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Interview Questions To Ask Receptionist

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What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Medical Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

Communication skills, organization skills, understanding for the functioning of reception and medical practice. Your strengths should be relevant to the job. On the other hand, you should mention weaknesses that are not central for the job, or not important at all. Receptionist doesnt have to possess leadership skills. They do not have to excel in managing other people, or handling advanced computer programs.

And if you go with a weakness that is somehow important for the job , be sure to tell them how you try to improve on your weakness.

What Is The Role Of A Receptionist

Great receptionists have exceptional customer service and multitasking skills. Theyll know whos who at their company and can pitch in to help their colleagues determine the hierarchy of communication for various issues. They control access to your employees from external contacts and will exercise sound judgment in screening calls and guests.

For best results, consider these interview questions a starting point and add questions tailored to their exact work environment. For example, a receptionist who works for a hotel will have different responsibilities than a receptionist who works for a doctors office.

How Strong Are Your Computer Skills

What They Want to Know: The interviewer wants you to confirm which computer skills you have, whether your skill level is compatible with company expectations, and which programs you are most comfortable using. If possible, it is a good idea to research which programs the company is using before the interview.

I have very strong computer skills. As well as being familiar with Microsoft Office, I also used to make updates to the company website in my last role, so I’m comfortable using WordPress as well. When I start using a new program or application, I usually find that most of my questions can be answered with an online search, although I do appreciate getting a tutorial from a co-worker, too.

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Tell Me About Your Computer Skills

Employers ask this question to get a sense of your computer literacy. As a receptionist, it’s important to have basic computer skills, including word-processing software, scheduling applications and video conferencing tools. Mention all the tools and applications you’re familiar with, along with any self-taught specialised computer skills. It’s good to mention that you’re willing and keen to learn the latest administrative or communication software in the market.

Example: I am proficient in most of Microsoft Office suite, as I use it daily in my current job. I use Microsoft Excel to keep track of the client database, Word to create documents and flyers and Outlook for emails. I also use a cloud-based web storage service for storing documents and an online calendar for making appointments. In addition to this, I also have experience with my company’s accounting software, telecommunication systems and setting up video conferencing calls across different time zones.

Tell Me About Your Customer Service Experience

Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

What They Want to Know: The interviewer wants an overview of your customer service experiencehow many years, specific examples, and which skills you are comfortable using to resolve problems.

I’ve been working in customer service since I was a teenager. My first job was working at a bookstore, where I helped customers find books and sometimes covered the cash register. During college, I had a part-time retail job as well, this time, selling clothing. Then, of course, as a receptionist at ABC Company, I also dealt with customers, although in this role, I was not directly making any sales. I feel really comfortable interacting with customers and solving their problems, whether it’s finding the book they’re looking for or changing their meeting time with an executive.

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Receptionist Interview Questions: A Quick Guide To Hiring

If you are a small business owner or a consultant, chances are, a receptionist will be the only staff you will ever need. Getting an in-house receptionist can be a difficult task, especially when you havent probably hired many people yourself. Interviewing is a skill and an art, and it can only be mastered over a period of time. However, it helps to have receptionist interview questions ready, so that you dont find yourself stumbling when your applicant arrives.

A receptionist is someone who can handle calls, greet your visitors, partake in some administrative work, schedule appointments, and errands when possible. A receptionist will also have to take notes, write emails, interact with clients and customers, and keep records of communication and enter data into computers. To hire a good receptionist, you should ensure that she is friendly, personable, professional, patient, and able to work under stressful situations. Other than these qualities, specific job-related skills may be assessed during the interview.

Here is a list of receptionist interview questions that you can customize further to suit your needs. Please remember, these questions should be looked at as a framework around which you can structure your interviews.

Questions You Should Ask At The End Of Your Interview

Now that weve gone over the potential questions you might be asked in a receptionist interview, lets flip the tables for a second and talk about the questions you should be asking the hiring manager!

Traditionally as an interview wraps up, a hiring manager will ask if you have any questions youd like answered. While your first instinct might be to say no, were going to strongly encourage you to tamp down that impulse.

Asking questions shows that youre genuinely interested in the position. It also means when it comes time for you to decide if you want to accept the position or not, that your decision is well informed. Remember, theyre not just interviewing youyoure also interviewing them and making sure that the job is the right fit for you.

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Why Should We Select You Over The Other Candidates

This interview question gives you the opportunity set yourself apart from other candidates. Use this opportunity to list all your unique skills and qualifications and explain why the interviewer should select you. Draw attention to some of your strengths and competencies that make you different from the competitions.

