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Manager Round Interview Questions For Software Developer

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Servicenow Software Engineer Interview Questions

Top 20 Software Development Manager Interview Questions and Answers for 2022
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I interviewed at ServiceNow


Multi-step process:Three interviewsBehavioral -> Experience -> Technical Entire process lasted for about a month, give or take. The technical consisted of mediums and the previous two didn’t have any coding involved.

I applied online. The process took 3 weeks. I interviewed at ServiceNow


Recruiter callHiring Manager call3 hour virtual onsite with 2 hacker ranks and one manager cross-examinationThat was it for me but Glassdoor is making me type in 30 words so here we are.

What Salary Are You Looking For

When answering this tricky question, make it as simple as possible without using figures. You can say:

“My request is if this can be discussed upon finishing the items that build the working modalities first. I also know that we can always agree on the amount since we will have agreed to work together”.

How Do You Prioritize Your Tasks

In any role, it’s likely that you’ll have many responsibilities and need to prioritize your work to use your time well. Hiring managers ask this question so they can make sure you’re used to prioritizing and you have an active plan for how to prioritize. It’s common for one employee’s work to affect the work of their colleagues, so it’s important to be able to prioritize your tasks so you don’t delay any projects or the ability of others to do their work.

Example:”When I need to prioritize, I start by making a list of all my tasks and grouping them according to how urgent they are to complete. I aim to finish the urgent tasks first, depending on which are the most important based on due dates, business needs and the responsibilities my coworkers may have after I’ve completed my part of the project. For the remaining tasks, I focus first on the ones that will take more effort to complete, although sometimes I’ll finish smaller tasks to gain momentum in my workday, as long as I’m not delaying projects.”

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Explain The Concept Of Branching In Git

Suppose you are working on an application, and you want to add a new feature to the app. You can create a new branch and build the new feature on that branch.

  • The circles on the branch represent various commits made on the branch
  • After you are done with all the changes, you can merge it with the master branch

Software Engineer Hiring Process:

System Design Interview Amazon

The recruitment process of a software engineer basically comprises of three stages. Though every company has its own defined recruitment process for selecting employees, here we will be discussing the generalized form of a hiring process.

Stage 1- Basic questions about yourself along with past work experience involved in this stage.

Stage 2 Complete technical round, here the questions will be asked to assess the developers skills and abilities.

Stage 3 Here employees can ask questions to the interviewer about the company as well as the job role.

The interview process should be very straightforward and up to the point. We have listed a few important interview questions for software developers which you can prefer to ask.

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What Was Your Most Successful Project

This question can demonstrate to recruiters what you consider a success. Projects can be successful for meeting goals, deadlines, and budgets, but successes can also mean being able to incorporate change.

How to answer: Take this opportunity to demonstrate your strengths. Modesty is a great asset, but donât undersell yourself. If your team pulled out a success, what did youdo to keep the project on track or be more efficient? Think about the key elements you and the team took that led to success.


Software Project Manager Interview Questions

Software project managers draw up the blueprints for software and web projects and break down the elements needed to complete the project, such as assigning tasks, producing a timeline, and developing checkpoints for progress. Software project managers oversee software projects and the people working on them, from start to finish.

When interviewing software project managers, look for candidates who demonstrate excellent technical knowledge with experience in project management. Be wary of candidates who lack leadership and communication skills.

  • Completely free trial, no card required.
  • Reach over 250 million candidates.

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What Are The Different Phases In Devops

The various phases of the DevOps lifecycle are as follows:

  • Plan – Initially, there should be a plan for the type of application that needs to be developed. Getting a rough picture of the development process is always a good idea.
  • Code – The application is coded as per the end-user requirements.
  • Build – Build the application by integrating various codes formed in the previous steps.
  • Test – This is the most crucial step of the application development. Test the application and rebuild, if necessary.
  • Integrate – Multiple codes from different programmers are integrated into one.
  • Deploy – Code is deployed into a cloud environment for further usage. It is ensured that any new changes do not affect the functioning of a high traffic website.
  • Operate – Operations are performed on the code if required.
  • Monitor – Application performance is monitored. Changes are made to meet the end-user requirements.

The above figure indicates the DevOps lifecycle.

Entry Level Software Engineer Interview Questions:

Project Manager Round Interview Questions for Programmers
  • What are the main categories of any software?
  • Explain computer software and its types?
  • What does the software manager do?
  • What are his roles and responsibilities?
  • Explain the difference between a computer program and computer software?
  • Which SDLC model is the best?
  • What is the difference between tags and branches?
  • Explain the difference between stack and queue in java?
  • Why do we need polymorphism?
  • Explain software reengineering?
  • Why using Catch almost always a bad idea?
  • How to Determine the size of a software product?
  • Why do you think that the maintenance of software is expensive?
  • How to execute multiple catch blocks for a single try statement in java?
  • What is the difference between object-oriented and component-based language?
  • What is the difference between .dll and .exe?
  • Explain the stages of the software development process?
  • What is the basic difference between Interface-oriented, Object-oriented, and Aspect-oriented programming?
  • How do you define the scope in software?
  • When you inherit a protected class-level variable, who is it available to?
  • What are case tools in software engineering?
  • What do you mean structured design?
  • What is the difference between a process and a thread?
  • Define cohesion?
  • When should a class be abstract?
  • How to prioritize requirements?
  • Explain level-0 Data flow diagram?
  • What do you need for testing the code quality?
  • Name a few available SDLC models?
  • What do you mean by feasibility study?
  • Explain Software configuration management?
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    When Do We Use Findelement And Findelements

    A. findElement

    It finds the first element in the current web page that matches the specified locator value.


