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Interview Questions To Find Out If Someone Is Organized

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Here Are Some Examples Of Tailoring Your Answer:

The Essential UX Interview Questions (And How To Answer Them!)

If a job is going to have you thinking on your feet and fielding the occasional unanticipated task, show flexibility and an ability to stay calm and organized under pressure.

If you expect to work under a tight deadline or two, talk about how youve tracked deadlines in the past. Describe a quick system, any habits, or of course tools and tech.

If youre going to be in a role where you keep your head down and often perform one task for hours on end, show how you use your organization methods to have fewer distractions and stay focused for longer periods.

What Are You Really Good At But Never Want To Do Anymore

Bryan Mason, Chief Business Officer at VSCO, is a fan of this question because it gets candidates to do three things:

Reflect on what they’ve learned about themselves.

Test their ability to speak with humility about being good at something

Talk about stuff you may find valuable on their resume, that they in fact no longer want to do.

Its amazing how often people answer saying they never want to do exactly what Im hiring for in this role, he says.

There are incredible candidates who excel at exactly what youre hiring for. The trouble is that they dont want to do it anymore.

Keep Your Answer To A Minute Or Less

When answering straightforward interview questions like How do you stay organized? you should avoid being too long-winded in your response.

I recommend spending about 30 seconds describing your approach to organizing your work, and then around 20-30 more seconds giving a brief example.

If you dont share an example, then just spend 30-45 seconds describing your general approach and tools you use in staying organized at work.

If the interviewer or hiring manager wants more detail at that point, they can ask for more. But dont talk for two to three minutes in response to a simple question like this. Less is more sometimes, and youll frustrate an interviewer if you give long responses to each question.

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Among The People You’ve Worked With Who Do You Admire And Why

On its face, this question might not seem to be designed to uncover motivations. But thats exactly what is digging for when he asks it in interviews.

As an angel investor, product lead for Slacks growth and monetization team and co-founder of, Walter stays busy pursuing the causes he cares about and hes interested in learning more about the values that drive folks who want to join his team.

I want to uncover a candidates values, but Ive found that asking about that directly isnt as effective, he says. This question pulls out those drivers in a more subtle, yet honest way. What they admire in others tells you a lot about what they find important.

Youll learn a lot more about a candidates values by asking her who she admires. Its a telling glimpse into the qualities shes striving to cultivate herself.

Why Are You Applying For This Job

How You Should Answer The 10 Most Common Interview Questions

Here the interviewer seeks to know why you are interested in this particular position.

Your answer should indicate a keen understanding of the job requirements and match the specifications with your experience, skills and qualifications.

You should show that you are a good fit for the job and the company and that you are capable of performing the job.

In addition highlight your motivation for wanting this job. Answer the underlying question Why do you want this job?

Think about how the job fits in with your long term career goals. Does the job advance your career growth?

Enthusiastically discuss how the job fits in with your career goals and how you seek to make a positive impact in this role.

Likewise, show enthusiasm for the company as well and based on your research point out a few specific things about the company that make you excited to want to work there.

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Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions

A large part of the world uses Facebookevery month, there are over 2.8 billion users. And with incredible employee benefits, high salaries, and an outstanding reputation, Facebook has no shortage of willing employee candidates. Here are the behavioral interview questions you might ask or have to answer at Facebook.

  • What would you say are Facebooks biggest challenges in the upcoming years?
  • Facebook has restrictions for users under the age of 13. How would you go about identifying users younger than 13?
  • How would you improve Facebook notifications if you could make any changes you wanted?
  • If you were given the opportunity to talk to Mark Zuckerberg for 10 minutes, what would you ask? And why?
  • Describe the use of hashtags on Facebook, as well as how they can be abused.
  • What were your first impressions when you first started using Facebook, and why did you stick with it?
  • Why do you want to work for Facebook?
  • What is your most favorite feature about Facebook and why?
  • What do you think Facebooks biggest weakness is?
  • Are You Working On Anything Exciting Outside Of Work

    It is important to get a sense of someones life outside of worknot because this is necessarily relevant to their work experience, but because it can tell you how well someone would fit into your companys culture. And you never know what interesting thing you might find out from this behavioral question! Their answers could potentially tell you a lot:

    • If they cant think of anything. It could indicate poor work/life balance. If someone is obsessed with work, they might not have time for anything else. Does that work for you culturally?
    • If they say something generic. This could be a lack of creativity, but it also could be nerves. How important is well roundedness to your company? How important is easy small talk and nerves-free banter?
    • If they have a fascinating or surprising answer. Great! You might get a sneak peek into who they really are. How does that fit with your company?

    Their comfort level with this question also will tell you a lot about how this candidate might socialize with colleagues, which is important for work-environment chemistry.

