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Interview Questions For Recruiter Role

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Explain To Me How You Structure Candidate Interviews

Tips To Ace Your Recruiting Interview in 2021 (for current recruiters)

Candidate interviews are crucial for gauging whether a person is right for the role. To answer this question effectively, you need to outline clearly the steps that you take to assess whether a candidate is a good fit. The employer wants to know how you work and what you do to filter the right candidates onto the shortlist.

Example:’I ask specific and relevant questions regarding their experience and skills mentioned in their CV, and make detailed notes while I conduct the interview’.

Questions About Measuring Processes

Once you know a little bit about how the recruiter operates, you can ask them about whether they measure their success. These measurement interview questions for a recruiter position will shed some light on which recruiting metrics your candidate values.

16. Have you ever given surveys to candidates and clients to gauge their satisfaction with your recruiting process? If so, what were the results?

17. How have you used data to measure your recruiting process? How has it helped you?

18. When measuring your performance, did you notice there was a time you lacked placements? Why? What did you do to combat this?

19. If you do measure your success, tell me about your average cost per hire.

20. How long does it typically take you to fill a job order? Why? What do you do to work on improving this?

Do You Have Any Questions For Me

The perfect final question, this gives the candidate the opportunity to assess whether the job is the right fit for them too. It can also highlight what their priorities are whether thats culture and compensation or growth potential and learning opportunities.

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The Top 12 Interview Questions You Should Ask When Hiring A Recruiter

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The mantra of any recruiter worth their salt is that people matter above all else and that the key to building a lasting organization is continually hiring best-in-class talent.

It makes perfect sense then that recruiting leaders really, really care about the people they hire to fill out their talent acquisition team. And they should, because hiring a great recruiter can provide a significant boost to any business.

So, how do you know if someone will make a top recruiter? To help you make this determination, we put together a list of a dozen outstanding interview questions you should ask when hiring a recruiter.

In What Way Do You Establish A Stable Relationship With Job Seekers

18 Interview Questions Every Recruiter Is Asking This Month

Example Answer: I make sure to maintain a formal and positive tone when speaking to candidates. I make sure also to practice active listening when speaking to candidates. I do these things to ensure a candidate is comfortable.

This question is looking at the communication skills of an HR recruiter candidate. In the end, you want an HR recruiter who can speak to a variety of job seekers.

By looking at an HR recruiter candidates communication skills, you can also see how aware they are of their impact on social interactions. To elaborate, elements of this awareness, called social intelligence , often include communication and networking skills.

Some other skills of social intelligence include active listening. Active listening involves the listeners focus being entirely on the speaker as well as making it clear that what was shared is understood in their response.

Overall, the skills that make up someones social intelligence are quite crucial to the recruiting process. For instance, if an HR recruiter exercises active listening, a job seeker is more likely to come away from a conversation feeling a connection was made.

These connections are vital when it comes to how stable a recruiters network is, for example.

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Putting It All Together

Ultimately, recruiters tend to have a bit of a leg up with it comes to interviewing, as they usually have a decent amount of experience with it. However, that doesnt mean going the extra mile isnt important. Use the tips above to your advantage. That way, when it comes time to tackle recruiter interview questions, youll be ready to stand out from the competition.

Good luck!

Top 10 Interview Questions Of 2021

With all of the changes in the marketplace over 2020, there are some tried-and-true questions as well as new ideas that youll need to convey in an interview. These questions may be about their experience, aptitude, productivity, diversity, and exposure to remote work. Here are the top 10 interview questions that will help you make smart hiring decisions in 2021.

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What Are The Skills You Must Look For In An Applicant For The Position At

This question tests how well you know the company, the job roles they usually hire for, and the required technical skills.

For instance, if you are interviewing at a tech firm as an IT recruiter, you should be well versed with common eligibility criteria for the position of a software engineer.

Do not forget to mention briefly the required soft skills as well for a more wholesome answer.

Alternatively, you can also prepare yourself to write a job ad on-the-spot for a sample job profile for the company.

Situational Recruiter Interview Questions

HR Recruiter Interview Questions And Answers

Asking situational questions can help you assess a candidate’s critical-thinking skills and how they may perform specific tasks. Here are some examples of situational questions you can ask candidates:

  • Tell me about the last open position you hired someone for. What steps did you take to attract applicants and to choose the best one for the role?

  • Describe a situation when you had to strongly persuade a candidate to get them to apply for a job at your company. How did you approach them and what did you say to pique their interest?

