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Interview Questions For Hotel Housekeeping

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Top 24 Housekeeping Interview Questions And Answers

HOTEL HOUSEKEEPING Interview Questions & Answers | How to Get a Housekeeper Job

Working in a housekeeping capacity requires hard work, physical capability, and stamina.

In addition, a housekeeper needs to interact with customers on a one-on-one basis, which is extremely challenging.

If you are hiring someone as a housekeeper or seeking a housekeeping position, the following housekeeping interview questions will be useful.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself?

Well, first of all, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed for this housekeeping position today. I would describe myself as a dedicated housekeeper who is very hardworking and has extensive experience in hotel and household housekeeping. I am proficient in cleaning rooms, changing the linens, taking out the trash, and cleaning the bathrooms. Also, I am competent in clearing off snow from parking areas using manual and chemical procedures.

2. How did you learn about this job opening?

3. Why did you choose to work in this Housekeeping position?

I have exceptional cleaning skills, which make me comfortable while performing different kinds of cleaning and sanitation tasks. Besides, I have a demonstrated ability to perform minor repair and maintenance tasks. Because of these skills, I can provide exceptional housekeeping services.

OR Why do you want to work for us?

The qualifications which you have asked for are in perfect alignment with my skills and competencies. Once hired, I am sure that I will be a great contributor in many ways.

9. How well do you work in a team?

What Are Your Weaknesses

Another tricky one. The purpose of this question is to see how you view and evaluate yourself.

One the one hand, if you suggest you dont have any weaknesses, your interviewer will almost certainly see you as a lair, egotistical, or both.

Dont fall into the trap of trying to present a positive skill in disguise as a weakness, like I work too hard or I am a perfectionist. Any experienced interviewer will see through this in a heartbeat.

Additionally, revealing that Im not really a morning person and have been known to come in late raises immediate and obvious red flags.

The trick here is to respond realistically by mentioning a small, work related weakness and what you are doing or have done to overcome it.

What Are The Essential Skills For A Housekeeper

An excellent housekeeper needs to be a good communicator and possess excellent customer service skills. This job requires one to frequently engage with clients and employees. Communication is vital in revealing the expectations of the clients/employers and ensuring that they are met. Similarly, proper customer service skills ensure that the clients are satisfied with the offerings.

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Sample Job Description #3

Responsible for the overall operation of Housekeeping and Laundry, including outside contractors and/or 3rd party vendors. Hires, trains, and coaches associates. Documents and issues disciplinary action as needed, up to and including termination.

Assigns and distributes work accordingly, setting department goals, objectives, and standards. Other responsibilities include the management of associates wardrobe, hotel floral, public areas, lockers rooms, including back of house offices, and hallways. Oversees the creation of unique touch points that reflect a sense of place, establishing local programs and standards for pets, kids, and special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays, enhancing the in-room experience in accordance with the Hotels standards and best practices.

Describe A Situation When You Did Not Agree With The Opinion Of Your Superior Or Supervisor And Knew That They Were Wrong How Did You Handle That

Application Letter For Hotel Housekeeping

In your answer to this question you should give your arguments, but at the same time say that you eventually followed the orders of your superior.

Superior or supervisor is the person whos responsible for the final result of the work of the housekeeping team. You are responsible for following their orders, and doing it as efficiently as possible. They bear the responsibility, and so they should also bear the decision making.

Show your interviewers that you understand your position in a company hierarchy, and will respect your superiors.

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Questions About Experience And Background

Interviewers may ask questions about your experience and background to understand whether your knowledge and work history align with the job requirements. The more you align with the job description, the greater chance you have of securing employment. Review the job post and your CV prior to the interview to determine how your experience can contribute to the housekeeping role. Here are some questions about your experience in the industry that you may receive during a housekeeping interview:

  • What did you do in your last position?

  • Tell me about some health and safety procedures you’ve used in the past.

  • How do you delegate tasks with your colleagues?

  • What’s been your greatest accomplishment as a housekeeper?

  • Tell me about the various procedure tracking systems you’ve used.

  • Describe a time when you had to perform duties outside of the job description.

  • What are some of your greatest challenges as a housekeeper?

  • Have you ever disagreed with a coworker or your supervisor about a situation or company policy?

  • How do you prioritise your housekeeping tasks?

  • What was the most challenging housekeeping task you had to clean?

  • Describe your cleaning process and how you start.

  • How often do you clean and maintain your cleaning tools and instruments?

  • Do you know how to perform housekeeping tasks ergonomically?

  • How do you maintain a safe work environment?

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What Do You See Yourself Doing In Five Years

This one is all about job commitment.

