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Medical Billing And Coding Interview Questions

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What Are Some Of The Applications Of Medical Coding


Motive: The purpose of the questionnaire is to assess your ability to use your knowledge in a practical situation.

Example Response: This is one of the crucial medical coding interview questions so far. Medical Coding has real-world uses, for example. The programming is written from a monetary standpoint. Clinical Coding aids in the collection of data for WHO and state administration. These organizations offer projects to address various conditions.

  • Insurance companies use the clinical codes to reimburse claims.
  • It aids in the billing process.
  • The information assists with disease pattern investigations.
  • The governments healthcare system can devise plans to cure and control the disease.
  • The report provides statistical data on state and national health and death cases.

Medical coder interview scenario questions

The interviewer will examine how you will manage events that may arise at work during a situational interview. Then, a situation will be presented to you, and you will be asked to propose a solution. Here are some examples of possible interview questions for medical coders.

What Are The Qualities That A Medical Biller Needs To Be Successful

Owing to all the roles I have mentioned, a medical biller requires several qualities to perform well in their job. These include Effective communication skills needed to interact with patients and insurance companies problem-solving skills to solve several billing and coding puzzles attention to detail to locate codes used in medical billing easily proper analytical skills which help troubleshoot problems high levels of integrity to maintain confidentiality technical skills such as familiarity with the billing programs and excellent multi-tasking skills since medical billers may be required to perform different tasks simultaneously. Other requirements include dependability and courtesy.

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Why Are You Choosing A Medical Coding Career

Since medical coders need to be well-versed with medical terminologies to be able to carry out their role involving entering, verifying, and updating billing information, they need to have a certain level of interest in the medical field. It is their interest and love for the medical field and their keenness to be a part of the medical industry that drives them to do well. This is why hiring managers may ask this question. Answering this question by providing your personal reason as to why you want to be a medical coder can help you create a good impression.

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What Do You Understand By Write


Write-off is one of the essential aspect, you need in billing management. Knowing and clarifying the write-off in everyday premise proves your efficiency.


It means to allude to the distinction between the expense and the sum an insurance plan will cover. I utilized this to explain the patients payable amount. I can foster instalment plans. Also, I assist with settling the records for reporting and bill assortment.

Role Specific Medical Coder Interview Questions

Sample Interview Questions Medical Billing Specialist

1. What are the common billing errors in medical coding, and how do you prevent them?

Sample Answer: The most common error is not including sufficient information for insurance companies to process the claim or accidentally entering wrong costs or codes. I usually double-check my entries against the patient file. I ask the physician for any clarification in case I notice missing details or confusing entries.

2. What method do you use to ensure you enter the data quickly and correctly?

Sample Answer: While entering medical data, I get into a rhythm of typing the numbers while reading the patient files while entering the initial data. I review my work before submitting, pointing at important patient data on the file, and highlighting the data with my mouse to ensure they match.

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3. What medical specialties have you coded in the past?

Sample Answer: I have coded for the pediatric, gynecology, and neurology department. I enjoyed my stint in pediatric coding the most.

4. How do you prioritize your work when entering billing codes for the patient?

Sample Answer: Before starting my daily workload, I scan the patient files for urgent billing needs such as getting approval for a patient prescription medication to continue with the treatment. After that, I continue with the oldest file first to ensure the patient files are cleared, and there are no barriers to their treatment.

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How Do You Ensure That You Enter The Data Fast And Accurately

Example Response: This is one of the critical medical coding interview questions so far. I get into a rhythm of typing the numbers when reviewing the patient files while entering the initial data when entering medical data. Then, I double-check my work before submitting it, marking critical patient data on the file with my mouse to confirm that it matches.

Benefits Of Medical Coding

Working expenses should be reduced and controlled.

There are numerous Coding and IT devices available nowadays. These are available at a lower cost and with greater precision in clinical Coding. Outsourcing allows medical companies to avoid fees and complications associated with updating.

Medical care is highlighted.

AAPC-certified medical coders endeavour to ensure that clinical Coding is completed quickly and accurately. They have a broad understanding of clinical specialities and requirements. Outsourcing medical coders allow you to concentrate solely on health services.

Prestigious services

Medical coders aid hospitals in reporting claims and their progress regularly. These assessments can also identify weak spots. As a result, the overall coding efficiency and outcome have increased.

Limited case denial

Cases can be denied due to data and coding errors. This, in turn, leads to financial difficulties. As a result, it contributes to the overhaul of cases and creates a payback setback. Repurposing clinical Coding can help to minimize coding errors. As a result, ensuring the alterations take place.