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    What Is Your Greatest Weakness

    The key to nailing this dreaded job interview question is to not let it psych you out. When it comes to your greatest weakness, the hiring manager is not as concerned with what you say as how you say it. Theyre looking for honesty and confidence, so watch your body language and maintain eye contact.

    Be sure to avoid clichés and cop-out answers like, Im a perfectionist. Hiring managers want something real. At the same time, dont get overly candid this is still a job interview, not a therapy session. Additionally, stay away from true deficiencies or anything that could impact your ability to do the job well. Practice your answer ahead of time and always give an example of how youre working to improve upon your weakness. For example:

    Im an organized person, so I have trouble with last-minute changes and ambiguity. In school, I scheduled out all my work, but in an office environment, deadlines and priorities are always shifting. So, Im working to get more accustomed to those changes. Im taking an online class in project management, and its helped me make room for changing priorities. Now, if a last-minute change crops up, I know how to reprioritize.

    > > > Read More:

    Example Answer For Experienced Job Seekers:

    FINAL INTERVIEW TIPS! (How to PASS a Final Job Interview!)

    When I was hired in my last role, I quickly saw that I was going to be handling a high number of tasks, and that Id need to use my resources efficiently if I wanted to succeed. I used an online calendar and to-do list to track priorities and plan out my day and week. I broke down each major project into smaller pieces, which I found helpful for time management and deciding which tasks are most critical each day.

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    Tell Me About A Time You Failed How Did You Deal With The Situation

    For broad questions like this, it can be helpful to narrow the scope a bit. For a question about failure, you can do that by defining what it means to fail in your own words before sharing your example.

    For example:

    As a team manager, I consider it a failure if I dont know whats going on with my staff and their workbasically if a problem catches me by surprise then Ive failed somewhere along the way. Even if the outcome is ultimately fine, it means Ive left a team member unsupported at some point. A somewhat recent example would be this training we do every year for new project managers. Because its an event that my team has run so many times, I didnt think to check in and had no idea a scheduling conflict was brewing into a full-on turf war with another team. The resolution actually ended up being a quick and easy conversation at the leadership team meeting, but had I just asked about it sooner it would never have been a problem to begin with. I definitely learned my lesson about setting reminders to check in about major projects or events even if theyve been done dozens of times before.

    Example: Content Writer Position

    Lets look at the complete list of requirements for the role of Content Writer.

    These exclude experience and education, which can vary considerably depending on the role and are elements you can evaluate directly from the job application phase.

    Must-have skills

    Some companies may have other or additional requirements, but this list covers the most important qualities.

    Hard skills

    • Problem-solving skills

    The first three skills can be classified as hard, tangible skills and theyre the absolute minimum candidates should possess to be considered qualified for the job. Thats why you can evaluate them via an assessment or a work sample

    You can ask content writing candidates to submit their answers to an editing exercise. For other roles, it might be a simulation or a presentation .

    Assessments will give you a strong measuring stick to evaluate candidates: you can shorten your candidate pool to ensure that only the best candidates make it to the interview phase.

    There, you can start evaluating the soft skills, along with culture fit, attitude, and other intangibles that arent as easily measured. Some skills can also be evaluated during initial screening calls.

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    What’s One Part Of Your Previous Company’s Culture That You Hope To Bring To Your Next One What One Part Do You Hope To Not Find

    Ben Kamens, the founder and CEO of Spring Discovery finds this question to be an effective way to probe candidates thoughtfulness when it comes to working with others, uncovering their understanding of how team dynamics and culture intersect.

    Do they immaturely rant about the failings of past teammates? Do they thoughtfully consider why certain problems existed, maturely discussing the tradeoffs their previous company had to make? he says. Can they reason through why one company or industry’s problems or culture might not apply to another’s?

    Example #: Proactively Planning The Day Ahead With To

    What to Ask When Hiring a Professional Organizer

    Throughout my career, I have always demonstrated a consistently high level of organization. I rely on a system to make sure that all tasks are managed effectively on a daily basis. I plan for the next morning by creating a to-do list at the end of each day.

    At each team meeting, I always volunteer to help others if I have time available or ask to delegate tasks to team members if I am falling behind. I separate urgent tasks from important tasks, and prioritize the urgent tasks first. I build in time buffers so that I can take on last-minute projects from my manager as needed or double down on doing my best work if the time buffer is not needed for other tasks.

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    Please Give An Example Of A Project That You Owned And What The Process Was Like From Start To Finish

    Asking for specific examples of projects a candidate has been responsible for offers insight into the level of responsibility an applicant has taken on in the past, experience and skills they may have learned along the way, and the executive function skills needed to accomplish the assignment.

    It may be helpful to ask follow-up questions about what they found most satisfying or challenging about the work that they completed or how they overcame any obstacles that they outlined in their answer.