Some people make job hopping a career in of itself, and your answer here can be telling. Here, your interviewer is determining if you are:

  • someone who sets goals
  • someone who demonstrates commitment
  • someone who is loyal

While no interviewer expects someone to stay at a company forever, try and craft your response in such a way that shows progression in your career, and alignment with the Companys needs and future. Again, self awareness is key your employer doesnt want to send you down an unwanted path, resulting in wasted time and energy for everyone.

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Housekeeping Interview Questions For Freshers Experienced :

1. What should be the qualities of housekeeping assistant?In order to score in this interview question, a efficient way is to give a list of qualities and skills that is suitable with an admin assistant position. You can start with Firstly, an admin must have effective methods, secondly, give job the priority, thirdly, create a good team work etc. Remember that the duty of an admin assistant is to communicate with several of people, so excellent communication skills and a good personality are required.

2. Why did you choose to work in this Housekeeping position?I have exceptional cleaning skills, which make me comfortable while performing different kinds of cleaning and sanitation tasks. Besides, I have a demonstrated ability to perform minor repair and maintenance tasks. Because of these skills, I can provide exceptional housekeeping services.

3. What are the key tasks of a housekeeper?Typical housekeeping duties include cleaning designated, changing linens, damp dusting horizontal surfaces, vents, trash removal, cleaning/scouring sinks, mopping, vacuuming carpets, and washing windows, door frames, and other vertical surfaces. There might be other tasks that may be assigned by the employer. I will be pleased to perform all of the given functions beyond my job scope.

4. How trustworthy are you?well, for the same i dnt have any proof but yes i am very honest with my work. you can check my previous wxperince or u check my referance.

Tell Me About Your Least Favorite Cleaning Job

Top 25 Housekeeping Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

Housekeeping can be incredibly challenging. By the applicant explaining their least favorite cleaning job, they are showing awareness of the difficulties of being a housekeeper. Focus on why the cleaning job was the candidates least favorite project. Was it client-related, or was it related to the cleaning process? Was the candidate able to finish all of the tasks in the scheduled amount of time? An excellent housekeeper can thoroughly clean an area despite any challenges that arise. What to look for in an answer:

  • Demonstration of perseverance
  • Awareness of the difficulties of being a housekeeper


I once had to clean a three-story home all by myself due to two members of my team calling out sick. Despite this setback, I was able to clean the home within the scheduled amount of time.

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Tell Me More About Your Housekeeping Experience

Try to list all duties you had before while keeping the house. This includes way more than cleaning: cooking, doing laundry, watering plants, taking care of the house animals, shopping, and sometimes even paying bills .

You did not necessarily have to work as a housekeeper before to have this experience. You may have gained it in your own house. The key is to show the person that you know what is expected from you, and are ready to take care of a variety of duties, while trying to keep their house clean and tidy on all days.

What Is Your Favourite Housekeeping Task

Employers may want to know about your favourite housekeeping task to help them determine how to delegate tasks among housekeepers. Oftentimes, your favourite task is the one you’re best at, which is also useful information for employers. When answering this question, think about what task you enjoy doing the most. Pick a task you genuinely enjoy doing rather than the first one you think of.

Example:’Throughout my two years as a housekeeper, I’ve grown to enjoy doing laundry the most. At my previous job, I got to spend most of my day folding towels in the laundry room. I found this task therapeutic. Now, I’m an expert at folding towels and blankets and making beds.’

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Essential Duties And Responsibilities

  • Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies, service procedures, and standards, including brand product standards
  • Ensure that standards are maintained at a superior level daily
  • Establish and maintain a superior level of cleanliness and institute work rules to accomplish the same
  • Develop working schedules to meet peak end low demand periods, following local labor law requirements
  • Maintain payroll and labor costs
  • Liaise with Front Office to ascertain and meet anticipated guest check-in and check-out ensuring the correct inventory required is always available
  • Inspect daily all areas to ensure hotel standards are maintained and address areas failing to meet standard
  • Maintain a positive working relation with Engineering, meeting regularly to ensure a smooth and quick response to any in-room repair work needed
  • Coordinate with Engineering to ensure a robust preventative maintenance program is in place and establish monthly KPIs

What Skills Make You A Good Hotel Receptionist

Housekeeping Manager Job Description Sample

A good hotel receptionist has strong communication, problem-solving and customer service skills. Employers ask this question to learn more about your abilities for this role. Before your interview, read through their job description to find several skills they list that you have. Incorporate these skills into your answer, showing how you might apply each one to the role.

Example:”My customer service skills make me a good fit for this role. I have a strong willingness to help others, and I am quite accommodating. For instance, in my previous hotel job, I often got positive feedback on how helpful I was. Guests also commented on how friendly I was when they arrived, making them feel welcome.

