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Interview Questions And Answers For Human Resources Generalist Position

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What Is Your Understanding Of The Role Of A Human Resources Department

Top 20 Human Resources Generalist Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

This is asking what you know about HR. For entry-level positions, interviewers often ask this to check that you understand what the job entails. This can also be a more senior-level question, where the interviewer wants to understand your approach and your level of HR knowledge.

Example response: I know that the HR departments are responsible for many things, including employee selection, recruiting and training processes, workplace communication, payroll and benefits administration, disciplinary actions, termination processes, and much more. The HR department also liaises between management and employees to resolve any issues or concerns. I believe HR is a crucial function that contributes to any company’s culture and productivity.

How Do You Manage Harassment Claims

The aim of this question is to assess the candidate’s ability to follow company policies and contribute to a safe, welcoming work environment. What to look for in an answer:

  • Experience managing harassment claims
  • Ability to enforce company policies
  • Willingness to protect employees and the company


“When someone reports harassment, I set a meeting with them and thoroughly discuss the situation. I take detailed notes to look over later and explain the employee’s rights to them. I will then follow the company’s protocol for reporting the harassment to management to ensure the necessary disciplinary actions take place.”

What Skills Do You Have That Make You A Good Hr Generalist

The aim of this question is to assess the candidate’s understanding of the role and determine whether they have the skills you’re looking for. What to look for in an answer:

  • Possession of skills you’re looking for in a candidate
  • Understanding of the role
  • Confidence in their skills and abilities


“I think my greatest strengths as an HR Generalist are my interpersonal and communication skills. A big part of my job is getting to know the employees and their needs, so having strong interpersonal skills is important. I’m able to create a safe, welcoming work environment for employees by communicating with them and letting them know I’m always available to talk or address concerns.”

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Please Tell Me About A Time You Had To Deal With A Complaint From A Staff Member About Someone More Senior

Managing conflict is an integral part of any HR role. It can involve resolving issues between employees and managers, addressing performance issues, or dealing with other problems. Itâs important to show you can handle these conversations carefully, diplomatically, and confidentially. During your interview prep, consider the most relevant examples you have to share and prepare a response describing the steps you took to resolve the situation. Use these prompts to help formulate your answer:

  • Who did you talk to?

  • How did you get them to open up?

  • What did you do next?

  • What was the outcome?

How Important Do You Consider Collecting Data And Creating Reports On Staff Performance

70 Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers for Human Resources ...

This is another technical skills and knowledge that human resources should be familiar with.

Tip #1: State your opinion and the importance of reporting

Tip #2: Name a few examples of reporting methods

Sample Answer:

Collecting data and doing reports on employees performance is very substantial as they provide data-driven judgement, which is more reliable than mere observation. There are several ways to collect data such as performing a 360-degree assessment. I am also looking forward to learn more ways to conduct performances evaluation.

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What Type Of Performance Review Do You Think Is The Best

The aim of this question is to assess the candidate’s knowledge of performance reviews. What to look for in an answer:

  • Knowledge of different types of performance reviews
  • Experience completing performance reviews
  • Willingness to adapt to different environments


“I think a 360-degree feedback performance review is one of the best options. It gives employees a comprehensive look at their performance at work and their skills. This type of performance review is very detailed as it includes feedback from anyone the employee works with, including their peers and the entire management team. It easily allows the employee to see what areas they need to improve in and determine how well they’re doing.”

Question #: In What Areas Of Hr Have You Worked And Which Is Your Favorite

HR specialist or HR coordinator interview questions will ask you about your previous work experience in human resources, what skills you’ve developed, and how your background prepares you for the role you’re applying for. Your answer here reveals your scope of experience, knowledge of HR department functions, and enthusiasm for a job in HR.

  • Mention as many HR roles as you can to show your knowledge of the job.
  • Give more detail on the areas where you’ve worked.
  • Emphasize that all positions are essential. Highlight your favorite and why you chose it.

How You Could Answer

“The HR departments where I’ve worked have been responsible for a wide spectrum of functions including employee recruitment, benefits administration, training, and compensation and benefits. In my last job as an HR assistant, I had the opportunity to assist in all these areas, while spending most of my time on recruiting and onboarding. My favorite activity was leading orientation classes because I could put new employees at ease and make them feel they’ve chosen to work for a great company.”

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Hr Administrator Job Interview Questions And Tips

When preparing for an HR administrator job interview, it’s important to spend time researching the kind of person the company usually employs, what values they’re looking for and trying to gain a feel for the companyâs culture.