Example: I feel strongly that I am the right candidate for this role, as I have the right skills, attributes and experience to be a good receptionist. I am professional, self-motivated, organised and can be trusted with confidential and sensitive work. I genuinely enjoy working with people and I will make a good impression as your customer’s first point of contact. If you give me the opportunity, I will not let you down.

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How Do You Manage Simultaneous Requests From Different People

7 RECEPTIONIST INTERVIEW Questions and Answers (PASS!)

Behavioural interview questions around workload management are common in receptionist interviews, as youll need to juggle multiple priorities, often coming from a range of different people within the organisation.

The most important thing here is that youll need to show you have a strategy for sorting the must-do-now tasks from those that can afford to be pushed to the back burner for now. Wherever possible, try to use real life examples to demonstrate how youve achieved this in the past and the success youve had.

You should expect behavioural interview questions that test your thinking in hypothetical scenarios.

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How Have You Protected The Confidentiality Rights Of Patients

Medical privacy is one of the most important aspects of a medical receptionist’s job. You need to show your ability to approach patients and their records with the best privacy and security practices in place. Describe how much privacy means to you and how you comply with various healthcare regulations.

Example:”I am always aware of how I interact with patients and how I handle their records. I have patients fill out HIPPA forms on an annual basis so we know to whom we can release their records. When anyone other than the patient asks for specific information, I cross-reference their paperwork to ensure they are entitled to the information. Keeping up-to-date records ensures I won’t make a mistake with revealing confidential information.”

Why Is A Receptionist An Important Role In An Organization

What you want to hear: A strong candidate will understand the contribution a Receptionist makes to the smooth operations of any organization. Listen for a candidate who can explain that customer service begins when a caller or visitor speaks with the Receptionist, and that being professional, courteous, and helpful enhances the companys reputation while making the job easier for any staff member who will be forwarded the inquiry.

Red flag: If a candidate thinks being a Receptionist is of little value to your company they may not serve your customers or clients with the appropriate level of attention or respect.

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Questions About Medical Experience And Background

The following questions will help the potential employer evaluate your qualifications for the position. This will allow the interviewer to see if your experience and core values align with its mission.

  • Tell me about your experience as a medical receptionist.

  • What do you like most about being a medical receptionist?

  • What type of computer skills do you have?

  • Do you have experience scheduling patient appointments?

  • What do you dislike most about being a medical receptionist and why?

  • How do you handle confidential information?

  • Explain your communication style.

  • How do you react under pressure?

  • What challenges do you feel the position has?

  • What characteristics do you think make a good receptionist?

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What Impact Does A Receptionist Have On A Customers Initial Impression Of A Business

Interview Questions for a Hotel Front Desk Job

When visiting the office or contacting the phone, the receptionist is often the first person someone from outside the firm contacts. This implies that the receptionist has the chance to generate a positive or negative first impression. Every time I meet someone, I keep this in mind and try to be cheerful and interested in them and their purpose for contacting the firm. I see myself as the companys ambassador and the first person. They can influence a sale or a favorable response to what we do.

Customers first impressions of a receptionist might be pleasant or bad. Because Im one of the first people clients encounter, a difficult or bad contact may drastically tarnish their impression of the brand or their whole experience. It reminds me of when you go into a restaurant and are greeted by the host. If they seem agitated or harsh, your meal may not taste as good later. I often say hi with a smile and ensure they know they have my undivided attention.

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Sometimes A Pet Owner May Bring A Critically Ill Pet In For Care But Will Not Be Able To Afford Treatment Have You Ever Handled This Situation Before If Not What Do You Think Would Be The Right Way To Handle This Situation

This is a challenging situation to face as a veterinary receptionist and the interviewer likely wants to see how you would react in stressful scenarios. In answering this question, you should remain non-judgmental and describe how you would work with the client to troubleshoot their ability to afford services for their pet.

Example:I’ve never handled a situation like this before, but I believe it would be important to remain non-judgmental and assist the client with accessing care that fits their financial needs, internally or externally, depending on the clinic’s specific protocols.

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How Do You Prioritize Tasks As You Manage Office Workflows

With this question, the employer wants to know if you’re good at time management, multitasking, and prioritizing tasks. You can leverage your experience to explain how you handle multiple priorities.

Example:”I understand that multitasking is part of a receptionist’s job. For example, I may be on call and need to sign to receive a delivery at the same time. However, I always prioritize the needs of the customers and give them my full attention.”