Another skill that makes me qualified for this role is my problem-solving skills. I am good at thinking through multiple solutions and figuring out which one may have the best outcome. An example from my last role was when a guest called the front desk asking for new sheets in the early morning. Her son spilled his juice all over them, and they needed a change. Since our laundry person wasn’t in for the day yet, we were short on sheets. To solve this issue, I figured out which room was vacant and took the sheets from there.”

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How Would You Handle An Angry Guest

Difficult customers are a part of any job in the hotel industry. As a hotel housekeeper you may meet guests when entering rooms or cleaning public areas. When answering this question, give an example of how you have dealt with a similar situation in the past and how the issue with the guest was resolved.

Hotel Receptionist Interview Questions

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

When preparing for a hotel receptionist interview, it’s important to anticipate which questions an employer might ask you. This way, you can come up with thoughtful responses that show you’re the right candidate for the position. The key is to emphasize your customer service and hospitality skills in your answers, and preparing answers to potential questions ahead of time can help you do so effectively. In this article, we share 33 hotel receptionist interview questions and several sample answers.

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Provide Copies Of Your Cv

While an interviewer may already have a copy of your CV, print out a few hard copies the night before the interview. If multiple people interview you, you can provide them with a copy of your CV to review upon your arrival.

You can also use a copy to guide you when discussing your experience and background. For example, if you’re asked about your most recent position, you can use your CV to help you expand on any information you provided throughout your job application. Having it to refer to can help you stay focused on the information you want to relay to the interviewer and may provide you with added confidence.

How Do You Handle Chemical Cleaners

HOUSEKEEPING Interview Questions And Answers! (How To PASS a Housekeeper Interview)

I am familiar with chemical cleaners and have vast experience using them. To avoid any hazards or accidents, I adhere to all the necessary precautions. Following instructions has never been a problem for me, which has helped me avoid any accidents this far. One of the chemical cleaners that I have used before are ice cleaners.

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Follow Up After The Interview

Always take the time to follow up after the interview with a thank-you note or email message.

In addition to thanking the interviewer for his or her time, reiterate your interest in the job, and mention anything that you would have liked to have said at the interview but didn’t get a chance to share.

Sample Job Description #2

The Director-Housekeeping is responsible for ensuring efficient operations of the Housekeeping Department in accordance with the Hospitality standards as well as leading the entire Housekeeping Department including rooms front/back of house public areas and laundry. Exempt associates are expected to work as much of each workday as is necessary to complete their job responsibilities.

Exempt managers must customarily and regular direct the work of at least 3 full-time associates or their equivalents. Primary duties must consist of administrative executive or professional tasks more than 50 percent of the time and job duties must also involve the use of discretion and independent judgement more than 50 percent of the time.

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How Familiar Are You With The Osha Regulations

The Occupational Health and Safety Act ensures that employees health, welfare, and safety are adhered to by the employer. It offers training, outreach, assistance, and education to housekeepers to ensure their working conditions are safe and healthful. It additionally outlines the rules the employers use to protect their employees from any hazard.

What Are The Challenges That You Faced In Your Last Role How Did You Overcome Them

Application Letter For Hotel Housekeeping : Housekeeper Position Yerat

Ever since the pandemic, Hotel housekeeping is being scanned thoroughly. With so many safety regulations, the challenges at housekeeping arent going anywhere even after vaccines. Going hand-in-hand with an increased sanitized environment, guests are also coming with a lot of attention to detail that wasnt there before. Due to the global pandemic, mostly we are understaffed due to Covid. This created a lot of operational challenges in the area where targets are high and manpower is very less. The housekeeping staff gets stressed every day when there is a shortage of staff. One of the ways to solve this is to multitask between the teams so that no other member is burdened.

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What Made You Choose To Work As A Housekeeper

My cleaning skills are exceptional, and I derive joy in making people comfortable in their surroundings by offering a cleaner and fresher environment. The fact that I can perform different maintenance tasks makes me excellent at housekeeping. Since I love cleaning, this is the best job to maximize my skills.

Have You Ever Been Asked To Do A Job Outside Your Jobdescription How Did You Handle This Situation

During my previous role as a housekeeper, one of the chefs got sick and could attend to their duties. I happily stepped in and prepared all the meals that he was to prepare. The food I prepared was so delicious, and the manager was really happy with what I did. She appreciated all my efforts, and that year, she awarded me as the best employee of the year.

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What Are The Qualities That A Housekeeper Should Possess To Beeffective

An excellent housekeeper must be attentive to details. He/she should also be flexible to meet the needs of their employer. Being attentive to details helps them to perform any tasks they are assigned and do it excellently. Also, the housekeeper should have great interpersonal communication skills to communicate effectively with his/her co-workers and the customers in general.

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