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Interview Questions For Agile Testing

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Why Agile Is Winning

Agile Testing Interview Questions And Answers

Agile is getting more popular day by day, and there are many reasons why it is winning in todays time. Let us find out what those are:

1. Flexibility

Using traditional methods, there is less error and less room to take advantage of. Because Agile uses short-term and repetitive sprints, the space for errors and the ability to capture the potential for quality improvement and refinement is included in this approach.

Because software development is characterized by short developments, life cycles, and ever-changing needs, flexibility is a huge benefit to your software development team. Real-time progress ensures a system that can continuously update with changing needs and requirements.

2. Interaction

Collaboration is one of the most important aspects of all modern project management strategies. It has become a way to reach all levels and sectors. Agile is one of the organizations most effective ways of promoting partnerships. Between standing meetings, sprint planning, and closing sprint meetings, Agile encourages collaboration at all levels. This collaboration creates an efficient and enjoyable work environment and generates value through the use of individual strengths and ideas.

3. Openness

4. Results removed

What Is Acceptance Testing In Agile

An acceptance test is a test conducted to evaluate whether or not the requirements of a software specification have been met. Testing involves comparing new features, functionality, or systems against predefined acceptance criteria. Acceptance testing is an integral part of agile development and is not merely an afterthought. The intent, however, remains the same: ensuring that software meets customer and end-user expectations.

What Is A Product Roadmap

A product roadmap, as the name suggests, is a powerful tool that describes how a product is likely to grow over time. It is a holistic view of product features that create the product vision. It also indicates what development is building, business goals that the new product will achieve, problems that the product will solve, etc. A product roadmap is owned by the product manager. It also encourages the development team to work together to achieve the desired goal for the successful delivery of the product.

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What Do You Know About Planning Poker Technique

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Planning poker, also known as Scrum Poker, is a card-based agile technique that is used for planning and estimation. To start a session of planning poker technique, the agile user story is read by the product owner. The steps performed in the poker planning technique are

  • Each estimator has a deck of poker cards with the values such as 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, and so on, to denote story points, ideal days or something else that the team uses for estimation.
  • Each estimator has a discussion with the product owner and then privately selects a card on the basis of their independent estimation.
  • If the cards with same value are selected by all estimators, it is considered as an estimate. If not, the estimator discusses the high and low value of their estimates.
  • Then again, each estimator privately selects a card and reveals. This process of poker planning is repeated to reach a general agreement.

What Are The Various Popular Agile Frameworks

Agile Interview Questions

The Agile methodology has inspired a set of project management models that share its basic principles but differ in implementation.

The most widely used Agile development frameworks are:

  • Scrum: an iterative, incremental Agile model to build a product quickly best suited for small intimate teams
  • Kanban: a visual method of Agile management in which the team uses a Kanban board to display their workflow

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How Is The Demand Or Job Opportunities Or Job Market For Csm Certification

CSM certification is highly valued in organizations that follow Agile practices. With rising efficiency, productivity, and achieving speedy resolutions through the Scrum framework, companies are seeking certified CSM professionals more than ever and are ready to pay higher salaries. The Scrum Master job role made its place in the list of 50 Best Jobs in America for 2020 survey by Glassdoor with a median salary of USD 100,000. Moreover, the role was also on list of most promising jobs of 2019. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, IBM, and Capital One are some of the top companies hiring certified scrum masters.

How Do You Measure Progress In A Scrum Project

Liz has to deal with Jacks ace negotiation skills every day.

She must constantly prove her worth and her teams value to the company.

Usually, her celebrated wit and creativity does the job!

But if she was running a Scrum project, she would need more.

Heres what shed be using to measure her projects progress:

A cumulative flow chart helps you track task progress and identify bottlenecks in its way.

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What Is Pair Programming And What State Its Benefits

Ans: Pair programming is a technique in which two programmers work as a team where. One programmer writes code and the other one reviews that code. They both can switch their roles.


  • Knowledge transfer is smooth: One experience partner can teach another partner about the codes and techniques.
  • Code quality: As the second partner simultaneously reviews the code, the chances of mistakes being occurred will reduce.

How Does An Agile Team Maintain Requirements

What is DOR in Agile Scrum? (Software Testing Interview Question #82)

Agile teams keep their needs afloat after falling behind. In Scrum, it is called Product Backlog. They have an agreement between the stakeholders and the project managers regarding the delivery of the product through a specific operation by the customer project team. Agile teams use product backlogs to manage their needs.

An Agile team is a leading group of people who work together on a project and have all the needs and people needed to produce a proven product promotion. Product owners work by prioritizing customer needs. They work with the number of people needed as a team to deliver the products and customer needs at the sprints beginning.

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What Do You Mean By The Term Velocity In Agile

A velocity is basically a measurement unit that measures or calculates how much work an agile development team can successfully complete in a single sprint and how much time will be required to finish a project. It is widely used as a calibration tool that helps development teams to create accurate and efficient timelines. It is also used to identify problems and measure the improvements that occur with time.

