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Interview Questions For Api Testing

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Explain Everything About Warnings And Api Errors

Top 25 API Testing Interview Questions & Answers | Rahul Shetty

When something is not going as per expectations like when the outcome is not as predicted then the occurrence of errors can be seen and the same warnings are explained in the form of a message in a proper format. Within a single module, there can be one or many warnings.

A wide range of warnings that can form are:

Missing module warning and parameter validation warning

A wide range of errors that can form are:

What Do You Understand By Throughput In Performance Testing

Throughput refers to the number of transactions per second that an application can handle under the influence of lot of users . The API needs to ensure that required throughput is met before it is deployed on production. We can identify this by performing the Load Testing of the APIs. We can do this by identifying multiple transactions of different priorities and check how many requests are successfully passed in acceptable time governed by the SLAs defined by us.

What Is A Resource

Answer: In REST, every accessible piece of content on the server is labeled as a resource. A resource is an object with a type, associated data, a relationship with other resources on the server, and a list of methods that can be used with it. For example, a resource could be an HTML or text file, a data file, an image or video, or an executable code file.

A resource is identified with a uniform resource identifier, or URI. Clients access resources by including their URIs in HTTP requests.

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What Is The Difference Between Rest And Soap

Answer:REST and SOAP are two different approaches to building APIs. Here are the key differences between them:

  • SOAP is a strict protocol for building secure APIs. REST is not a protocol it is an architectural style dictated by a set of guidelines .
  • REST APIs are simpler to build, more lightweight, and generally faster than SOAP APIs.
  • SOAP APIs are considered more secure than REST APIs, though REST APIs can still implement safety features to make them reasonably secure.
  • REST allows caching of responses, whereas SOAP does not.
  • SOAP encodes data in XML format. REST allows you to encode data in any format, though XML and JSON are most popular.

Rest Api Coding Interview Questions

API Testing Interview Questions &  Answers
  • The model used of your Rest API means how your following rest API
  • The architecture of the API project
  • How you create JSON data on post-call.
  • How you extract path parameters
  • How do you read JSON response
  • The question will be about headers and cookies
  • Maintaining URLs
  • Question will be from what is path parameters, query parameters, etc
  • Extent report or default report.
  • Some database query as you know API bit related to DB as just making the sure response and request was dropped in DB or not OK

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Describe The 5 Constraints Of The Rest Architectural Style And Their Benefits

In case they ask for 6 constraints, see the following question about the optional constraint.

A truly RESTful API must conform to the five REST architectural constraints:

  • Uniform interface:
  • Interface between client and server that allows for standardized client-server communication in a single language
  • Necessary for the decoupling of client and server
  • Client-server:
  • Client-server model, for separation of concerns between client and server
  • Permits client and server to operate and evolve independently
  • Supports portability and scalability
  • Refers to stateless communication protocol, wherein the server stores no information about session states
  • Improves performance by reducing server load
  • Cacheable:
  • Servers mark their responses as cacheable or non-cacheable
  • Clients and intermediaries are able to cache server responses
  • Reduces client-server interaction, supports scalability and performance
  • Layered system:
  • Layers between client and server, can consist of intermediaries such as proxy servers or load balancers
  • Layers have separate responsibilities but are able to interact with each other
  • Supports system scalability and security
  • Explain The Api Testing Approach

    Follow the steps given below to conduct API testing:

  • Select the suite to add them to the test case of the API.
  • Select the development mode of the API text case.
  • Seek development of the test cases for the chosen methods.
  • Configure the parameters followed by the text conditions.
  • Configure the validation methods.
  • Lastly, run the API tests.
  • After the execution of the tests, check and verify the same. To learn more about API testing, visit here.

    We hope that the aforementioned Web API Interview Questions will help you prepare and hone your skills. To learn more about automation testing and common interview questions, visit interview preparation pages. In case you have any questions, let us know in the comment box.

    Other Backend Technology Interview Questions and Answers

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    What Is Api Mocking

    The most common term for creating simulated components is mocking, but others are also used, and partly apply to different things stubbing, simulation, and virtualization. The basic concept is the same – instead of using an actual software component a “replacement” version of that API is created and used instead. It behaves as the original API, but lacks many of the functional and non-functional characteristics of the original component. Which term is applicable depends on the degree to which the mock-up corresponds to the actual API:

    • Stubbing: mostly a placeholder without real functionality
    • Mocking: basic functionality required for a specific testing or development purpose
    • Simulation: complete functionality for testing or development purposes
    • Virtualization: Imulation that is deployed into an operational, manageable and controllable environment

    How To Perform Api Testing

    API Testing Interview Questions & Answers || Part 1 (Watch This Before Interview)

    API testing is a type of integration testing used to test API to validate the functionality, performance, and security of the application.

