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Maintenance Interview Questions To Ask

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Describe For Us Your Ideal Supervisor

5 Maintenance Interview Questions with Answer Examples

My ideal supervisor is approachable, supportive, and confident. They know the way things are done, are able to show you the way, and can also handle the tasks. I love to work with a supervisor who invests in developing their team members and is also able to offer constructive criticism. They are interested in ensuring that team members are growing and can deliver excellence in their work.

Some Great Customer Service Prowess Questions For Your Building Maintenance Interview Could Be:

  • What is your idea of a great customer experience?
  • Have you ever dealt with an upset customer? How did you manage the situation?
  • How would you react if a customer mentioned you in a negative review?
  • Depending on the sector your business operates in, technicians might not have to deal with customers every day, the same way a residential plumber might have, but its still a good idea to ask a few questions about customer service because it paints a detailed picture of the kind of candidate youre looking at. And if you need some more questions for inspiration, check out the great ones listed here.

    Patience, kindness, and politeness go a long way in dealing with building managers, tenants, or any other kind of shareholder. At the same time, if youve breached an SLA and sent them late on a job, youll appreciate having someone who can pacify an upset property manager. Not to mention, these are people who others enjoy working around so theyll contribute to a positive company culture.

    Tell Me About The Last Several Mechanical Problems That You Had To Address

    Potential employers want to know your level of mechanical skill. They are looking for experience solving problems using your mechanical abilities. In your response, provide specific examples of applying your mechanical knowledge to fix a problem. You should also mention if your solutions saved the company money or time.

    Example answer:”At my last job, the air conditioning unit developed severe condensation. I had to take apart the unit. I found a damaged condensate pan, which I replaced. I then had to reassemble the unit. This project saved the company $1,600 in repair fees.

    “Several months ago, one resident in the apartment complex where I worked reported a broken refrigerator. It was full of groceries, so I made that my top priority. Within an hour, I determined the issue was dust on the compressor coils and fixed the problem.”

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    Top Interview Questions For Maintenance Technicians

    If you need to hire a new maintenance technician, you want to do whatever you can to ensure you hire the right person. This may consist of checking references, doing background checks, and assigning a professional assessment test. But, theres arguably no step in the hiring process more critical than asking the right interview questions during the in-person interview.

    Not only can you gauge a persons professionalism during a maintenance technician interview, but you can also get a better feel of their experience, range of responsibilities at previous employers, areas of expertise, and how they would handle various situations should they arise your company.

    Therefore, if you post a detailed job description, job seekers should be able to provide information about their leadership skills, previous experience, and the maintenance tasks and maintenance work they can bring to the job.

    Ideally, the job interview is the icing on the cake for hiring managers. Knowing this, properly conducting an interview helps you identify the best candidate for the maintenance position youre hiring for.

    During the interview, its essential to ask thought-provoking questions to draw out applicants and find the best fit. However, it can be challenging to narrow down the right questions to ask within the limited time frame of an interview.

    In this post, we list what we think are the best and most common interview questions to ask maintenance professionals.

    How Do You Stay Motivated At Work

    Free Supervisor Cover Letter Templates &  Examples (Word)

    I like to see production runs going smoothly as this is evidence of the work that I handle behind the scenes. This keeps me motivated to continue with my daily work. I also like to learn new things about the machines I am working on to improve my knowledge and also be able to do my work better. Over the years this has helped me in handling the work faster as I know much more about the machine being handled.

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    What Steps Do You Take To Troubleshoot Equipment

    How does your candidate solve a problem? How do they decide what steps they will take to troubleshoot equipment? Does their process vary by machine? Their answers to this question can demonstrate their planning skills and judgment calls on how they decide to approach a broken piece of equipment. Candidates can demonstrate their safety knowledge application, as well as their equipment repair knowledge.

    How Do You Maintain Cordial Relationships With Contractors Coworkers And Management

    I realize that in my work I need to collaborate with people from different departments in order to succeed. As such, I ensure that I handle everyone with courtesy. I am naturally respectful and do maintain good relationships with everyone. I also like to work with people as it is through the interactions that you get to learn a lot. It also makes it easier for them to point out the areas where they may experience issues in the equipment and also any issues that may arise in the building. This makes work easier.

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    Takeaway: Think Outside Of The Box When Hiring For Building Maintenance

    We hope youve found the points above helpful, but, of course, theres always more to learn! Below, you can check out our interview with Shannon Tymosko and learn more about her own journey and the fantastic advice she has on offer, too!

    Hi! I’m Cristina Maria

    And I want to bring next-level strategies to the field service industry. When I’m not working on the best tips to grow your business, I’m on the lookout for a sci-fi novel to beat The Foundation.

