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Interview Guide Template For Hiring Managers

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Sample Interview Questions For Managerial Positions

MANAGER Interview Questions and Answers! (How to PASS a Management Job Interview!)
  • At which point do you find it necessary to bring others into your decision-making process? Why?
  • Describe your approach to making decisions and solving problems. Why do you do it this way?
  • When you recommend something to management, what approach do you usually use?
  • How do you assemble relevant data to make your decisions? How do you know you have enough data?
  • How much leeway do you give your employees to make decisions? How do you still maintain control?

Administration Questions

  • What areas are within your sphere of responsibility in your current position? How do, you make sure that you know what is happening ?
  • How do make sure that your employees are accountable?
  • What operating systems do you use to monitor and maintain control of your area of accountability?
  • What do you typically do when you hear of a problem in your area? Explain?
  • How useful have you found written procedures and guidelines in helping you manage your area?
  • Do you feel that the chain of command is important? Why? When do you feel it might inhibit organizational effectiveness?

Writing Skills Questions

  • When you have to write letters, how do you usually get started?
  • How do you keep track of incoming and outgoing correspondence?
  • What do you see as the difference in writing strategy for a report vs. memo vs. a letter?

Financial Questions

Leadership Questions

Evaluating Performance

Employee Relations

Planning Questions

Organizational Relationships

Pay Attention And Take Note Of:

  • How well the candidate listens and responds directly to questions.
  • Whether the candidate seeks clarification or more information.
  • How well the candidate turns potentially negative information into positive.
  • How well the candidate builds rapport with you.
  • How the candidate handles nonverbal communication such as eye contact, body language and tone of voice.

What Was Most And Least Rewarding About Your Last Position

What They Want to Know: This is another situation where its how you answer that is most important. Align your answers to what you know the employer is seeking in their next manager your most rewarding scenario should reflect a quality they want, and your least rewarding example should describe a skill or situation that isnt relevant to your ability to succeed in your new management role.

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What Can I Expect From An Hr Interview

During an HR round, you can expect high-level, general questions about you, your past work experience, and your motive for looking for a new position. Expect to receive questions that allude to your aptitudes and competencies, but that don’t go too in depth about role-specific responsibilities.

You can expect to be asked about:

  • What you expect for your salary
  • Why youre looking for a new role
  • Why youre leaving your current company
  • What youre looking for in a new opportunity
  • How you could function in a new environment
  • How youve functioned in your former environment
  • How youve handled conflict with coworkers
  • How youve handled high-pressure situations

The HR interview can also cover the companys benefits, work hours, and organizational structure.

How To Conduct Interview Training For Hiring Managers

Free Interview Templates and Scorecards

Hiring managers are as important to the recruitment process as recruiters if not more so. They’re often the ones who open a new position, and ultimately make that final decision on who to hire. But it’s crucial that they know how to interview effectively and with minimal bias so, interview training for hiring managers is a must. This guide will give you everything you need on training hiring managers to be effective, impartial interviewers so they get the best candidate for the role.


Even experienced hiring managers can benefit from interview skills training. Heres how to build an effective interview training plan for hiring teams:


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Work Through Interview Questions With The Candidate

  • Dont jump to conclusions about the candidate or their suitability. Allow the candidate time to relax and open up. Evaluate their answers before coming to any conclusions.
  • Take clear and concise notes. Write verbatim notes during the interview so the candidates answers cannot be misinterpreted. Until you become confident interviewing you might like someone else within your company to attend as an observer or to take notes. You can then compare your thoughts and notes after the interview.
  • Maintain control of the interview, while encouraging the candidate to do most of the talking. Ask clear and specific questions and listen to the candidates answers.
  • Dont show signs of disapproval or interrogate the candidate. This can result in the candidate clamming up and withholding information or saying what they believe you want to hear.
  • Compliment candidates on their accomplishments. Downplay mistakes or negative experiences a candidate may reveal. Make a note of these comments and ask behavioural questions later to gain a better insight into the situation. For example, what did they learn from the experience? What would they do differently in the future? What was the outcome? Use the S.T.A.R formula!
  • As you work through the interview questionnaire dont be afraid to dig deeper or rephrase questions if the candidates initial response doesnt answer your question.
  • Follow your Interview Questionnaire format. This will keep you on track to cover off key information.

Interview Questions About You

Tell me about yourself. This is perhaps the most frequently asked question at the beginning of job interviews. Employers want to get a sense not only of your career skills, but also of who you are as a person. Use the past, present, future technique to structure a winning response.

