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Interview Questions To Ask Software Developers

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What Roles Do Software Development Managers Perform

5 Questions to Ask in a Software Developer Job Interview

Here, your familiarity with the roles performed in this role is being assessed.

Tip #1: State some roles performed by software development managers

Tip #2: Give the impression that you clearly understand your roles

Sample Answer

Software development managers oversee all activities performed by the software development team. They set attainable goals for the team members, offer guidance and advice to encourage productivity, manage multiple projects, and make sure that appropriate processes and procedures are followed in software development. They also monitor and assess timelines and deadlines and ensure they are complied with, lead product reviews and revisions as well as train and coach personnel.

Editors Note: This Article Assumes That You Have Some Knowledge Of Software Development

The wonderful world of software development. I have now been a professional programmer for about 6 months now and have learned much more in that time than I did during most of my entire education at college.

Thanks college.

But, there are a few things that I have learned about the company that I work for, the people that I work with, and about programming in general that I wish I would have known when considering employment with any company. This isnt because I dont like my job its because there are some things every developer should know before entering a new job in a new company.

Ive compiled a list of 10 questions to ask in an interview for developers. If I missed something , add your questions in the comments below.

How Have You Seen Value X Manifested At The Company

Most companies have values, and theyre usually published on their website. But the question is, do they abide by those values as a company?

To find out, ask the hiring manager for specific examples of where theyve seen those values upheld within the company. Try to spot situations where the company chose to live by its values even though ignoring its values couldve been profitable. Companies tend to show their true colors during difficult times.

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What Operating Systems Are Used

This should be somewhat apparent before your interview, but its always something good to ask. Plus it doesnt hurt to passionately talk about your favorite OS, you geek. I can imagine that many companies use a wide-range of operating systems. Of course the most popular being Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

What Software Development Process Do You Use

QA Interview Questions and Answers

The most popular software development processes are agile, Scrum, waterfall, or a hybrid model. Most companies use a hybrid model so its important to understand the details as itll dramatically impact your day-to-day experience.

Here are some details to inquire about:

  • Estimation of development work Who is involved and is work estimated using hours or T-shirt sizing? How are disagreements on estimates handled?
  • Code reviews How are code reviews done and who does them? What kind of feedback is given during code reviews?
  • Code changes Can the application be tested locally? How soon does code in the repository get deployed to production?
  • Deployment How frequent are deployments to different environments? Is there continuous deployment?
  • Process changes How has the software development process changed over the past year? What challenges is the team currently facing?

These additional details will give you a good sense of the engineering culture, the quality of the code, and how open to feedback the team is.

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What Are Your Expectations For The Person In This Role

While this can reveal interesting information at any level and for any kind of role, its especially important for higher-level engineers. Entry-level software positions typically look similar across companies and titles and bands are consistent. However, at higher levels, there tends to be a lot more variation.

For example, a senior staff software engineer job at two different companies can come with completely different sets of expectations. When I was recently interviewing for roles with this title, I found that some companies expected me to be on a small scrum team and spend all of my time coding while others expected me to spend a large percentage of my time mentoring, speaking, or working cross-functionally. Some hoped to leverage particular knowledge I already had while others wanted to leverage more general design thinking or leadership experience. None of these are bad, but they might not be what youre looking for.

It’s also important to find out if a company will offer growth opportunities in the areas you want to focus on. For example, if they want you to leverage your deep knowledge of Java but you want to learn a new programming language, you’re going to have problems. If, however, they want to leverage your knowledge of API design while still allowing you to learn a new language, that might be a good fit.

Take A Short Coding Test:

If you are still not convinced with the answers then you can take a practice test to judge the developers skills. This is even a better option rather firing a bundle of questions. Taking a practical examination will determine the capability and quality of the developer. You can take possible tests like Fizzbuzz during the interview which is a small test. Or maybe you can ask him to create a high-level design for a small system.

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Best Questions To Ask For Knowing More About The Role

  • What qualities do you look out for when hiring for this role?
  • What would be the most important problem you would want me to solve if I joined your team?
  • What does a typical day look like in this role?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current team? What is being done to improve upon the weaknesses?
  • What resources does the company have for new hires to study its product and processes? Are there specifications, requirements, documentation?
  • What would I work on if I joined this team and who would I work most closely with?

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Software Developer Interview Questions with Answer Examples

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How Is/was The Qa Process Handled At Your Company

Developers at one organization may have a broader scope of responsibilities than those at another, Halpin said. For example, a smaller startup may not have a separate group responsible for testing or fixing bugs in code, and will be seeking a candidate with a thorough understanding of the QA process.

