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Is An Interview With God A Christian Movie

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The Movie Was Made By Giving Films

An Interview With God: Official Trailer

That’s the same company that was behind 90 Minutes In Heaven and Paul, Apostle of Christ. The company donates all proceeds to charities and will focus on foster care for An Interview With God. The company’s mission is to fund films that will “entertain and spark conversations around life, faith and relationships,” according to a press release.

What A New Movie Gets Right About What We All Want To Know

Imagine you got to sit down with God and ask him anything. What would you ask?

At cinemas from October 25, new drama An Interview With God hinges on journalist Paul having a one-on-one with, you guessed it, God . Well, a guy who claims to be God and knows an awful lot of god-like stuff.

An insightful understanding about the kinds of questions which any of us has for the Almighty.

An Interview With God doesnt just stand out because its a pronouncedly Christian film of good quality that largely avoids cheese and preaching. Even more notable is its insight about the kinds of questions that any of us would have for the Almighty.

The perennial issues of evil, suffering and our desire for a fix it! solution do arise in the film, as Paul tries to grill God and the maker of heaven and earth continues to guide Paul back to what lies beneath. Yet, no matter what big question Paul lobs at God or God raises without hesitation theres always another one thats more personal and specific that the troubled journalist really wants to know.

An Interview With God Is Convicting

Paul wants to talk to God, but only on his own terms. He doesn’t want to discuss his crumbling marriage. Finally, God forces the issue. “You have no secrets from me,” God says, to which Paul retorts, “Yeah, I do! My personal life is off-limits.” God then tells Paul, “I would like to help you if you would let me.” How many times throughout the week are we like Paul?

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An Interview With God Review

An Interview with God is a unique, thought provoking and well produced film that is a great discussion starter covering the themes of who God is, and wondering what questions we would ask God while looking at our lives and faith.

The film follows journalist Paul Asher, who has just covered the war in Afghanistan, ending up with some of the best stories of his young career. Paul returns home and is struggling to deal with the effects of his experiences in Afghanistan, a failing marriage and his dying faith. Not knowing what to do or where to turn, Paul dives deeply into interviewing a mysterious man claiming to be God. Paul sits down with this mysterious man over the course of three days and find himself answering as many questions as he asks. Wrestling with what he knows and what he is unsure of, he finds himself at a crossroads.

An Interview with God is very well made, produced and directed, with an original and gripping storyline however at times it seems this unique concept of a story goes slightly off. It is heavy on the theology which for the most part is correct but there are a few lines when God is speaking that dont seem quite right.

As said, the story is good, the production is good and the acting from David Strathairn and Brenton Thwaites is great, really making this a gripping and thrilling film.

New Movie An Interview With God Reminds Us Its Ok Not To Have All The Answers

An Interview with God Review

I can still hear it now, Where are your 20 questions?

That was the opening salvo to just about every assignment discussed by one of my journalism professors in college. For every story we wrote or topic we explored, she expected us to come up with at least 20 questions we would ask whoever we might be interviewing no matter what.

In the years since Ive graduated, Ive remembered that prompt, often scrawling down lists of inquiries I have for my interviewees. I cant help but think the list would far exceed 20 questions, though, if I had the chance to sit down for an interview with God.

Paul Asher, a fictional journalist portrayed by rising star Brenton Thwaites in the forthcoming movie An Interview with God, is faced with that exact opportunity: The chance on three occasions to ask anything of a man claiming to be the Almighty, played by actor David Strathairn.

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Unlike many of its Christian counterparts to hit the box office in recent years, An Interview with God finds a home in the gray areas the space where not every question is chased by a tweetable answer and not every situation is rectified a la a Disney fairytale.

The movie, a project developed by Astute Films and Giving Films, wrestles intense topics ranging from PTSD to marital infidelity to death and the meaning of life, and above all else, leaves the viewer with a flurry of questions.

Did you know?

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Heres A Blog That Lists Top 10 Christian Movies You Shouldnt Miss You Will Learn More About Their Brief Description Rating And My Personal Review Read On And Know Which Movies You Will Not Regret Watching

Youre frustrated.