    WebElement element=driver.findElements)

    B. findElements

    It finds all the elements in the current web page that matches the specified locator value.


    List elementList=driver.findElements)

    Tell Me About The Projects Youre Working On In Your Spare Time

    Technology moves fast. When hiring a web developer, youre looking for someone who invests some of their own time in growing their skills and staying on top of emerging trends. Candidates should be able to discuss some personal projects, either past or present, and possibly even show you their work.

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    What Are The Cloud Platforms That Support Docker

    The following are the cloud platforms that Docker runs on:

    • Publish is used in a Docker run command.
    • It can be used outside a Docker environment.
    • It is used to map a host port to a running container port.
    • –publish or p is the command used in Docker.
    • Example: docker run d p

    Now, let’s have a look at the DevOps interview questions for continuous monitoring.

    How Will You Approach A Project That Needs To Implement Devops

    Interview with Dan Rohtbart, Software Engineering Manager at IBM ...

    The following standard approaches can be used to implement DevOps in a specific project:

    Stage 1

    An assessment of the existing process and implementation for about two to three weeks to identify areas of improvement so that the team can create a road map for the implementation.

    Stage 2

    Create a proof of concept . Once it is accepted and approved, the team can start on the actual implementation and roll-out of the project plan.

    Stage 3

    The project is now ready for implementing DevOps by using version control/integration/testing/deployment/delivery and monitoring followed step by step.

    By following the proper steps for version control, integration, testing, deployment, delivery, and monitoring, the project is now ready for DevOps implementation.

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    How Is Iac Implemented Using Aws

    Start by talking about the age-old mechanisms of writing commands onto script files and testing them in a separate environment before deployment and how this approach is being replaced by IaC. Similar to the codes written for other services, with the help of AWS, IaC allows developers to write, test, and maintain infrastructure entities in a descriptive manner, using formats such as JSON or YAML. This enables easier development and faster deployment of infrastructure changes.

    What Is Software Configuration Management And Why Is It Important

    Here, the interviewer seeks to assess your familiarity with software configuration management.

    Tip #1: Define software configuration management

    Tip #2: Ensure to give the right answer

    Sample Answer

    Software configuration management refers to the process of tracking and controlling changes that happen during software development. The process ensures that any alteration makes when developing software is tracked using a controlled and well-defined process. Thus, the importance of software configuration management is basically to control changes made during software development and that is done through w well-defined process.

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    Software Engineering Manager Interview Questions In Behavioral Psychology

    Behavioral rounds are an extremely important part of the hiring process for Engineering manager positions. Appearing unprepared at behavioral interviews can turn hiring decisions against you even if youâve performed exceptionally at the coding and design rounds.

    Software engineering manager interview questions on behavioral psychology are fundamentally based on:

    • Your general professional attitude and characteristics of your personality
    • Your response to workplace-related situations and how you dealt with those situations in the past
    • Team management experience and challenges that were presented to you in the past
    • Learnings from past projects

    Following are some sample software engineering manager interview questions on behavioral psychology asked at software engineering interviews:

  • Tell us about the most challenging project you worked on
  • Tell us about a time when you had to make a big decision for a crucial client project
  • Tell us about a time when you disagreed with your superior
  • Tell us about a conflict you had at your workplace
  • What, according to you, are important aspects to maintain productivity at the workplace
  • How would you avoid distractions at work?
  • What lessons have you learned from the most challenging project you worked on?
  • Tell us about a time when you had an uncooperative coworker and how you dealt with the situation?
  • What are your thoughts on taking periodic vacations?
  • Check out this article for more behavioral interview questions.

    What Is The Blue/green Deployment Pattern

    TCS Managerial Round Experience | TCS Interview for Software Developer

    This is a method of continuous deployment that is commonly used to reduce downtime. This is where traffic is transferred from one instance to another. In order to include a fresh version of code, we must replace the old code with a new code version.

    The new version exists in a green environment and the old version exists in a blue environment. After making changes to the previous version, we need a new instance from the old one to execute a newer version of the instance.

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    Selective Qa Interview Questions For Managers To Ask

    In this article, youâll learn more about how to interview QA job seekers, and you will have access to 27 best QA interview questions!