If a company is asking this question, they most likely are looking for a candidates level of knowledge to see if they would be capable of taking on testing, Halpin said.

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Why Should We Hire You For This Position

To answer this question, you’ll want to know about the company you’re applying to. You don’t want to be overconfident and respond with a generic answer like, “Because I’m smart, motivated, and want this job.” Instead, use your knowledge of the company to highlight how you can contribute to their goals.

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Software Developer Interview Questions And Answers

Interviews can be intimidating, but they’re also exciting . First, they give you a chance to wow your interviewer with your programming knowledge and expertise. Second, they also allow you to peek behind the curtains of the companies you’re applying to and see whether you actually want to work there.

Still, you’ll want to prepare before you walk into your interview. Reviewing some common interview questions beforehand will help put your mind at ease so that you can deliver your answers more confidently when the day comes.

So, to help you prepare, let’s take a look at some of the most common Software Developer interview questions and their answers.

Software Developer Interview Questions

Pin on Software

Software Developers are the heart of an engineering department, as they build fully functional systems and applications. They upgrade and maintain existing software, and ensure compliance with coding and design standards.

During your interview process, test candidates technical knowledge along with their hands-on experience with software solutions. Depending on the seniority level of your position, consider asking more complex programming interview questions that reveal candidates way of thinking. Include a written assignment to evaluate how potential hires approach projects.

For this role, a BSc in Computer Science is usually the minimum required education. Keep an eye out for candidates who are interested in growing their skills. Participation in technical forums, side projects and hackathons are signs of passionate Software Developers who like to learn and evolve as professionals.

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Do You Consider Seo Ux And Security While Building An Application

Being a software developer is more than just writing lines of code. Every developer should know what makes a good user experience and keep it in mind while working on a project.

With so many apps at their disposal, users are looking for a flawless experienceaccording to Statista, between one in five and one in four apps are used only once after downloading.

Users dont have patience with apps that dont provide them with a great experience, so that should be one of the developers priorities.

Security is another crucial factor. For example, two-factor authentication in the app is a sign that developers prioritize user security.

A software developer who considers SEO, UX, and security issues a part of the development process is certainly in demand. Therefore, you should consider asking your candidates about their takes on those elements.

Why Should We Hire You

This is also an important question, as it will give the applicant the opportunity to explain more about themselves, what their skills are, what they bring to the table, and how they will help your company reach its goals.

That last part is important, as it will give you an opportunity to see whether teamwork is important to them or not.

You dont want them to just go on about their education and skills, but you also want them to show you how they can help you and be an important asset to your team.

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Explain The Meaning Of Modularization

The interviewer wants to know whether you know the purpose of modularization, especially when it comes to the maintenance of a system.

Tip #1: Explain briefly what modularization is.

Tip #2: Be direct to the point.

Sample Answer

This is the technique whereby software is subdivided into modules that can work without depending on each other. This makes the maintenance of the system easier.

Question #: Tell Me About A Software Development Project You Completed Successfully


Interview questions for experienced software developers will delve more deeply into projects you’ve successfully completed to give you the chance to explain your process in detail.

Be sure to describe the following when answering software developer interview questions like this:

  • The type of software development project.
  • Your role in the project.
  • The outcome of the project.

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Describe The Software Development Process:

The software development process is like a life cycle of particular software. If the developer can answer and describe the process accurately, that means he be well acquainted with the cycle. The process is composed of the following activities: Requirement analysis > Specification > Software architecture > Implementation > Testing > Documentation > Training and support > Maintenance.

Which Aspects Do You Pay Attention To When Reviewing A Code Developed By Your Team

The interviewer wants to know the approach you take to review codes.

Tip #1: Describe the aspects you focus on in your code review

Tip #2: Show that you are competent in reviewing codes

Sample Answer

I begin by looking at the functionality, security, and readability of the code. Here, I ask whether the code is simple, or bloated, cluttered, and inefficient. Then, I assess how many lines of unnecessary codes should be removed or re-written. I also find out whether there is any weakness that might result in vulnerabilities. Besides, I check and confirm that the code has met the standards and regulatory requirements.

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How Flexible Are The Hours And Location Of This Position

If you value flexibility in your work hours or location, then consider asking this question in your interview. Depending on your personality and lifestyle , the structure of the job may be critical to your decision to accept the position or not based on whether it could accommodate your specific needs. For example, if you enjoy working from home a few days each week, be sure to ask the interviewer if this would be possible in the position.