Why Should You Go For A Csm Certification

Certified Scrum Master is a globally-recognized certification designed to help you prove your skills in scrum practices, terminologies, and principles. This credential will expand your knowledge of Scrum methodology and help you overcome obstacles in projects. It is particularly beneficial for professionals managing large teams across multiple departments.

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Agile Testing Interview Questions 11 :

12. What are the types of burn-down charts?

There are four popularly used burn down charts in Agile.

i. Product burndown chart

13. What is Product Burndown Chart?

A graph which shows how many Product Backlog Items implemented/not implemented.

14. What is Sprint Burndown Chart?

A graph which shows how many Sprints implemented/not implemented by the Scrum Team.

15. What is Release Burndown Chart?

A graph which shows List of releases still pending, which Scrum Team have planned.

16. What is Defect Burndown Chart?

A graph which shows how many defects identified and fixed.

17. What is a Daily Stand-up Meeting?

Daily Stand-up Meeting is a daily routine meeting. It brings everyone up to date on the information and helps the team to stay organized.Each team member reports to the peers the following:

  • What did you complete yesterday?
  • Any impediments in your way?
  • What do you commit to today?
  • When do you think you will be done with that?
  • In general, its not a recorded meeting. Reporting will be between peers not to Scrum Master or Product Owner. It is normally timeboxed to a maximum of 15 minutes. It is aka 15 Minute Stand-up Meeting.

    Here is a screenshot from Slack Application on daily standup meeting.

    18. What is a Sprint Planning Meeting?

    19. What is a Sprint Review Meeting?

    20. What is a Sprint Retrospective Meeting?

    21. What is a Task Board?

    A task board is a dashboard which illustrates the progress that an agile team is making in achieving their sprint goals.

    22. What is DevOps?

    What Are The Differences Between Rup And Scrum Methodologies

    Agile E1 Assessment Questions And Answers Tcs : Test For Agile E1 ...
    Formal Cycle is defined across four phases, but some workflows can be concurrent Each sprint is a complete cycle
    Formal project plan, associated with multiple iterations is used. No end to end project plan. Each next iteration plan is determined at the end of the current iteration
    Scope is predefined ahead of the project start and documented in the scope document. During the project, scope can be revised. It uses a project backlog instead of scope scrum
    Artifacts include Scope Document, formal functional requirements package, system architecture document, development plan, test scripts, etc. Operational software is the only formal artifacts
    Recommended for long term, large, enterprise level projects with medium to high complexity Recommended for quick enhancements and organization that are not dependent on a deadline

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    Why Continuous Integration Is Important For Agile

    Continuous Integration is important for Agile for following reasons.

    • It helps to maintain release schedule on time by detecting bugs or integration errors
    • Due to frequent agile code delivery usually every sprint of 2-3 weeks, stable quality of build is a must and continuous integration ensures that
    • In helps to maintain the quality and bug free state of code-base
    • Continuous integration helps to check the impact of work on branches to the main trunk if development work is going on branches using automatic building and merging function

    What Is Test Driven Development

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    Test driven development or TDD is also known as test-driven design. In this method, developer first writes an automated test case which describes new function or improvement and then creates small codes to pass that test, and later re-factors the new code to meet the acceptable standards.

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    What Is A User Story

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    • A user story is an agile software development/ project management tool that provides teams with simple, natural language explanations of one or more features of the project thats written from the perspective of the end-user.
    • The user story doesnt go into detail but only mentions how certain types of work will bring value to the end-user. The end-user, in this case, could be an external component or an internal customer/colleague within the organization.
    • They also form the building block of agile frameworks like epics and other initiatives.
    • They ensure that the teams work towards the goals of the organization, with the help of epics and initiatives.
    • The requirements to make a user story a reality are added later, after discussions with the team.
    • They are recorded on post-it notes, index cards, or project management software.

    As A Tester What Should Be Your Approach When Requirements Change Continuously

    Agile Testing Interview Questions and Answers – For Freshers and Experienced Candidates

    When requirement keeps changing, continuously agile tester should take following approach

    • Write generic test plans and test cases, which focuses on the intent of the requirement rather than its exact details
    • To understand the scope of change, work closely with the product owners or business analyst
    • Make sure team understand the risks involved in changing requirements especially at the end of the sprint
    • Until the feature is stable, and the requirements are finalized, it is best to wait if you are going to automate the feature
    • Changes can be kept to a minimum by negotiating or implement the changes in the next sprint

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    Can You Explain Pair Programming And Its Benefits

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    The combined effort in the team where one programmer writes the code and the other one reviews it is called pair programming. There are several benefits of pair programming, it not only improves the quality of code but also facilitates the knowledge transfer. It reduces the chance of mistakes as two people are simultaneously working on a code.