    Your development team is ready to hire a new software tester. What QA interview questions can you ask in the job interview that are not lame and actually help you determine if this job applicant is qualified? If you have no idea what questions to ask the candidate, this article serves as a useful cheat sheet.

    Your company is ready to hire a new QA tester. You need someone with the eye of an eagle, the nose of a bloodhound, and the curiosity of a child who wonders why Santa Claus looks a lot like Uncle Bob. So how do you find the right eagle-eyed, bloodhound person?

    The same way you find errors when testing code: by asking the right questions.

    Itâs fine to ask interviewees the obvious questions first. It makes sense to confirm domain knowledge based on statements made in the job applicantâs résumé.

    However, several people likely can check-off items on a âtools usedâ list. Ultimately, you want to know if the person is a good fit for your companyâs tech culture â and whether you want to hang out with them at the next office happy hour.

    If you make the right choice, then lucky you: You wonât have to read another résumé for a good, long time. Letâs explore the best QA interview questions and answers to help you prepare for that day.

    Youre Leading A Team Of Three Developers How Would You Divide These Tasks Among Them

    Good engineering managers know how to divide up tasks based on skill level and domain knowledge. Great engineering managers understand how to avoid overloading developers and how to spread knowledge throughout the organization.

    This question invites the candidate to ask discerning questions to determine the optimal division of tasks. It is a good sign if they ask about the skill levels and domain knowledge of the team they will be leading. It is also a good sign if they try to pair developers or talk about work that is commonly done to accomplish those tasks. This provides the candidate with an opportunity to bring up their past experience in leading teams and give further information about their methodology.

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    What Roles Do Software Development Managers Perform

    Here, your familiarity with the roles performed in this role is being assessed.

    Tip #1: State some roles performed by software development managers

    Tip #2: Give the impression that you clearly understand your roles

    Sample Answer

    Software development managers oversee all activities performed by the software development team. They set attainable goals for the team members, offer guidance and advice to encourage productivity, manage multiple projects, and make sure that appropriate processes and procedures are followed in software development. They also monitor and assess timelines and deadlines and ensure they are complied with, lead product reviews and revisions as well as train and coach personnel.

    Engineering Manager Interview Questions

    Site Reliability Engineering Interview Masterclass

    As mentioned, engineering manager interview questions can vary widely from company to company. Here’s a list of questions we’ve seen most frequently asked at tech companies in 2022.

    Managing Individuals

    • How do you handle poor performers?
    • How would you describe your role in coaching and career development?
    • Tell me about a few people on your team and the career development plans you created with them.

    Recruitment and Hiring

    • How do you recruit great engineers? Read our guide to recruiting and hiring.
    • How would you build up a pipeline of world-class candidates?
    • What frameworks and processes have you set up on your teams to hit hiring goals?
    • What do you look for when you screen resumes?
    • What questions do you ask candidates who want to join your team?

    Management and Team Execution

    • How do you set up projects for success? See how to talk about project success.
    • How do you balance feature development and technical debt? Read our example answer.
    • How would you create quarterly OKRs for your team? See our recommended approach.
    • Tell me about a time you had to lead a team through a re-organization.
    • Describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed preventive measures.
    • Tell me about a time you received guidance from your manager and had to get buy in from your team.
    • What do you do when a team completely disagrees with the founder/VP on the direction of a product?

    Cross-functional Communication

    System Design

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    Why Do You Want To Work With Us

    This question seeks to establish your interest and motivation in joining the company. Your answer can be:

    “Your company is one of the few companies that ensure gender equality in what you do. I endeavour to maintain the same in all departments. I will be at the forefront to ensure that the same culture is upheld at all times.”

    Why Did You Choose A Career In Software Development

    This is a basic question to assess your passion and dedication for the job. While answering this question, you can explain your interest in software development. This is also an excellent chance to give an overview of your background in software development.

    Example answer:”Solving complex problems has been my area of interest since a young age. When I was 12, my father bought me a new computer, and I used to spend over six hours on it each day. By the age of 18, I started learning basic coding. Since I was good at it and enjoyed doing it, I decided software development was the right career. I completed my BTech in software engineering, and during my college, I successfully built my first business website and web app for a commercial project.”

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    I Dont Expect You To Go Into Too Much Detail But Why Are You Leaving Your Last Job

    An innocent question. But a question that if answered improperly, can be a deal breaker. While many individuals will be looking to a new job as a means of increasing their salary, not being paid well enough at your last job is not something you want to mention to your interviewer. After all, are you not likely to leave this particular job if you found you could make more down the street?

    If youre currently employed and leaving of your own accord, craft your response around enhancing your career development and a seeking out of new challenges.

    If your current employer is downsizing, be honest about it, remain positive, but keep it brief. If your employer fired you or let you go for cause, be prepared to give a brief but honest reply. No matter how tempting it may be, or how unfair it was that they let you go steer clear away from any and all drama and negativity. Any experienced employer understands that sometimes things happen. Staying positive is key here.

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