HR administrator jobs vary enormously depending on the size and structure of the organisation, but in general, individuals in these roles are required to spend their time dealing with various employee issues and recruitment matters.

This can involve anything from conducting questionnaires to researching employee satisfaction levels, through to conducting one-on-one interviews with potential new employees. This article is intended to help candidates prepare for an HR interview.

It’s important to demonstrate a high level of knowledge about the responsibilities associated with the position being applied for, while also creating a positive first impression. Chances are, if successful, the individual will be working directly with the interviewers, so both parties should be keen to establish a rapport in order to lay the foundations of a positive future relationship.

Candidates should aim to fully engage with the interview process, viewing it as a conversation if they feel it is appropriate.

Human Resources Generalist Interview Questions

HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER Interview Questions and Answers! (PASS your HR Manager Interview!)

The ideal candidate for a Human Resources Generalist is someone who can handle recruitment and training of employees and balance values fit. Ask questions about their experience level and education, then compare responses to the necessary qualifications. A great HR Generalist is also great with people and very professional. Look for someone who will fit well into your company culture and be able to engage employees.Here are some fantastic questions we suggest for hiring a Human Resources Generalist:

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Tips To Answer These Questions

To ace these kinds of questions, be sure to lean on your general HR experience and knowledge. They provide you with a strong foundation to help make your answer more concrete, as well as showing the depth of your expertise. But dont forget to also base your answers on your understanding and previous research of the company youre applying for. Your potential employer is not looking for the best HR Generalist, but the HR Generalist that best fits their company. Show them that you can use your knowledge and expertise to add value to the organization.

What Questions Would You Ask Me If You Were The Interviewer

If the role youre pursuing involves interviewing candidates, your interviewer could ask what you might do if you were in his or her shoes. Try to ask a question that would allow your hypothetical candidate to solve a need at the company. If its a data-driven company, for instance, the question could surround the candidates past experience and future plans to measure success. Or you could ask a question about how the interviewee would help improve employee engagement or another hot-button topic in HR.

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How Did You Manage Sexual Harassment Claims While Working For Your Previous Employer

Someone who has experience managing sexual harassment claims understands how to protect the employee from further harassment and prevents a hostile work environment. The candidate completes assessments and reports the allegations according to your companys policies. They understand applicable laws and protect the worker from retaliative actions by their aggressor. Someone who understands the probability of false claims also protects the interests of your company and completes reputation management practices.

What to look for in an answer:

  • Experience assisting workers who were sexually harassed
  • Understanding of how to enforce company policies
  • Experience protecting the worker and the company


I collected information from the alleged victim and followed the proper protocol for reporting the events to the aggressors supervisor. I explained to the victim what rights they have and how the company policy protects them from a hostile work environment. I managed the situation appropriately and didnt discuss the event outside of the workplace to secure the companys public image.

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years

Sample Interview Questions And Answers For Hr Generalist Position ...

This question allows the HR professional to understand your career aspirations and gauge whether this company is the right place for you to grow. In many ways, this question works as a temperature check to ensure that this is a field youd like to stay in for the foreseeable future.

Sample Answer

In five years, I see myself driving organic growth at a medium or large company, overseeing the SEO strategy and potentially managing a team in a leadership role. In the past, Ive focused on the execution side of SEO, but as I get further along in my career, Ive wanted to get more into strategy, which helps drive sustainable growth. After working for a few years in X role, I want to lead a companys SEO strategy to meet acquisition targets and exceed revenue goals.

  • Connect your answer to the role and how you feel you can grow in the company.
  • Be realistic and specific.
  • Mention words from the job description.
  • Hint at how you can help the company grow later down the line.
Things to Avoid
  • Dont be blase or noncommittal.
  • Dont indicate that youre hoping to leave the company for a better one, or that this role is just a stepping stone.

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Question #: What Is The Most Important Job Of An Hr Department

This question is tricky. You may be tempted to name one function of HR, such as payroll. But human resources careers are multifaceted the interviewer is interested in your understanding of the big picture and the goal of an HR department.

  • Emphasize that you believe all HR functions are essential.
  • Refer to the position’s job ad to show you understand the goals and objectives it describes.

How You Could Answer

“An effective HR department brings all of its functions together as a team to be a resource for employees and management. It contributes to the growth of individual employees and the organization as a whole.”

Hr Director/manager Interview Questions

An HR director oversees all aspects of HR human resources management. The interviewer will look for real insight, experience, and leadership in your answers. While HR director and HR manager job titles are sometimes used interchangeably, a director generally has a more strategic focus.