A medical coder can ensure that clinical coding services are set up quickly. In addition, they ensure that the services are tailored to the companys demands. Regardless of outsourcing, there is no need to be concerned about infrastructure.

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What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role How Did You Manage Them

I realized that most of my former workplaces medical records and billing software were outdated. However, I couldnt get the clearance to use new ones since the decision lay with the top management. I had to use my persuasion and negotiation skills to convince them that we stood to achieve better results by incorporating newer and more powerful software and tools. I am glad that they heeded my advice.

What Medical Records Software Have You Used In The Past


Medical centres and hospitals use enterprise software for various billing and filing activities, such as maintaining and updating patient records, submitting claims and automating clinical workflows. When the interviewer asks this question, you can mention the software you have used in your previous role and describe some details regarding its functionality. You can also talk about any training or certifications that you have completed and display a willingness to learn new systems.

Example answer:”At the physiotherapy clinic where I worked, we used Practo, which provides a complete solution including managing patient appointments, billing and invoicing and managing claims. Practo was very easy to use and helped us manage patient records and access them instantly. I am a quick learner and can learn any new software or application.”

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What Is Medical Coding

Medical coding is a process that involves the analysis of a patients clinical statements to translate them into standard codes as per the classification system. These translated documents are used by insurance companies in processing and reimbursing claims. Additionally, healthcare organizations, research organizations, and the government may also use this data for research.

Why Do You Want To Become A Medical Biller

Medical billing and coding can be a tedious task, as it involves managing a lot of data and following up on several payments. The recruiter may want to know why you like being a medical biller and your motivation for becoming one. The answer to this can be subjective. You can share a relevant and authentic reason to explain why you chose to become a medical biller. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers to this question.

Example answer:”After completing my graduation, I wanted to work in an industry that makes a real difference in the lives of people. Because I only had finance and accounting skills, I started looking for roles in the administrative and accounts departments of medical organisations. In my first job, I found that many patients and their families were having problems understanding the complex procedures and processes in the medical industry. While working with the family of one such patient, I decided to continue working as a medical biller.”

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Can You Mention Some Of The Medical Records And Billing Software You Are Conversant With

I have used several software in my career since my job involves reviewing digital patient files and submitting claims. I depend on this software to properly do my work. In my career, I have used eClinicalWorks, Excel, Charts ER, and a number of other equal software. The first software came in handy when I had to verify different patients insurance eligibility and information, while Charts EHR was one of the best software for revenue cycle management.

Example Interview Questions: Medical Coding And Billing

Typical Medical Assistant Interview Questions

Medical billing and coding is a great profession for people who want to work in the health industry, like to file paperwork, and enjoy daily challenges. For example, the job involves interaction with insurance companies, doctors, nurses, patients, and other health professionals to ensure all medical billing and coding is completed properly.

When a candidate prepares for a medical billing and coding specialist job interview, there are a number of things to know. The most important thing to bring to the interview is your knowledge. You should have a good background in medical billing and coding from both prior work experience and/or vocational classes in medical billing and coding.

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How Is Medical Coding Used In The Practical World

Medical coding is useful in various situations, and it specifically has a financial aspect. Medical coding helps insurance companies to understand how to pay medical claims, and it is also useful in the billing process. In addition to its financial applications, it is also a huge part of studies and research pertaining to diseases and treatments. The medical coding data helps analyze the pattern of diseases in society, which helps governments understand how to come up with programs that combat these diseases.

Medical Billing Coding Interview Question And Answers

  • What Certifications do you hold?Answer: There are several Medical Coding Certifications e.g CCS, CPC, CHRS and CBCS. Just name it, if you hold any. If not you can tell that its in your future plans to become a Certified Billing Specialist from the AAPC.
  • Have you billed for Medicare and Medicaid?This would be one of the top interview questions for providers who have a lot of Medicare or Medicaid patients. Government payers can be difficult and challenging to bill for. CMS has more paperwork, usually takes longer to pay, and can be frustrating to deal with. Providers who have a lot of Medicare patients will want to know your knowledge and experience of Medicare and the ability to get problems resolved quickly.
  • How do you Manage Rejected or Unpaid Claims?Answer: It is quite a problem when a claim gets rejected or is not paid. I make sure that no delays occur when submitting claims as I appreciate the fact that the longer a claim is unpaid, the less likely it is to be paid and can get rejected too. However, should this situation occur, I make sure that I correct and re-submit the claim as soon as possible. Further, I’ll can establishing measure to Reduce Claim Denials.
  • Which Medical Billing Coding System do you know?Answer: I have had considerable experience with CPT 9, HCPCS and ICD-9 Vol 3. I am also studying ICD 10 Codes.
  • How long does it take you to process one days worth of patient visits or claims?Answer: It takes about two working days at the very maximum.
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    How Would You Explain Medical Billing Codes To A Confused Patient

    You may have to interact with patients and help them understand their medical bills by walking them through various medical codes. You can use your answer to show your expertise and your customer service skills by clearly explaining complex concepts.