  • Tell me about one of the most challenging job roles you had to fill. What strategies did you use to attract applicants?

  • Could you tell me about a time you were unable to fill a role? What were the challenges you faced and what did you learn from this experience?

  • If you need to fill a role for a company that has an undesirable public image, what steps would you take to attract job applicants?

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What Is The Latest Recruiting Trend You’ve Seen

Example:”I noticed that many companies started to integrate video and virtual reality in their interview process. From the feedback I received from both parties, this new trend facilitates interviewing and provides a positive experience. Candidates are more engaged, and hiring is more efficient. Personally, I think this trend will continue to grow.”

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Situational Interview Questions For Culture

  • Tell me about a time where you worked somewhere where the culture was not the best fit for you. Why was it a bad fit and what would you have changed to make it better?
  • Tell me about a time where you worked in an unmotivating environment. How did you motivate yourself to continue your responsibilities?
  • Tell me about a time where you worked in a fast-paced culture. What did you do to ensure you met project/task deadlines? Any specific tricks or tools that you used?
  • Tell me about a time where you knew something at your company needed to change. Did you do anything to drive the change? How did your team/company react?

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Experience And Background Questions

The hiring manager is likely to ask about your background in recruiting so they can be sure they’re hiring the most qualified candidate. They want to know about your educational background, your experiences as a recruiter and your perspective on the profession. Before you go into the interview, check the original job posting to make sure you naturally incorporate their requirements into your responses to these kinds of questions. The interviewer likely has your resume in front of them while they’re speaking to you, so make sure you’re providing context beyond that in your response to these types of questions:

  • What attracted you to recruiting?

  • What’s your educational background?

  • Other than a college degree, do you have any additional qualifications or certifications relevant to HR?

  • Do you keep up with recruiting trends? What’s the most recent interesting trend you’ve read about?

  • How would you describe your recruitment process?

  • What tools or data do you prefer to use as part of your job?

  • What are some job titles you’ve recruited in the past?

  • How do you feel the recruiting process has changed since you started?

  • How do you think the recruiting process will change in the next five years?

  • What types of data do you use to measure success?

Describe A Time Where You Had To Choose Between Two Equally Qualified Candidates

Recruiters Reveal: Discover The 16 Best Interview Questions To Ask ...

An employer may ask this question if they want more detail regarding your decision-making skills. Often recruiting coordinators face tough choices between multiple applicants that are all equally qualified for a position. This question evaluates your interviewing process further and gives you the chance to show the valuable elements of your process. To answer a question similar to this, you can use the STAR to both plan and fully answer your employer’s question.

Example:”During the recruitment process in my previous position, I had a bigger shortlist than I had previously expected. Every one of my shortlist members was talented and interviewed well for the position. Having this many equally capable applicants made moving on very difficult for me. As the recruitment coordinator, I had to narrow the selection down enough to decide, and I had to do so quickly to meet our deadline date. I began by evaluating my interviews with the candidates closely since it is what would help me the most.

“Learning what the strengths and weaknesses were in every applicant helped me determine which ones we needed most.Eventually, I narrowed the shortlist down, and after scheduling an additional phone interview, I had found my selected applicant who knew our company, displayed excellent enthusiasm and lacked nothing in her application to that date.”

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How Do You Stay Informed About The Recruiting Industry

This question allows the hiring manager to see if you are current on industry trends. The recruiting industry changes often, and it is essential to stay updated and adapt. To answer, remember that your objective is to convince the hiring manager you stay on top of the latest trends.

Example:”I subscribed to the “Recruiters’ Magazine,” and I follow a couple of specialists on social media. I find it essential to stay on top of the latest trends. It allows me to adapt and propose new options to my clients.”

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What’s The Salary Range For This Role

A phone screen is an opportunity for both parties to lay out salary expectations. Organizations typically have a budget range for roles theyâre filling, and itâs fine to inquire about them. In fact, recruiters might ask about your salary expectations for the role.

Do some research ahead of time to see the typical salary range for a person in this role. Factor in your own experience, location, and expectations and come up with a range that is fair for somebody in your position. If a recruiter asks what your desired salary is, you can provide this range. You might also use your previous salary as a reference point and lay out expectations for an increase.

If a recruiter doesnât bring up compensation in the interview, ask about it. Though discussing salary might feel awkward, establishing expectations ensures you wonât feel undersold or that you wasted your time if you receive a low offer. The recruiter can also make sure your expectations are within their budget.

