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Interview Questions For Personal Assistant

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PA (Personal Assistant) Interview Questions and Answers

    How to Answer

    Every person has their own approach, and the interviewer is trying to learn more about your style. Think about what things you typically do when you begin working for a new client. Do you have a set of questions that you typically like to ask? Do you like to go out for coffee or breakfast to have an informal discussion that allows you to gain an understanding of expectations and to learn more about the person? Do you like to discuss your work style, so your client knows what they can expect from you? Simply share your approach to getting to know your clients and ensuring they are comfortable working around you!

How Would You Organize Your Day As A Personal Assistant

One of the qualities of a good personal assistant is being organized. A personal assistant should know how to organize his/her day. Also, a PA is expected to have a good memory. Tell the interview that you have an exceptional memory and you can make use of a PA organizational tool/app to ensure that you dont miss your tasks or deadlines.

Im aware of the importance of being organized in a position as a personal assistant. Conveniently for me, I have an exceptional memory. I will also keep notes of details, and make use of a to-do list for the tasks I have to cover each day. More so, I know of a good organization app/tool that I can use to keep check and get access to the information I might need.

I will always keep myself on check, note down important information that needs to be remembered. Similarly, create a backup for everything I do just in case something goes wrong. Then, I will prioritize my tasks base on their importance and deadlines, this will help me achieve and complete all tasks accordingly.

Interview Questions And Topics

While you might have thought building your resume was hard, preparing for an interview is even a steeper mountain to climb. You feel so close to your goal, but you realize that one simple mistake can send the opportunity down the drain. So while you may be nervous about this do-or-die scenario, its important to have confidence as you move throughout the interview. Having confidence works hand-in-hand with knowing what to expect. Take a look at somesample interview questions administrative assistant below:

  • What is your biggest accomplishment as a professional?
  • What are your biggest weaknesses?
  • What excites you about this position?
  • Why should we hire you over the other candidates?
  • What are some of your professional goals?
  • How do you work under pressure?
  • What interests you about this job administrative assistant?

While these are just examples, the type of job youre applying for will dictate the type of personal assistant competency based interview questions and answers. One interview question that is almost always used when referencing administrative assistant interview questions and answers? Tell me about yourself. Dont let this simple question fool you. The interview might be packed full of difficult EA interview questions. Be sure to do your research and look at executive assistant interview questions and answers PDF documents to make sure youre prepared.

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What Are Your Thoughts On Deadlines For Assignments

A good answer would include an ability for the Virtual Assistant to have a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to meeting deadlines on time. What do you think are some skills that every Virtual Assistant should possess? An excellent response includes proficiency in task management strategies, communication programs , productivity techniques, and more!

What Hours Do You Work

7 Job Interview Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager

This is an important question no matter who youre hiring. You may assume that VAs in the same timezone as you will be available during business hours. However, people often choose to work as virtual assistants because of their flexibility. Some candidates may have other commitments or simply prefer to work early morning or late evening.

You need to consider how important it is that the VA will be working at the same time as you. Do you need to chat with your virtual assistant on a regular basis or will scheduling a weekly call be sufficient? You may even be able to send your VA tasks with a deadline without needing to talk at all.

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Why Do You Feel You Arethe Most Suited For This Role

Sample Answer

My four years of experience as a personal assistant makes me the most suitable for this role as it matches the candidate requirements. I also have honed my organizational, planning, and time management skills over the years. These skills coupled with excellent computer skills make me work effectively. I also have experience working with multiple bosses and I believe this will come in handy as I am able to multi-task and deliver effectively. This coupled with my dedication for excellence will ensure I do a great job here.

What Are The Qualities That A Personal Assistant Need To Be Successful

Personal assistants possess skills that make them stand out in their roles. Share with the interviewer the qualities that will make you successful in this role.

Sample Answer

A personal assistant should portray strong organizational skills. You should also have great communication and interpersonal skills. Great attention to detail is also great as it will ensure that you perform all the duties required. You should also be able to multi-task as you may be required to handle several assignments at the same time. You should be able to have a priority list that will ensure tasks are tackled in the order of importance. You should be great at managing your time as you are likely to be working with a manager with tight schedules. These qualities I have developed in my previous roles as a personal assistant and I know it will come in handy in ensuring that I deliver great results.

