Hire You Above All Other Applicants

This question is typically challenging for candidates to answer, mainly because its inherently a bit uncomfortable. In the end, the hiring manager is basically asking, What makes you so special?

In most cases, you need to balance tooting your own horn with humility. Its a fine line to tread, but its certainly one thats walkable if you embrace the right strategy. Ideally, you want to focus on differentiators and results, quantifying the details whenever possible. That way, you can separate yourself a bit from the competition.


At this point, I feel confident that you have a solid grasp on my applicable experience and key supervisory skills, including delegation, time management, communication, and other capabilities that all candidates who made it to the interview likely possess.

However, I do believe I bring something unique to the table that can benefit your company. Currently, I volunteer with a program that focuses on supporting troubled youth. The benefit of that is Ive learned not just about how to coach successfully but how to adapt my approach to the needs of individuals, many of whom were in distress.

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Its All About Chipping In

Your experience in your department may even allow you to take on other tasks. This can help lighten the load on your team to meet the deadlines. Of course, once a project is over and done with, a post mortem can be done to evaluate if the deadlines were reasonable to start with, if there were truly unforeseen circumstances, or if some members on your team are due for a performance review, in accordance with company policy.

This is because, of course, you, as their supervisor, may have helped to steer them back on track, but it is also your responsibility to see to it that all the work does not fall to a select few, while others on the team are slacking off.

How Do You Discipline Someone In The Workplace

SUPERVISOR Interview Questions & Answers! How To PASS A Supervisor Interview!

Hiring managers can use this question to decide if you make consequences clear and hold your employees to accountability standards. When answering, consider the disciplinary structure you use with your teams.

Example:”As a shift leader, I noticed one employee in particular was always late. I met with her to find out her personal reasons for tardiness, but she didn’t have any. I created a consequences list that addressed how we would proceed if she didn’t start coming to work on time.”

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Don’t Overlook Your Life Outside Of Work

The executive hiring committee isn’t just looking for a brain with the right technical knowledge. Your personality, interests, and values will shape other people’s experience of working for the company . Expect that some of the interview questions will attempt to tease out who you are as a human. From volunteering, to giving back through professional chapter and association participation and leadership, to sharing education via a podcast, think about how you spend your personal time and what your choices can signal to your prospective employer.

Here is a handful of questions to be prepared for:

  • What do you do outside of work?

  • What accomplishment outside of work are you most proud of and why?

  • How would you want to be remembered?

Keep in mind that not every personal question is appropriate. Illegal interview questions can happen during an interview at any level, so know the law and your rights.

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    What Prior Supervisory Experience Do You Have

    This question is going to be one of the very first ones asked, so be ready with a great answer. When considering how you are going to respond, make eye contact and relate how your previous supervisor experience relates to what they are looking for.

    Remember, the interview is not about you its about them. Try and show you can fulfill their needs and solve their problems.


    In my last position, I had the opportunity to oversee several software development projects. My role involved coordinating the effort of cross-departmental teams, communicating change requests, monitoring the budget, and otherwise ensuring the project remained on target.

    With the second-most-recent project, I also had a unique opportunity. One of the developers hit an unexpected obstacle, and they were struggling to find a viable solution. While I have programming experience and likely could have handled the issue personally, I saw this as a chance to help a colleague excel. I put on my coaching hat and worked with them, asking them probing questions that were designed to get them to examine the situation in a new light.

    Using that approach and a supportive tone, I was able to guide them through a problem-solving process that resulted in a solution. Along with improving their technical capabilities, it ultimately boosted their critical thinking skills, allowing them to overcome a different challenge on their own during the subsequent project.

    How Would You Get A Project Back On Track If Your Team Falls Behind

    What Should You Ask a Hiring Manager During a Job Interview?

    The last thing anyone wants is to have someone looking over their shoulder to monitor their progress. The best answer here is to explain how you will help your team get back on track instead of just telling them to work faster.

    You can assist your team by asking everyone for a quick status report on what they have finished, what they are still busy with, how long it will take them, and how they can be assisted. This will give you an overview of where to prioritize your attention and figure out the best course of action.

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    Supervisor Interview Questions And Answers

    Sample supervisor interview questions with practical answer help.

    Whether the job is for a sales supervisor, a production supervisor, a warehouse supervisor or a team leader the same basic competencies and supervisor skills are required to successfully carry out the duties and responsibilities in the supervisory role.

    Feel confident about your job interview by knowing which interview questions to expect for supervisor jobs.

    Prepare winning interview answers and impress as the right job candidate.

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