    What Are The Principles Of Agile Testing

    Eight main principles underlie agile testing. They are as follows:

    • Practice of continuous testing: Agile teams continuously test their products to ensure that they are improving. It is carried out alongside development.
    • Feedback on an ongoing basis: Agile testing provides team members with ongoing feedback and ensures that the product meets its business objectives. Feedback is primarily focused on quality rather than requirements.
    • Participation of the entire team: In agile methodologies, developers, business analysts, and testers all take part in the testing process.
    • Speeding up feedback: Agile involves the business team during each iteration, resulting in faster feedback and a lower cost associated with repairing errors.
    • Quality comes from clean code: Testing the software regularly allows issues and vulnerabilities to be detected and fixed during the same iteration, maintaining code integrity.
    • Fewer Documentations: Agile testers use reusable checklists rather than long, bloated documents and concentrate on the essence of the test rather than on the incidental details.
    • Test-Driven: Unlike conventional methodologies, agile testing involves testing during the actual implementation process.
    • Client satisfaction: The client can see their product being developed and make changes and updates to it as it evolves. The test procedures can be updated to fit the current requirements.

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    What Do You Know About Impediments In Scrum Give Some Examples Of Impediments

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    Impediments are the obstacles or issues faced by scrum team which slow down their speed of work. If something is trying to block the scrum team from their getting work Done then it is an impediment. Impediments can come in any form. Some of the impediments are given as

    • Resource missing or sick team member
    • Technical, operational, organizational problems
    • Lack of management supportive system
    • Business problems
    • External issues such as weather, war etc
    • Lack of skill or knowledge

    While answering impediments related agile scrum interview questions remember that you may be asked the way to remove any of the mentioned impediment.

    Comparative Agile Scrum Interview Questions

    Top 30 RPA Interview questions for 2020

    Whatever is the field of job, interviewers prefer to ask one or more comparative or difference-based questions. The questions may be from the currently used or previously used technologies. So, here we represent some comparative agile scrum interview questions.

    35. What is the difference between the agile & traditional way of working?

    Answer: This question is to judge whether one is aware of the environment of the agile way of working. Here the answer is expected to cover few or all of below:

    • The traditional way is sequential where design-> Development-> Testing etc. happens one after another whereas in agile all of this is done in every iteration/sprint
    • Changes are welcomed in agile as Scope is flexible whereas in traditional manner scope is fixed in the beginning due to which changes have to follow change request path
    • Progress is measured with % completion traditionally whereas working software is the measure of progress in agile
    • Project Manager as a central controlling authority is traditionally driving the project whereas Self-motivated and self-organizing teams drive the projects in agile

    36. What is the difference between Sprint Planning Meeting and Sprint Retrospective Meeting?

    Answer: The difference between Sprint Planning Meeting and Sprint Retrospective Meeting is as follows:

    This is one of the frequently asked Agile Scrum interview questions. You may be asked to define the above terms separately or the difference between these two.

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    Explain The Difference Between Extreme Programming And Scrum

    Scrum Extreme Programing
    Scrum teams usually have to work in iterations called sprints which usually last up to two weeks to one month long XP team works in iteration that last for one or two weeks
    Scrum teams do not allow change into their sprints XP teams are more flexible and change their iterations
    In scrum, the product owner prioritizes the product backlog but the team decides the sequence in which they will develop the backlog items XP team work in strict priority order, features developed are prioritized by the customer
    Scrum does not prescribe any engineering practices XP does prescribe engineering practices

    What Is A Loadrunner

    LoadRunner is one of the software that is used for testing. It comes from Micro Focus. Loadrunner is a testing software is used for testing the behavior of a measuring system, applications, and performance under load. One can use LoadRunner to simulate many users at the same time. This is done by making use of application software. Stimulating of multiple users by LoadRunner can also be done when the performance of the major part of the application software is first recorded and then analyzed. This software simulates the activities of a user by generating messages between these application parts. These generated messages are stored in scripts.

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    What Are The Different Types Of Agile Methodologies

    1. Extreme Programming

    It is a framework that enables teams to create high-quality software that helps improve their quality of life. It enables software development alongside relevant and appropriate engineering practices. It is applicable to handle changing software requirements, risks caused due to new software, working with a small, extended development team, and technology that allows automated unit and functional tests.

    2. Kanban

    It is a method thats used to design, manage, and improve the flow of systems. Kanban enables organizations to visualize their flow of work and limit the amount of work in progress. It is used in situations where work arrives unpredictably, and where work needs to be deployed immediately without waiting for other work items.

    3. Lean

    It is a set of tools and principles that focuses on identifying and removing waste, to speed up process development. Value is maximized, and waste is minimized. It is used in just about every industry that produces waste in some form or the other.

    4. Scrum

    It is a framework that is used by teams to establish a hypothesis, test it, reflect on the experience, and make adjustments. It enables teams to incorporate practices from other frameworks depending on the requirements. It is used by cross-functional teams that are working on product development, and the work is split into more than one 2-4 week iterations.

    5. Crystal

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