    Example:”I know medical bills can be stressful, so I always approach patients from a position of empathy and understanding. I would first review and confirm the procedures they had done, then list each code and what part of the procedure it corresponded to and ask if they had questions after each one.”

    What Are The Common Billing Errors In Medical Coding And How Would You Prevent Them


    Medical billing can have a direct impact on a patient’s wellbeing, and top candidates are aware of how to address possible coding errors. This question allows you to demonstrate your knowledge of common errors in your field and show that you can successfully avoid them.

    Example:”The most common errors I have encountered are not including enough information for insurance companies to process a claim and accidentally entering incorrect procedure costs and codes. I would prevent these issues by always double-checking my work against the patient’s file and clarifying with doctors when I notice missing details or confusing number entries.”

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    What Are The Practical Uses Of Medical Coding

    Medical coding has proper applications. Clinical coding works to collect information for WHO and state administration. These administrations carry out projects to handle different ailments.

    • Insurance agencies reimburse claims based on the clinical codes.
    • They guide the billing system.
    • The Information aids with the investigations of disease patterns.
    • The Government health system develops projects to cure and control the sickness.
    • The data provides statistical information on state and national health and death cases.

    Medical Billing Interview Questions With Sample Answers

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    Medical billing clerks play a crucial role in hospitals and medical centres. They organise and store sensitive medical information about patients, process payments, handle insurance-related processes and maintain a record of payments in the system. To become a medical billing clerk, it is important to be familiar with billing systems, medical laws and insurance policies. In this article, we outline some commonly asked medical billing interview questions, explain how to answer them and share sample answers to help you prepare for your next interview.

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    Medical Coder Interview Questions

    Medical coders are responsible for translating physician reports into useful medical codes or the universal codes used by insurance companies.

    Coders translate all the information present in a patient medical file diagnosis, treatment, to the supplies used. They include any unusual procedures done during a patient visit or treatment.

    Medical coders must code all the relevant information. After a patient is treated or examined by doctors, the insurance company will require exact data to process the claim. Medical coders pass the information to the insurance companies methodically and precisely.

    It is vital to be well prepared for a medical coder interview and exhibit your knowledge and aptitude for medical coding. We have compiled some common medical coder interview questions and answers in this article.

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    Best Medical Coder Interview Questions

    Medical Coding Jobs

    This section covers frequently asked medical coder interview questions and answers. These questions will be useful for candidates applying for the position of a medical coder, clinical coder, clinical coder officer, diagnostic coder, or medical record technician. Both experienced and fresher medical coders will find this section useful.

    1. What is medical coding?

    Rationale: The interviewer wants to understand your views on the subject)

    Sample Answer: Medical coding or clinical coding is the profession of analyzing a patient clinical statement and translates them into standard codes specified in the classification system. Insurance companies use the translated document to process and reimburse their claims. Government, health care organizations, and research organizations use the data for studies and research.

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    2. What are skills do you think a medical coder must possess?

    Rationale: Medical coding is a specialized field requiring candidates to have a strong educational background, understand medical terminology, and with the required drive to perform their assigned tasks accurately and diligently.

    Sample Answer: The main skills a medical coder should possess are,

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    3. What are the different phrases used in clinical coding?

    Rationale: The interviewer will want to know if the applicant is aware of the jargon used in their work

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    What Is The Practical Application Of Medical Coding

    Motive: The interviewer evaluates your ability to apply your knowledge in a real-world situation.

    Example Response: This is one of the critical medical coding interview questions so far. Medical Coding has a variety of applications in the real world. The code also has a financial component, as it aids in collecting data for the WHO and governments to conduct initiatives addressing various medical concerns. Medical Coding is used, and insurance companies pay claims based on the medical codes they get.

    • It is beneficial to the billing process.
    • Data aid the investigation of disease patterns in society. Governments can create disease-fighting initiatives.
    • The data can be used to compile statistics on national and regional health and death cases.

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