HR managers oversee the daily activities of human resources staff, develop department goals, maintain current knowledge of federal and state labor laws, and ensure employment policies and procedures are compliant. Youâll need to demonstrate the ability to manage diverse day-to-day functions and have in-depth HR knowledge.

Here are some HR interview questions to help you to prepare for your interview:

  • What are your expectations of yourself as an HR director?

  • What is the most challenging part of human resources management?

  • What do you think determines progress in HR?

  • What were your most significant achievements in your last position?

  • Tell me about a time when you had to react quickly to change. What did you do?

  • Describe your experience with employment law and compliance.

  • Tell me about a time when you had to manage conflict at work. Share an example of how you dealt with this situation.

  • Tell me about a time you helped improve employee engagement at work. What did you do? How was this achieved?

  • How would your colleagues describe your leadership or management style?

  • Whatâs the biggest challenge facing HR today? What would you do about it?

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What Is Your Preferred Mode Of Working In A Team Or Individually

It is common for the interviewers to ask about your preferred mode of working. It is recommended that you always opt for team mode as most companies now follow it due to better productivity and employee efficiency. However, you can certainly go for individually too if it suits your style, but make sure that you are able to justify it using real work experiences and events.

What Is Your Biggest Strength

HR Executive Interview Questions & Answers | HR Operations & Generalist #hr #readytogetupdate

This is a simple but important question. Be honest. The interviewer wants to see if you can answer this spontaneously and honestly. The answer to can be simple and not too wordy:

My biggest strength is diplomacy. In my junior year, I took a class in negotiation that helped me enhance my skills of getting different groups to work together, a skill that I got a lot of practice with in my role as coordinator of Greek life at my college.

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I Know That You Must Have Applied To Various Other Organizations As Well But Why You Chose Us And Want To Associate With Us

Through this question, an interviewer wants to understand your level of commitment and seriousness towards the business organization you sought to work with. The best source to prepare an answer for this question is the official website of the company, from which, you must note all the major achievements and facts associated with the company. Compile the information and prepare a well-structured answer.

Describe A Time When You Worked Successfully With A Team

Interviewers are interested in your ability to work collaboratively with others in a timely, effective manner. Share an example when you worked with others to complete a project, plan an event or implement policy change, making note of any leadership roles you held during the project.

Example:”My company hosted a conference for the state’s highest-earning pediatricians. I was co-chair of the planning committee and worked closely with the entire team to schedule conference speakers, reserve accommodations, plan meals and transportation, set up vendors and provide continuing education credits. The conference was a major success, and my company was asked to host again the following year.”

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Has An Employee Ever Left Suddenly What Did You Do

The aim of this question is to assess the candidate’s ability to work well under pressure and solve common problems. What to look for in an answer:

  • Ability to remain professional and calm under pressure
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Established process for hiring new employees quickly


“I have had one employee not show up to their shift for a week with no prior communication. After a week of constant calling and e-mailing, the employee wouldn’t answer, so we terminated their employment. I created a job post and started looking for a new candidate. In the meantime, the former employee’s colleagues were able to take on some of their workload. I was able to find a great new candidate within a week and hired them to take over the position.”

What Do You Focus On When Creating Human Resources Policies

Questions To Ask After An Hr Generalist Interview

The aim of this question is to assess the candidate’s experience with creating HR policies. What to look for in an answer:

  • Experience with creating HR policies
  • Knowledge of the important aspects of HR policies
  • Ability to implement policies successfully


“I always start by doing a needs assessment to determine what type of policies would benefit the company and its employees the most. I do this by talking to employees, analyzing reports, such as work-related injury reports, and evaluating current policies. I will then create new policies based on my findings and make myself available to employees who have any questions to ensure they understand the new policy.”

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Which Hr Systems Are You Familiar With

Even if youve never worked HR a day in your life, do some research before the big interview so that you can answer from a place of knowledge. All HR departments use a system to automate and track employee data, including payroll, time and attendance, and benefits. If youve never used one before, be honest. Just show that youve done your research and emphasize your ability to learn new systems quickly. If you have used one systems, provide a bit of detail as proof that you know what youre talking about.

While I havent had the opportunity to get on-the-job experience with any HR systems yet, I did take an online course on, which covered the basics of human resource information systems . It gave me a good idea of the features of HR systems, from handling employee onboarding to managing leaves of absence. Im a fast learner, and I look forward to making HR super-efficient with whatever system you use. Ive heard great things about BambooHR and Paycor.

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