In addition to learning more about you, the interviewer will also be working to determine whether you’re a fit for the role and the company. Here are some more questions you may be asked:

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Cons Of Using Interview Scoring Sheets

The following are potential disadvantages of using scorecards during the interview process:

  • Limited answers: Asking particular questions means that a candidate can only answer in a set number of ways. By following a scorecard and only asking certain questions, you may risk missing out on learning other relevant information about the candidate that isnt on your scorecard questions.
  • Limited engagement: When an interviewer is constantly looking at a scorecard, engagement can be limited between the interviewer and interviewee. For example, eye contact may be diminished, and the interview may come across as monotone when asking questions.
  • More time: Implementing the use of scorecards can require an adjustment period for hiring managers to get used to using this tool during interviews. As a result, interviews may take longer and/or hiring managers will have to take time out of their day to become familiar with using scoring sheets.

Guide To Interview Scoring Sheets

HOW TO FOLLOW UP after a Job Interview! (The PERFECT Interview Follow-Up Email Template!)

An interview scoring card is a tool that some hiring managers or interviewers use to grade candidates after interviews. When used correctly, this tool can make the hiring process more objective and help produce better-quality hires. However, its essential to learn the basics of using interview scoring sheets and to weigh the pros and cons of using this interview tool. While scoring sheets arent right for every business, they may be right for yours.

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Why Are You Interested In This Position

This question is a critical indicator as to whether you’re interested in this company and role in particular, or whether you’re simply applying to any role in the field. For instance, it’s not a good sign if you say, “Well, I’m interested in social media, so this role seemed like a good fit.” Instead, you want to mention specific qualifications of the role itself, and demonstrate how those qualifications align with your personal strengths. Additionally, it’s important you mention how you can help drive results for the team.

Sample Answer

“Through my last role, I’ve learned I’m passionate about creating content for social media. I’ve managed to grow our Instagram audience by 7%, and with my team I created a successful Facebook campaign that cultivated an increase in sales by 12%. I’ve followed your business on Instagram and Facebook for a few years and appreciate your brand more importantly, I see this role as one in which I’d truly be challenged and able to use my strengths. In particular, I believe I’d excel in the client-facing aspect of the role. Meeting with clients to collaborate on social media marketing objectives and goals is something I find exciting and purposeful.”

Things to Avoid
  • Dont mention money or benefits in your answer.
  • Dont be blase .

How Would Your Current Manager Describe You

It can be awkward to brag about yourself, so while this question may seem weird, it’s really the HR professional’s tactic for hearing how your current boss views you in a work environment. To feel less uncomfortable answering this question, thoughtfully consider your last performance review, and use direct quotes from your boss in your answer.

Sample Answer

“During my last performance review, my current manager told me she appreciates how quickly I take constructive feedback and use it to improve in my role. She’s grateful that she never needs to repeat areas of improvement to me once she gives me feedback, I take it seriously and make sure she never needs to bring it up again. She has also described me as diligent and trustworthy, two aspects I believe are critical for excelling in any role.”

  • Be clear about your strengths this is really your moment to shine.
  • Focus on a single characteristic youd like to highlight.
  • Try to connect the strength to the role youre applying for.
Things to Avoid
  • Dont focus on a specific accomplishment, but rather on a soft skill that can lead to sustainable growth in the role.
  • Dont start with Well, Im really good at

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Consider Additional Scoring Categories

A firm handshake, eye contact, good preparation and professional presentation have always been important in interviews. However, their impact is often left to the personal intuition of a hiring manager. Instead, you might consider creating additional scoring categories besides the questions. In this case, you would score potential hires for how they carry themselves during the interview, not just for the questions.

Share Some Examples Of The Ways In Which Youve Impacted Worker Safety

Interview Checklist

What They Want to Know: Occupational health and safety is a major concern of employers, especially in high-hazard workplaces like factories, chemical labs, and construction sites. Describing how youve positively impacted worker safety is a good way to add value to the impression youre providing of your management skillset.

