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Interview Questions For Security Engineer

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What Do You Mean By Chain Of Custody

Cyber Security Engineer Interview – 30+ Questions/Answers + Scenarios
  • Chain of custody refers to the probability of data provided as originally acquired and has not been changed before admission into evidence.
  • In legal terms, its a chronological documentation/paper trail that records a proper sequence of custody, control, analysis, and disposition of electronic or physical evidence.

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What Is A Man

A MITM attack is carried out when a third party secretly intercepts or redirects communications between the two parties that are communicating with one another. The attacker can inject their own data packets into the conversation, or they can listen in and steal data without the two parties realizing that a breach in security has occurred. This occurs most commonly on wireless networks where an attacker is able to impersonate either one or both of the endpoints of the connection.

Insight into the question: Common cyberattacks are good to know, and a man-in-the-middle attack is important to understand. If you are asked about the attack, then you should be able to explain it properly.

Competition Make Things Tougher

It is an exercise that allows the protection of information available on networks shared by different business systems when it comes to network security. The primary responsibility of the network security engineer is to assess, configure and maintain the software and hardware systems that let the network contain the information security. This ensures that the business network is safeguarded from all the possible threats and the confidential business data remains protected. Every enterprise and organization needs a Network Security Engineer as a CCISO.

This shows why the demand for network security engineers is getting higher with every passing day. With competition getting up, the chances of cracking the interview are also getting challenging. So, you need to be at your best to have an outside chance of making it to your dream company.

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Black Hat Hackers Vs White Hat Hackers Vs Grey Hat Hackers: Are All Illegal

Black hat hackers use cybersecurity knowledge to gain unauthorized access to networks and systems for malicious or exploitative ends. This type of hacking is illegal. Conversely, white hat hackersalso known as ethical hackersare hired to evaluate the vulnerabilities of a clients system. Because white hat hackers operate with the permission of their targets, this activity is legal. Grey hat hackers may search for system vulnerabilities without permission, but instead of exploiting the vulnerability directly may offer to fix the issue for a price. Because the intrusion was not permitted, grey hat hacking is often considered unethical and illegal.

What Is Important For An It Recruiter To Know About Security

What does a security engineer do? (With images)

Paradigm shifting events are rather rare in security. But that fact should not encourage complacency. All you need to do is pay attention to how often updates come to your antivirus to realize that new attacks, vulnerabilities, and other security problems are a daily occurrence.

Over time, these attacks tend to change and evolve in certain directions. For example, nowadays its more common to find an XSS attack rather than a formerly popular malicious Java applet. What a recruiter does have to understand though is that security requires a very broad knowledge of IT topics.

Security Engineers need to understand system administration, computer networks, and programming. They also need to understand how these components all come together to create barriers and fix weaknesses. A holistic system approach can efficiently deal with security issues across a network.

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What Is Active Reconnaissance And How To Prevent It

Active reconnaissance is done by an intruder that engages with the target network to acquire information about vulnerabilities.

Using a robust firewall and intrusion detection and prevention system is the simplest technique to prevent most port scan or reconnaissance attacks .

The firewall determines which ports are open to the public and who has access to them.

The IPS can identify ongoing port scans and bring them down before the adversary has a complete picture of your network.

What Are The Major Companies Hiring Cybersecurity Professionals In Atlanta

Major companies that are looking to hire the services of cybersecurity professionals in Atlanta like Ameris Bank, Northside hospital, Morgan Stanley, IBM, and GE Corporate. A CEH ethical hacking certification course in Atlanta will expose you to career opportunities and highlight you among the top applicants by the recruiters of these companies.

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Cloud Security Engineer Top Interview Questions To Know For 2022

In my earlier Cloud Security Career series I went over what skills you need to start in this field. We now move onto another key area which is the all important job interview. Cloud Security Engineer jobs are booming in 2022 and a big part of securing that coveted cloud security job is impressing your future employers with confident answers during the interview phase.

As someone who had taken my fair share of cloud security interviews over the last couple of years I wanted to summarize a few of the top questions I have seen asked from potential candidates and what a good answer would be. I hope the below is useful to those who are interested in passing that all important interview !

