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Managerial Round Interview Questions For Software Developer

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What Are You Working On Right Now

Top 15 Managerial Round Interview Questions-Answers 2022 [English + Hindi] | NitMan Talks

Find out what the software engineer is working on at the moment. Even if they are not currently working for a specific company, a good software engineer who is passionate about development will usually be working on a side project of their own.

If they are indeed working on a private project, ask them why they chose that project, what their goals are, what they enjoy about that project, and what they are learning from the process of working on that project.

Q22 Can You Describe An Environment Or Scenario Where You Would Not Thrive Instantly

Ans: A very interesting question which might seem amusing but most often candidates would be in a fix to answer such behavioral interview questions. To tackle this question actually perhaps working in a team with inter-dependencies upon the Project completion helps a bit. So here is how it can be answered. Having gelled with my peers in a highly competitive cluster I can pretty well figure out that being a senior resource if I am entrusted with the task of having 4-5 people belonging to different poles and are reporting to Me. The final object being task completion, i would have to make all ends meet and make each of the resources gel with each other and work in tandem. This is where I would not thrive instantly I suppose but given my attributes I would accept this challenge and devise an ingenious way of getting the work done.Q23. If you could do anything, what would be your ideal job?

What Do You Understand By Software Development Life Cycle

Your familiarity with SDLC is tested here.

Tip #1: Define the Software Development Life Cycle

Tip #2: Support your answer with a brief explanation

Sample Answer

SDLC constitutes a set of guidelines or steps for developing a software product. It consists of different phases including requirement gathering, planning, analysis, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance. This software development approach has been used for years to produce high-quality software owing to the systematic process it follows.

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What Projects Are You Working On Personally

There might be some projects on which the developer is personally working on from home. If he is a passionate software developer then he would definitely strive hard to make a project successful. Therefore, you should learn about his ongoing projects which he is personally or professionally working on.

In What Ways Have You Upgraded The Skills Of Your Team

Software Engineer Manager Round Interview Questions

Good engineering managers look for ways to train their team. Great engineering managers look for ways to train their team in new skills so that new opportunities for the business can open.

This question gives you an indicator of whether the engineering manager candidate is a run-of-the-mill manager or a genuine leader. If they have had past experiences in providing their team with mentoring and coaching, they are more of a leader than a manager.

If the candidate tells you that they never had time to upgrade the skills of their team, this could be worrisome. An engineering manager should be making room for their team to grow and learn new skills or improve their knowledge of programming languages, libraries, and frameworks.

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Other Great Engineering Manager Interview Questions And Answers

Those questions above are some of the most common, but here are a few other important interview questions for engineering managers and senior developers:

  • How do you incorporate team building into an engineering department?
  • What do you do to grow as a leader, manager, and overall professional?
  • How do you break down complex, technical topics to stakeholders who are not so technologically inclined?
  • How do you view the engineering management role?
  • What are some of your engineering management strengths?
  • What are some of your engineering management weaknesses?
  • How would you organize an engineering team that is distributed around the world and working remotely?
  • How would you deal with a software developer under your management who continues to show bad performance?
  • What is your process for ensuring coding accuracy?
  • What are your top 5 software engineering tools?
  • What, in your opinion, is the best programming language to work with?
  • How hands-on do you prefer to be as an engineering manager?
  • What do you do to encourage professional growth and continuous development on the teams you lead?
  • What do you look for when hiring a new developer, QA analyst, or data engineer for your team?
  • What Was Your Most Successful Project

    This question can demonstrate to recruiters what you consider a success. Projects can be successful for meeting goals, deadlines, and budgets, but successes can also mean being able to incorporate change.

    How to answer: Take this opportunity to demonstrate your strengths. Modesty is a great asset, but donât undersell yourself. If your team pulled out a success, what did youdo to keep the project on track or be more efficient? Think about the key elements you and the team took that led to success.


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    What Is Your Experience With The Agile Software Development Process

    The interviewer wants to know the experience you have had with the agile software development process.

    Tip #1: Describe your experience with the Agile process

    Tip #2: Demonstrate that you have been a part of the agile development process

    Sample Answer

    Agile software development encompasses methodologies that are based on the idea of iterative development. Requirements and solutions evolve through a partnership between cross-functional and self-organizing teams. Ultimately Agile development facilitates these teams to deliver projects faster with greater value, quality, and predictability.