    Work Portfolio Can Help You Greatly In Both Cases

    How to Interview a Maintenance Technician

    Regardless of the company, and the interview, your work portfolio can theoretically win you this technical job contract. You should put together some pictures of you while working, for example while painting a wall, repairing an air conditioning, installing a new switch in the building, etc.

    The pictures will convince the interviewers of your readiness for the job. They will not doubt your ability to actually repair stuff, once they see you doing it, once they see it on the pictures in your portfolio.

    For more information on how to create, and use a portfolio in an interview, please read the following article: Work portfolio in an interview.

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    How Important Is It To Follow Safety Guidelines As You Work

    The interviewer asks this question to know whether you uphold safety guidelines while on the job.

    Tip #1: Mention how you uphold safety guidelines

    Tip #2: Show that you are keen on safety

    Sample Answer

    Safety always comes first when Im working. I make sure to adhere to laid-out safety guidelines while working. I also review questionable things or areas of the guidelines to avoid accidents and risky situations.

    How Do You Handle Difficult Situations At Work

    The interviewer wants to know whether you can effectively handle difficult situations.

    Tip #1: Describe the way you handle challenging situations

    Tip #2: Give the impression that you can deal with difficult circumstances at work

    Sample Answer

    I begin by reviewing difficult situations to understand them effectively. Then, I break down the issue into simple and manageable elements. Doing so makes the problem much easier to handle. As such, I tackle the simple elements individually. In the end, the entire issue is resolved.

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    What Sort Of Maintenance Technician Interview Questions Are There

    The maintenance technician interview questions you’re asked during your interview may vary depending on the employer. Most interviews are likely going to focus on your experience with repairing and maintaining machines or equipment. Interviewers may also ask about your problem-solving skills and your ability to work under pressure. Be prepared to answer questions about the most difficult problem you have faced as a technician and how you resolved it.

    It’s also important you’re able to articulate why you’re interested in the role of maintenance technician and what makes you a strong candidate for the job. The three key types of questions you might hear in a maintenance technician interview are:

    • Basic questions: These include your qualifications, your experience and why you want the job.

    • Technical questions: These are about testing your quantifiable knowledge about technical elements of the job.

    • Behavioural questions: These prompt you to consider what you would do in certain situations or how you have previously handled scenarios.


    Describe Your Daily Routine As A Maintenance Mechanic

    GivingUpthe_Ghost id 2 Awards Recently I was hired by a company to be a ...

    As a maintenance technician, I get to work on time and do my routine inspection. Every day before handling any other tasks I walk through the facility and inspect generators, equipment, and power lines to ensure they are okay. In case a machine needs a fuel refill that is handled at this point. I then go back to my office and find my tools and start working on any projects that I had the previous day. I also inform the procurement department of the materials that need to be purchased to enable the department to run well. Throughout the day I lookout for any issues that may be raised and handle them as soon as they arise. Before leaving work, I plan any pending tasks to be handled the next day. I also document every work that has been done for the day and reviews any routine maintenance work that needs to be done within the month by external providers and liaise with them to ensure that they come on time for that.

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    What’s The Biggest Challenge You’ve Faced While Working In Maintenance How Did You Handle It

    Interviewers often ask about difficulties you’ve experienced to learn about your problem-solving skills and how you deal with challenges. They may want to know about a problem you had in the workplace. It’s important to be honest about your experience, and your answer can show your perseverance.

    Using the STAR response method can help you discuss the problem in a positive way. With the STAR method, you discuss the situation, task, action and result. Framing your answers with this format may be helpful for answering any of your interview questions.

    Example:”When I worked on the maintenance staff at the local state university, we often completed large projects during summer breaks. Two years ago, we updated the plumbing systems in every dorm. However, it was a Friday, and students were due back to campus the following Monday, and our project wasn’t complete.

    I suggested we contact the maintenance staff at another nearby state university with a later student move-in date than us. The universities were able to reach an agreement to borrow ten members of their maintenance staff to finish their project over the weekend. In return, we assisted them in the planning and execution of a similar project the next year. Also, our supervisors were able to secure overtime pay for everyone involved.”

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    Describe The Safety Procedure You Follow During Electrical Maintenance

    Working with electrical equipment can be a risky task. Interviewers may ask this question to know how you maintain safety at the workplace. When answering this question, focus on showing your willingness to maintain safety. Mention the points required in safety procedures and explain that you can follow precautions in varied situations.

    Example:”I always follow health and safety guidelines very carefully. I focus on taking care of my teammates by carrying out every step in its safest form. The first step is to wear reliable clothes and gear which can protect our body in case anything goes wrong. I have done a couple of safety and maintenance courses which allowed me to learn new safety protocols.