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How Would You Inform A Patient That The Dentist Has To Cancel An Appointment

Interviewers understand that sometimes receptionists have to deliver news a patient wouldn’t enjoy receiving, such as a canceled appointment or billing error. They want to confirm that you have experience handling such mishaps and can communicate with patients in a way that improves an unfortunate situation.

Example answer:”I have learned that, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, patients are often understanding, but it’s important to be apologetic and helpful. When I have to call patients to cancel appointments, I make sure I have three alternative appointments to offer them so that the patient can end the conversation with their next appointment already in place. This removes most of the stress a patient might feel if they were to have to call back and find another availability.”

What Challenges Do You Anticipate In The Role Of A Veterinary Receptionist


There are various challenges you may face in the role of a veterinary receptionist, but when an interviewer asks you this question, it may be a good idea to form a response that revolves around customer support. These situations are diverse and need to be navigated expertly, so try to show your capacity to do so.

Example:I think that the diverse needs of clients and pets may present challenges in the role of veterinary receptionist. With time, I hope to learn how to anticipate and address these needs effectively so that I can truly support the important work of the veterinary staff.

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What Do You Believe The Receptionist Brings To The Office Culture At Any Company

The goal is to see how the candidate sees a receptionist role fitting in with the broader culture of the company.

What to look for in an answer:

  • Do they see the receptionist as integral to company culture?
  • Do they have good ideas about how to add to the culture of the company?
  • Do they understand they are representing the company?


A receptionist is the first face that most people see when they enter an office. Therefore, it is important to represent the companys values and culture from the first contact with that customer. As a receptionist, I strive to do this in every interaction.

Can You Describe A Failure At A Previous Job

Interviewers ask about previous failures to ensure that you actively learn from previous mistakes and make conscious improvements. Employers value candidates who express a sense of ownership, self-awareness and commitment to improvement when detailing past failure.

Example answer:”At my last job, there was a change in the cancellation policy which raised the fee for same-day cancellations to $50 from $25. I failed to consider all the different ways the office informed patients of the fee and didn’t update the office’s email signature, which still listed a $25 fee. After a confused patient inquired about the $50 fee we charged them, I recognized my mistake. To ensure similar issues didn’t occur in the future, I created a procedure guide for office policy changes that provided staff with comprehensive instructions to ensure consistent communications.”

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How Would You Answer The Phone If A Client Called To Schedule An Appointment

It’s important for veterinary receptionists to remain professional while answering the phone and scheduling appointments for clients. To answer this question, you can come up with a script that you’d use when speaking to clients.

Example:”Thank you for calling Pine Street Veterinary Clinic, this is Amanda speaking. How can I assist you today?”

How Would You Handle A Patient Calling With A Dental Emergency If The Dentist Has No Availabilities

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Patients experiencing emergencies might call their dentist for immediate treatment. Interviewers want to make sure candidates can confidently help someone with an urgent medical issue, regardless of whether the office can see them.

Example answer:”I know dental receptionistssomewhat regularly receive calls from patients who need immediate dental care. It’s much better to be prepared for such a call than to react to it. Therefore, I would scan the schedule at the start of the day and highlight any unbooked windows in case of an urgent call, but if there are no openings, I would make sure I have contact information for other dentists and oral surgeons to provide anyone calling with an emergency.”

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Experience And Background Questions For Dental Receptionists

Interviewers usually want to make sure you have relevant experience for the dental receptionist position. They might ask:

  • Have you worked reception in another medical office?

  • Have you worked in other customer service or client relations roles?

  • Were you the only receptionist working during shifts at previous offices?

  • How many appointments did your previous employer complete per day on average?

  • Can you detail your responsibilities at your last job?

  • How do you maintain an organized office?

  • How many words per minute do you type?

  • Are you comfortable in fast-paced working environments?

  • What did your previous employer value about your work practices?

  • What computer operating system did your last job use?


Why Do You Want To Work At This Dental Practice

Employers value job candidates who are thoughtful about where they apply to work. Be prepared to cite facts about the dental practice where you’re interviewing that made it seem like a promising place to continue your career.

Example answer:”It’s important for me to find a dental office that already has good systems in place that I can continue to maintain and improve upon. In reading reviews of your office, many patients complimented the minimal wait times and friendly reception staff. This signaled to me that your practice values’ patients’ time and is already well-organized, making it an appealing opportunity for me.”

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