Disclaimer : These are just from my own experience and of course every job interview is different. But these are pretty common and do get asked a lot

What Is The Difference Between Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing

Cybersecurity Interview Questions and Answers | CyberSecurity Interview Tips | Edureka
  • The terms Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are both different, but serve an essential function of protecting the network environment.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Its a process to define, detect, and prioritize the vulnerabilities in computer systems, network infrastructure, applications, etc., and gives the organization the required information to fix the flaws.
  • Penetration Testing: It is also called pen testing or ethical hacking. Its a process of testing a network, system, application, etc. to identify vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit. In the context of web application security, it is most widely used to augment a web application firewall .

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Im The Legal Council For A Large Corporation We Have Requirements To Document Assets And Code Changes We Have A Very Limited Budget For This Task How Would You Resolve This

This is actually one of the easier ones. You have an informed party, asking for assistance to something that is important. They have money for the project , but it is better than nothing. At the very bottom of the spectrum, this could be accomplished in nothing more than Excel with a lot of time and data entry, moving all the way up the chain to automated network scanners documenting everything they find to a database and programs that check-in and out programs with versioning and delta files. It all depends on how big the project is, and how big the company is.

What Is Global Teaching Assistance

Our teaching assistants are a dedicated team of subject matter experts here to help you get certified on your first attempt. They engage students proactively to ensure the course path is being followed and help you enrich your learning experience from class onboarding to project mentoring and job assistance. Teaching Assistance is available during business hours.

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You Find A Usb Flash Drive In The Parking Lot With A 2019 Salaries Label On It What Do You Do With It

If you said Take it back to HR, then the interview will probably be over for you. Cybercriminals know that people are curious when it comes to salaries, so what better way to ensure that their malware makes its way onto your network that to leave a tantalizing object that could potentially be plugged into a computer in the building?

The correct answer is to report it to the information security department and to never plug it into a computer. Destroying the USB drive is also not the proper approach, because a proper and thorough investigation by trained forensics specialists could help determine who the attacker is, which can then be relayed to the proper authorities.

Insight into the question: An interviewer could be curious about how well you understand social engineering and user training. According to some studies, its actually quite likely that such discovered devices are inserted into company computers after being discovered. It is therefore a good idea that you show that you understand how real the risk is and how important user training as a solution could be.

What Do You Mean By Xss

10 Tough Job Interviews And How to Answer Them Well

Cross-site scripting is a type of cyberattack that injects malicious scripts into legitimate websites. XSS attacks use web applications to send these fragments of codetypically as browser-side scriptsto oblivious end users whose browsers execute the malicious script because it appears to originate from a trusted source.

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How Would You Find Out What A Post Code Means

POST is one of the best tools available when a system will not boot. Normally, through the use of either display LEDs in more modern systems, or traditionally through audio tones, these specific codes can tell you what the system doesnt like about its current setup. Because of how rare these events can be, unless you are on a tech bench day in and day out, reference materials such as the motherboard manual and your search engine of choice can be tremendous assets. Just remember to make sure that everything is seated correctly, you have at least the minimum required components to boot, and most importantly, that you have all of your connections on the correct pins.

What Does A Cybersecurity Analyst Do

Cybersecurity analysts strive to preserve the integrity of sensitive data by defending infrastructure and systems from cyberattacks. To protect these assets, cybersecurity analysts evaluate system vulnerabilities through diagnostic testing and traffic monitoring. Based on the results of these assessments, cybersecurity analysts design and implement risk management strategies. Cybersecurity analysts also respond to cyber attacks, conduct forensic analysis of previous cyber incidents, and work to ensure organizational compliance with relevant security standards and protocols.

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Is Cybersecurity A Good Career

The scope of cybersecurity is constantly expanding, creating expansive opportunities for professional development. To stay ahead of the continuous evolution of cyber threats, cybersecurity professionals must learn about emerging technologies, solutions, and trends. Cybersecurity is a dynamic field brimming with a variety and exciting challenges. Cybersecurity professionals also have the chance to make major real-world impacts with their work.

Finally, this career offers room for growth. Cybersecurity professionals have ample opportunities for advancement across multiple career paths. If you pursue security engineering, you may ascend to the rank of security architect and assume responsibility for the broader security architecture of your organization. If you pursue incident response positions, youll likely be able to pivot into the digital forensic investigation.

If you want to pursue leadership roles, youll find opportunities to advance into managerial and administrative roles. Cybersecurity managers oversee network systems and coordinate cybersecurity teams to ensure compliance. The top-ranking cybersecurity position within a company is that of a chief information security officer.