    It is important to check the strength of the electrical equipment before making physical contact with them. One of the basic safety measures that I follow is enclosing all the electric contacts and conductors to avoid any accidental physical contact. Using electrical tools and equipment which have non-conducting handles is also important.”

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    Grounds Maintenance Worker Job Interview Questions & Answers

    During a job interview, the hiring manager wants to discuss several things. Think of your:

    Learn more about answering behavioral interview questions by using the STAR interview technique.

  • What is your specialty as a ground maintenance worker?
  • Which project that you have worked on are you most proud of? Why?
  • Tell me how you plan, organize, and prioritize your day-to-day work.
  • Can you describe the day-to-day responsibilities of a ground maintenance worker?
  • What types of projects have you been involved in? How do they relate to the position?
  • Which of your prior work experience will help you most in this position?
  • Tell me about the techniques and skills in ground maintenance that you could bring to your company?
  • Can you walk me through your work experience as a grounds maintenance worker?
  • When were you most satisfied in your job as a grounds maintenance worker?
  • Tell me about a time you made a mistake on the job. What did you learn from it?
  • How do you stay fit to perform the physical activities that are required in the workplace?
  • What qualities do you have that would help you on the job?
  • Whats your specialty as a grounds maintenance worker?
  • Describe a time you faced an obstacle while working on a maintenance project. How did you solve this challenge?
  • What have you done to improve your skills in the last year?
  • What Inspired You To Apply For This Position

    Plumber or Maintenance Interview Questions and Answers part 1

    Interviewers may ask this question to gauge why you’re looking for a new job. To answer this question, think about what first inspired you to begin your job search and then what about this position attracted you to apply. For example, you may look for a new job because you’re unhappy with your current position, you’re interested in a promotion or you’ve always admired their company. However, it’s important to speak positively about your current position to create a good impression.

    Example:”I applied for this position because I’m excited about the opportunity to grow both as a maintenance technician and a supervisor. I’ve worked as a maintenance technician with my current company for over six years, and I’m looking for new challenges in my workday. I believe the ability to serve as a maintenance supervisor for this hotel will provide exciting challenges every day and help me improve my leadership skills.”

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    Tell Me About A Time You Solved A Maintenance Problem Creatively

    Interviewers want to know if you can think critically to troubleshoot problems. They are looking for ways you have applied your knowledge and skills in a unique, innovative way. Your response should demonstrate your ability to analyze a problem and develop a solution that was not immediately obvious.

    Example answer:”When I worked for a healthcare facility, my team was tasked with repainting the exterior. As an experienced forklift driver, I recommended we use the forklift for painting the higher walls rather than ladders or stationary scaffolding in order to move quicker. We used a forklift attachment for maximum reach at a given elevation and were able to finish the job two days ahead of schedule.”

    What Motivates You As A Maintenance Worker

    The interviewer uses this question to know the thing that motivates you in maintenance work

    Tip #1: Mention what inspires you about maintenance work

    Tip #2: Show that you are motivated about what you do

    Sample answer

    Becoming successful by achieving my goals in everything I do inspires me a lot. I am always happy when I rectify a problem and make the equipment functional again. Besides, it gives me joy to help people resume their everyday lives after repairing parts of their premises that were limiting them from doing certain things.

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    What Do You Understand By Hvac

    The interviewer asks this question to know whether you are familiar with this acronym.

    Tip #1: State what HVAC stands for

    Tip #2: Show that you are familiar with this concept

    Sample Answer

    HVAC means Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It has cooling and heating within homes and proper ventilation to keep away mildew and mold, as well as increase the quality of air in the home ecosystem.

    What Does Carpentry Maintenance Work Involve

    â Examples Of Weaknesses For Interviews

    Maintenance workers should be familiar with different forms of repairs including those relating to carpentry.

    Tip #1: State what carpentry maintenance work involves

    Tip #2: Let the interviewer know that you are conversant with carpentry repairs

    Sample Answer

    Carpentry maintenance involves installing walls, doors, and partitions as well as cutting and shaping materials such as drywall, fiberglass, and wood manually or using power tools. It also entails inspecting wooden structures and replacing doors, wall sidings, and floors.

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    What Types Of Tools Programs Or Methods Are You Familiar With

    Are you seeking a maintenance worker with technical knowledge of safety regulations, ventilation systems, electrical systems, and HVAC systems? This question also helps gauge proficiency with computerized maintenance management systems and other digital tools that you may expect them to use in their new work environment.

    What Is The Biggest Challenge You Foresee In This Job

    The main challenge I foresee in this role is time management. The organization is big and has more machines than in my previous workplaces. I will need to meticulously plan my schedule and ensure that no area is overlooked in the process. I will work with my coworkers to identify the problem areas that may require more work so that due attention can be extended to them.

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