    In Software Development What Role Does A Software Project Manager Play


    The interviewer wants to assess whether you understand the role played by a software project manager in the development process.

    Tip #1: State the role of a software project manager

    Tip #2: Show that you are familiar with different roles in software development

    Sample Answer

    A software project manager is charged with driving a software project systematically. The role involves project planning, tracking project progress, resource management, risk management, overseeing execution of different development activities, and delivering a project on time and within budget.

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    What Is Your Expected Salary

    As a matter of fact, employees and employers alike put off answering this question. As a prospective applicant for the position, you must be confident in your request.


    I understand the wage range given in the job description. Im expecting an xx% increase from my prior CTC, based on my expertise and industry standards. But Im interested in hearing your thoughts.

    What Is Java Inheritance Give Examples

    Following on from OOP, this question breaks down the key concept of inheritance.

    Java inheritance represents the relationship between objects. Instead of writing the same code for lots of objects, write it once. Other objects inherit this code and overwrite its methods to fulfill their tasks.

    An example is a car.

    Instead of writing code for every make of car, create one Car class. It can accelerate, brake, and refuel. A Ford class inherits the Car class so it can accelerate and brake etc. But its refuel method is different so it overrides it to make it unique.

    The candidate should offer a similar example to outline how inheritance and method overriding work. Preferably, this should include one of their prior projects and how inheritance solved a real-life problem.

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    How Do You Ensure Quality And Fix Errors

    In a software development project, conducting a quality control process is crucial for ascertaining the success of end results. In your answer, describe your process of testing the software for bugs and your method for fixing them. Stress the importance of delivering error-free and high-quality products to the client.

    Example answer:”Ensuring quality is my basic responsibility as a developer. I use the unit testing framework for testing the quality of the code. As for errors, I check for both programmer errors and genuine problems. The former is relatively easy to find and fix. For the latter, I write tests, wrap the code to catch exceptions and use try/catch statements. I also use launch code-based testing to diagnose potential errors and dynamic testing to evaluate the software for functionality. Generating reports from error monitoring software is the final step.”

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    What Motivates You In A Job

    Software Engineer Manager Round Interview Questions

    In other words, what drives you? Keep within your strengths but do not be over-ambitious. You can say:

    “I am a result-oriented person. As such, I know the only way to achieve positive results is only through hard work. But I also believe every work should encourage you. I like working without pressure.”

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    Give 3 Benefits Of Working In An Agile Team Environment

    Agile software development offers quick, robust, and secure app creation within a team environment.

    Agile is an umbrella term for practices that value the 12 core Agile principles. Some of those include:

    • Welcoming constantly changing requirements
    • Communication between developers and business personnel
    • Technical excellence through continual testing

    The key to a successful Agile team is communication.

    Instead of working as an isolated unit, team members constantly talk with each other. Candidates who show a reluctance to communicate must get marked down. But if they share how Agile has helped them personally then give them credit.

    Agile hierarchy includes a term called Scrum.

    Like a rugby team, this framework promotes learning through experience with the help of peers. It describes tools, meetings, and roles that work together to provide a stronger structure to manage work.

    The candidate should demonstrate a working knowledge of Agile principles and Scrum mentality. Experience counts here, so dont just listen for keywords like sprints or standups.

    Candidates should clearly show their role and how it benefited them and the overall project.

    Where they a Scrum Master, taking charge of the team? Did they see the process as effective? If not, what were the issues?

    The goal is to see how they will fit into your companys workforce.

    Why Should We Hire You

    The reason you are asked this is for you to package yourself – sell yourself. You can say:

    “Just like your company, I think big. You will require my IT skills because while you expand to neighbouring countries, you will need virtual offices and I will be at the forefront to create such. I will also be managing your online presence”.

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    Most Common Interview Questions And Answers In Hr Round

    To seek a good job and build a career in any industry, candidates need to crack the interview and HR round in which they are asked for various interview questions.

    We have compiled a list of commonly asked HR round interview questions and answers that an interviewer might ask you during any job interview. Candidates applying for the job from fresher level to advance level job are likely to be asked these HR round interview questions depending on their experience and various other factors.

    Following are most commonly asked questions during an HR interview round for freshers as well as experienced job seeking candidates. This HR round interview questions guide will help you crack the interview and help you get your dream job.

    System Design Engineering Manager Interview Questions

    TCS Managerial Round Experience | TCS Interview for Software Developer

    Facebook, Google, and Amazon products have millions of monthly active users. Their engineering managers therefore need to be able to design systems that are highly scalable.