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What Types Of People Did You Support As A Personal Assistant

Potential employers ask this question because there are a few definitions of personal assistant that can include working for executives, working for busy people in their personal lives and assisting those with disabilities. While there are similar tasks across all of these definitions, each one has unique responsibilities, so employers want to know if you are experienced in doing the type of work they are offering. You should answer honestly about your experience and, if you know your experience differs from the role you’re interviewing for, be sure to tie in your skills with what they need.

Example:”In my last personal assistant position, I worked for an elderly woman with disabilities in her home. I would run errands for her, manage her schedule including scheduling doctor’s appointments, provide her transportation for her, assist her with correspondence and communicated with her care team and family as needed. While I know that’s slightly different from working for a busy family, I think many of the tasks are similar.”

General Personal Assistant Questions

Answering Uncomfortable Questions With My Personal Assistant

General questions during a personal assistant interview give the interviewer the opportunity to learn more about your interests and career goals. Here are a few general interview questions you may receive:

  • Why would you make a good personal assistant?

  • What strengths will help you in a personal assistant position?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years? 10 years?

  • Why do you want to work here?

  • What tips or procedures do you practice to stay organized?

  • What do you like most about the position? The least?

  • What computer or technical skills do you have?

  • Do you consider yourself more a team player or an independent worker?

  • How comfortable are you with working with different team members from different departments?

  • What do you consider the most important duty as a personal assistant to be?

  • How would you rate your communication skills?

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Can You Give Me An Example Of A Time You Have Worked With A Difficult Person And How You Dealt With The Situation

Most PAs will be asked about their people management skills in a competency based interview. In your answer, you should aim show that you dealt with the situation yourself . Remember, with any negative questions make your answers as positive as possible and demonstrate how you have risen above the situation through learning from it. It also doesnt hurt to inject some humour to show that this person you worked with previously has not affected your self-esteem or resilience.

Questions About Experience And Background

Questions about your experience and background give the hiring manager an idea of what professional experiences may help you in the open position. Here are a few questions about experience and background that you may receive:

  • Tell me about a time at work in which you made a big mistake. How did you handle it?

  • Tell me about a time when you had to demonstrate patience in the workplace.

  • What programs do you use to stay organized?

  • What do you hope to get out of this position?

  • What would your previous supervisor or manager say about you?

  • Who is your most memorable supervisor or leader? What do you remember about them?

  • What unique skills or experiences do you bring to this position?

  • How do you prioritize tasks when you have multiple assignments due at once?

  • Tell me about your process of planning and organizing events.

  • How do you deal with last-minute changes to schedules?

  • Tell me about a time when you were required to make a fast decision.

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Describe Briefly About Your Experience

The interviewer is interested in knowing if you are up to the task. Give background information on your experience and how that will help you excel in this role.

Sample Answer

I have four years of experience working with C-level executives. In the four years, I have developed my organizational, interpersonal, planning, time management, and interpersonal skills. These are qualities that an effective personal assistant needs for the job. I am also able to communicate with top-level executives and ensure that their assignments are done with excellence.

Do You Prefer Working As Part Of A Team Or Independently

31 Physician Assistant Personal Statement Examples

Applicants should demonstrate that they can work independently for your organization since executive assistants often need to work on projects alone. They may mention specific skills that help them work alone, such as task management and time management skills.

They may also have superior skills for working in a team, such as conflict resolution and communication skills. These are also crucial for the role.

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Prepare For Any Situation

Laker, Godley, Kudret, and Trehan also suggest mastering the video conferencing tool youre using prior to the interview. This will ensure that youre on time and limit technical difficulties that may occur. They also suggest doing a speed test to ensure that your connection is okay. If you experience connection issues, this will give you time to plan an alternative solution such as moving spaces or enabling your data.

88% of recruiters told us that their number one pet peeve during an interview is an internet lag, as it breaks the flow of the conversation.