I know, there are just a few movies on the market today that are worth watching. As you look at the list of movies in the mainstream entertainment industry, you cant help but get disgusted and lament the type of movies we allow our family, kids, and society to watch.

Where are all the good movies that teach us about Christian values, morality, and godly character?

I share the same sentiment.

Thats why to help you find movies that are worth your time, let me make it easier for you. In this post, let me share with you the top Christians movies that you shouldnt miss. These Christian movies could even be a perfect choice for your next family movie night!

Are you ready? Continue reading and check out my list of the top Christian movies you should watch tonight!

Christian Movie No : Courageous

Amazon Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Courageous is a movie that is just too good to ignore.

Courageous is about four law enforcement officers who are called to serve and protect their people. Every day, they face different problems and dangers in the streets, but theres one challenge that they are yet to master fatherhood.

What I love about this movie is its focus on family. It teaches about integrity, character, and life as we know it. It tackles common challenges that fathers face such as raring children and staying connected with their family despite their career.

I admit, the movie can be very dramatic at times and found myself shedding a few tears. However, there are some fun and hilarious moments as well. So, its a complete package!

So be ready to cry, laugh, and anything in between. Im sure you will love Courageous.

Amazon rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Fireproof is a movie about marriage. Caleb Holt, a heroic and dedicated fire captain highly values his job and the service he provides to other people. However, there is just one problem he has to figure out how to solve.

He might be great in his job, but his marriage is on the rocks.

His addiction to pornography and inability to connect with her wife are just breaking their marriage apart up day after day until he accepted the 40-day Love Dare of his father.

How much would you sacrifice for your marriage?

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Christian Movie No : War Room

Amazon rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Heres a more recent movie, War Room.

I know it sounds like a war movie, but War Room refers to the prayer room of the main character. It is called a war room because it got a lot of struggles and overcoming. It is a room especially dedicated to talking to God and asking for His powerful divine intervention against the great enemy.

I wrote a movie review of War Room. The title is, The Best Reasons Why You Should Watch War Room. Make sure to read this blog if you want to know the memorable quotes from the movie and the super important lessons from it.

I could not say enough, but this movie is a wonderful portrayal of what it takes to make your marriage work. I would say that it is one of the best Christian movies Ive ever watched. So, I would highly recommend that you watch this movie. Even the trailer gives me goosebumps!

I get the chills and shed a few tears when I watched this movie for the first time. Now, I know I dont usually get emotional, but this movie just has the right mix of emotion and lessons that you can surely relate to, whether you are single or married.

By the way, aside from the movie, War Room comes in a book. So, you go check the book version as well. Heres the link.

Learn the power of prayer in your life today! Watch the movie now.

Heres a nice quote from the movie:

Youve got to do your fight through prayer.

Customer rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

I cant recommend this movie enough.

An Interview With God: When God Shows Up In The Crucible Of Life

An Interview with God | OFFICIAL TRAILER

For three nights, starting on August 20, Giving Films An Interview with God will appear in theaters as a Fathom Event. In the film, journalist Paul Asher is assigned to interview The Man, an individual who has called the paper where Asher works and announced that he is, in fact, God. With his life splintering around him, Asher takes the interview and finds himself answering as many questions as he asks over three days. Powerfully, creatively, and spiritually, the film knits together the real-life world we live in with a fantastic parable about life and the choices we make.

In a voiceover to open the film, Asher shares his soul-searching moment that will drive the films narrative: When I hear people say, I lost faith, I picture them giving up, no longer able to keep looking but thats not how it happened for me. The more I prayed, the more empty my words seemed. They were whispers into a void. I was looking for a sign, any sign, but it was quiet. This isnt funny like Bruces really bad day leading up to Morgan Freemans appearance as God in Bruce Almighty, but it reveals a certain measure of the internal struggle that Asher feels. The characters name, Paul Asher, connects both the transition of one of the churchs most respected heroes from the Book of Acts and the meaning of blessed or happy, an irony at the beginning of the film because the journalist is neither safe nor happy.

