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Interview Questions About K 12

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Tell Us About A Mistake You Made With A Student What Happened And How Did You Address It

Exclusive interview: 12 questions with K-pop’s Treasure

This is a tough but important question. Your interviewer is asking you to be a bit vulnerable here, but be careful with your choice of anecdote. While weve all made mistakes when dealing with students, what youre really looking for is an example where you made a mistake and then addressed it appropriately. Think carefully about a situation in which you didnt handle things as well as you could have, but that you got it right in the end. Explain why you handled it the way you did initially, what caused you to reflect and change your mind, and how the situation was resolved.

Would You Be Interested In Leading Any After

What They Want to Know: Good schools are always looking for ways to enrich their students lives. Being willing to lead after-school activities like sports teams, clubs, or academic teams will be a strong point in your favor.

During the summer, I am the director of a theater camp offered by the art center in town. I would love to take part in any drama clubs or performances the children participate in throughout the year. Or, if there isnt a drama club, Id certainly love to start one, if thats something that the school would be interested in. While theater happens to be my personal passion, if there are any other activities that are especially in need of support and that I might be a good fit for, Id be willing to help out however I can.

At K12 Inc We Seek To Hire Those Who Are Passionate About Education How Would You Describe Your Teaching/mentorship Style

    How to Answer

    If you have ever heard of an ‘Elevator Pitch’ – this type of interview question is a great reason to have one! Why do you love what you do? What makes you the best, and most engaged, potential hire for K12 Inc.? Briefly discuss your teaching and mentorship style and close by giving an example of a time when you were recognized for your teaching or leadership methods.

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At K12 Inc We Put A Strong Emphasis On Continued Education We Believe That There Is Always More To Learn How Do You Feel About Continued Education

    How to Answer

    Of course education is important when you are working in the education industry! Assure the interviewer that you are not resistant to continued education. Perhaps there is a course, program, or workshop that you are personally interested in? Discuss with the interviewer your passion for education. If you have taken an online course in something you are interested in, definitely mention that.

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Which Activities Clubs Or Sports Are You Willing To Sponsor If You Are Offered A Position

This article describes the typical interview process for teachers ...

While this expectation may be more real for middle and secondary teachers, being the new kid on the block often comes with a conversion of your title from teacher to coach. If athletics isnt one of your strengths, you can still get an edge on your competition by sponsoring a science club, yearbook, or academic team. You might also share a special skill, like knitting or creative writing, and offer to teach it to interested students.

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Why Do You Want To Teach At This School

Research, research, and research more before your interview. Google everything you can about the school. Do they have a theater program? Are the students involved in the community? What type of culture does the principal promote? Use social media to see what the school proudly promoted most recently. Then, ask around. Use your network of colleagues to find out what teachers loved and hated about it. The point of all this digging? You need to know if this school is a good fit. If it is a good fit, youll demonstrate how much you want the job by explaining how you would get involved with all the amazing school programs youve heard so much about!

Interview Questions For K12 Administrators

  • What are your professional goals for the next 5-10 years? Frequent administrative turnover is detrimental for teachers, school employees, and students. Answers focused around the schools growth and successes, i.e. increased test scores or student retention are key.
  • Why should we hire you over other applicants with similar backgrounds? Sincerity is what youre looking for. Most applicants will include their love of children, but that is not enough to set them apartlook for those who prioritize professionalism, passion for improving education, and creating programs geared towards helping students achieve their full potential.
  • What interests do you have outside the classroom? Your professional life is only a fraction of who you are as a person. Schools want balanced candidates. Look for an administrator who is passionate, committed, and has leadership abilities that transcend the workplace.
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    Do You Think Students Are Different Than They Were Before Covid

    This one might actually be easier if youre interviewing for your first teaching job. If thats you, feel free to explain that while you dont have a basis for comparison that others might, your classroom management plan is set up with todays kids in mind. If, however, youre a veteran teacher, you may want to think about how youll answer this one beforehand. Many educators have been quite vocal about the negative emotional, behavioral, and mental changes theyve noticed in their students post-COVID. If youve had similar experiences, you can be honest about them. But make sure you explain what steps youve taken to address these changes in a proactive and positive way. No school district wants to hire a teacher who is going to throw up their hands and proclaim, These kids just dont listen anymore! Let them know you are going to meet your students where they are and help them reach your high standards.