What Is The Difference Between Closed

Cyber Security Interview Questions And Answers | Cyber Security Interview Preparation | Intellipaat

Yet another opinion question. Closed-source is a typical commercially developed program. You receive an executable file which runs and does its job without the ability to look far under the hood. Open-source, however, provides the source code to be able to inspect everything it does, as well as be able to make changes yourself and recompile the code. Both have arguments for and against them, most have to do with audits and accountability. Closed-source advocates claim that open-source causes issues because everybody can see exactly how it works and exploit weaknesses in the program. Open-source counter saying that because closed-source programs dont provide ways to fully check them out, its difficult to find and troubleshoot issues in the programs beyond a certain level.

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Top Security Engineer Questions

1. Define cloud computing.

Cloud computing can be defined as the technology that provides various computing services like servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the Internet for faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. Moreover, it offers cloud services that help in:

  • Firstly, lowering operating costs
  • Secondly, running infrastructure more efficiently
  • Lastly, scaling as your business needs change.
2. Name the cloud deployment models.

There are three cloud deployment models:

3. Assume that I have some private servers and I have distributed some of my workloads on the public cloud. Which cloud architecture I am talking about and why?

This is a Hybrid Cloud because there is the use of both on-premise servers and public clouds.

4. Define Microsoft Azure in your words?

Microsoft Azure can be defined as a cloud computing platform that provides many products and cloud services intended to help in bringing new solutions to life for solving complex challenges and creating the future. This also provides the solutions for creating, running, and controlling applications over multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge using the various tools and frameworks of your choice.

5. Name the service that can handle resources in Azure?

Azure Resource Manager controls and manages the resources in Microsoft Azure. It uses a simple JSON script for deploying, controlling, and deleting all the resources together.

This include:

Q: If You Work With A Linux Server What Are The Three Significant Steps You Must Take In Order To Secure It

A: In order to secure your Linux server, you must do the following, in order:

  • Audit. Scan the system using Lynis. Each category gets scanned separately, and a hardening index is generated for the next step.
  • Hardening. Once auditing is done, hardening is done, based on the level of security to be employed.
  • Compliance. This is an ongoing step, as the system is checked daily.

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What Is Phishing And How It Can Be Prevented

Phishing is a malicious attempt of pretending oneself as an authorized entity in electronic communication for obtaining sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, etc. through fraudulent messages and emails.

The following practices can prevent phishing:

  • Use firewalls on your networks and systems.
  • Enable robust antivirus protection that has internet security.
  • Use two-factor authentication wherever possible
  • Maintain adequate security.
  • Don’t enter sensitive information such as financial or digital transaction details on web pages that you don’t trust.
  • Keep yourself updated with the latest phishing attempts.

Helpful Experience For Security Engineering Candidates

Q.T Testing Engineer Job Alert â Youth Village Kenya

To help deal with security-related issues, skills in server administration, fleet administration, network administration, and basic script programming are important. A good indicator that your candidate has dealt with security issues is commercial experience in similar positions. Outside of commercial experience, being a contributor to security-related open source projects and taking part in events that are security related such as CTF games or security conferences are a strong indicator of interest in security skills. Experience with pentesting or security research is also helpful.

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Why Do You Want To Work In Application Security

This question can help interviewers better understand you, your work ethic and your future goals as an application security coder. When answering this question, mention personal details that can help the interviewer get to know you.

Example:”I’ve loved working with computers ever since I was little and built one with my dad. Computers have a set of rules that need to be followed in order for them to work properly. I love being able to find the right solution in code that helps protect programs from those who try to make them less secure.”

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How Do You Deal With High

Speak about your past experiences. Perhaps you were in a situation where you had to deal with critical systems being attacked, or demanding managers needed answers for the executives while you were still troubleshooting an issue. Think about all the things that would make you a great fit for a high-pressure working environment where you need to act quickly. If you are new to the working world, then explain how you think you would fit in and draw from your past experiences.

Insight into the question: This is one of the most critical questions that you could be asked because it not only shows how well you would do in the position that you are interviewing for, but also how well you are suited for such a role in general. Dealing with pressure is a big part of what some of these roles demand, so be sure to tell your interviewers that you have the right stuff. That will go a long way towards showing your suitability for the role.

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What Is Forward Secrecy And How Does It Work

  • Forward secrecy is a feature of specific key agreement protocols which gives assurance that even if the private key of the server is compromised the session keys will not be compromised. It is also known as perfect forward secrecy.
  • The Algorithm that helps in achieving this is called “DiffieHellman key exchange”.

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