    This is the part of the interview where you want to show that you can both be creative and structured at the same time. The questions you’ll be asked are typically quite open-ended and feel more like a discussion. You’ll be using a whiteboard to illustrate your answers.

    Here are some example system design questions asked by Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

    Example system design questions asked in engineering manager interviews

    To help you dig deeper into system design questions, we’ve written an in-depth guide on how to answer them.

    Let’s move on to the final question type.

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    Tell Me About Yourself

    Interviewers frequently use questions like this one to break the ice and to get to know a little bit about you. These questions set the tone for the interview as a whole.

    The interviewer will likely follow up on one or more of the details you share in your answer, so be prepared to dive deeper into certain points of your past experience. Heres a sample answer to this question to give you an idea of what to aim for:

    Ive just left my role as an engineering manager at Thanus, an online gaming service, where I hired and developed my own team of 6 engineers from scratch. During my time there, Ive revamped the product backlog by classifying work items into Epics, and I built the architecture to overhaul our risk and fraud services.

    Before Thanus, I was a lead software engineer at Sweep, an online travel booking company. Thats where I got to try my hand at project planning with management teams for the first time, and where I built out the new service-oriented-architecture for our lodging services.

    Now, Im looking to leverage these experiences to transition into a position like this one on the Chrome OS Platform, where I can play more of a part in big-picture strategy and provide technical guidance to top-notch teams, designing systems that affect millions of users.

    What Are Your Long

    Hiring managers often ask employees for their long-term career aspirations and goals. They might also ask where you see yourself in five years. These questions assess if your long-term career aspirations align with the company’s projected growth or if you are only pursuing the organisation as a way to advance to other opportunities. Use your answer to confirm that you intend to work with the company for a long period.

    Example:I have significant experience with software development, but I would now like to take on managerial responsibilities. I want to become a leader with several teams working on different projects simultaneously. Considering the number of projects your organisation runs, I believe I can work towards that aspiration.”


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    Which Aspects Do You Pay Attention To When Reviewing A Code Developed By Your Team

    The interviewer wants to know the approach you take to review codes.

    Tip #1: Describe the aspects you focus on in your code review

    Tip #2: Show that you are competent in reviewing codes

    Sample Answer

    I begin by looking at the functionality, security, and readability of the code. Here, I ask whether the code is simple, or bloated, cluttered, and inefficient. Then, I assess how many lines of unnecessary codes should be removed or re-written. I also find out whether there is any weakness that might result in vulnerabilities. Besides, I check and confirm that the code has met the standards and regulatory requirements.

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    Software Engineering Manager Interview Questions On Coding

    Ust Global Software Developer Interview Questions

    Coding is an integral part of software engineering and engineering manager interviews. Your ability to solve tricky and complex problems in core data structures and algorithms is evaluated in technical discussions. Software engineering manager interview questions on coding are essentially based on the following list of topics:

    Here are some software engineering manager interview questions that you can practice for your upcoming interview.

  • For a given rotated array that is sorted, write a program code to find a particular element in the array.
  • Write a program to check if a binary tree is a valid binary search tree.
  • Write a program to find if the permutation of a string is a palindrome or not.
  • Write an error-free program to check if a given binary tree is balanced or not.
  • You are provided with a string in the form of a sentence. Write a program to display the characters of the string in reverse order.
  • For an array of integers and unique values, write a program code to decipher if the sum of any two integers in the array is equal to a given value.
  • For a given two-dimensional array with integers of unique values, write a program to make the entire column or row of the array zero if any element in the array is zero.
  • Youâre given the root of a binary tree. Write a code to show the node values at every level.
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    Tell Me About A Time You Had To Respond To Negative Feedback

    Web developers must deal with feedback from beta testers and actual users, which can be negative and thus discouraging. The ideal candidate for the web developer position needs to know how to take that feedback, analyze it and turn it into action. Listen to how the candidate walks through an issue and reaches a solution.

    How Do You Stay Up

    The interviewer aims to test whether you stay current with developments in software development.

    Tip #1: State how you remain current

    Tip #2: Be honest and clear with your answer

    Sample Answer

    To stay informed about the rapid advancement in the software development industry, I have subscribed to several newsletters that are published by leading software developers and innovators. I am also a member of the local software developers association where we regularly discuss current matters through the associations social media networks. Sometimes, I read articles published by software development journals.

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