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There Are A Variety Of Interview Agendas But The Basic Elements Include:

  • The candidates information such as position applied for and previous employment, skills, experience, and interests
  • The interviewers information such as title, department worked in, and whether or not there are multiple interviewers
  • The time, length, and location of the interview so you can compare each to determine which provides the maximum effectiveness
  • Which questions were asked, their answers, and notes on follow-up questions
  • Additional notes, overall impressions, and the likelihood of pursuing another interview or hiring

Leave Space For Notes

If you’d like, you can also include a blank area in your template for notes. At the end of the interview, you can write any final important thoughts you have about the candidate in this section to help ensure you remember them. For instance, you might use this section to write comments about your overall impression of the candidate and whether you’d like them to move to the next step in the interview process.

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How To Make The Best Impression

The best way to make a great impression in a management interview is to demonstrate your confidence and competency in leading others, while at the same time expressing your enthusiasm for the company you are applying to.

When youve done your research of the employer and have honed your sales pitch , youll be ready to prove to your interviewers that youre the perfect candidate for the job.

Interview Scoring Sheet Template And Sample

Final Round Interviews with Hiring Manager’s VP or Director

There are numerous ways to design a scoring sheet template, but the basic requirements are fairly simple. It should include the questions your hiring manager is asking, while also making it clear how the candidate scored on each question. You might use a single scoring sheet that has the name of all or multiple applicants, or you might use a different scoring sheet for each candidate. Whats important is that you use a single, universal set of questions for all candidates.

Heres a template scoring sheet that uses six questions and a 1-5 scoring system. Rather than relying on intuition, its essential to define each number as having a specific meaning. In this case, consider:

  • 1/5: The answer missed the point of the question entirely or was otherwise wholly inadequate
  • 2/5: A poor or incomplete answer that nonetheless contained good points
  • 3/5: A basically adequate answer that hit the key points of the question, but which goes no further
  • 4/5: A strong answer that goes beyond the basic requirements of the question
  • 5/5: An excellent answer that is exactly what youre looking for

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Reread The Job Description Multiple Times

I know that its difficult to keep track of job postings, especially if youve applied to tens upon tens of jobs. Try to find the original posting and reread the description. If possible, print it out and highlight sections that you feel most match with your qualifications. Underline key terms, then bring those terms into your answers.

Benefits Of Second Interview

14+ Example Of Job Interview Question And Answer Gif

Heres some reasons why second interviews are useful:

TIP: Ensure you are well prepared for the second interview and are professional at all times. Offers have been declined by candidates after attending a second interview for such reasons as managers being late for interview, negative comments from team members or a sense of a stressed out workplace!

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Four Interesting Facts About Hiring And Interviews

  • Job benefits can be all important. In an Anne Corder Recruitment poll, 81 per cent of job seekers named flexible working as the most important company benefit. If youre offering flexible working, make it known before and in the interview!
  • While the average length of an interview is 40 minutes, 33% of 2000 surveyed bosses indicated they know within the first 90 seconds if they will hire that candidate, according to B2C.
  • In a recent ACR survey, employers said a recruitment agencys ability to source high calibre candidates and professionalism were their top priorities.
  • A survey by the Institute for Leadership and Management highlighted that 31% of employees would be motivated to work harder if they received better treatment from their employer including praise and a greater sense of being valued. So, make sure you show how you value your employees during interviews!
  • How To Ask A Candidate About Their Experience

    Asking a candidate about their previous roles gives you the opportunity to dig a little deeper into their CV. Youll want to understand how the candidate achieved those fantastic results for their previous company and what were the most valuable lessons they learnt.

    For example try asking:

    How do you stay up to date with industry trends? Please can you give me an example when staying current has helped you.

    This is a great interview question for employers looking to understand a candidates dedication to continuing professional development. Hopefully the candidates answer will demonstrate previous experiences where their techniques for self-learning have helped them stay on trend and succeed in their role.

    What has been your biggest career success?

    Here youre looking to find out what the candidate considers to be their most important achievement and whether they take into consideration the relevancy of this achievement to the role youre hiring for. This sort of question can also help to boost the confidence of some candidates by giving them a topic that lets them shine and talk about the best work theyve completed.

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    Review With Other Stakeholders

    Such as your Manager and/or HR.

    • Make time to meet with all interviewers within a 24-hour period following the interview to discuss feedback.
    • Did the candidate give you enough information to make a decision? If not, what do you need? Contact the candidate again and ask for more information.
    • Highlight any areas of concern. If you wish to progress with this candidate make sure concerns are covered off in the candidates reference checks. A former employer may be able to offer some insight.
    • Trust your intuition! Did a candidate say something that triggered a specific feeling or reaction from you? If so, note it down. Dig deeper and ask more questions.

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