    Tell Me About A Time When You Led A Project

    Interview Strategies for K-12 Administrative Positions

    This question asks for a situation that demonstrates your leadership skills. Include the results and how this project influenced your current leadership skills.

    Example:”In my last position, my supervisor was out on unexpected leave. We had a huge project due at the end of the month and, with little direction, no one knew what to do. I called a meeting with my team so everyone knew what everyone else’s role was. Through the process of elimination, I identified the parts of the project my supervisor was likely handling and delegated them to team members. We completed the project in time for my supervisor to return and the client to approve the project.”

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    What Is Your Teaching Philosophy

    This question is tricky. Dont answer with a cliché, generic response. In fact, your response is your teaching mission statement. Its the answer to why youre a teacher. Its helpful if you write out your mission statement before the interview and practice reciting it. Discussing your teaching philosophy is a chance to show off why youre passionate, what you want to accomplish, and how you are going to apply it in this new position, in a new classroom, at a new school.

    What Would You Do If You Suspected Neglect Or Abuse In The Home Of One Of Your Students

    What They Want to Know: Teachers walk a delicate line as advocates for their students welfare. Think about how you would respond should you suspect a child has been subject to abuse.

    I take my position as a mandated reporter very seriously. I am aware of the districts daily health check system that early childhood teachers are required to implement daily. In my previous position, we also did daily checks when the children would arrive each morning. There was one child in my previous classroom who had odd bruising on both arms and I was not sure if the bruises were from rough play with siblings or friends, or from an adult being physically abusive.

    Before I said anything to anyone, I reported what I saw to the principal who guided me through the process to determine the cause of the bruising. Ultimately it was discovered that the bruises were from the childs older sibling. The way my school handled the situation enabled us to ensure the child was in a safe situation without falsely accusing or upsetting the parents.

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    What Are Your Plans For The Remainder Of Your Childs K

    Alternatively, you may want to ask what is most important to you now when it comes to educating your child? And how do you see that changing as they enter elementary school, middle school, or high school? Be sure to find out from parents whether theyre looking for a permanent school. Asking this question will also open up conversations about preparing for post-secondary education. If youre concerned about parents enrolling their children for preschool who plan to enroll their children in public schools later, these are great questions to ask. Families who plan on leaving can hurt retention rates. Based on their answers, you can see if their vision matches what you are offering. And if you know a family will leave, you can use that data in your admissions decision.

    What Are Your Thoughts About Grades

    30 best Questions to ask kids images on Pinterest

    Grading and assessment are set to become hot topics in education in the next few years. While many feel that weve become lax in grading during the pandemic and want to tighten up traditional grading, others are arguing for drastically changing our grading systems. Regardless of what you believe personally about this issue, its a good idea to start by knowing how the district you are interviewing in handles grades. You can absolutely discuss how you believe standards-based grading to be superior to traditional methods, but make sure you also state that you can and will follow district protocols and believe you can accurately measure student learning in this way.

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    Up Your Interview Question Game: Top Interview Questions For Educators

    Why did you decide to become a teacher? The most rewarding part when kids thank you for showing them love and compassion as well as giving them the time and energy to learn. Kristina Borowczyk, a teacher with 18+ years of experience.

    THESE are the educators we want in our schools and this is a prime example of an interview question all educators should be asked. It is no easy feat to fill schools with the best of the best, but if you ask the right interview questions throughout your hiring process, you increase your chances of hiring top-notch educators.

    interviewstream has put together a list of the top interview questions for teachers, substitute teachers, and administrators to help you hire the best educators you can find! Bonus: if youre looking for interview questions that will help you assess specific skills in your teacher candidates, check out our other blog here.

    Tell Me About A Time When You Struggled To Collaborate With A Team Member

    A hiring manager may ask this to assess how you handle conflict. Answer by describing the situation and any relevant circumstances. This demonstrates your self-reflection and ability to understand different types of people.

    Example:”My previous supervisor and I didn’t always get along well. After weeks of reflection, I concluded that he’s a more technical thinker, while I’m more creative. I realized that a lot of his feedback was because he wanted me to include more data and evidence to support my presentations. I learned to adjust and found it easier to meet his expectations.”