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The Case For Christ Is The *must

Whilst viewers might be distracted during An Interview With God by the depiction of God as a person a person who is not Jesus Christ Strathairn does a fantastic job of embodying the otherworldly yet relatable character of God, evidence that the film-makers have done plenty of biblical homework. But the elephant in the room remains as to why God has showed up like this, given the magnitude of his only other incarnation and the importance of Jesus return .

Some viewers might also wrestle with odd references to the God of the Old Testament being different to the God of the New Testament, or how God refers simply to Satan as being overrated.

But An Interview with God is undeniably savvy about the human side of this interview. Paul is a nice, average bloke whose Christian faith has waned. Problems at home are consuming him. Prayers are fired off, without any hope of answer.

Would we be so brash, defiant and self-righteous if we actually sat down before God?

The chance to put any question to God inspires Paul to be polite and only occasionally argumentative. He doesnt rant at God he shows respect and consideration. There are things he really, really wants to know about his own situation yet he only gets to them because God keeps provoking him to address whats in his heart.

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    What Is An Interview With God

    An Interview with God is a Christian drama film that had a limited theatrical run in August 2018 and was added to Netflix on March 1. The film focuses on a series of one-on-one conversations between a young war veteran turned journalist named Paul Asher and a man claiming to be Godyes, God, capital G God. The film was directed by Perry Lang, who has directed a whole bunch of TV over the past 20 years . An Interview with God was written by Ken Aguado, who also produced the film.

    An Interview With God

    An Interview with God
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    An Interview with God is a 2018 drama film directed by Perry Lang and written by Ken Aguado. The film stars David Strathairn, Brenton Thwaites, Yael Grobglas, Hill Harper and Charlbi Dean.

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    Movie Review: An Interview With God

    ‘What would you ask God, if you had the chance?’…

    Before I begin, I need to confess that I approached An Interview with God with a slightly jaded attitude towards Christian filmsI think I had maybe seen one too many violin-driven climaxes? Or, sermon from the pulpit scenes.

    An Interview with God is not like this. There is a lot of theology, yes, but the thread of dramatic tension that vibrates beneath every scene and every relationship is palpable. I have seen this film described elsewhere as gripping, and it islike a book, you simply have to know what’s going to happen next.

    Weird because, as the title indicates, it is mostly about an interview. Just two people, talking. One of them is Paul Asher , a jaded journalist returned from covering the war in Afghanistan, and the other is God who, in a lovely moment as Paul asks him to say and spell his name, says, Im God, G.O.D., with a humorous quirk in his eye.

    Paul has experienced some things which have him questioning his faith, and the engaging, nuanced performance Thwaites gives as his character struggles with this really drives the film. The man claiming to be God is also played delightfully by Strathairn, and though sometimes the questions Paul asks are pretty predictable, and the answers God gives at times are slightly uninspired, the What-will-he-say? factor is pretty compelling.

    I mean, what would you ask God, if you had the chance?

    Early Life And Education

    Strathairn was born in San Francisco, California, the second of three children of Thomas Scott Strathairn, Jr., a physician, and Mary Frances , a nurse. He is of Scottish descent through his paternal grandfather, Thomas Scott Strathairn, a native of Crieff, and of Native Hawaiian ancestry through his paternal grandmother, Josephine Lei Victoria Alana. Strathairn attended Redwood High School in Larkspur, California, and graduated from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, in 1970. At Williams, he met fellow actor Gordon Clapp and director John Sayles, with whom he has collaborated on a number of projects.

    Strathairn was nominated for an Academy Award for his stirring portrayal of CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow in the 2005 biographical film Good Night, and Good Luck. The film explored Murrow’s clash with Senator Joseph McCarthy over McCarthy’s Communist witch-hunts in the 1950s. Strathairn also received Best Actor Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations for his performance. In 2010, he won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie for his portrayal of Dr. Carlock in the HBO television film Temple Grandin. For that role, he also won the Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor Series, Miniseries or Television Film and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor Series, Miniseries or Television Film.

    He starred as Dr. Lee Rosen on Syfy‘s series Alphas.

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