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What Recruiting Industry Trends Are You Most Excited About

This question helps the interviewer understand how aligned you are to the overall recruiting industry. Recruiters like candidates who seek out information from trusted sources and stay up-to-date on trends. Provide an impressive answer by speaking competently on at least one industry trend.

Example:Im most excited about the trend of employment agencies to move toward embracing a truly people-first company culture. When firms do this, they are able to get their employees behind their mission and excited about meeting recruitment goals. I find offices that embrace a positive culture are more fun, competitive and successful, which is important in recruiting.

Question #: How Did You Tell A Potential Candidate That They Didn’t Get The Job

Executive Recruiter Interview Questions with Answer Examples

How to answer: The hiring agency is looking for how a recruiter can handle delivering rejection to a candidate and their ability to use soft skillsto share that information. Answer by stating that you contacted the potential candidate to tell them the news, explained why they didn’t get the job, and shared tips to enhance their next job interview.

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How Do Your Recruitment Strategies Help You

Interviewers can gain insight into your professional development via this question. You should include examples of techniques you have learned, skills you have developed, and how they have helped you succeed.


My approach to recruiting and finding top tech talent has changed over the years. Many of the prospects I recruit online passed these methods.

This translates to the expansion of the networks of brands I work with. My improvement has played a substantial role in finding and placing qualified candidates.

What Was Your Relationship Like With Your Last Hiring Manager

The single biggest factor in being a successful recruiter is consistently building strong relationships with hiring managers. And that means the recruiter acting as a partner, not just an order taker, in the hiring process.

Do they describe authoritarian situations, where the hiring manager led the charge and the recruiter was reactive to their demands? Or do they discuss how they took control of the relationship early on, managing the hiring process as equals? Ideally, look for a candidate who has a strong philosophy on how to handle that relationship as opposed to someone wholl let each individual hiring manager act as a dictator.

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Other Interview Questions For Recruiters

  • What tools do you use for sourcing? Why do you choose those over others?
  • Whats your preferred ATS. Why?
  • What are your favorite roles to recruit for? Why?
  • Do you consider yourself to have any speciality when it comes to recruiting?
  • What are your favorite interview questions to ask candidates? Why?
  • What do you think is key for a successful recruiting process?
  • Are you responsible for checking references? Whats your typical reference checking process?
  • Have you ever recruited anyone who wasnt qualified for the job?

Why Did You Choose To Work As A Recruiter

Management : Two recruiters answer the question, " What do employers ...

This question seeks to understand your motivation behind being a professional recruiter and whether you are passionate enough to be a good one.

To answer this question, discuss past experiences that influenced you to become a recruiter and helped you make up your mind about taking it up.

Avoid giving generic statements. Talk about the positives of being a recruiter with actual experiences to support your answer.

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Tell Me About A Time When A Top Candidate Rejected A Job Offer What Did You Learn From The Situation

Every recruiter has a one that got away story. But rather than brooding over it, the best recruiters try to figure out why the candidate rejected the offer and what they can do differently the next time.

Maybe the candidate had doubts about the job that the recruiter didnt pick up on until it was too late. Maybe they felt the culture wasnt a perfect fit for them. Or maybe they simply got a better offer elsewhere. Armed with this knowledge, the recruiter can approach the offer stage more strategically moving forward.

What Do You Think Is The Most Rewarding Aspect Of Being A Recruiter

When they ask this question, hiring managers want to know what motivates you to do your job. To answer, simply express what makes you proud to be a recruiter. It is best to avoid talking about your salary and focus on the things that highlight your natural enthusiasm.

Example:”The most rewarding part of my job is to help people find a position in which they will excel. I also love meeting candidates and listening to their stories. Being a recruiter makes me feel like I’m helping people personally and boosting the economy as well.”

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Recruiting Coordinator Interview Questions

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Being interviewed for a recruiting coordinator position presents unique challenges. As a recruiting coordinator applicant, being interviewed by someone in a similar position can seem challenging if not well prepared. Equipping yourself with the right expectations for what your employer will ask can help you leave the best impression on an interview possible. In this article, we’ll give over 30 examples of questions you might encounter during an interview for a recruiting coordinator position.

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How Do You Handle A Candidate Offer Rejection

Internal Recruiter Interview Questions and Answers

This kind of question frequently comes up throughout the recruiter interview process, so it’s important to have a prepared and well-thought-out answer. This is an opportunity for you to show the recruiter your level of professionalism. Make sure that you answer with grace and in a positive, reflective manner.

Example:’I respond graciously and politely by thanking them for letting me know and wishing them the best of luck in the future’.

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