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    Ill Take Interview Questions For $500 Alex

    Once your candidate has made it past your first round of screening questions , its time to ask your potential teacher, substitute teacher, or administrator the questions that will set them apart from the rest. Their answers will tell you whether or not they are the candidate for you. Will they fit into your schools culture? Do they share the same values? Lets find out.

    What Does Good Customer Service Mean To You

    Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) – 12 October 2022

    This open-ended question allows a hiring manager to understand how you approach customer service. You can use this opportunity to discuss any skills that you want to emphasize. Include abilities that improve the customer experience.

    Example:”Good customer service, to me, means respecting the customer’s time and helping them in any way possible. I usually let the customer guide me on their needs because a good experience may vary between customers. I ask the customer what I can do to make their experience better so I can continue improving my customer service skills.”

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    K12 Interview Questions And Answers

    Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position at K12.

    When it comes to interviewing for a position at K12, you can expect questions that assess your knowledge of the company, its mission, and its educational philosophy. In addition, you may be asked questions about your experience working with technology and online learning platforms, as well as your ability to develop and deliver engaging curriculum.

    To help you prepare, weve compiled a list of sample K12 interview questions and answers that you can use to develop your own responses. With these questions and answers in hand, youll be ready to impress your interviewer and land the job.

    Tell Me About A Workplace Decision That Was Difficult

    This question asks for a specific situation in your professional career that involves a difficult decision. Use the STAR method and provide the necessary details to discuss what made it difficult. This can also demonstrate your problem-solving abilities.

    Example:”In my previous position, I had the decision to stay in sales where I was comfortable, or move to a management position. While I aspired to manage others, I’m more comfortable on the sales floor. I made a list of the pros and cons before deciding that moving to management is the challenge I wanted. I found that I prefer mentoring others and helping them find their comfort in sales.”

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    In This Position You May Be Working With Individuals Who Are Underage And/or Vulnerable We Do Full Background Checks On All Of Our Employees Are You Willing To Comply

      How to Answer

      This is where you must disclose to the interviewer if you do not have a clean criminal background. K12 Inc. has to check every employee that they hire. Discuss with the interviewer your willingness to comply and be sure to disclose any pain points ahead of time. It is better they find any marks on your record directly from you!

      Written by Carly Zucker on August 7th, 2018

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    How Do You Incorporate Social

    12 Tips for Celebrating New Year

    Many states and districts have added requirements for social-emotional learning into their standards. Explain how you will not only tend to the academic needs of your students but tie in lessons that satisfy the core SEL competencies. Describe how you will help students build their self- and social-awareness skills, how you will support them in building relationships, and how you will give them the skills to make responsible decisions.

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    Questions About Your Suitability For A School

    To determine whether , you may be asked why youre interested in attending, how you can benefit from a school, and what you will bring to it.

    • Why are you interested in our school? Why do you want to enrol here?
    • Why should we select you?
    • How will you benefit from attending this school?
    • In what ways have your experiences prepared you to attend this school?
    • What gifts and talents can you bring to this school?

    Tips: Give specific reasons for why youre a good fit. For instance, Ive always been interested in social justice and am excited to take part in your community service program. Dont say youre applying to a school because your parents want you to. And avoid bootlicking: I’ve heard your school is the best.

    What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses Regarding Interpersonal Skills

    This question helps a hiring manager understand what interpersonal skills you have and which ones you might want to develop. Include both a strength and a weakness and a specific action you’re taking to improve them.

    Example:”I find it easy to get along with most coworkers and I’d consider my adaptability to be a strength. I also find that I have a hard time saying no to coworkers when they ask me for a favor. I’ve learned that boundaries are important, especially if taking on a favor affects my performance, so I now give myself more time before responding.”

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    How Would You Engage A Reluctant Student

    What They Want to Know: This question is meant to prompt discussion about how you motivate students with different learning styles.

    If a student seems reluctant to participate during a specific subject, I would use my experience working with different types of learners and adjust my teaching strategies to engage the student in a way that they would feel more comfortable to participate. This may be by having the student work with a partner, or creating my lessons around a topic that the student may be more likely to be interested in.

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