What Programming Languages Frameworks And Libraries Do You Use

Questions To Ask Amazon Interview

When asking this question, pay attention to the answers and ask follow-up questions. For example, if the programming languages being used are unusual for that industry or type of application, ask the interviewer why it was chosen. This shows you understand the use cases for different programming languages and are curious about the companys approach to software.

Keep an eye out for legacy applications. You may choose to avoid working on them if youre specifically focused on modern technology.

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Software Engineer Interview Questions Related To Technical Definitions

The next 22 software engineer interview questions are related to technical definitions and concepts frequently used in the industry. Take a look and choose the questions that suit your organizations brand.

  • Explain some of the SDLC models.
  • Can you explain what verification is in software development?
  • Can you explain what validation is in software development?
  • Define the elements you should consider in the System Model Construction.
  • What are the main tools you use to monitor the softwares requirements?
  • How are stubs different from mocks?
  • Which SDLC model would you say is superior to others?
  • How would you describe what software scope means?
  • How would you find out how big a software product is?
  • How would you define function points?
  • Can you describe what is meant by the decomposition estimation technique?
  • Can you describe what is meant by the empirical estimation technique?
  • Can you outline and briefly mention configuration management?
  • Which approaches do you use for configuration management?
  • Can you outline what is meant by functional requirements?
  • Can you outline what is meant by non-functional requirements?
  • Describe modularization.
  • How is Pseudo Code different from structured English?
  • Outline structured design and what it means.
  • Can you describe functional programming?
  • Define what CASE means.
  • Outline the key differences between threads and processes.
  • Preparing For The Interview:

    Software developing jobs mostly come under the technical sector, so the interviewer would surely get down with the technical questions to assess their knowledge on the job role they are applying.

    But for hiring the right candidates, you not only have to assess their subjective knowledge but also have to ask questions to analyze their personality and ethics they carry.

    Here are few interview tips for software developer hiring

    Now before the interview, the employer/interviewer should very well get prepared with all the requirements needed and the important questions that they need to ask the candidates. This helps to hire the best candidate in the organization.

    Every company works on different projects, so the requirements and needs would differ accordingly. The same thing applies when asking questions in an interview. But before that, here are few general tips interviewers need to follow during the interview.

    • Know the project requirements
    • Prepare your questions in advance

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    What’s The Growth Plan

    Tonya Shtarkman, lead technical recruiter at Riviera Partners, a San Francisco-based recruiting firm, says many software engineers feel “they have hit a ceiling within their current company and want to make a stronger impact, whether the engineer wants to climb the corporate ladder or stay close to the code as an individual contributor.”

    She suggests asking if there’s a progression plan for software engineers to move up in the organization and if they have opportunities to attend conferences and workshops, build new products and features, and be mentored.

    Many software engineers want an employer that will expose them to the latest, greatest technology tools so they can stay current. But Bonmassar warns that “it’s usually a bad sign” when a company insists on an extremely specific skill setrequirements can change quickly and the company may start looking for someone to replace you in three months. A better long-term fit, he says, may be a company looking for “someone who is smart without necessarily knowing every detail of the tools and technology” they need right now.

    He also recommends asking how much outside hiring a company plans to do versus promoting internally. The answer says a lot about your growth path as the organization grows.

    Are You Aware Of Any Software Engineering Project Management Tools

    Software Developer Interview Advice

    A few software engineering project management tools your candidates might mention include status reports, Gantt charts, and Kanban tools. If they havent used the project management tools used in your organization, ask them whether they can learn how to use them. Explore this a little further by asking how theyd adapt to your tools.

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    Top 9 Questions To Expect In A Software Developer Job Interview

  • Why did you choose to become a Software Developer?
  • What are your preferred programming languages and which do you use most?
  • Are you familiar with any development methodologies? If so, which ones?
  • Are you currently working on any personal projects?
  • What are your career goals? Or where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What challenges have you faced during a Software Development project? And how did you overcome these challenges?
  • How would you explain a technical concept to someone without any technical knowledge?
  • What would be your key areas of focus when reviewing a colleagues work?
  • How do you keep up with the latest technology trends?
  • 1. Why Did You Choose to Become a Software Developer?

    Here, the employer wants to see how passionate you are about the role and how dedicated you will be to the profession, and the company. The answer to this question will look different for everyone but, ultimately, companies are looking for keen individuals who are truly passionate about Software Development and the wider industry, and are not solely driven by competitive salaries or popularity.

    When forming your answer, we recommend that you include a little bit of information about how you got started with coding, your personal experiences in development and what you enjoy most about the industry.

    2. What are Your Preferred Programming Languages and Which Do You Use Most?

    Check out our blog on the best coding languages to learn for more information.

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