Have You Ever Been Rejected By A Client Before How Did This Make You Feel How Did You Bounce Back From That

    How to Answer

    Rejection will likely occur at some point in your career. The key is sharing that you learn from the scenarios and never let them get the best of you. Begin by sharing a time you were rejected by a client. Share what personal assisting services you were not offered as well as why you were not given the job. Perhaps your cost was higher than another assistant’s costs. Maybe you were unable to turn something around as quickly as the client would have liked. Or, it may be that the client had received a last minute referral for a different assistant from a friend. Next, share how you felt as a result of the rejection. You might share that you were disappointed, but you understood why they made their decision. You may mention that you were really looking forward to the opportunity, and you wish you could have taken on the job. Finally, discuss what steps, if any, that you took to ensure you were not rejected for the same reasons again. For example, you might mention that you re-worked your personal schedule to allow more flexibility to allow for quicker turnaround services.

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Why Do You Think Youd Be A Valuable Pa For Our Company

The answer each candidate provides will be unique to them. However, you should be looking for them to share which skills they have that will provide value to you, the company and the role. This should tie back to the job description and the main requirements important to the role.

Ideal candidate response:A PA needs to be able to multi-task well in order to manage a busy workload effectively. In my last role, I had to manage the inbox, calls and calendar of the companys CEO effectively. I will apply the same multi-tasking skills to my next PA role.

Summary: Personal Assistant Interview Questions And Answers

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT Interview Questions And Answers!
  • The role of a personal assistant is a vital one. During your interview, make sure to listen attentively before answering any questions.
  • Use the STAR Interview Techniqueto structure your answer.
  • Theres no harm in taking a moment to think before answering any question.
  • Dont forget to demonstrate your core skills and attributes to your interviewer.
  • Do thorough research about the company before attending the interview.
  • When you go for an interview, its appropriate to have some questions set aside for your interviewer. Some interview questions have been outlined.
  • A personal assistant job is a role that supports a manager or director in the work they carry out.

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Personal Assistant Interview Assessable Key Skills Qualities & Attributes:

During your preparation for the interview, focus on the following key areas:

  • MANAGING MULTIPLE TASKS You will need to manage numerous tasks and jobs all at once. This is a key quality required of all Personal Assistants.
  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS You will need to communicate effectively both via the telephone, in person and also via email. Your communication style will be assessed during the interview.
  • FLEXIBILITY AS A PA Personal Assistants understandably need to be available at short notice as and when required. If you manager or Director is trying to get hold of you, and you are unavailable, this will only serve to hinder them in their role. You will need to build up a positive working relationship with your manager and support him/her in the work they conduct on a daily basis.
  • WORKING UNDER PRESSURE Understandably, Personal Assistants need to be capable of working under pressure to complete difficult and time-sensitive tasks. Before you attend your PA interview, we recommend you are able to provide evidence-based answers to all types of behavioural interview questions.
  • ACTING AS A POSITIVE ROLE MODEL The Personal Assistant is usually the first point of contact for all people, clients and stakeholders who call or email the department/office. Therefore, it is vital that you are able to uphold the principles of the organization you are working for, and act as a positive role model at all times in how you act and communicate

How Long Have You Been A Virtual Assistant

If you want to save money and only need someone to perform basic tasks, its fine to hire a candidate who has never worked as a virtual assistant before. However, if youre looking for high quality or fast completion of tasks, several years experience will be valuable.

When you ask this question, though, bear in mind the VAs answer to the above. Some candidates may be just starting out as virtual assistants, but they could have relevant experience that makes them even better qualified than someone who has been working as a VA for several months.

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Personal Assistant Interview Questions

Youre applying for a job as a personal assistant, and you received an invitation to an interview. Congratulations!

Your interview is an opportunity for hiring managers to see what youre like and how youll put the skills you listed on your resume to work for the company. To give yourself the best shot at making a good impression, take some time to prepare for the meeting.

To do this, you can re-familiarize yourself with your resume, note which of your qualifications you want to highlight throughout the interview, and make a list of questions you want to ask your interviewer. The most effective thing you can do, though, is to practice answering sample interview questions.

While you cant memorize an answer for every question you might be asked, you can get a good handle on what you want to communicate in your answers.

In this article, youll find a list of common interview questions and sample answers specific to a position as a personal assistant. You can use these to help you prepare your responses.

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