    API testing should perform the following testing methods:

    • Discovery testing – This testing manually executes the set of calls documented in the API.
    • Usability testing – It verifies whether the API is functional, user-friendly, and does API integrates with another platform or not.
    • Automated testing – It comes while creating a set of scripts or a tool to execute API regularly.
    • Security testing – It recommends what authentication type is needed and also checks sensitive data encryption.
    • Documentation – It’s the final phase for a deliverable. The team makes sure the documentation provides enough data to interact with the API.

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    What Are The Major Functionalities Provided By The Soap Protocol Class

    The SOAP protocol is used to provide simple access methods for all the applications available on the Internet, providing the following functionalities:

    • : A class which provides the main functionality for a remote method for which a call is needed. It is used to create the call and to specify the encoding style of the registry that will be assigned when if necessary. This call function is used by the RPC call, which represents the options of the call object.
    • Deployment Descriptor: A class used to provide the information about the SOAP services. It enables easy deployment without the need for other approaches.
    • DOM2 Writer: A class that serializes and uses DOM node as XML string to provide more functionalities.
    • RPC Message: A class used as the base class that calls and replies to the request submitted to the server.
    • Service Manager: A class that provides, lists and then outputs all SOAP services.

    What Must Be Checked When Performing Api Testing

    There are various things that we need to be validating in API testing.

    1.Requirement document of API testing-

    For better result, we need to write every requirement. So we need to prefer a requirement document.

    2. Set the output result of API testing-

    Once the requirement document is ready, we need to finalize the output of the API tests.

    We need to verify the response status code which could be pass/fail/invalid etc.

    3. Need to focus on small API functions-

    API testing is different from another testing type so we cannot jump directly to the more significant test case. The small test case in API testing is less chance of uncertainty in the API tests.

    4. Organize endpoints-

    In testing, the project may have few or even hundreds of APIs for testing. We highly suggest that we need to organize then into categories.

    5. Create positive and negative tests

    Positive Test Send valid input/request to API and receive the expected result.

    Negative Test Send an invalid request to API and receive the expected result and see expected behavior.

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    What Are Rest Architectural Elements

    Rest Architectural style defines parts of Restful service as key conceptual elements. For e.g. while we make a Rest request to a Server, the information returned by the Server is called a Resource. Let us take a quick look at the key conceptual elements in a RESTful Web Service. Its elements are:

    Resource: Information stored on a Server, which can be requested by a client. It could be Weather info or may be employee detailsResource Identifier: Now that we have a resource defined, we need to uniquely identify the resource. That is actually the complete URL/Representation: A resource is the actual data. Now this data can be represented as an XML, HTML or may be simple text. That is what is called a Representation.Representation Metadata: In order for the Clients to specify and process a resources given in a particular Representation some extra data needs to be passed in the request.

    What Are The Common Tests That Performed On Api

    API Testing Interview Questions and Answers

    Here, are the common tests that performed on API are as:

  • Response of the API should be verified based on the request. We will verify that the return value is based on request.
  • When API is updating any data structure we should verify the system is authenticating the outcome.
  • We will verify whether the API is trigger other event or request another API.
  • We will verify the behavior of the API when no value is return.
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    Wrapping Up And Next Steps

    Congratulations! Youre now prepared with some common REST API interview questions and answers. Where you go from here depends on your goals.

    For interview prep, check out Interview Prep with Educative. Here, youll find all our resources for interview prep in one place, from tutorials and practice problems, to tips from industry experts.

    To get hands-on with REST APIs, check out one of our interactive REST API courses:

    What Are The Common Protocol Not Used In Api Testing

    · SOAP is a protocol through which two computers communicate by sharing XML documents.

    · SOAP supports only XML format.

    · SOAP does not support caching.

    · SOAP is slower than REST.

    · SOAP is like a custom desktop application, closely connected to the server.

    · SOAP runs on HTTP but envelopes the message.

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    What Is The Difference Between Api Testing And Unit Testing


    Unit testing is done by developer

    Unit testing comes under white-box testing

    Unit testing is done before prior to the build deployment.

    Only basic functionalities testing performs in unit testing

    The Source code is involved in unit testing.


    API testing is done by QA

    API testing comes under black-box testing

    API testing performed after build deployment

    Scope of testing is wide. The Source code is not involved in this testing.

    How Does The Message Security Model Allow The Creation Of Soap More Secure To Use

    API & WebServices Testing Interview Questions & Answers – Part 1

    The security model includes the given security tokens. These tokens comprise digital signatures for protection and authentication of SOAP messages. Security tokens can be used to provide the bond between authentication secrets or keys and security identities. Security token uses the authentication protocols and an X.509 certificate to define the relationship between the public key and identity key. The signatures are used to verify the messages and their origin, generate knowledge to confirm the security tokens to bind the identity of a person to the identity of the originator. Security model prevents different attacks and can be used to protect the SOAP architecture.