    Answer example:

    I was responsible for revising the landing page for the website at my last job. Our objective was to streamline the information and improve the copy, functionality, and design. I came up with some rough drafts, worked closely with the writers and designers on the marketing team to improve on those ideas, and then used A/B testing to determine which was more popular based on bounce rate and sign-ups. It was a big job with a lot of moving pieces but we saw a 25% increase in sign ups once the new page went live and it was interesting to work with teams in other departments.

    Interview Questions For Administration

    Administrative positions cover a broad range of important operational duties. Work history requirements will vary depending on the available position, but the best candidates for administration-related roles are diligent, organized, and have strong verbal and written communication skills.

    Combine operational, role-specific, and behavioral questions to get a better understanding of what attributes each candidate may bring to the position.

    Top 3 Administration interview questions

    Here are the most common interview questions for admin positions:

    • In what ways have you improved efficiency at work?
    • What does managing up mean to you? In what ways have you done that?
    • How would you prioritize your work if different managers assigned you tasks due at the same time?

    Other interview questions for Administration positions

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    Q: What Do You Do To Get In The Zone

    Translation: How do you work best and will you be able to work productively in our environment?

    Warning Signs:

    • Candidates who claim to need peace and quiet, if your office is particularly buzzing.
    • Candidates who dont have an answer dig deeper or rephrase the question if they seem confused.

    Most productive members of staff will have some sort of process that prepares them for moments of deep concentration and proactivity whether they prefer a lot of noise or complete silence.

    I personally listen to music when I really need to get my creativity flowing.

    How You Run Meetings

    Interview Questions and Answers! (How to PASS a JOB INTERVIEW!)

    How you run meetings? Has it changed in recent years?

    A great candidate will have a basket of tools and tricks that they have developed over time to help accomplish the work at hand. No one tool is right for every purpose or need, so the candidate should show that they are open to experiment over time and seek to learn from others what works best to achieve desired outcomes.

    , CEO at Ladders, a leading job search site.

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    What Do You Know About Our Company

    A variation of this question is tell us about our company? This question is an invitation to show how much you know about the specific organization.

    Prepare for this question by reviewing the company website to learn about the company history, its mission and vision, products or services offered, major customers, financial performance, number of employees, key office locations, leadership team and company culture and values.

    Also read the company blog, newsletters, reports, social media profiles, news and any press releases. Watch any company videos if they are available.

    The next step is to do background research about the job you are interviewing for.

    Is this a new position or are they hiring a replacement? Who does the position report to? Who is the immediate supervisor? In which department is the job located? What does the department do?

    When answering the question What do you know about our company? talk about the big picture of the company such as what it does, its geographical presence and the services and products it offers.

    In addition, point out specific things that you like most about the company such as its well established track record, its visionary goals, its growth potential or the fun, employee friendly work culture.

    Describe How To Make A Paper Plane With Just Words

    Though not technically a question, this instruction reveals how well acandidate can describe just about anything to either a fellow professional or a layman. This is a skill that also comes in handy for sales executives and installers of our products.

    When answering this question, a candidate must display the ability to explain complex procedures using simple sentences.

    Joe Flanagan is the Lead Project Engineer and hiring manager at Tacuna Systems.

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    What Are Your Greatest Strengths To A Company

    The ability of a candidate to talk about their strengths and still maintain their humility is a strong indicator of a winning personality.

    This also gives the interviewee a chance to explain and align their strengths with the position they are interviewing for demonstrating attributes that will contribute to the companys goals.

    Interview Questions To Get The Right Person In The Right Job

    Software Engineering Interviews

    Have you ever hired someone who, despite a great resume and interview, lacked passion or just couldnt do the work? You probably had a square peg in a round hole.

    Its all about having the right person in the right job. With a few tweaks of your interview style, you may not have such a hard time finding your next great employee.

    Step 1: What are you looking for?

    Determine the top three or four competencies that are needed in the person you hire. When you know what youre looking for rather than relying on gut feeling youll have an easier time determining who is the best fit for the job.

    To figure out the ideal competencies, look at your high performers. What do they have in common? What is it about their work that shows you theyre a good fit?

    Step 2: Questions that mean something

    With top competencies in mind, develop interview questions that speak to them.

    Behavioral questions, where you ask, Tell me about a time when, are very effective. The job candidate wont be able to prepare beforehand, so youll likely get a genuine answer thats not coached.

    During the answer, you can tell a lot about the person: What does their body language say? Are they searching for an answer? Do they look you in the eye? Are they earnest and leaning in or are they fidgety and nervous?

    Step 3: Be consistent

    Step 4: But go with the flow

    But dont get so far off course that you dont get the answers you need to make a good decision.

    10 questions to get you started

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