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    Top Web Api Testing Interview Questions And Answers

    Top API Testing Interview Questions & Answers Whatis API Testing?Answer:Application Programming interfaceWhatare the common tests performed on APIs?Answer:

    • Verification of the API whether it is updating any data structure
    • Verify if the API does not return anything
    • Based on input conditions, returned values from the APIs are checked
    • Verification of the API whether it triggers some other event or calls another API

    Mentionthe key difference between UI level testing and API testing?Answer:UI Please Click on Download button to download this questions for your easy reference.Whatare the advantages of API Testing?Answer:

    • Test for Core Functionality: API testing provides access to the application without a user interface. The core and code-level of functionalities of the application will be tested and evaluated early before the GUI tests. This will help detect the minor issues which can become bigger during the GUI testing.
    • Time Effective: API testing usually is less time consuming than functional GUI testing. The web elements in GUI testing must be polled, which makes the testing process slower. Particularly, API test automation requires less code so it can provide better and faster test coverage compared to GUI test automation. These will result in the cost saving for the testing project.

    Howto test APIs ?Answer:Provided some best practices that are followed tomake API testing successful?Answer:Whatare the tools used for API testing?Answer:Answer:Answer:

    What Are Soap Web Services

    This is one of the fundamental Web services testing questions that you must know the answer. The SOAP is defined as an XML-based protocol. It is known for designing and developing web services as well as enabling communication between applications developed on different platforms using various programming languages over the Internet. It is both platform and language independent.

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    Who Can Benefit From Learning About Api Testing

    Anyone can benefit from learning about API testing but fluency is most important for anyone interested in programming. We have covered some key API testing interview questions that should convey a candidate’s understanding of the subject. While it is important to have some general knowledge of API testing, most API testing knowledge is gained through hands-on experience. This article is a great template and conversation starter for your next interview.

    Originally published Jul 12, 2022 7:00:00 AM, updated July 12 2022


    Rest Assured Interview Questions

    API Testing Fundamentals
    • Explain challenges that you face during the automation of the rest APIs
    • What are the diff types of testing you do with an API
    • What is the diff between regular calls vs OAuth calls?
    • How do you test security testing using APIs
    • How do you do performance testing with APIs
    • What is the difference between Put vs Patch?
    • We have 200 API and for all 200 APIs, there are 7 different you will validate. what will be your approach?
    • There are 25 fields you need to validate from API response what will be your approach. how will you validate? Will you create 25 variables to store responses for every field?
    • There are 1000 API post request calls to create records. The best approach to do that is to make our test cases run in any chrome version irrespective of the chrome driver version?

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    Explain The Difference Between Api Testing And Unit Testing

    • Where Unit testing is a form of white-box testing, API testing is a form of black-box testing.
    • Unit testing is performed prior to the process of including the code in the build. On the other hand, API testing is done after the build is prepared for testing.
    • In Unit testing, the source code is drawn in the form of testing while in API testing the source code is not drawn in.
    • In Unit testing, there is a limited scope of testing as a result only basic functionalities are measured for the purpose of testing. Subsequently, in API testing there is a wide scope of testing, thus all the issues that are functional are measured for the purpose of testing.
    • Unit testing is done by the testers and wherein every functionality is separately tested. While The API testing is done by the testers for the purpose of end-to-end testing of the whole functionality.

    Api Testing Interview Questions 2022 Updated

    List of most important API testing interview questions.

    API stands for Application Programming Interface. Generally, APIs are used to establish the interaction between two different applications. When API is used over a web network, we call them Web Services. In recent times APIs have become the backbone of programming. As in an application, writing APIs to communicate with the database, or with another module has become a common practice now and that is why as a tester we must test the APIs for maximum test coverage.

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    B Advanced Api Testing Interview Questions And Answers

    Here are the API interview questions that should you prepare while appearing for the senior profiles. These API testing interview questions are asked mostly to test your knowledge and experience, so try to flaunt your experience here to impress the interviewer.

    Q22. What is the basic process to test an API? Explain based on your previous experiences.

    Ans:- Here are the basic steps to follow to test an API

    • First of all, decide the suite where you wanted to add the API test case.
    • Now select the test development code too.
    • Now you have to develop test cases for needed API methods.
    • This is the time to configure the app control parameters.
    • Configure the test conditions too.
    • Validate the methods and configure them
    • Execute APIs, check the test reports, filter the test cases, arrange the test cases etc.

    Q23. What are the errors expected during API Testing?

    Ans:-These are the errors you can tell to let them know that you have performed such tests before and you know what you claim.

    • Security
    • tracking system integration.

    Q25. What is the test environment of API?

    Ans:- Setting up an API environment is not easy, so try to share your experience and try to communicate with the interviewer on this.

    The test environment of API is a bit complete and requires the configuration of both database and server is done without the integration of GUI.

    Q26. What are the principles of an API test design?

    Ans:- It is one of the API design interview questions. You can answer it like this:

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